Jaymi Hensley and Olly Marmon Fanfic Part 1!

The beautiful couple Jaymi and Olly otherwise known as Jolly

The beautiful couple Jaymi and Olly otherwise known as Jolly

Still pretty rusty at the old fanfic writing but I’ve decided to write a longer fanfic and this is the first part. Entitled, Long-term Love and about the fabulous and beautiful couple that is Jaymi Hensley and Olly Marmon (Jolly), here is the first part and I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂

Title: Long-term Love

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Jaymi sat on his bed in the lonely hotel room just staring into space. He was deep in thought. Everything was so much more complicated when you were in love and clearly even harder he thought when you weren’t sure if you were in love anymore. His eyes scanned his mobile phone which lay on the bedside cabinet. Before he would have been straight on the phone to Olly chattering away. But now he was so confused and unsure of how he felt that he would have felt too guilty to get on the phone and talk to him. He didn’t understand what was happening. It seemed that the longer he spent away from Olly his feelings were getting less stronger and he felt terrible for feeling that way. Olly and he had been together so long after all, they lived together, they were engaged, they had little Belle. He felt he should be more loyal to him. But he couldn’t help how he felt. Over time it had gradually grew and grew and he didn’t know what to do. His thoughts are interrupted by a tapping on the door and the sound of a familiar voice,
“Hey Jaymi, you alright in there?”
Time to act. Time to put on a brave face and pretend everything is absolutely fine.
“Yeah. I’m totally fine Josh.”, he calls back getting up from the bed and going to answer the door.
“Hey, come on in.”, he says letting Josh in.
“JJ gone out?”
“Yeah. He nipped down to the shops …”
“There’s a lot of fans outside.”
“It’s alright. He wore a hat and went out the back way.”
“Oh that’s good then. And you stayed in your hotel room alone doing what?”, Josh says with a cheeky wink.
Jaymi smiles and blushes before changing the subject.
“So good night out last night with George?”
“Not bad. Could have been a better atmosphere but still it was good.”
“What’s it like?”
“What’s what like?”
“Been single? Going out and possibly meeting someone?”
“Well you’re not always thinking of that …”
“Yeah but still …”
“When you are it can be a bit of a letdown sometimes because so many people aren’t genuine. They don’t treat me like a normal person, just Josh from Union J. It’s so difficult to know for a fact if someone is interested in you for you. But you have that sorted mate. You know Olly loves you for you because you two were together long before Union J.”
“That is true.”
But it only made Jaymi feel worse. Olly had stood by him when he was a struggling singer trying to make it and now not long into their career he was considering breaking up with him. It felt to him like those popstars who had long-term partners and split up with them when fame beckoned and he had always swore that he would never do that to Olly. Never felt he’d ever need to. Never thought he’d ever feel the way he was feeling now. He has fell into his own thoughts again and Josh’s voice alerts him back to reality.
“Jaymi? Jaymi?”
“Oh sorry Josh. I was far away there.”
“I know.”
Josh looks concerned and Jaymi knows he has to change the subject before he is caught on to and he doesn’t want to have this conversation with Josh or anyone. He wants to put on a brave front and handle the situation himself.
“Yeah. So JJ should be back soon with some food. He said he might pop into the take-away on the way back if it was open but I don’t think it’ll be open. I mean it was closed this time yesterday but maybe the times are different for today …”, he is speaking quickly and Josh stops him.
“Are you and Olly alright? I mean are you two alright together?”
“Of course we are! Why wouldn’t we be?!”, he reacts defensively.
“Alright. Alright mate. I’m not hitting at you. Just the way you’re asking these questions. What way am I supposed to think?”
“Well we’re fine. I was just curious. That’s all.”
“Right. Good then.”
The door clicks open and JJ comes in carrying two take-aways and a plastic bag filled with groceries.
“Hey boys. It’s cold out there today. But I got the take-aways. I’m sorry. I couldn’t find you or George to ask you boys what you wanted …”
“Yeah. We were out earlier. It’s alright JJ man.”
Jaymi’s mobile phone rings. He stands rooted to the spot. The ringing getting more and more painful to his ears.
“Well aren’t you going to answer that mate?”, JJ asks.
“What’s it to you if I am or I amn’t. It’s none of your concern.”
“Jaymi, I’m just saying man. I mean it might be Olly.”
“Oh yeah and I have to answer every time he calls do I? Like he owns me or something? Well he doesn’t!”
“I, I didn’t mean that. I just meant that he is your boyfriend. Don’t you want to talk to him? See how he is? Hear his voice? That sort of thing.”
The ringing starts again.
“Oh for crying out loud! Will that ever stop?!”, Jaymi says picking up the phone and putting it off.
“What’s wrong? Has he done something wrong? Because if he has …”, JJ begins.
“He’s done nothing wrong JJ. I wish he had. Look I’m going out for a walk. I need to clear my head.”
He walks out of the room.
“What’s going on Josh?”
“I have no idea JJ.”

Olly sat in the kitchen area of the hair salon and placed his mobile phone on the kitchen counter. Why on earth was he not answering?, he thought. Had something happened to him?, he thought but quickly pushed that out of his head. It wasn’t like he was blind to the facts. The more time that they were spending apart the more they were growing further and further apart. He knew he was holding on out of a sense of loyalty, duty and because he loved Jaymi still as a person and didn’t want to hurt him. And yet he wasn’t sure that he was in love with him anymore. He picked up his cup of tea and took a sip. The warm liquid flowed through him but unlike the comforting feeling that warm tea gave one it couldn’t comfort him. Not in this situation. Not now.

Jaymi reached a park bench and sat down. Further guilt immensed him. Olly might be worried sick about him. He took the phone from his trouser pocket and turned it on. Two missed calls. He knew he had to call Olly but as he searched for his name in his contacts list his hands began to shake and he dropped the phone. He breathed in and out and tried to compose himself. Come on Jaymi, pull yourself together. You’ve rang this number a million times before, he told himself and picked up his mobile phone. He breathed deeply and rang Olly. The dialling tone rang and rang and it was the most scary few seconds of his life. Finally Olly answered.
“Hey Jaymi.”
He sounded tense but Jaymi chose to ignore this. He was tense himself.
“Hi Olly. Sorry, I missed your calls earlier. My battery was dead.”
“That’s alright. I figured as much.”
“Yeah. So how are you?”
“I’m good. It was a slow day at the salon. How are you and the boys?”
“We’re fine. Did a few interviews earlier and now we’re off for the night.”
“Are you at the hotel?”
“Yeah. Just relaxing. Where are you?”
“Just got back home. Going to wrap a duvet around me and watch a movie. Miss you.”
“Miss you too.”
“Jaymi I adore you. You know that don’t you?”
“Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t you?”, Jaymi joked but even as he was he could see his free hand shaking.
Olly laughed.
“Well that is true.”
“I adore you too.”
There was silence for a few moments that felt more like an eternity for both of them before Jaymi broke the silence.
“Well I’ll give you a call tomorrow.”
“Will you?”
“Of course I will. You keep yourself safe now and enjoy your movie.”
“I will. You enjoy your relaxing.”
“Yeah I will. Bye babe.”
“Bye Jaymi.”
Jaymi ended the call and looked out into space. How would this all play out?, he feared. He was scared. This was too important to end badly. It had to end as well as it could. He knew that he had to handle this well but he didn’t trust himself to do so.

Back at the hotel, George had now joined JJ and Josh in JJ’s and Jaymi’s hotel room.
“He’s acting weird George. Going on about been curious about what been single is like and saying that Olly doesn’t own him. JJ never said he did.”, Josh explained.
“I was wondering because I heard the shouting earlier but it was a bit muffled.”
“I think he wants to end it with Olly.”
“Oh JJ you don’t say.”, Josh said.
“He shouldn’t. Olly is a great guy.”, George said.
“But if he isn’t happy …”, JJ began.
“Stop. We can’t let him make the biggest mistake of his life. He’d regret it!”, Josh protested.
“Don’t get me wrong. I love Olly. He’s amazing and he’s a mate of mine but Jaymi’s one of my best friends. I will stand by whatever his decision is.”, JJ said.
“What’s got into him though? It’s ridiculous. Most people want what he has and here he is about to throw it all away.”, Josh replied.

JJ was watching TV while sitting on his bed when Jaymi came back in.
“Hey mate. About earlier …”
“Don’t mention it. It’s absolutely fine Jaymi.”, JJ said with a wave of his hand.
“But all the same I am sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“Do you want to talk about anything?”
“No. Why would I?”, Jaymi asked defensively.
“Don’t be defensive. I’m your friend and I’m here for you. If you need to talk about anything, anything at all, I’m here.”
Jaymi sighed and sat on his own bed.
“It’s about Olly.”
“I’d gathered that much.”, JJ smiled.
“Well I don’t know how I feel about him anymore.”
“Ok and was it gradual or did something happen?”
“It was gradual. The more we were away from each other the more we began to grow apart. Don’t get me wrong. I care about him. Deeply. And I do still love him but I’m just not sure that I’m still in love with him.”
“Oh mate.”
“And I don’t know what to do JJ. It isn’t like this is some guy that I’ve been dating a couple of weeks or months. We’re living together, we’re supposed to be getting married and we’ve been four years together.”
“I know.”
“Oh JJ, I’m an awful person. He’s brilliant. Why can’t I love him?”
“You’re not an awful person Jaymi. Everything will be alright.”, JJ said and gave Jaymi a hug.

More soon and Happy New Year everyone to you and yours! 🙂


Lady Gaga Speaks About Her Love For Taylor Kinney!

Lady Gaga gets a piggybank from her handsome hunk Taylor Kinney!

I love Lady Gaga and her relationship with Taylor Kinney and it is always nice to hear a bit of celebrity romance news so I found it ever so cute when she recently spoke about finding love with the handsome actor and model.
Speaking to Fashion magazine she revealed that her relationship with Kinney is real love. Aw!

Kinney, who starred as her lover in her video for the fabulous You and I, has been her boyfriend since 2011. The 27-year-old singer said of her love and connection with the Vampire Diaries and Chicago Fire actor, “It has been hard for me to find it but I have found love. When you meet someone that’s not intimidated by the amazing people that are around you [or] by the love that you receive – that’s love.”

She also spoke of her music saying,  “I put all my pain into my work and as joyful as this album (ARTPOP) is, this joy and if you look at the album cover there’s an explosion of joy that is coming from a place of intense sadness that’s been in my heart since I was younger and this is why we understand each other because I was not born happy, naturally always joyful or believing in myself. I was born with a sad heart.”

She also revealed that she “didn’t feel alive unless I was on a stage”.

I am so happy that they have both found each other. It is hard to find that special someone and as a fan of both of them I’m happy that they found each other. So sweet!


Union J Album!

I've never wanted to be a sofa so much in all my life!

I’ve never wanted to be a sofa so much in all my life!

This week I have decided to review the debut album by Union J entitled, Union J (Deluxe Edition). I was so excited to hear the album and it didn’t disappoint. So let’s review it song by song. Here goes!

Carry You: Carry You was of course the debut song by the boys and it’s brilliant. It’s catchy, upbeat and not really what you would have expected that they would release for their first single but I’m loving the unconventionality! Jaymi’s voice sounds amazing on both this and the acoustic version which appears later in the album.

Beautiful Life: Beautiful Life was their second single and it wrote by a beautiful man in Nathan Skyes so the title is quite apt. It’s an uplifting ballad with a back story of not worrying if you’re life is more lived through magazines and all your friends are in magazines and that you can make your own reality. It’s kind of inventive Mr. Skyes in a world awash with songs about either love or partying on a Saturday night which are fab but this is fab too. I love JJ’s solo in it.

Loving You Is Easy: This song is their third single and it is written by Jason Derulo. If I didn’t know which song he had wrote I probably wouldn’t have known it was this song. It’s a very good song but it doesn’t sound very Jason Derulo which I’d imagine is what he was going for. I suppose when you’re writing a song for another act you do want it to be more them than you and he found that balance. Josh sounds really amazing on this song. He has a lot of hard notes in it.

Last Goodbye: To be honest this is one of the songs I don’t listen to as much on the album. Of course the lines about leaving a light on and about not been alone tonight send a message to the old ovaries but I don’t love it as a song.

Beethoven: Beethoven is my favourite song by Union J and it is really good on the album but I do prefer the acoustic version which you can find on YouTube. I love this song because as well as pop music I love rock music and while this is essentially a pop song it has an edge to it that is quite rocky. George’s voice lends really well to it because he has the edgiest voice in the band. Josh starts the song well. JJ compliments the other lads well throughout. Jaymi is also amazing on it and singing about “tasting sandalwood on your skin. When it ends I only want to start again.” Really?! What exactly is he trying to do to men and women out there?! Just wait while I control my ovaries! It’s a perfect song in more ways than one!

Head In The Clouds: JJ previously described this as a “curveball” and I’m all for one throwing the odd curveball in but it’s not the best song in the world in my opinion. This song and the acoustic version which I’ll talk about later are the songs I don’t like the most on the album. It’s a song you wouldn’t expect from Union J and to be fair they have a lot of them on the album in Carry You, Loving You Is Easy, Beethoven and Lucky Ones which are fantastic and I love when people do things a bit different but their good different. This isn’t good different in my opinionWhere Are You Now: This is a really good song. I can relate to the lyrics due to an experience in my life. I love the song but sometimes I feel like crying because it reminds me a lot of someone who meant a lot to me but that’s a good thing because songs are supposed to emotionally touch you. I just pick my moment to listen to it!

Save The Last Dance For Me: This is your song to dance to. It’s upbeat and it’s a really good song. I don’t even want to count the amount of times I’ve danced to it because I haven’t got all day to! It’s an awful lot of times. It’s perfect for a club. And it reminds me of a club, pub or party atmosphere. It reminds me of times I’ve been out and had a vodka too many. Although I must admit no one was revolving around me and I certainly wasn’t getting my drinks for free!

Amaze Me: This is a stunning ballad which really showcases Jaymi’s voice in such a beautiful light. It is scary how good of a singer he is. His voice adds such depth to the song. It’s beautiful. It’d be great in a movie. It’s really romantic and about been still amazed by someone you’re a long time with and I’m sure it was very easy for Jaymi to sing because he’s in a long-term relationship with his fiance Olly.

Skyscraper: This would have been their winners’ single if they had won The X Factor. It’s a cover of Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper and I’m glad it got included on the album because it is a stunning version. Actually I heard both theirs and Chris’s winners’ singles. (Chris’s was going to be The Reason by) And I preferred both their songs. It’s a pity we didn’t get to hear them both on the final going head-to-head for the title but at least we heard them after. And they were worth the wait.

Carry You (Acoustic Version): Oh my! This is beautiful. It’s so well crafted. It’s stunning. Yes, Carry You definitely works slowed down. Jaymi as I previously mentioned sounds amazing on it but to be fair that boy could probably sing the phonebook and it would be outstanding. The way he constantly just hits really hard notes, I’m in awe as someone who would love to be a singer myself. In awe. Defo.

Head In The Clouds (Acoustic): It’s no better acoustic. Sorry boys!

Where Are You Now (Acoustic): The acoustic version of this is beautiful. It’s a stunningly well-crafted song and it works acoustically or not. Love it and I’m looking forward to it on the tour because it’s supposed to be done really well.

Lucky Ones: I can relate to this song too because I am a geek and it is pretty much a celebration of been a geek or an inbetweener and taking pride in that. With two self-confessed geeks in the band it’s not a surprising choice and in a world obessed by cooldom it’s always great to see geekiness shining in any medium. It’s a really good song too. A good one to dance to.

In other news they look absolutely beautiful on the cover. Do they ever look anything else but handsome though? And I think Jaymi’s dedication to Olly is dead cute while I smile at his dedication to Beyonce and go too true to his dedication to the fans. It reminds me of a quote Mark Feehily from Westlife said on an album years ago. (Now I’m really showing my age! And how long I’ve loved boybands for!) Very wise words gents. Inspirational really.






Crimbo Jumpers From Funky Christmas Jumpers!

Bling Santa!

Bling Santa!

Reindeer option for kids!

Reindeer option for kids!

The truth is Crimbo jumpers make us smile from a Santa to a snowman to a reindeer and all the various wonderful alternatives. And who can forget the beautiful Colin Firth’s (Yes I know he’s quite a bit older than me but come on, he is too beautiful!) Christmas jumper in the film Bridget Jones Diary when Bridget first meets his character Mark Darcy? So with Christmas well and truly on the way let’s talk Christmas jumpers!

I feel that the fantastic jumpers from Irish site funkychristmasjumpers.com are amazing. There is many fun options such as the uniquely fabulous Bling Santa which is unisex. The company creates jumpers for men, women and kids so why not check out the jumpers available and see if you would like to purchase any.

One Direction members Niall and Harry have also wore them with our Niall going for a reindeer while Harry wore both the reindeer option and an elf-style piece. Other celebs who have wore them are Scott Disick, Deric Hartigan and Chris Tarrant and other celebs including our own Kian Egan wore them on the recent charity version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (Yes, I do, I do!) So like the celebs get in on the fun! You know you want to!

Weatherman Deric Hartigan sports a jumper!

Weatherman Deric Hartigan sports a jumper!

Niall supports the brand!

Niall supports the brand!

1D's Harry has given the company the thumbs up!

1D’s Harry has given the company the thumbs up!

The fit Scott Disick in a cool jumper from the brand!

The fit Scott Disick in a cool jumper from the brand!

Chris Tarrant sports a jumper from the brand while other celebs such as Kian Egan wore them on the recent charity version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Chris Tarrant sports a jumper from the brand while other celebs such as Kian Egan wore them on the recent charity version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Jaymi Hensley, Olly Marmon and Belle Fanfic!

Little Belle with both Jaymi and Olly.

Little Belle with both Jaymi and Olly.

I decided to do my first fanfic in years for Christmas. I used to write them when I was younger. Markevin, Brothers & Sisters and Kian and Jodi fanfics but it has been a while since I wrote one so I hope it is OK. My fanfic is called Belle’s Christmas and it is about Jaymi Hensley, Olly Marmon and little Belle and is told from Belle’s Point of view. Hope you all enjoy and happy Christmas everyone to you and yours! 🙂

Title: Belle’s Christmas

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Belle’s Christmas

Belle’s POV:

As I sat on the wooden chair watching a bit of Corrie I hoped that Olly was cutting my hair correctly. I am in no way questioning his obvious abilities in his profession but a girl is particular with her hair isn’t she? I turn to Olly and ask,
“How is it looking at the back?”
He smiles and tells me gently to stop barking and that the neighbors might complain. I have no idea for the life of me why on earth he says that I am barking. I think I speak perfectly clearly thank you very much!
“Oh my baby is going to look adorable.”, he says excitedly to Jaymi who has just come in with a tin of dog food in his hand.
Oh and that dog food looks rather adorable itself.
“Yeah she is. She’s going to look like a dog version of Beyonce.”, Jaymi smiles.
I’m just glad he didn’t say Lady Gaga. I’m a bit reserved in matters of hair and style. But my dear friend Bey I can take. Not that I have ever met her but I like to pretend we’re besties going shopping and sharing make-up and gossiping about this and that. Oh my days! Aren’t daydreams just the best? I smile to myself as I think of this.
“Did that dog just smile?”, Jaymi asks.
Oh I have been noticed! A leap forward in communication coming to this festive period.
“I don’t think so. Long day’s rehearsals?”, Olly smiles.
No, no, no! I smiled! For crying out loud I smiled!
Jaymi shrugs gently.
“Must be. I could have swore that … It was a long day, yeah. I’ll just go and get this ready for Belle.”, he says indicating to the dog food tin with a gentle movement of his head.
“Cool. I’ll have her ready in time for her dinner.”, Olly replies snipping another piece from the side of my coat.
Jaymi goes into the kitchen and I can hear the clatter of the can opener hit against the dog food tin.
“What did you get her?”, Olly calls.
“Um …”, Jaymi begins clearly checking what the dog food is.
“Are you looking at the label babe?”
“No. Rabbit.”
“He was looking at the label.”, he whispers to me.
I know but rabbit sounds divine. A little gravy on the side with a few slices of ham. Oh glorious!
“All done honey.”
“Oh have you got a mirror?”
“Oh Belle, come on. Stop barking.”
I’m not barking! I am simply asking for a mirror!
Jaymi comes back in with my meat in my dog bowl.
“Oh someone doesn’t like what you’ve done with their hair!”, Jaymi jokes.
No, no, it’s not that. I just need a mirror.
Olly lifts me down off the chair and Jaymi puts the dog bowl beside me.
“Eat up there Belle.”, Jaymi says.
Eat?! Are you serious?! Yes I’m hungry and that meat looks to die for but really?! I haven’t checked my new hair yet!
“Excuse me, does anyone have a mirror on hand? Full-length if applicable. No?”
“She’s been barking a bit today.”, Olly says.
“She has those days, doesn’t she?”
“She certainly does and mostly at grooming time.”
Yes, of course! I like to see what I look like! But nobody is forthcoming with a mirror and I sigh deeply before beginning to eat my dinner.

As I made my way around the backstage area minding my own business I was confronted by Lola who I had not met before.
“Hey you!”, she said quite roughly.
I must admit to been quite taken aback but I kept my composure.
“Oh hello. You must be JJ’s and Caterina’s dog Lola. An absolute delight to meet you.”
“What’s with the posh accent small fry?!”
I didn’t like to point out that she wasn’t too tall herself!
“Oh this is just the way I talk. I studied etiquette at the Royal Academy for Dogs when I was an even younger pup. Those were the days, we used to …”
“Did I ask you for your life story dog?”
“No …”
“No. I didn’t think I did.”
“I just thought that …”
“We could be friends?”
“Well, as a matter of fact yes.”
“Well it ain’t happening squirt.”
“Oh how disappointing. Well I’ll be on my way. I heard sandwiches were arriving.”
“Hey small fry, I’m still talking to you.
“I’m sure if we got to know each other better …”
“I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen dearie.”
“Why ever not?”
“Don’t act all innocent. Jaymi and Olly might think you’re all sweet and innocence darling but I know differently.”
“I honestly don’t know what you are talking about.”
“Arthur sweetie. Arthur.”
“Oh yes George’s dog. He’s a most delightful dog.”
“You and he went walking together last week.”
“Oh yes he was showing me the sights …”
“Back off from Arthur.”
Realisation is slowly dawning on me.
“Oh you and Arthur are involved?”
“We’ve shared a few kisses. That is all as of now. But Christmas is going to be our time and you are not going to spoil it!”
She has stormed off in a little huff before I can say that nothing has happened between Arthur and I and despite him been a devilishly handsome dog I don’t feel that way about him.

I lie on the sofa by the CD player listening to Do They Know It’s Christmas and singing along while thinking what a fabulous Christmas Day this is. I managed to finally catch a reflection of my appearance in the back of the CD. My new stop gap mirror. And I was chuffed to bits I must say. Now what else would make this Christmas Day all the more relaxing. Mmmm. That glass looks rather appealing. It’s a brown liquid which I heard was called lager by Jaymi earlier. I feel a bit offended that I haven’t been offered any. Not that I have not been spoiled with various pieces of ham, chicken and of course the traditional turkey but I haven’t been offered even a sip of that liquid. As I try to formulate a plan to earn myself a drop of the drink my secret mobile phone which was given to me by a fellow Maltese pup and friend Chip for Christmas last year and which I hid in my coat because people are still funny about dogs with mobiles. The world has not realised our level of intelligence yet so we must wait. I waddle to the kitchen and answer the call.
“Hello. Belle Hensley-Marmon speaking.”
“Hi Belle. It’s Lola.”
My neaves and confusion at Lola’s call are colliding together.
“Oh hi Lola. How did you get my number?”
Because I certainly didn’t give it to you!
“Arthur gave me your number.”
Arthur?! Why on earth would Arthur do something like that?! Oh no, he’s one of these dogs who like to have the ladies fighting over him! I should have known!
“Oh did he?”
“Yes. Me and Arthur have had a chat today and we’re on.”
“Oh I am glad to hear that you both reconciled but Lola why are you telling me this?”
“Well because the other day at the show I might have been a little harsh to you.”
You don’t say sweetie!
“Maybe a little honey but it’s alright. We all have our moments.”
“Arthur told me that you two simply went walking and that nothing happened.”
Maybe I have Arthur wrong. He seems to have been charitable enough to defend me against these slurs of trying to take one’s dog.
“That is true.”
“I know that now Belle and to be honest I feel quite foolish and guilty about the other day.”
“Oh honey you shouldn’t feel like that on Christmas day.”
“But I wanted to ring up Belle to say that I am sorry for accusing you in the wrong.”
Yes I have been nothing but honourable, me.
“Oh that is perfectly alright. Let’s just forget the whole entire thing shall we?”
“I’d like that. And maybe we could hang out together for some of Boxing Day?”
Boxing Day could have had a whole other meaning before the phone call!
“Indeed. We should.”
“Oh good. I’ll ring you tomorrow with arrangements.”
“Fabulous Lola.”
“Well Merry Christmas Belle. Tell Olly and Jaymi Merry Christmas from me too.”
“I will Lola dear and Merry Christmas to yourself and tell Caterina, JJ and Princeton Merry Christmas from me too.”
“I will Belle.”
“Well bye dear. It was lovely to hear from you.”
“And you too sweetie. Bye.”
I end the call, place my mobile phone back within my hair and go back into the living-room. Jaymi and Olly are cuddled up on the sofa with that enticing liquid. I hop up beside them playing the sweet dog but I know what my goal is. Before Christmas Day is finished for another whole year I will make sure to get my paws on one of those glasses!

Union J Admit That They Would Say Yes To Been X Factor Judges!

The Union J lads think they would make good X Factor judges

The Union J lads think they would make good X Factor judges

Union J have revealed that they would be interested in becoming judges on next year’s The X Factor if they were asked to be.

In an interview with OK! Online, band member George Shelley also revealed that he felt that huge changes needed to occur with the show next year.

“I think it needs a massive change next year. The new judge needs to be so ridiculously huge and newsworthy that it will make the show exciting again,” the singer said.

I personally would love that and if by some miracle I made the cut at the auditions I would love to have one of the Union J lads as my mentor or Louis of course!

Abbey Clancy Wins Scrictly Come Dancing Final!

Abbey Clancy with her gorgeous dance partner Aljaz Skorjanec

Abbey Clancy with her gorgeous dance partner Aljaz Skorjanec

The final of BBC’s Scrictly Come Dancing was tonight and it was the first ever all-female final. Woman power!

The winner was Liverpool model Abbey Clancy after she fought off stiff competition from BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid, former Corrie actress Natalie Gumede and singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

The 27-year-old, whose dance partner was the beautiful professional dancer Aljaz Skorjanec said after her win,
“I can’t believe this; it’s just mad.”

Her daughter Sophia came with Clancy to the set during rehearsals and after her win she said her little girl would be “so happy” with the glitterball trophy.

When the cameras had stopped rolling, Clancy ran and jumped into the arms of her husband, Stoke City footballer Peter Crouch. Aw!

Congrats Abbey!

My Christmas Day Out With My Sister Sharon!

Shopping was the order of the day!

Shopping was the order of the day!

Today I spent the day in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin with my sister doing some shopping. We’ve been saving up for a bit and it was such fun!

We first went to get our three sets of tickets for next year and seen Andrew Mann on the way into the shopping centre and he looked as cool in reality as he does on TV. They were Union J, The X Factor Live concert and Wicked. That should be an amazing start to the year of 2014. Was delighted with our seating at each event and will of course blog about them all!

We went to have our meal in MacDonalds choosing from the delightful eurosaver menu. It was lovely.

We also did some shopping. Dealz in Dun Laoghaire really is a great place! I got a pedometer. I have been looking for one of those for a bit. It is a tiny adorable pink one that you just put on your waistline and it clocks up the steps. Will be fab when I start my diet in the new year. I also got my handcream which had run out recently and some BB cream. We’ll see if it’s worth all the fuss now! We got mum some face cream and we bought wrapping paper and some glittery red gift bags and tinsel as well as some adorable dog and cat gift bags. We also got some chocolates with desert inside them. Yum! We also went to Supervalu in the shopping centre there. We got 2 bottles of wine and a few other bits and pieces. We also went to a tiny shop and my sis got the lottos. Fingers crossed for a win! And I tried to get Crimbo name cards for my mum and sis but they didn’t have their names.

We went and came home on the train. My pedometer was on since I left the shop and I checked it at the station. 4,824 already! You take more steps than you think, don’t you?! We almost missed our stop because I was showing Shar how to get into the contacts section on her phone.

It was a great day and we completely enjoyed the day! 🙂

Sik Silk Autumn/Winter Collection!

The rose jersey modelled by a hot model!

The rose jersey modelled by a hot model!

The new collection for fashion brand Sik Silk for Autumn/Winter is a stunning collection of individual and modern options. Looking at the lookbook has some incredible options such as the rose jersey, the rose jersey-grey the harem pants and the burgundy or red basketball vest for men. Recently Union J’s Jaymi wore the rose jersey for his appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks while his boyfriend hairdresser Olly Marmon has also wore the brand and Rough Copy also sported clothes by the brand while they appeared on this year’s X Factor.

There is also options for women in the form of the zebra jersey, the gym sweat and the hockey jersey.

It is quite urban and that isn’t really a style I generally go for but I do actually like a lot of the pieces. I like interesting, eccentric clothes with massive individuality and expression and urban clothes generally seem all the same bur Sik Silk seems to do something different. There is an individuality with unique elements like the zebra print or the way the roses go across the top of the jerseys or dogtooth and I really like that.

It is an absolutely beautiful and interesting collection and I totally want the gym sweat, the zebra jersey and a female version of the rose jersey and the rose jersey-grey.

Christopher Maloney’s X Factor Audition Goes Viral!

Chris singing in the audition that went viral!

Chris singing in the audition that went viral!

Liverpool’s Christopher Maloney wowed us all on last year’s X Factor from his auditon of Bette Midler’s The Rose to his stunning performances of All By Myself by Eric Carmen and You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban (and covered by our Westlife boys!) but the truth was that he could sing anything. He was very consistent in the contest and was a public favourite as it was revealed that he had been winning the public vote very well each week up until the last few weeks eventually finishing the contest in third place. His close bond with his nan Pat who he moved in with after his grandfather died and took care of her was so sweet to watch throughout the show and the belief that she showed in her grandson’s musical ability and the encouragement she gave him was really nice to see.

To see his audition check out the video below:

Since the contest Chris has publicly revealed that he is gay and that he is in a relationship with forklift truck-driver Gary. The happy couple got engaged in New York last year.

“We got engaged in New York last year, but we’re not getting married just yet, I’m a bit too busy.”, Chris said and added, “I want something big, loud and screaming to celebrate.”

Congratulations to them both!

He said that he never kept his sexuality or his relationship a secret on The X Factor but that reporters hadn’t wrote about it.

He has also wowed us once again (because with a voice like his he can’t really do anything else!) with his first single the heartfelt power ballad My Heart Belongs To You. The video of the song can be seen here:

Kind-hearted Chris also stripped off for Gay Times’s ‘Naked Issue’ in aid of the National AIDS Trust.

He has also turned his hand to acting as Prince Valiant starring opposite Daniella Westbrook in the Sleeping Beauty panto. The fantastic cast also includes Lynne McGranger, Christopher Marlowe and Tony Adams.

I am so happy that his audition has gone viral and that people in the States can see his talent because he is absolutely amazing. I was lucky enough to hear him live on The X Factor tour last year and his voice is brilliant live. It’s clear, effortless and it echoed all around the whole 02. Good luck Chris! It’s amazing news to hear and you deserve it!