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Reason (2015) is a short film directed by Bruno Ilogti and written by Marcela Jacobina. The story, which was inspired by Philosophical Investigations (1953), Ludwig Wittgenstein’s posthumous work, follows Gemma (played by Andreja Pejic), a model living in New York who goes to therapist Clement Belrose (played by Anna Mouglalis) because she sees her career as been superficial and feels guilty for not being content with her life which others wish to have.

Andreja Pejic’s portrayal of Gemma is stunning and very emotive. We are brought into the story and the deepness of Gemma’s emotions through her excellent performance and expressiveness. Anna Mouglalis’ performance is also excellent and together their scenes are sublime and filled with emotion and occasional humour. It is a well-written story which tosses the usual stereotype of a model on it’s head. Gemma feels guilty about achieving what she has because she doesn’t feel she deserves it or she is doing anything worthwhile and it is through this vulnerability in the character that viewers can connect with her. It is very human and we all feel it in one way or another. The way the film is shot is also beautifully done.

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Poem: The Side of Good

Mother Squirrel sat down on the log,
She beackoned Young Squirrel to come sit with her,
Now was the time for this chat,
Young Squirrel was old enough to know about life,
Old enough to handle what would be.
She looked to Young Squirrel,
Took his hand in hers and said,
“Sometimes my dear the world is not a nice place,
There is bad people with malice,
Filled with violence,
Filled with hate and prejudice,
You shouldn’t follow their path,
But you must be aware they exist.”

Many years later Young Squirrel sat on that same log,
Mother Squirrel had passed away many years before.
He sat and thought of her words
And how she had taught him to be good.
She filled him with love, equality and compassion,
She filled him with respect and humanity.
Although he wanted to cry because she was no longer here,
Instead he smiled and cherished the memories with her
And remembered her words,
“Once you are good Young Squirrel,
Once you are on the side of good,
You are winning.”

Poem: Cat Academy

Lucy, the cat, entered Cat Academy,

She couldn’t believe the opportunity

Presented before her.

To learn from experts of literature.

Richer cats took this for granted

But to Lucy this was magical.

She couldn’t blame them,

They knew they would get this chance,

Lucy didn’t.

But here she was,

Part of the Grant system.

The Academy was like a beacon of light.

I’m here. This can’t be took away from me.

My Book Princess Roberta Is Now Available On Amazon!

My fourth book and first childrens’ book Princess Roberta is now available to purchase on Amazon.

It isn’t the long book I was talking about. That’s still to come and is a book for adults but I loved writing this book and I had to publish it.

The story is Princess Roberta’s life is transformed when King Benjamin uses his Happiness spell to change her from Prince Robert into Princess Roberta. A tale of love, happiness and been true to who you are.

You can purchase Princess Roberta at the following link:

Thank you! 🙂

In Our Hearts You Fill, Poetry by Lisa Reynolds

My poem In Our Hearts You Fill, originally posted on the Poetry Festival website:

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Genre: Rhyme, Family, Relationship

In Our Hearts You Fill by Lisa Reynolds

Rich tears in my eyes,
The reality has not set in,
All those family ties,
The death of my closest kin.
I want to imagine the coffin isn’t real,
Then this pain I won’t have to feel.
In time this pain apparently will heal.
But Father you’ll never see so much,
Me marry or cohabitate,
Me become a parent,
Me try to achieve my dreams.
But I cherish what we had,
18 years of joy.
And I know somewhere
You can see all you can’t be there for.
I learned to be a better person from you,
I learned that to be good to people was to be true,
I still remember our family trip to Dublin Zoo
And I know together or apart our family is like glue.
My Mother, my sister and I mourn you still

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Quiet Confidence

This is my poem Quiet Confidence which was published on the Eyes + Words website:

Eyes + Words

Written by Lisa Reynolds

Speak up, they say. When you do no one’s

listening. We live in the era of the extrovert

where “charisma and charm” are valued over a

person’s mind. An era where people have no

problem with trying to change your personality

to the “right way.” The irony is every personality

is the right way if one is true to who they are.

Keep going my little fellow introverts, the world

is there to be took on. We can achieve anything

we want without changing. Think Rosa Parks,

think Bob Dylan, think Elvis Presley, think Yves

Saint Laurent and numerous others who paved

the way. Introverts who owned the world, who

owned the apparent extroverted world.

Photographer Unknown

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Poem: The Equality of Freedom of Speech

Why on TV, in lecture halls, etc …

Do we still have people discussing:

Is been gay “unnatural”?,

Is been introverted a “lack of social skills”?,

Is been a transgender woman a “real woman”?

Is been black “less superior than been white”?

And why when someone’s stopped on this trail

Does freedom of speech come into it?

Surely freedom of speech’s roots have always been in equality.

Where’s the people on TV and in lecture halls, etc… discussing:

Is been straight “unnatural”?

Is been extroverted a “lack of social skills”?

Is been a cisgender woman a “real woman”?

Is been white “less superior than been black”?

Only than can it be called freedom of speech

When everyone’s up for discussion

And critique.

The middle ground doesn’t count as the opposite,

“Majority groups” are supported by both talking currently.

And I say that as someone who is in support of the middle group

Where everyone is treated equally.

In the interests of freedom of speech,

Surely everyone should be a discussion,

Is “fair game” to be critiqued.

Both “minority groups” and “majority groups”.

Doesn’t it need to be both or neither?

Otherwise it doesn’t feel like freedom of speech,

It feels like inequality.


Poem: Coming To Life

There is rays of sunshine,
Invisible rays.
Things are so much better,
In so many ways.
Part of was dead before,
And I didn’t even know it,
Now I can soar,
The foundations have been lit.
I don’t know what the future holds,
All the turns and the folds,
But I know I’m living as me,
And that’s how it was always meant to be.
The sun’s replaced the clouds,
Clearly I can see.