My New Book Positive Affirmations: Dealing With Grief is Now Available On Amazon & Payhip!

Positive Affirmations: Dealing With Grief by [Lisa Reynolds]

My new book Positive Affirmations: Dealing With Grief is now out on Amazon and Payhip. The book contains 50 affirmations to deal with grief and were heavily influenced by my own grief after the deaths of the two main men in my life my father Brian and my dog Cookie. I hope that these affirmations help you. It is a really, really difficult time in your life with a rollercoaster of emotions causing you pain but it does get better eventually and one day you will be able to cherish your memories of your loved one or loved ones without being just as sad as you are now.

If you choose to purchase the book thank you in advance. 🙂

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Happy Holidays To All!

Golden Happy Holidays Card | Birthday & Greeting Cards by Davia

This will be my last post until at least the 26th so I want to wish you all an amazing holiday season. I hope it brings you all the joy and happiness you wish for. May you all be safe and healthy both in your physical and mental health. Whatever your situation whether you are spending this season with loved ones or alone I hope it will be joyful and peaceful. We have all had a pretty hard year so I really think we deserve a bit of positivity at the end of the year.

Sending you all the best of joyous greetings,



5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

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Here is my five video suggestions for this week. With Christmas coming up this week, it is Christmas-themed. 🙂


From Biographics here is the story of the true and absolutely adorable saint who inspired the creation of Santa. Really interesting to hear the story and how the creation of Santa Claus has evolved over the years as well as some lovely Santa-related stories.


From Geographics we have lots of information about Rovaniemi in Finland and its connection to Santa Claus and Christmas. Again really, really interesting.


Here is a wonderful Christmas classic The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

From a classic to a new release. Here is the new release Love This Christmas by Rick Astley. Very fun.


From 1963 here is The Judy Garland Christmas Show where she is at home with her family. Many guests feature and lots of Christmas songs are sung. Great show, very fun.

Short Story: Free

This short story Free is about my character Mitch who has appeared in my books After The Fishing Trip, Xmas With The Fam and Hidden. It is set long before those stories and I may include it in a future book about Mitch’s earlier years. I hope you all like it.


Never Too Late to Switch It Up- Careerwise - Jamaican Medium Stories

When Mitch had told his father and brother that he was pan the reaction had been better than he had thought it was going to be. His father felt, though problematic in and of itself, that he would end up with a girl because he was gentle. At the time Mitch’s father and Mitch himself thought that Mitch was a woman so that made it problematically progressive in a weird kind of way and Mitch held out much hope that soon it would all come together and things would be completely fine.

Confident that he wouldn’t have to hide items in presses anymore that might give away his sexual and romantic orientation he now wore his rainbow flag bag out to the shops and to his secretarial course at the local community college. But the bubble of everything would be fine was about to burst when he returned early from college one day to hear his father and his brother in the kitchen. His father and brother were discussing with hope that one day he would end up with a lad. As he stood outside the kitchen door his body felt empty, sick to his stomach. He felt a hand rest on his shoulder gently. He looked around to see his mother who had known that he was pan long ago and had been nothing other than supportive. She took his hand and led him into the living-room where they both sat down on the sofa.

‘Don’t take that in. You always be you and you be proud of who you are. Your father and brother just have their old, silly ways.’, she said.

He had nodded, appreciating her words but lost in the sickness consuming his belly. But he took his mother’s advice and continued to carry his rainbow bag with pride. Soon his father realised what the flag represented after seeing highlights from a Pride parade on the news. Not long after Mitch attended his first Pride with his mother and throughout all this though his father and brother made no comment of their disapproval their tone and body language showed just how uncomfortable they were with the whole thing. His father tried to smile and say he should have came because there was celebrities at the event but there was no mention of going to support Mitch. His mother spoke about how free she felt at the event and how much she loved the atmosphere with everyone coming together. She spoke about an older man whose story she heard at the event who had spent his life keeping back that he was gay and now that it was all out in the open he felt so free in his mind. All his father could respond was ‘Ah well, that was just how it was.’

But it wasn’t just his father and brother Mitch seen the unequal situation of life occur in. It was everywhere he soon found. He would overhear students and tutors assume someone was straight unless otherwise stated and hear tutors run down safe spaces and get angry about censorship against prejudiced views. He heard students saying gay couples on TV were ‘funny’. He heard minority groups being debated in Critical thinking classes in a way majority groups weren’t. He began to see how minority groups were thought of as fair game, how he was thought of as fair game and how everything was so personal but he was not supposed to take it as personal. Because of course that would be seen as too sensitive. Or worse a troublemaker. Mitch knew all about being made feel like those things. When he had been younger he had being much more openly opinionated until he had been worn down by his father’s and brother’s gaslighting and the gaslighting of much of the world in general. In the past while his mother had spoken to him about his worries about the world he was entering into as an adult or the world he had just entered into as an adult his father would often overhear and say things like ‘You are bringing down the mood in the house’, ‘You’ll have to go’ and ‘You want your own way.’ Though Mitch secretly hated how he had become so suppressed in talking out his opinions and feelings, he was used to being suppressed in such matters. It seemed easier to just pretend not to have a mind. But of course his father always knew that he was opinionated within and would occasionally comment things like ‘You used to be terrible but you grew out of that’ or when someone opinionated was in the news ‘He/She are a bit like you, a toughie’. To add to all this his father would play the sob act of ‘not understanding all of these new things’ when he read about people being anything other than straight, gay or cis and constantly referred to gay celebrities as ‘The gay man/woman’ while straight celebrities were simply ‘The man/woman.’

Mitch grew up in a time where things were changing. But still so much wasn’t. In the TV shows he would watch parents like his father were given the classic get out of jail card every episode. TV had not moved beyond mostly gay and straight but the fact it had moved beyond just straight was progress. Often he longed for a writer to understand his side of things but they never fully did. Often he would get wrapped up in a show only to find that the character was only put across as likeable if they understood why their parent was ignorant and helped them through. It wasn’t healthy to put across Mitch thought in one part of his brain but another part questioned whether he was compassionate, whether he was a good person. Add into this media and society was still putting across that anyone other than straight or gay was ‘Having their cake and eating it’, ‘Greedy’, ‘Unsure’ or ‘Afraid of commitment.’

When Mitch’s mother died, his heart was broken and he felt like he couldn’t handle things without her there. It was just he, his father and his brother living in the house and his father’s continued comments of him ‘One day finding a nice lad’ was scratching away at the steel surrounding his heart. A few months passed and a combination of everything was gradually building in him and he didn’t realise it. So much so that it crept up on him when he one night put his hands to his throat while his father and brother were in bed. For however long time he wasn’t sure he sat on the sofa in that position feeling like he would do it but then he banged the sofa and freed himself from the most terrifying situation he had ever found himself in. His mind had been filled with so much: pain at the discrimination he faced and pain at the idea that he wasn’t a good person. He had been left with three options: leave the world, stay in the world and conform or stay in the world and be himself. He chose the latter and quickly typed a story to get his feelings out. An angry, messy short story that he would never publish but it served his purpose. That night he packed, left a note and left.

It was while in New York that he realised he was a trans man and later omni as well as pan. His father and brother had been in touch on Facebook guilt-tripping him into returning. He ignored their messages. He had a freedom in his life and in his mind that he had never had before and he wasn’t going to let that go for anyone. He later heard that his father and brother were not in favour of him being trans and omni either but that wasn’t shocking. For the first time in his life he could be open as a trans, pan and omni man without worrying about debating back against the backlash which his father, brother and many others had thought him he was bad to debate back against. He was free, content and alive. Sure he often faced those who said ‘mature people don’t run away. They stay and sort it out.’ In other words people who were still blaming him for not being kind enough to understand people discriminating against him. But he had got his confidence back and he wasn’t letting it go ever again.

5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

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I am back with another 5 video suggestions post for you today:

Social Issues

This very interesting video by Vox explores the problematic history of casting predominantly white actors in the roles of Asian characters. The fact it ever happened and the fact it happens still today is an utter disgrace.


I am listening to a lot of Agatha Christie audiobooks while I am writing at the moment. This short story was one of Agatha’s books I hadn’t heard of before but of course it’s brilliant. David Suchet and Hugh Fraser who are pretty much the ones I mostly think of as Poirot and Hastings due to the TV adaptations are performing and narrating.


Season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is starting soon and recently we met the queens who will be participating. It seems like a great cast. I of course have a few early favourites but they all seem cool.


Christmas is coming so it seems a good time to watch a bit about the history of Krampus, Saint Nick’s nemesis. It was really interesting to hear the history of Krampus as I do not know much about them and learning about all the countries who have celebrations which are Krampus-related.


From 1973’s Top of the Pops here is the Christmas classic Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade. Very fun tune.

5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

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Still catching up with this series. Sorry for the slowness. 🙂

Here is my five video suggestions for this week:


Here is part 2 of OverSimplified’s animated story of The French Revolution. I find these really great and I plan to watch more of them at some stage. Really accessible way to learn history.


There is a channel I have been watching a lot recently called espmadrid on YouTube. On the channel you can find lots of horse races from various different years which as a horse racing race I very much enjoy. It is also quite relaxing to watch while I am writing but that could just be me so I have three videos from the channel. First up the 1997 Murphy’s Gold Cup Handicap Chase which was won by the amazing Senor El Betrutti in fine style.

Next up we have the 1999 Tote Becher Handicap Chase. A very comprehensive win by the brilliant Feels Like Gold.

And finally in horse racing we have the Tote Becher Handicap Chase from 2000 which was won by one of my favourite horses in horse racing history the superb Young Kenny.


To end, here is a Christmas classic with Christmas around the corner. I present to you all Wham! with Last Christmas:

My New Book 1000 Quiz Questions Is Now Available!

My new book 1000 Quiz Questions is now available on Amazon and Payhip.

The book contains 1000 questions from various different categories. It was a lot of fun and very interesting to put together. I think I might be a slight bit brighter since putting the book together if my memory can hold out. While writing the book, I have been doing the quiz with my Mum and Sister and it has been a lot of fun. I hope it is great fun for you and yours too or just to challenge yourself if you decide to purchase the book and thank you in advance. 🙂

To purchase 1000 Quiz Questions go to:

1000 Quiz Questions eBook: Reynolds, Lisa: Kindle Store

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My Book Positive Affirmations: Dealing With Bullying Is Now Available!

Positive Affirmations: Dealing With Bullying by [Lisa Reynolds]

My book Positive Affirmations: Dealing With Bullying is now available on Amazon and Payhip.

This affirmations book contains 50 affirmations for helping you get through bullying. At the moment I am writing affirmations books related to bad experiences I have had myself in the hope I can help those going through those experiences. I was bullied in school for the majority of my school life. I also faced workplace bullying at one point in my life and it is these bad experiences I am drawing inspiration from for this collection. If I can help even one person in some way through this book then at least some good will come from those bad experiences. I hope this book helps you. 🙂

If you choose to purchase the book, thank you in advance. 🙂

To purchase Positive Affirmations: Dealing With Bullying go to: