Six Centuries Of English Poetry: Tennyson To Chaucer By James Baldwin Review!

Six Centuries of English Poetry from Tennyson to Chaucer: Typical Selections from the Great Poets (1892)


Six Centuries of English Poetry: Tennyson to Chaucer (1892) by James Baldwin is a wonderful collection of poetry by many poets of the past.


This collection includes many poets including William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, Robbie Burns, John Keats, Alexander Pope, John Skelton, William Shakespeare, William Cowper, Percy Shelly, Geoffrey Chaucer and Alfred, Lord Tennyson among others. The book has poems and parts of poems and goes in a backwards order starting at the 19th century. There is notes to explain words and parts accompanying many poems which is very helpful and interesting biographical information about each poet who is included in the book. There is also a section on ballads which was very interesting and entertaining. It is a wonderful overview of many amazing poets, the times they wrote in and their work. The book certainly encouraged me to read more work in the future by a lot of these poets. I loved reading about the biographies and seeing the different perspectives the poets wrote from. That was really interesting.

There is downsides to the book. It isn’t very diverse in the choice of poets and therefore doesn’t show ideas or the times from a lot of different perspectives. There is also a certain amount of classism in this book and is present in Robbie Burns’ biography with some of the language used.

A really great read but definitely has problematic elements.


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Poem: Middle-Class Man

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(The following poem is based on my character Matt and told from his POV from After The Fishing Trip, Xmas With The Fam and mostly from my WIP Hidden. Hope you like it. :-))


I find it hard to say what I think,

so many people are relying on me

to be a certain way,

middle-class man,

son of a lawyer father

but I got steel in my soul,

more than I’m supposed to

and I’m wilder than people think,

Add into that I’m a man,

I can’t show emotion,

it’s how I was brought up,

emotion is weakness,

don’t talk about how I feel about

Mum’s affairs with other men,

keep it inside,

it’s what ‘real’ men do,

keep everything inside in general

and try not to go mad,

my partner Vic probably thinks I’m a coward,

I wonder myself sometimes

but it doesn’t matter

because I can’t say what I think,

I’d let people down

and I can’t do that

but sometimes it plays havoc with my brain

and I will have to get used to it.

Poem: Take Me Or Leave Me

Today is International Non-Binary Day. Happy International Non-Binary Day everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ This poem is from the perspective of my character Victor who is genderfluid from my books After The Fishing Trip and Xmas With The Fam as well as one of my upcoming books Hidden. It is written from a lot of background information about Victor’s life prior to After The Fishing Trip. Hope you all like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m not sure if love is in my future

because most people I’ve known

have wanted me to change to

fit their binary view of the world

and I got no intention of doing so babe,

if you want my body,

take me as I am,

if you want my heart,

stop fooling yourself into

thinking I’m something other than

what I told you myself,

I know myself better than you

so lose the ego boo,

if you want me,

want me for me,

if not go find what you are looking for,

I won’t break down and die of a broken heart,

you aren’t that special,

I want the fairytale

and I won’t accept anything else

so any boyfriend or boyfriends

of the future,

I’ll be good to you

but I will not lose my sense of self

for you and if you are perfect for me

you wouldn’t want me to,

I don’t sell myself short

and if you are interested

get with the programme

because I’d like romantic and sexual love

but I don’t need it,

I have love from family and friends

and I love myself and you ain’t taking that away

but I can love you too

if you can love me for me.



Poem: I Am …

I wrote this poem from the perspective of my character Shane from my series One Step Closer 4.

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I am black,

I am trans,

I am pan,

I am omni,

I am working-class,

I am a single father,

I like kinky sex

and I was sexually abused

and harrassed

and I am fighting but I am scared.


I live in the world,

I am intelligent

and I know how this will go down.

Gavin says do something

and loving to me as he is,

does he understand

how they will rip me to shreds,

how my son will be bullied,

how my career will fade,

he is coming from a good place,

I ain’t knocking him,

I love him too

but I know the world

and I know the shit they will bring to my doorstep.


I know what they will do to me,

take every part of me

and run with it,

I don’t know what to do

but I know what I want to,

I want to fight

but I can’t,

I can’t do this

and it makes me feel weak

but I am strong.


They tried to hurt me

and I want to punish them

because I want justice,

I want my son to know

that in the future

whoever they may be

that they don’t have to put up with this shit

but I haven’t the guts

but who has the guts in this time,

this place,

this situation,

do I have it?


No one will believe me

and I am fucked

but can I brave it?

Why do I have to brave it?


I can’t do this,

I must remain silent

for my son and I

and hope that those in the future don’t feel they have to.



Poem: Pride

Cork LGBT+ Pride Festival planned to take place in September -


Happy Pride to all in my community

and outside it who are supportive,

this year has been quite hard

in many ways

on top of the usual

but we are strong,

our allies are strong

and let’s have fun,

let’s change the world,

let’s not be afraid,

fear is a killer,

I know that only too well,

fuck fear,

fuck pain,

tell it all where to go,

well try to

because you are never alone,

you are understood

and have a fucking fantastic day!

My New Book Lockdown Poetry Is Now Available!

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My new book Lockdown Poetry is now available. It is basically me writing poems and rambling during Lockdown and trying to keep sane! There is 30 poems in total and I have a lot of memories jotted down here, mostly about family life but a bit of everything.

I enjoyed writing it. It helped me through a lot and I hope you all like reading it if you give it a chance.


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Poem: R.I.P Dad

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My Father’s name was Brian,

he was always very dapper,

I remember him wiping down his clothes


the smell of his hair products

in his slicked back grey hair,

the black leather shoes he regularly wore

and just all round always looking a picture.


My Father had Dublin humour

which of course means he was hilarious,

he could crack a joke at the drop of a hat,

always quick with a one-liner,

his wittiness knew no end.


My Dad always said no one is above

or below you,

my Dad always believed I could do

anything I set my mind,

I never felt less

due to my working-class roots,

he made sure of that.


My Father was kind,

his heart was huge,

he fought for his rights,

he was gentle,

people found him a gentleman

and he was.


I love you Dad,

I miss you,

I think about you all the time,

you will always be with me,

Happy Father’s Day,

lots of love and kisses.

Poem: A Change Is Gonna Come

Black Lives Matter Activists To March In Seattle Saturday | KNKX


Have no fear,

have no doubts,



you are strong,

you are valuable

even if society hasn’t always valued you

or your contributions

and your worth,

shame on us.


The violence,

the prejudice and ignorance,

the snide, flippant comments,

the utter privilege white people fed into

and gloried in for too long

while saying ‘I’m not a racist,

I have black friends’

and gaslighting you

to make you believe that you are bad

and the one in the wrong.


As a white person I am sorry,

sorry for how white people have acted,

ashamed of how white people have acted,

our race is flawed with ugly history,

ugly present time too

and without acknowledging that,

we are part of the problem,

so white people stop this defensive bullshit,

you know how many of our race is fucked up

when it comes to race issues,

stop sweeping things under the carpet.


A Change Is Gonna Change,

it’s been far too long coming,

through the bravery

of my brothers, sisters and non-binary siblings of color,

I stand with you for what it’s worth

but you really don’t need me or any white person’s help,

you have all got this,

you are stronger,

more compassionate,

more wonderful

than we have ever given you credit for,

I can’t wait for this change to happen

and I send you all much love.


Poem: Perfect

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I don’t have to be your definition of perfect

and that is so liberating.

I don’t have to shut my mouth for your comfort

and that’s something I didn’t see before.

I don’t have to be a bigger person

because I already don’t think I am.

I decided not to be your version of mature and sophisticated

because you said that is what it was,

I got tired of being gaslighted

even though I didn’t realise that was what it was.

I began to come alive,

away from the doubts and I won’t let that go.

I am a human,

maybe you should remember that.

I have chosen to be happy

and I ain’t going back.

Wolf Pack Dancers: Prose and Poems By Charles Frankhauser Review!

WOLF PACK DANCERS: Prose and Poems



Wolf Pack Dancers: Prose and Poems (2020) by Charles Frankhauser is a wonderful short read.

Set in New York, the book has an interesting plot line where three people who are homeless take care of a wolf pup and decide to dance with a wolf in order to save wild wolves from becoming extinct. The author has a very original style of writing and puts the story together in a way you don’t always see which works very well here.

The book raises much awareness of animal extinction and the welfare of wild animals especially wolves so that was great to see. It has a great message wrapped up in an entertaining read and journey with these characters.

It’s quite short so it can read in one or two sittings. Mine was personally two sittings and I found the book really enjoyable, fun and interesting. It’s something a bit different which I appreciated.

Great short read.


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