Poem: Finsbury Park

Hatred in response to hatred

is not the answer,

prejudice in response to prejudice

is not the answer,

more violence

and one man dead

and many more injured,

may the man who died in the mosque attack

in Finsbury Park rest in peace and may his loved ones

find strength at this very sad time.


Poem: Grenfell Tower

The horror of been at home one minute

to finding yourself facing death,

the fear that they must have went through

is unimaginable.

Faulty work,

cutting corners

ending in tragedy for many.

May everyone who died in Grenfell Tower rest in peace

and may their loved ones find strength at this very sad time.

Poem: Chechnya

The harrowing stories

of electric shocks, brutal beatings

and starvation which many men

are facing or at risk of in Chechnya

is sickening to hear.

Barbaric abuse been launched

over the sexuality of these men

by animals in Camouflage

and their ordering counterparts.

Three deaths are known to have happened

though there could be more.

One man died in the concentration camp

while two more died in ‘honour killings’

carried out by very fucking strange relatives.

May they rest in peace.

Let these concentration camps end,

stop this torture,

let people live in peace.




There is two petitions which you can sign about the topic of this poem at:





Poem: London

More madness,

this time in London,

more deaths

of people on a night out,

more religious fanatics

who can’t bear happiness.

These times are crazy

but we will remain strong,

strong together.

May all those who died on London Bridge

rest in peace and may their loved ones gain

strength at this very sad time.