Poem: Out At The Haunted House

Here’s a Halloween poem for you everyone. Happy Halloween everyone to you and yours. 🙂


The haunted house

lay in front of Kara,

she was nervous

but she was acting brave

in front of her girlfriend Leanne

as they sat in Leanne’s car,

“They say young women died in there”,

said Leanne like she was beginning

a short horror story.

Then what the fuck are we doing here Lee?

We’re young women, well

youngish women.

“Come on, let’s get to my sister’s

Halloween party …”

Leanne laughed,

“You sound scared.”

“I’m not scared.”,

Kara said with a dismissive laughed.

Terrified is closer the mark.

“But come on, there’s nothing

to see here. It’s all myths.”

Kara’s mobile phone rang,

she expected it was her sister

wondering where they’d got to,

she answered the call,

“Kar, where are you? My car’s been stolen.”, said Leanne.

Terror overtook her,

in a flash she felt vampire teeth

sink deep into her neck.


Poem: Painted Smile On Bleeding Heart



I was stupid

to let my heart

get so involved

and let you rip

it to shreds

like it was

a piece of rubbish

ready to be thrown out or

like clay to be moulded into

something harder

but I refuse to think it’s

useless rubbish

or to make it get harder.



I let my heart get

too involved

because I had no choice

and as much as I want to

say good riddance to you,

the sad truth is you could

play with my heart,

twist it every way you wanted

and I’d still be here

because I can’t break away,

I don’t even want it

and that’s where I’m stupid

but I can’t do anything about it.



And my heart bleeds inside

wanting to fix this,

to fix us

while you make no effort

because you don’t care

and you not caring makes my heart

bleed more but instead I paint on a smile,

believe everything will sort itself out,

I have to,

otherwise I’m going to cry again

and my pillow won’t thank me.

Poem: New World




Knock down the fences,

batter down the barriers,

the new world’s a’coming,

let’s not wait hundreds more years

and more,

open minds,

open hearts,

rid our world of a toxic

called prejudice,

we brought it into the world,

now we must do our duty

and save our world from being crap

by not being assholes.

Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Cruelty to Others – Veronica’s Experience

Random Bits of Trial and Error

Some brush it off as, “Bullying is part of life.  We all go through it.”  Unfortunately, that is true, but it’s still no excuse.  Bullying has pushed its way into social media, magnifying the range of devastation to its victims.  It has ruined people’s lives, reputations, and it is pushing kids to the point of suicide.  In my niece’s small Ohio town, seven children, ranging from 13 to 19, have committed suicide in the last few years.  I’m veering from my usual RVing posts to address and share my niece’s experience growing up in this small town.

Here are Veronica’s words:

“Before I start, I want to put a disclaimer down.  I don’t want people to feel bad for me.  I’ve come to live with it.  I am also not looking for attention.  I am here to help.  I want others to see things really do look up when you…

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Poem: One-Sided


He started dancing the light fantastic

with the big noises,

the humble writer,

well she didn’t exist to him anymore

but when you dance the light fantastic

as a small fry with the big noises

you end up dancing alone

although of course she would

never let that happen,

to fall in love

she learned

was to lose all self-respect

and pick up the pieces

not because she was a goody-goody

but because she had to,

stupidly but understandably

she had to,

though he wasn’t there for her,

she knew she’d always be there for him,

it went without saying.

Writing 101: Plot




Well lesson 6 is very important as it’s about plot. And obviously without plot a story is dead on it’s legs. So us writers really need to get it right! 🙂


Plot is the lifeblood of your story. It’s the main reason that a reader gives your book a chance in the first place and continues to read it and be enthralled in it as it develops. Plots can’t be predictable so we need to avoid cliches. Most of us when we start have an idea about the story and an idea of where it may go but that’s only part of plot. Filling in the rest of the plot is where the hard work begins. So without further ado, let’s get cracking on what we can do to improve our plots …


1. Characters Drive Plot

I often hear people coming up with their plots before their characters. It’s a valid way of doing it but I think it’s easier if you come up with the two together or the character before the plot. If you think about real life the things that happen us in our lives are often because of our personalities and how we go about getting on in the world so your characters’ personalities, jobs, beliefs, etc … will help you to decide what kind of plot will work for them. Plot is your structure, your characters are the heart of that structure and in sync it can be a magical authentic combination. You’ll still have to work on the plot but let your characters do a bit of the work!


2.  Unpredictable Plots Are Best

Ok, this can be a difficult one because when you write in genres there tends to be a structure and readers who read that genre are expecting your book to follow that structure eg. Mysteries: crime committed, crime investigated, big reveal. So you probably should stick to that. But the way of doing the plot doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. This comes down to your writer’s voice. When you allow your writer’s voice to flow your plot will never be predictable. Don’t copy other writers. Be inspired but never copy them. So if you have a mystery your killer may not be brought to justice, in a romance the couple might not end up together.


3. Plot Prompts

If you are struggling there is numerous sites online with plot prompts. They can be useful but take the bits you like to mould into your story, don’t take the complete prompt because then you will struggle to write it because we write stories rather unsurprisingly better that are our own ideas so make sure 2/3 of the idea is yours.

Plot Generator



4.  To Outline Or Not Outline, That Is The Question …

Personally I don’t really write outlines for my stories. Maybe some notes here and there. But every writer is different so you’ll need to determine what works best for you. But if you are doing an outline, be prepared to throw parts of it away if it doesn’t fit while you are writing a story. That is kind of the con of an outline. Where the pro is that outlines help a writer feel more organised and know where they are going better, the con is that many writers feel they must stick to the outline even when they really want to write something else into the story. To not outline doesn’t mean going into your story with no idea of where it’s going so have ideas for parts and then let the plot flow with freedom. If you want to go the more traditional outline route here’s an interesting article for you that might help:



5.  Your Plot Must Come From Your Heart

Writers often say I can’t think of a plot. 99% of the time they can but they are scared to go with it and the main reason is usually that it doesn’t sound like other plots on the market. That’s the time to actually go with the plot. It’s original. It’s coming from you and no one else can tell that story and hasn’t yet. Maybe it’ll be liked, maybe it won’t but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try. It’s much better than using a plot that has been used over and over to death before. It at least gives you a chance. Be brave. Believe in your writing, believe in your plot. If you don’t, no one else will.


Key Points Summary

  • Plot is the lifeblood of your story.
  • Characters drive plot.
  • Your plots shouldn’t be predictable. Your writer’s voice will help them not to be.
  • Plot prompts are a great help if you get writer’s block but most of the idea should still be your own.
  • There is pros and cons to both outlining and not outlining. The decision of which to do is your own personal decision of what works best for you.
  • Your plot must come from your heart. In order to convince others to believe in it, you must believe in it.



Poem: Just Like That



She felt so let down

in him,

in herself,

she wondered how

she thought there was a connection there,

some mutual feeling of respect and liking

and yet in seconds he

burned bridges,

erased her from his life,

just like that,

just like that,

after all she had done to help him,

just like that.

Though she wanted to be hard,

she knew she’d help him again

in the future,

it’s hard to burn bridges she knew

when you were in love

and she knew she’d be there for him again

just like that.

Poem: Everything Works Out In The End


This big world,

how does one get on?

how does one survive?

with grit,


a down but never out attitude,

a heart brimming with love,

a desire to experience,

to live,

through good, bad and inbetween times,

life is up and down,

vibrant and messy,

take a minute,

breathe in and out,

take a minute,

absorb the moments,

this is a gift,

even the bad times,


be free,

be you,

try not to worry

as much as you can help it,

everything works out in the end.