Poem: Fuck The Labels!



Fuck the labels!


Oh but still I’m proud of my labels darling,

my god my mind is in conflict,

the times in which we live.


I am me,

I have the feelings of the labels

but have no idea why that’s reason

for a divide my dears.



I am female,

I am cisgender,

I am white,

I am pansexual,

I am an atheist,

I am an androgynous dresser,

I am a hippie,

I am Irish,

I am a nerd.

I am also human

but did you know

that at the start of time

I would have well,

that I just was?

You know divides are inhuman,

power crazed is inhuman,

and those who do divide

are immoral,


acting in an abnormal way

to being human?

and, though I can’t stand them,

I pity them so much.



In modern life we are our labels

but in truth we are all just us

and bigots are just them,

that’s the real us and them

that exists,

they have made it so

which is unfortunate.

Power crazed has happened,

people have become crazed to win

against other boxes,

sounds silly

but then bigots are immature,

power crazed and in love with themselves,

their problem occurs when too many labels

that they don’t like spring up

but when labels were made for their feelings years ago

they were chuffed,

and continued to be so,

no complaints.

I am proud of all that I am

but I also think it would have being beautiful

when there was no labels,

maybe it will go back to that

hundreds of years from now

and you know

that sounds pretty cool.




Poem: Rudolph


Staring through the railings,
animated chatter
and lots of activity,
people coming in and out,
take me home
but not just for Christmas.
I might be a pug
with a fierce face
but my heart is full
with love
and Christmas cheer
to last the whole year ’round.
My name is Rudolph
so I’m festive
throughout the year.
A family stop,
my heart beats,
they decide to take me,
we are each other’s Christmas present,
a present for life.

Poem: A Dot

Look around at
the trees growing,
the flowers blossoming,
the ladybirds crawling,
the butterflies fluttering,
the dogs waddling,
the cats sleeping,
the fishes swimming,
the birds flying.

a tiny orangutan swinging
through the trees,
a baby bear climbing up
a tree,
horses galloping,
donkeys trotting,
tiger cubs running,
what do you see?
what do you realise?
Us humans are but a dot
on a varied earth
full of beauty,
isn’t it nice to be
a part of it?

Poem: Wings

Pealing away the layers
letting go of the secrets,
Lost in each other,
so very in love.
Together they feel invincible,
together everything is perfect,
imperfect at times
but perfect all the same.
Like the wings of a bird opening
to place their love on display,
a freedom taking flight,
fears losing strength.
The beautiful moment where
they don’t care what the world thinks,
only what each other thinks.

Poem: Moments 3

The moment when you are sitting
watching I’m A Celeb, Strictly, X Factor,
The Voice with your family.
The moment you stay up reading
James Patterson into the night
driving your mum mad.
The moment you are rushing down the street
with a trolley with your mum and sis.
The moment you are bringing your dog
in a trolley in his dog box to your new house.
The moment your dad carried the family dog
from the shed when the garden flooded.
The moments when things are simple
and ordinary are extraordinary.
These are the moments to cherish
and to try not to take for granted.
These are the moments which make up
our lives with the ones we love
and who love us back.

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