Poem: The Side of Good

Mother Squirrel sat down on the log,
She beackoned Young Squirrel to come sit with her,
Now was the time for this chat,
Young Squirrel was old enough to know about life,
Old enough to handle what would be.
She looked to Young Squirrel,
Took his hand in hers and said,
“Sometimes my dear the world is not a nice place,
There is bad people with malice,
Filled with violence,
Filled with hate and prejudice,
You shouldn’t follow their path,
But you must be aware they exist.”

Many years later Young Squirrel sat on that same log,
Mother Squirrel had passed away many years before.
He sat and thought of her words
And how she had taught him to be good.
She filled him with love, equality and compassion,
She filled him with respect and humanity.
Although he wanted to cry because she was no longer here,
Instead he smiled and cherished the memories with her
And remembered her words,
“Once you are good Young Squirrel,
Once you are on the side of good,
You are winning.”


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