The Killers’ Sam’s Town Review!

Nevada’s finest The Killers’ second album Sam’s Town (2006) had the perfect combination of thundering, rousing instrumentals, raw, passionate and heartfelt vocals and memorable and realistic lyrics. There is so much depth in so many of the songs on this album but while remaining emotive it never gets to a depressing ebb but rather finds the right balance to strike. A stunning album filled with light and shade and a record in which, while the listener would have their favourite tracks, that no song can be discounted. Some might be growers compared to others but eventually one will find themselves completely engrossed in this modern day rock gem so let’s take a look at each track individually.

Sam’s Town

The title track comes thundering into your ears like a bolt of sound before vocalist Brandon Flowers starts singing, “Nobody ever had a dream round here but I don’t really mind that it’s starting to get to me.” so one instantly realises Sam’s Town may be based on a town where one is not expected to succeed. The track is very catchy and has a stunning way of changing from tempo to tempo while the lyrics are like a short story which Flowers sings with a storyteller quality perfect for the song.


The Killers have always had a non-serious side. They always struck me as a band that took their music seriously but not themselves seriously which was refreshing because a lot of bands around the time The Killers first became successful did seem to take themselves far too seriously and most of them didn’t have the talent or the songs that The Killers had and on the Enterlude one can hear that carefree side as Brandon croons along to a piano saying how good it is to have us with them “even if it’s just for the day.” And it flows well into When You Were Young.

When You Were Young

This song has a very romantic quality and again utilizes Flowers’ gift of storytelling in his voice. Speaking about a woman finally meeting the man of her dreams it is a very relatable song especially if you are more Bridget Jones than Kate Moss. The instrumentals from Dave Keuning (Guitar), Mark Stoermer (Bass) and Ronnie Vannucci (Drums, Percussion) are full of power which seems in contrast with the lyrics but it works perfectly together.

Bling (Confession of a King)

Combining classic rock sounds with more modern rock sounds this has instantly recognisable instrumentals if you just happened to catch a snippet of the song. It is stunningly crafted (But what else would you expect from The Killers?) and Flowers’ vocals are strong and completely on point once again while the backing vocals from his bandmates Keuning and Stoermer flow beautifully into the song.

For Reasons Unknown

This funk-infused rock song displays the vulnerability and passion in Flowers’ voice as he opens up allowing the listener to hear raw pain echoing. That makes this song very real and you can instantly understand the feelings and emotions breaking through the surface. And the instrumentals have a wonderful beat to them which compliments Flowers’ vocals superbly.

Read My Mind

This exquisitely crafted number is very understated but it is it’s simplicity which seems to add to it’s charm. It was always one of my favourite Killers’ songs. It has that amazing classic rock sound which I just adore. It feels kind of Thin Lizzyesque and the lyrics are spot-on. The feelings of been young, unsure, falling in love and trying to achieve something in the world are very realistic and relatable. Stunning.

Uncle Johnny

The instrumentals have a very good flow on this track. The lyrics are strong and Flowers’ delivers them brilliantly. Not my favourite song from the album but a good tune nonetheless.


Another one of my favourite Killers’ songs. It has a very passionate, lustful feel about it. (Which of course I like! Never trust the quiet ones indeed!) Echoing the lyrics “Don’t you want to come with me? Don’t you want to feel my bones on your bones? It’s only natural.” Flowers manages to raise our hormone levels by several decimals! Right compose oneself! Right, again it is a very realistic portrayal of romance through it’s lyrics and the contrast of those almost Christmas sounding instrumentals at the beginning combining with the classic rock instrumentals throughout the song was kind of genius.

My List

I love this song. It is another favourite. For me, it has that sentiment of someone been very ambitious and putting their career first but someone special been on their list and they feel that the person is too good for them but they are still going to try to make them theirs. It’s quite romantic and the lyrics are beautiful with Brandon’s voice oozing a softness on the verses that is not a usual strength he displays but it just shows the unbelievable versatility of his voice. The chorus is very anthematic without been cheesy and at one stage near the end of the song when his voice is combining with Keuning and Stoermer it sounds like a throwback to sixties psychedelic rock.

This River Is Wild

The contrast between this song and the previous song is brilliant. How one flows into the other is genius. This is a crashing, thundering song of amazing instrumentals with Brandon’s voice growling with intensity over them. The mark of a great frontman.

Why Do I Keep Counting?

I adore this track. Probably my favourite on the album, it is the song I listen to the most from the album. The lyrics are very vulnerable and I can relate to the emotions. Brandon’s voice is stunningly raw, open and full of passion. The vulnerability in his voice helps the lyrics to penetrate through. I think it is about fear of the future and wondering where you’ll end up in later life but wondering is it worth it to worry because what’ll happen will happen anyway. Brilliant.


The exitlude seems to flow effortless from the previous track when Brandon sings, “It doesn’t really matter. Don’t you worry, it’ll all work out.” before the band break into a jam about hoping we’ve enjoyed our stay.

Where The White Boys Dance

The song after the Exitlude has a great storytelling quality present from the first note. It is another favourite and has a great beat to it. The instrumentals go from softer to heavier with sublime ease and the contrast in the instrumentals blends amazingly well together.

Listen to the album here:


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My Top Five Tips For Who Killed Lucy Beale!

I am addicted to this storyline at the moment and to be honest I was indifferent to the character but I love a murder mystery! The thing about Eastenders statistically is that the murderer is generally so obvious and it’s always an anti-climax but I’m hoping that because this story has went on far too long that the reveal will shock us all! I have compiled below my top five suspects and their current betting odds for who killed good ‘ole Luce on Good Friday 2014 in the square. 🙂

Cora Cross

I know, I know, it’s a bit out there but it’s what I’m thinking. The case seems to centre so much on the Brannings as suspects but excludes Cora for the most part. My thinking behind this is that Max is covering for her because she killed Lucy after Lucy found out Rainie was a prostitute after she was going with the father on the night of the murder and said she’d tell the square. I know she’s supposed to have found out that time in the courtroom when Mick was covering for Ian but did she? She has a temper too and Emma did leave the house when she heard her voice and she was running out of Walford with the grandson the day Emma wanted to bring the killer to the police. Was it really over Stan? I have a fiver on her at 33/1 so fingers crossed. I was delighted to hear her odds were cut. 🙂 I don’t know obviously what the writers are going to do or what approach they are going to take but if I was writing it I would have wrote it as Cora! My sister has been laughing her sight sick over the past while because everything she does I keep trying to pin it on her! Terror when you have a bet on! 🙂

Current Odds: 4/1

Whitney Dean

Well she was been downright cruel to Whitney and there was the whole love triangle with Lee. I don’t think Lee killed her but I think Whitney might have in a moment of rage and Lee, who probably still loves her, covered it up with her. Hence the doing something stupid on the night of the murder which I don’t believe was just seeing Billy and Lucy arguing. He also drew Emma’s attention to that incriminating tape of Lauren, possibly to take the attention away from Whitney.

Current Odds: 22/1

Dean Wicks

After Linda, we all know that Dean is violent with women so he has be considered. She could easily have been having a fling with Dean (I mean who wasn’t she having a fling with?!) which may have been why she didn’t want to see sugar daddy Max anymore but then Dean could have turned violent. This is a long shot but possible, I think.

Current Odds: 50/1

Cindy Beale

We seen Peter hearing Ian say that Lucy was his favourite child but maybe Cindy heard too. In the voicemail she asked Lucy to text her. Maybe she did and they argued and she killed her. She was killed elsewhere to where her body was found and that poses a bit of a problem. I’m not sure who helped her carry the body to where it was found because I can’t see Cindy having the physical strength to do that herself on her own. Possibly Ian or Peter?

Current Odds: 12/1

Lola Pearce

She felt Peter always took sister Lucy’s part over hers. She might have killed her to have all his attention. Another long shot but there you go.

Current Odds: 100/1

I mean if turns out to be Abi, Jane, Max or Lauren it will have been a bit of a waste of time because they are far too obvious and it’s really obvious it’s not Max!

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Just Reached No.1 On The Reverbnation Charts!

Reblogged from my music blog! Got no.1 on the Reverbnation singer/songwriter charts for Bray, Wicklow! Thank you everyone! 🙂


I’m really excited to say that I got to no.1 on the singer/songwriter chart for Bray, Wicklow on Reverbnation!

It was really nice because it’s probably the first time in a long time that I’ve got a confidence boast for my music. I could see myself going up the chart for the past few days and it wasn’t a surprise in that sense but the whole thing was a surprise! I was aiming for top 5 really!

There is definitely so many more talented people on that chart than me so it’s an honour and thank you so much to everyone who got me to the no.1 spot. It’s defo something I’m proud of and appreciate. Thank you! 🙂

In addition I’m 3 on the National rank and 950 on the Global rank and then 14,540 in the global rank of all genres which all feels amazing because I do…

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James Byron’s Top 10 Home Hair Dye And Bleaching Mistakes!

James Byron’s Top 10 Home Hair Dye And Bleaching Mistakes video is now up on YouTube!

Introducing the video on the channel, he wrote:

This is a video I wanted to do as I have been dying and bleaching my hair myself for a long time! I have made so many mistakes and not done the right research before going ahead with some dangerous experiments and I wanted to share this with you guys so you might think twice before dying or bleaching your hair yourself. if there is anything you want to quiry about what I have mentioned in this video leave a comment below and I will make sure I get back to you ASAP.

Packed with tips on clarifying shampoo, sulfate-free shampoo, henna hair dye and tips for going from one hair extreme to the other, it is really very interesting and informative. Tips about the whole colour wheel are amazing too.

You can watch the full video here:

Poem: It Ain’t Cool To Admit You’re Lonely

Supposed to be in control,
Not scared of the future,
Sometimes I am,
And deep down we all are.
Should have a mortgage apparently.
Should be married apparently.
I say he’s out there
But I don’t want to marry him yet.

Supposed to be brave,
Well sometimes I’m not.
The media and society have their perceptions,
Human politics at play.
Unsure where life is taking me,
But apparently I’m supposed to know.
Well I don’t know,
Sometimes I don’t know.

It ain’t cool to admit you’re lonely,
And you know what sometimes I am,
I’m happy don’t get me wrong
But sometimes I ain’t.
Like us all,
I have fears,
I shed tears
And I’m scared to admit
That yes sometimes I’m lonely.

Happy Birthday David Bowie!

Yesterday was the legend that is David Bowie’s birthday!

I was watching a concert of his yesterday but I didn’t get around to putting up this blog. He was 68 yesterday. Belated happy birthday David! 🙂

Let’s take a look at three of his hits in celebration:


Life On Mars?

Ziggy Stardust

Poem: Crazy Wonderful

It’s crazy how beautiful you look,
It’s crazy how much I’m caught in your hook,
Like a fish in the ocean
Been trawled in
But offering no resistance.
Captivating my heart,
My soul,
My body
Just with one look.

It’s crazy wonderful the way I’m …
Vulnerable to your every whim,
At your mercy,
I just want to please you.
Because you please me too.
All my strength dripping away
And I don’t even mind.
I’m entranced, obsessed maybe
By your personality, looks … just by you.