Poem: The Birds In My Garden

Photo by Fábio Varotti on Unsplash

There is nothing more relaxing,

more peaceful

than watching the birds in my garden eat and drink,

munch away,


go about getting their feed,

getting their nutrition,

they are such beautiful creatures

and to be part of their day is a gift,

I love being a part of their day,

watch their minimalist peace

and joy at the simple things,

to be a part of their day and see their strength

to survive,

they are absolute cuties,

deeply interesting

and so like us

but so not like us

and I adore them for all of it.


Poem: You Deserve It All

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

You are special

and you have so much going for you,

the things you are feeling will pass,

they do though you won’t believe me,

they do and you will be glad someday,

I need you to fight through

because you deserve joy,



you deserve it all

even though you might not think that now,







life ain’t going to be perfect

but it’s going to be good

and you won’t regret staying.

Poem: Rainy Puddles

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

The rain splashes,

can remind one of tears,

tears shed,

tears suppressed,

tears alone,

tears with comfort,

tears of fear,

the puddle splashes,

can remind one of joy,

seaside holidays,

hanging out by the lake,

the days your dog washed in the river,

fun times with energy,

how as a small child you jumped in the puddles,

of not being afraid but excited instead.

Poem: Super Fine

Photo by Kolby Milton on Unsplash

My heart skips with joy,

my body is light and free,

my head has no pain,


Because I’m starting to do things

which make me feel that way,

it’s a beginning,

not a finalizing

but I like it,

I like how it feels,

I want to continue with how it feels,

oh super super,

how fine life can be

and by fine I mean super fine,

not just fine.

Poem: Full Moon

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash


so bright,

big and shining

against the black canvas of the sky,

giving light to those below,

appearing to follow where they go,

like some protective force




dots of little stars around it

keeping it company,

helping it perform its mission,

together they don’t seem alone and lonely,

full moon,

lighting the way,

twinkling brighter than any streetlamp

and probably knowing it too,

beautiful and stunning full moon

in all your glittering glory,

full of vitality and mystery,

so far

yet so near,

we all feel we have met you

though of course we have not.

Poem: My Course

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

Calming the canals of the mind,

restoring a gentle power to them,

an electricity which meanders softly along

and gushes forth when need be,

through the past,

through the present,

onwards to the future,

drop by drop,

moment by moment,

a time for calm,

a time for action,

a time to mix and match,

a time for each reaction,

letting my chapters happen

with freedom and a gentle push,

all the angles continuing me on my course.

Poem: Out At Sea

Photo by Pawel Nolbert on Unsplash

Keep the chapters flowing,

set the scene,

plan ahead

but not too far ahead,

planning too much can be rather boring,

have the concept,

the synopsis

but not the ending

or even most of it,

I guess life is like a book in certain ways

but less structured,

a little planning,

a little structure,

a little thinking

but much better just doing

and not overthinking

and yes I have been guilty of that

and probably will be again

but my confidence is starting to soar,

little by little,

I don’t know whether to be frightened or excited about it,

I used to more often choose the fear

but now I’m starting to more let the excitement win,

let it sweep me off on waves,

sure why not?

I think I used to be scared if I spoke up too much

or I let myself out too much

I would be left at sea in the realm of life

without a raft,

no sight of an island or beach

and not much confidence in a rescue

by myself,

no one around,

flapping in the water like a nervy duck

but lately that exhilarates me a little more,

I’m getting madder as I am getting old,

properly starting to flip,

the duck is swimming with confidence and defiance

and I kind of like it,

will I last the pace?

I don’t know

but that is kind of the point,

it’s better than staying out of the water either way

and for better or worse it seems I’m going for it.

Poem: The Flame & The Fire

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Though I have known you all my life,

I am glad to have finally met you,

do sit down,

have a cup of tea there,

take the weight off,

sure you have worked hard to find me and all,

it’s like I was pregnant

and gave birth,

you within me

and now out there living

but sure now you are here,

you might as well stay,

let’s have some fun,

make some experiences,

you are the flame,

I am the fire,

we are one and the same,

sorry for holding you back

but sure now that you are here

you might as well stay,

have a cup of tea,

take the weight off

and you can be sure I won’t abandon you again.

Poem: Miracle Worker

Photo by Ludovica Dri on Unsplash

My best friend who is there,

my support network of one

who gets me through

with assurance,







you make my life so much better by being in it,

by being there,

you make the load lighter

and the smile grace my face,

get the laughs to come out of me,

you are an angel,

a miracle worker,

you are my sister,

my best friend.

Poem: Feisty Poodle

Photo by Cole Wyland on Unsplash

I rise with a confidence,

it scares me,

it mostly exhilarates me

and it’s pretty much everything darling,

smiling from ear to ear,

I have heard many told be yourself

until they disagree with something the person

who said it says

and then it’s no longer be yourself,

my sister says if I was a dog I’d be a poodle

and poodles don’t worry about stress,

prim and elegant,

they get their nails done,

have their hair fluffed

and relax in their basket,

oh that hairdryer took a lot out of me my dear

so yeah I shall be like the poodle,

getting the best out of life,

none of your people pleasing,

a poodle with his own mind

and a new hairstyle,

sweet and affectionate with those who support,

ready to defend from and let go of the messiness of those who attack,

these days it’s beginning to become

I trust what I believe no matter who is communicating whatever with me

or about me

and yes the poodle has been told he has mental health issues,

does have a few,

has no bearing on him speaking his mind,

makes him know he is doing well when they put that one out there,

feisty poodle at the ready,

tired and over it poodle at the ready

it’s a toss up which one might find

but a strong poodle will always be present.