Poem: 9/11


I still remember the day,

11 years old,

just home from school,

sitting on the sofa in my school uniform,

the TV screen filled with smoke coming

from the Twin Towers,

the images of people trapped,

of people jumping from the burning buildings,

it’s become a horrifying moment in history

but I can’t see it as history,

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Hate killing innocent people,



chaos and death.

Rest in peace to all those who died in the 9/11 attacks,

may their loved ones find continued strength.


Poem: Life Is Short


Life is short …


Live every minute,

don’t get hung up on small things,

don’t worry about money,

don’t worry about status,

don’t worry about bullies,

don’t worry about things that can be fixed,

don’t put things off,

don’t have fear killing you,

we are only here for a short time,

a tiny speck on the earth,

make the most of it,

speak out,

be free,

be happy,

be you,

value tiny pleasures,

absorb achievements,

live in the moment,

be kind to people,

enjoy life,

enjoy the time you have

with those you love,

make the most of everything,

take nothing for granted …


Life is too short.

Poem: Blank Canvas


The beginning of human time,

we were nothing but here,

all we had was our feelings

to paint on our blank canvas.

Meddlers meddled,

sheep followed,

sheep forgot scientists and religious workers

were just human too

with a blank canvas to paint,

instead they took them as experts

who knew who other people were

better than themselves.

Sheep were seduced by the “experts”,

everyone else used their own minds,

their non-brainwashed, natural minds

to put forward their authentic selves.

Poem: Special Snowflakes



When anyone is called a “special snowflake”

who falls outside the binary in terms of gender or sexuality,

I have to laugh

because I think of who is saying it,

people who think they live right in terms of their gender or sexuality

and everyone else lives wrong in terms of theirs.

Now that’s what a special snowflake really is.

Poem: I Get So …



I get so tired sometimes …


of the people so prejudiced about gender

and their juvenile comments:

“No one cares how they label themselves but

what they label themselves isn’t real”,

that sounds like caring more than one’s saying.

“The world is gone mad!”,

ironic much?

“There is only man and woman. It’s been like that forever.”,

did the first and second humans on the planet

say that in their first sentence?

Were you there?

Did you witness it?

Wow, time travel.

“They aren’t been oppressed. It’s people who

are against it that are been oppressed. They

are entitled to be against it.”

Yes, they are entitled to be against it

and that’s about it,

I and everyone else can dislike them for that

and say how we feel about what they’ve said,

we’re entitled to that too.

And oppressed?

Oh darlings, you wouldn’t know it if it bit

you in the nose,

you have to understand the word first.

Just one other thing on that quote,

if you insist on using it remember to add

“And obviously if someone doesn’t believe

I’m what I say I am that’s perfectly ok too”,

otherwise you’ll be thought of as a precious little flower

who likes to criticize others

but doesn’t like to be criticized themselves.

And then there’s that other old chestnut,

“It’s a fad!”,

peoples’ feelings are a fad? Jeez you’re a real sweetheart, ain’t you?

These feelings have been around years,

it’s a long fad.

“They are trying to be cool and grab attention.”,

there is so many bigots in the world

that been cis has been the long-time

way to be cool and grab attention.

You need an example?

Bigoted record producer is putting together

a boyband, picks the cis guy over the trans guy

even when the trans guy is a better singer,

who’s been treated as cool and attention grabbing?

“I’m not cis, why are they calling me cis? I didn’t allow for that.”

It’s not a bad word for crying out loud,

why are you so dramatic?

Would you leave trans out if a trans person didn’t allow for it?

Do you say anything that any trans person doesn’t allow for?

If you address everyone how they like to be addressed

then I’m sure everyone won’t mind addressing you how

you like to be addressed

but you can’t have it all your own way.

“They are loonies”,

I don’t even need to say much here,

loonies always call the sane “loonies.”



I get so guilty sometimes …


Because I’m cis.

I’m not like the abnormal cis people,

I’m like the normal cis people,

I’m so sorry that the abnormal cis people try to maintain

that normal trans people are “abnormal”,

I’m so fucking sorry. That’s all I can say. Over and over.


I get so ashamed sometimes …

Yeah, just I get so ashamed of so many

cis people very often.