Juno In Orbit In Jupiter!

NASA’s Juno spacecraft entered Jupiter’s orbit on July 2nd and is now in its 53-day orbit. It took 48 minutes following the successful outcome. At the moment it takes 48 minutes to send a signal from Jupiter to Earth. The first Perijove pass will happen on August 27th. Juno’s second swing by Jupiter will occur on October 19th. Juno will stay in this 14-day orbit until it completes its mission. Juno was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 5, 2011.
Scott Bolton, Juno’s principal investigator, said:

“NASA did it again.”

Rick Nybakken, Juno’s project manager at NASA’s JPL, said:

“Tonight through tones, Juno sang to us. And it was a song of perfection.”

Nybakken ripped up the mission team’s contingency communications plans that would have been needed if the mission had not been successful.

Well done Juno team! 🙂