Big Brother Break-Ups


Lately has been a sad time of Big Brother break-ups. Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Austin Armacost and his husband Jake Lees have separated while Andy West, who came fourth in the most recent series, has split from his fiance Ed Hutton who he got engaged to on the show.

Austin spoke to GuysLikeU about his split from Jake. The full piece can be read at the link below:

EXCLUSIVE: Austin Armacost: ‘Jake and I are splitting up!’

Writing on Twitter Austin said,

Jake also took to Twitter and said,

Following his split from Ed, Andy tweeted,

Very sad news. Best of luck to them all in their futures.


Keeping Up With Jaktin!

So it’s been just over a week since Austin Armacost existed the Big Brother house as this year’s runner up in CBB and I’ve been keeping up with what’s been happening with one of my new favourite celeb couples Austin and his adorable husband Jake Lees or Jaktin as I’ve christened them. I think they probably should have their own reality show and their sweet little Chihuahua who is in Jake’s twitter profile pic with them could be running around the place and James Hill could visit.

So just what’s been happening since in Jaktin world?

Well a good place to start might be the CBB afterparty where we got some lovely pics of the happy couple kissing and holding hands. We also had some pics of Austin and James as the CBB bromance goes from strength to strength.

Following the afterparty Austin and James settled back into married bliss with Jake tweeting,

By Friday, the couple were partying in Stroke where Austin was making an appearance in Gossip Stroke with Blue’s Duncan James and Jake tweeting,

And Austin tweeted about his belated letter from home from Jake,

By the 26th the busy couple were on Irish shores in Belfast at Boombox Belfast and still on Celtic shores in Polo Lounge Glasgow on the 27th. On Sunday Austin will be playing in the Sellebrity soccer match as will James.

Some Articles

Celebrity Wedding Fever!

Wedding fever has been in full swing over the last while with three fabulous celebrity weddings happening in showbiz land! I was meant to do a blog for each but unfortunately didn’t get to so I decided to do this blog with the four wonderful weddings for you to “awwwww” over like me!


The Front Lounge. 10 years ago. The scene was set for Aengus Mac Grianna to meet the love of his life Terry Gill while he was having a “liquid lunch” with some of his colleagues. The pair immediately got on, fell in love and the rest is history as they say.

The wedding of RTE newsreader Aengus Mac Grianna and his long-term boyfriend of 10 years Terry Gill in Ballymacgarvey village, Co. Meath. Mac Grianna and friend and colleague Anne Doyle, who Mac Grianna admitted previously on The Late Late Show would be giving him away, arrived in a black Rolls-Royce to the venue where Mac Grianna and Gill said their vows and became husband and husband in front of 150 members of their family as well as close friends which included Maia Dunphy, Yvonne Keating and Tracy Piggott who all appeared on Celebrity Masterchef with Mac Grianna as well as many colleagues of Mac Grianna’s from the newsroom at RTE such as Kate Egan, Michael Murphy, Eileen Dunne and Teresa Mannion.

Gill, from Westwind Alpacas, was walked up the aisle with his mother Eva Gill for his and Aengus’ big day.

Also Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra played many traditional Irish ballads at the humanist ceremony.

In the run-up to the big day, Doyle joked that she felt like she was Mrs Bennett ‘Pride and Prejudice’ at the moment saying,

“It’s weddings, weddings, weddings at the moment. All I seem to be talking and thinking about are weddings these days,” in reference to Mac Grianna’s wedding and also the wedding of her boyfriend Dan McGrattan’s son which took place the week before.

Mac Grianna said of choosing Doyle for the major honour that it was because he has known her for years and added,

“From the very beginning Anne always looked out for me. She has watched and guided me along the way and at key junctions in my life – she has always been there. She has been a major influence on me. She’s a one-off.”

Everyone broke into applause when the marriage ceremony ended and congratulated the happy couple.

Mac Grianna and Gill will go to the UK in the next few weeks to legally marry and Mac Grianna has spoken about marriage equality previously saying,

“It’s simply a question of equality. All of my brothers and sisters are married and I don’t see any difference as to why I shouldn’t be allowed that too. I’m not prepared to take a lesser status.”

Well said Aengus.

The couple went on honeymoon in the days after the wedding.

The style was amazing with Aengus donning a wonderful blue suit and Terry looking dapper in a grey suit while Eva and Anne went for floral, white and blue combinations. The colour co-ordination was fabulous with blue been a theme which ran through all four of their outfits. Terry’s ode to blue was the least visible but was still there on his tie.

Model and former Miss Ireland Sarah Morrissey married her long-term boyfriend of 8 years St Patrick’s Athletic coach Pat Jennings Jr in Buggiano in Italy.

Morrissey looked amazing in a custom dress designed by Irish designer Peter O’Brien and paired the stunning dress with metallic sandals and understated stud earrings while Jennings Jr looked dapper in a navy suit.

The ceremony was attended by close friends which included Morrissey’s fellow models Nadia Forde and Yomiko Chen.

Next up stylist and TV presenter Angela Scanlon and eco-entrepreneur Roy Horgan whose wedding took place in Wicklow.

Scanlan wore an understated and beautiful dress which was in a vintage style by Irish designer Sorcha O’Raghallaigh. The dress had gold embroidery on top and was floor length and Horgan wore a navy suit and looked amazing.

Congratulations to the three couples on their big days! May you all have a lifetime of happiness in your married bliss! 🙂

Attitude Magazine’s Attitude Love & Marriage issue On Sale Now!


Attitude Magazine’s Attitude Love & Marriage issue is currently on shelves and features Union J star Jaymi Hensley and his fiancé Olly Marmon who have become the first same sex couple to feature in advertising for popular wedding tailor Moss Bros. The couple, who will marry at the end of the year, feature in pictures wearing looks from the brand’s spring collection.

The happy couple, who have been together for over four years are seen in a touching clinch smiling at each other.


Jaymi previously said,

‘I’m getting married in December. It’s going to be a big day… Management have been trying to say the next tour is in December so maybe we’ll get married during the interval.’

The advert is a big departure for men’s formal-wear firm Moss Bros which was founded in 1851 and the national campaign aims to celebrate the historic change in British law which will, from 29th March, let same sex couples marry in England and Wales.

Chief Executive Officer Brian Brick said,

“Moss Bros are proud to welcome all couples in store and help dress them for the most important day of their lives – as we have done for the last eight generations.” 

In order to realise this, Moss Bros joined forces with the magazine Attitude, as the fashion sponsor for its special issue ‘Attitude Love & Marriage’. 

It is the first wedding magazine in the UK exclusively targeting the gay market. The collection is exclusively featured in “Attitude Love & Marriage” and 70 Moss Bros store windows nationwide.

Attitude Managing Director Mike Buckley said:

“This is history in the making and we are truly humbled that a British high street institution such as Moss Bros have shown their commitment to equal marriage by supporting our Love & Marriage special issue and dressing their windows to mark the partnership.”


Also featured in the issue of Attitude is Sir Elton John and David Furnish who are planning their wedding after gay marriage was legalised.

The couple were one of the first couples to enter into a civil partnership in December 2005 and eight years on the singer and filmmaker who have been together for more than 20 years and they have two sons, Zachary, three, and one-year-old Elijah, are planning their wedding day.

David Furnish wrote in Attitude magazine’s Love & Marriage special:

“Elton and I will marry – as a high-profile couple, we feel it is our duty to do it, to make sure that everyone knows that this is something that many gay men living in this country never dreamed would happen. When it was announced that gay couples were able to obtain a civil partnership, Elton and I did so on the day it came into law. As something of a showman, [Elton] is aware that whatever he says and does, people will sit up and take notice -so what better way to celebrate that historic moment in time. Our big day made the news, it was all over the internet within minutes of happening and front page news the next day. Elton and I both think there is a massive difference between calling someone your ‘partner’ and calling them your ‘husband’. Partner’ is such an impersonal word and doesn’t adequately describe the love we have for each other. When Zachary and Elijah are grown up and having children of their own, they will – hopefully – be living in a world where everyone can be equal, when being married isn’t about whether you’re straight or gay, but simply about being human.”

Also featuring is John Whaite and his boyfriend Paul Atkins who are the cover stars. They are discussing their country wedding.

Also featuring is Corrie actor Charlie Condou and his fiancé Cameron Laux.

Attitude Love & Marriage is out now.

Union J’s Jaymi Hensley Speaks About How Meeting Fiancé Olly Marmon Stopped His Seven Week Dating Curse And Talks About Their Upcoming Wedding!

Jaymi has spoke about his relationship with Olly.

Jaymi has spoke about his relationship with Olly.

Union J’s Jaymi Hensley has revealed that meeting his fiancé Olly Marmon stopped his seven week dating curse after the pair met when they were both 18. He admits that he didn’t have the greatest luck with dating before they met saying to Guilty Pleasures at the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard 40th anniversary gala at The Waldorf Hilton, London’s Palm Court, supported by Patron Tequila, “All my relationships ended after seven weeks before I met Olly. So it was like a seven week curse! But then I met the one and now it’s hundreds of weeks later. I think we were really lucky and we found each other. We understand each other and like the same things. Our personalities really match. We are really lucky to have found this relationship.”

Admitting that he is a bit of a perfectionist, he says he will be on alert on their wedding day to make sure no relatives show up wearing garishly coloured outfits.

‘I am a perfectionist and my worst thing is colour schemes. I’m really worried my aunt will turn up in lime green and my cousin will turn up in orange and everyone will look like a living sweet shop,’ he laughed.

‘There are certain colours I can’t let people wear! There’s nothing worse than you’ve got your wedding photo and everyone looks lush and then there’s someone in an awful coloured hat or dress.’

Simon Cowell And Lauren Silverman Have Baby Boy Eric!

The happy family!

The happy family!

Record producer and reality TV judge Simon Cowell and his girlfriend make-up artist Lauren Silverman have a new addition to their family, baby boy Eric, born on the 14th of February.

Cowell went to New York to be with Silverman as she gave birth not long before 11pm and since then the proud father has shared many pics of the newborn with fans on his Twitter page. He also revealed the baby’s name Eric which is after his father. A spokesman for Cowell said: “They are all OK. Simon was there for the birth. He landed at 6.15pm, British time, and he was at the hospital by about 7.15pm. He was there for the birth.”

Congrats to both of them on the birth of their baby son. 🙂  

Olly’s and Jaymi’s Valentine’s Day!

Jaymi and Olly had a romantic Valentine’s Day in!

Pop’s cutest couple Jaymi Hensley and Olly Marmon celebrated Valentine’s Day in style!

Jaymi tweeted on his Twitter page:

Valentines day night in 🙂 @Olly9191 xx

While Olly tweeted on his Twitter page:

Aww bless my boy 😉 nice surprise to come home too!! Love you @JaymiUJWorld xxxx

The pic which accompanied the tweet showed how the Union J romantic set up a table with numerous romantic features including flowers, scattered love hearts, wine, wine glasses, a card, chocolates and dinner plates. It was very romantic and homely and proves that everyone should have a Jaymi Hensley in their lives! 🙂

JJ, Caterina and Princeton Head Off To Arizona!

The happy couple and their son Princeton headed off to Arizona on their holidays!


JJ and Caterina!



Yesterday I tweeted about Jaymi, Olly and George’s holiday and today it is the turn of JJ, Caterina and Princeton!

JJ, Caterina and Princeton headed off to Arizona in America. I don’t know if this is true or not but it was reported that they hadn’t organised a travel VISA for their Princeton. 

Onlookers are rumoured to have said the family were an hour at the desk trying to get the issue sorted and thankfully it was all sorted out before their flight. I’m not saying anything because I am the most disorganised person you could meet. My mum says that I would forget my head if it wasn’t on me and she’s probably right!

The flight lasted 11 hours but JJ tweeted that Princeton was not the worst baby on the flight,

Let’s just say Princeton is definitely not the loudest baby on this flight today,’ JJ tweeted on Monday.

Happy holidays JJ, Caterina and Princeton! 🙂

Now there’s just Josh and his holidays! He’s skiing somewhere. Seen it on Twitter! As yet, can’t find out where but will! It’s got to be France or Switzerland or somewhere! Anyway am on the case! 🙂



Jolly and George Shelley Enjoy Barbados!

Loved-up couple Jaymi and Olly and Jaymi’s bandmate George soak up the sun in Barbados!

The happy couple are all smiles on holiday this week!

Is there anything better than hot men at the beach?! 

Union J’s George Shelley and Jaymi Hensley and Jaymi’s partner, honorary fifth member Olly Marmon enjoyed a day out in Barbados at the beach recently. Sure isn’t well for some. Why not? 🙂

Jolly looked cute as always whilst wearing similar urban-style outfits on their holiday while having a lovers’ seaside stroll. George was beach bound also wearing a black and white star t-shirt paired with a pair of shorts and red baseball cap.

Jaymi and Olly are living together and are planning on getting married this December. Jaymi previously said to The Mirror of their wedding planning,

“I’m getting married in December. It’s going to be a big day… Management have been trying to say the next tour is in December so maybe we’ll get married during the interval.”

I hope they get the time to have a honeymoon just as nice as this holiday during the interval too. 🙂

The loved-up couple have been tweeting about the holiday on their Twitter pages with Jaymi tweeting,

“Happy holidays 🙂 perfect start @Olly9191

as well as,

#BoybandOnVacation #George&JaymiKardashian

Olly has also tweeted about the break with the following tweets,

On the way to the airport gonna go catch some rays in Barbados with my boy! :))

Virgin Atlantic first class lounge! #thisishowweroll #nevertoearlyforchampagne

Soaking up the sun in Barbs the paps found us already! Lol


While George also tweeted about the holiday,

People of Britain. Don’t worry, the sun hasn’t burn out it still exists X


Hope they enjoy their holiday! 🙂



Beyonce and Jay Z Top Billboard’s Power 100 List!

Inspiring couple: Beyonce and Jay Z!

Inspiring couple: Beyonce and Jay Z!

Happy couple Beyonce and Jay Z have shared the top spot on Billboard’s Power 100 list this year!

Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge as well as Red Light Management founder Coran Capshaw keep are next on the yearly list of the most inspiring people in the music industry. The pair were first and second last year but were toppled from the top two spots by the power couple this year.

Following billboard editors taking time to put together the list from market shares, revenue and other information, the pair who formed their own companies, Roc Nation and Parkwood Entertainment beat off stiff competition from Justin Bieber’s and The Wanted’s manager Scooter Braun; Ryan Seacrest, music producer Dr. Luke; Jimmy Iovine and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.