Poem: The Equality of Freedom of Speech

Why on TV, in lecture halls, etc …

Do we still have people discussing:

Is been gay “unnatural”?,

Is been introverted a “lack of social skills”?,

Is been a transgender woman a “real woman”?

Is been black “less superior than been white”?

And why when someone’s stopped on this trail

Does freedom of speech come into it?

Surely freedom of speech’s roots have always been in equality.

Where’s the people on TV and in lecture halls, etc… discussing:

Is been straight “unnatural”?

Is been extroverted a “lack of social skills”?

Is been a cisgender woman a “real woman”?

Is been white “less superior than been black”?

Only than can it be called freedom of speech

When everyone’s up for discussion

And critique.

The middle ground doesn’t count as the opposite,

“Majority groups” are supported by both talking currently.

And I say that as someone who is in support of the middle group

Where everyone is treated equally.

In the interests of freedom of speech,

Surely everyone should be a discussion,

Is “fair game” to be critiqued.

Both “minority groups” and “majority groups”.

Doesn’t it need to be both or neither?

Otherwise it doesn’t feel like freedom of speech,

It feels like inequality.



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