My New Book Xmas With The Fam Is Now Available On Amazon!



My new book Xmas With The Fam is now available to purchase on Amazon. As the title suggests it is a Christmas novella. For anyone who has read or heard about my previous book After The Fishing Trip, they may recognize the main character Mitch who was one of four main characters in that book too. Many other characters from After The Fishing Trip are in this book too.

This book follows Mitch’s story as he prepares to finish work for Christmas and have a wonderful Christmas with his husband Nate and their four children Jaime, Sasha, Finley and Piper. From making homemade ornaments and decortions with Nate to getting involved in a few social issues debates (because he wouldn’t be Mitch if he didn’t! :-)) and trying to find the perfect presents for his kids, the season is going to be eventful. Add in dogs, elves, snow globes, his bestie Vic lip syncing to Santa Baby at the drag benefit show, hot times with Nate and finding the father figure he always wished for.

I loved writing it. There was definitely moments which I did not believe I would get it out in time for Christmas but thankfully it has all worked out. It is also my twentieth book so I’m excited and chuffed about reaching that milestone in my writing career.

If you choose to purchase the book, thank you so much in advance and I hope you like it. 🙂

To purchase Xmas With The Fam go to:

I also put together a 14-song soundtrack on Spotify of all the Christmas songs which feature in the book and you can hear this at the following link:

My Short Story Little White Lies Appears In This Week’s Woman’s Way!

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My short story Little White Lies appears in this week’s Woman’s Way!

I loved writing it. I was writing from the POV of this very unlikable character but it has a lot of comedy in it as well. As always thank you to the Woman’s Way team in Ireland for giving my work a space in their magazine and for the beautiful layout and illustrations accompanying the story. I’m so happy with how everything turned out.

If you get the chance, please do check it out & thank you in advance! Also in the mag is a wonderful short story Hearts and flowers by Mary Griffin, a book extract from Everyday Ubuntu by Mungi Ngomane as well as a host of wonderful other sections to enjoy! 🙂

Well, I’ll Take It! If I Could Create Half Agatha Christie’s Brilliance & Half Her Success I Would Be Chuffed & So Thankful! :-)

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My Short Story Lee Appears In Woman’s Way This Week!


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My short story entitled Lee is in Woman’s Way this week. The magazine is on sale from today. It is quite an emotional read and I did cry writing it. It follows the story of the main character Lee Carrigan who is a young writer and LGBTQ+ and cancer activist who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and it tells the story of his last few months of life. Lee and all the rest of the characters I loved writing like Lee’s boyfriend Mark, Lee’s mother, his little brother Dane, his friend Kate and Mark’s father.

It’s a story of living in the moment, spending time with those you love and doing all the things you want to do today because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

As always my thanks go to the team at Woman’s Way for featuring the story and as always the illustrations that accompany the story are simply perfect. The book and the pen really capture the character of Lee so well.

If you choose to read it, you can find the story on page 41 and thank you in advance.

My New Book One Step Closer 3 is now Available On Amazon!

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The third book in my fictional reality series One Step Closer is now available to purchase on Amazon. Once again, I enjoyed been back in the company of old favourites from previous books and meeting many new characters on this new writing journey.


In particular, without giving too much away, there was a friendship in this book which is rather complex and was definitely very intriguing to write and it became quite a major part of this particular book. Also Mark is beginning parenthood with Gavin of their daughter Reena, Lucy is still making eyes at every man that comes her way and Cody is struggling with his feelings for Lucy despite his upcoming wedding to Maria. Meanwhile Benjamin and Emily are vying for the attentions of a contestant.


I always love writing One Step Closer. I grew up watching reality singing shows and many reality shows in general. I was around for early shows in the reality TV music world (I was quite young though! :-)) when it was all only really starting to take off so from a viewer point of view, I have a lot of experience in writing this series. And I find it fun as well as heartbreaking. It has a mixture of moments.


On a side note, this is still being put together but my Goodreads page is up and can be visited at:


If you would like to purchase One Step Closer 3 (Thanks so much in advance if you do! :-)) go to:


For One Step Closer’s First Book:


For One Step Closer 2:


For One Step Closer & One Step Closer 2:



My New Book Rory Murphy Mysteries: Final Act Is Now Available On Amazon!

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Hello everyone! 🙂


I have just released my 16th book Rory Murphy Mysteries: Final Act on Amazon. It is the third book in my Rory Murphy Mysteries series. In this book, Rory, his boyfriend Joseph and their friends and fellow couple Steven and Simon embark on the mysterious murder of theatre actress Mary-Anne Shepherd and soon find that her murder is connected to two other murders. But who is the killer/s?


In a world filled with disguise the four men must uncover the layers and find out what exactly lies at the heart of all this death in theatre land …


I love writing this series and with each book comes new characters who can play supporting roles to our main man Rory and his crew of four amateur detectives. I found the whole element of using disguises very interesting to work with in this book and I thought it fitted well with the theatre and acting. And it was nice to dip into Simon’s world!


If you would like to purchase Rory Murphy Mysteries: Final Act go to:


For books 1 and 2 in the series go to:


To purchase only the first book in the series Rory Murphy Mysteries: The Church Murders go to:


To purchase only Rory Murphy Mysteries: Trip To Birmingham go to:

My Short Story Countryside Reveal Appears In This Week’s Woman’s Way!

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My short story Countryside Reveal is in this week’s Woman’s Way. It is one of four stories to appear in the fiction special this week.


The story appears alongside Diana Coxhead’s Allie-Millie, Eva Burke’s Iris and Geraldine Boylan’s Pay It Forward. Each of our short stories is accompanied by wonderful photographs by four photographers. My story is accompanied by a beautifully romantic image of a couple by Scott Webb.  A big thank you to Scott. They perfectly captured what Ray and Ciara looked like in my head which was really cool. Allie-Millie’s photo is by Alaric Duan, Iris’ photo is by Eric Ward and Pay It Forward’s photo is by Abdiel Ibarra. Thank you as always to Aine Toner and the team at Woman’s Way for including my story. It was wonderful to be featured alongside such wonderful writers and photographers.

I really loved writing this story. I loved Ciara and Ray and the romance and beauty of their love. It’s my eighth story under my own name and my tenth in all so I’m very proud of that milestone. 🙂


If you want to check out my story and the entire fiction collection Woman’s Way is on sale here in Ireland up to Monday. Thank you in advance if you do check it out. 🙂