Frank – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

In response to’s weekly writing prompt #127. The challenge is to use the 5 words given below (or their synonyms ) in a poem or flash fiction.


(5) Words: | WISH | CRAVE | URGE | SCREAM | SPEND |

Frank felt the urge to scream,

to wish Carly dead,

to not have to spend his life

with this wife of his

who seemed to crave hitting him,

he felt the urge to scream out

“I am been hurt here,

I feel imprisoned here.”

But Carly’s fist and society

stopped him talking his mind

let alone screaming out his pain.


Poem: Sisterhood

Today is 100 years since women got the right to vote so I’ve wrote a poem about it. It’s strange to think it’s only 100 years ago but hey, at least we got there in the end! 🙂 Hope you like the poem. 🙂


100 years ago today

something quite amazing happened …

women were given the right to vote.

And today I smile at how far we’ve come in

100 years and how much better the world is,

by no means perfect but better.

I sit here today thinking of the women

and some men

who carried the torch for us

when people tried to drown their light

and I stand with all my sisters …

women from all classes,

from all religions,

of all skin colours,

from all nationalities,

women who are trans and cis,

young and old and inbetween,

of all sexualities

who are monogamous and polyamorous,

I stand with all my sisters

because that’s what true sisterhood is

and I stand with all the men and non-binary people

who care about us and our rights

and are celebrating this day with us too.

Poem: Ordinary Extraordinary



He has a strength of character,






The type of person

who inspires

and unintentionally makes

you feel like you don’t do enough,

the kind of person who is ordinary

and pushes themselves so much

beyond their limits.



And when he isn’t fighting for rights

and for attitudes to change,

he likes running marathons

just for the challenge,

learning about new foods

that keep him healthy,

painting and drawing pictures

that express himself and his ideas.


He’s the kind of activist

the right-wing fear,

one who pushes through fear

to get his point across

and that bravery is

inspiring of course

but it’s also kind of sexy,

much more braver

than someone going into a boxing ring,

he faces emotional insults daily

and most of all he’s the kind of activist

the right-wing fear

because he’s an everyperson,

ordinary and articulate

in extraordinary circumstances

in which he feels he has no choice

but to fight

and the best activists

can be found

when pushed to the limits,

the choices he makes come

from his brain

but they are most powerful

because they come from his heart.



Poem: Stars




It was a clear night,

she wrapped her fingers

through hers

as they rested on a blanket

and looked at the stars,

it was like a scene from a movie

only more mundane,

she listened as she told her

facts about stars and space,

suddenly interested in

something she’d never been before

because she was storytelling,

she kissed her on the cheek first,

courage stopping her from kissing her lips

though she really wanted to

then she kissed her back on the lips gently,

their first kiss,

they both blushed

and were unsure how to act

so they cuddled up in each arms

and she continued talking

about stars and the space

knowing they both felt

they were in a wonderful new galaxy


like stars in the sky

till the end of time.

Poem: Out At The Haunted House

Here’s a Halloween poem for you everyone. Happy Halloween everyone to you and yours. 🙂


The haunted house

lay in front of Kara,

she was nervous

but she was acting brave

in front of her girlfriend Leanne

as they sat in Leanne’s car,

“They say young women died in there”,

said Leanne like she was beginning

a short horror story.

Then what the fuck are we doing here Lee?

We’re young women, well

youngish women.

“Come on, let’s get to my sister’s

Halloween party …”

Leanne laughed,

“You sound scared.”

“I’m not scared.”,

Kara said with a dismissive laughed.

Terrified is closer the mark.

“But come on, there’s nothing

to see here. It’s all myths.”

Kara’s mobile phone rang,

she expected it was her sister

wondering where they’d got to,

she answered the call,

“Kar, where are you? My car’s been stolen.”, said Leanne.

Terror overtook her,

in a flash she felt vampire teeth

sink deep into her neck.

Poem: Painted Smile On Bleeding Heart



I was stupid

to let my heart

get so involved

and let you rip

it to shreds

like it was

a piece of rubbish

ready to be thrown out or

like clay to be moulded into

something harder

but I refuse to think it’s

useless rubbish

or to make it get harder.



I let my heart get

too involved

because I had no choice

and as much as I want to

say good riddance to you,

the sad truth is you could

play with my heart,

twist it every way you wanted

and I’d still be here

because I can’t break away,

I don’t even want it

and that’s where I’m stupid

but I can’t do anything about it.



And my heart bleeds inside

wanting to fix this,

to fix us

while you make no effort

because you don’t care

and you not caring makes my heart

bleed more but instead I paint on a smile,

believe everything will sort itself out,

I have to,

otherwise I’m going to cry again

and my pillow won’t thank me.