Spotlight On … Klara McDonnell!

I recently interviewed the very talented Klara McDonnell. Here is the interview below:

Who are your acting and musical influences and why?

I look up to Tom Waits as he is also an actor and musician. I think he has an amazing stage presence and has been brave musically throughout his career. Seeing Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” for the first time when I was 7 was also a massive influence on me!

In your acting career who was your favourite character to play and why?

I was in a Fringe production a few years ago (“Love Songs for Losers”) where I played a character called Robin. She was a bit of a pretentious hipster artist type. She was waiting all her life to become famous and was quite arrogant but I grew to love to her. There was a brilliant writer behind her, Ruth MacGowan. I usually like characters that are dark and multi-faceted.

Who inspires your fashion sense?

Growing up, probably Gwen Stefani and I still love my red lipstick! I like zaney festival fashion and I am quite addicted to face jewels at the moment. I get confused some times about what is street wear and what is stage wear but life is too short to over think that! My mother travels a bit and picks me up different little things from around the world.

You are a graduate of Ballyfermot Rock School in Dublin. What skills did you pick up while studying there?

I would probably say songwriting skills. I have been writing songs since I was 15 but only started to co-write once I went to college.

You’re currently studying at Artstrain. Tell us about that?

I’m currently studying drama facilitation. It was both a challenging and rewarding course over the last year. I covered aspects of drama facilitation such as; improvisation, process drama, devising and directing. I’m really excited about putting all my new skills to use when the course finishes.

You were the lead singer of Rock band Hypno Puppet for three years. What was that like?

I still meet up and co- write with Sean Cray, the guitarist but I had to take a step back from being in band while studying. We did a gig last week as a duo with a loop pedal and it was fun. I miss being in a full band as I love to rock out and go crazy on stage. I think our music is very different to anything that’s on the scene in Dublin at the moment.

You have appeared on shows such as Echo Island over the years. Is there any memory which sticks out for you from your appearances on TV?

Probably Fair City. I only did a week on it a few years back and it was a bit of a shock to the system. I had been used to being on independent film sets, where you can have many takes and more artistic freedom. I enjoyed doing the show but it all felt very fast.

What’s next for you in your career?

I’m on television next month in an RTE 2 documentary. I will be discussing my attitude to nudity and some past projects I worked on. I’ll be in the next issue of Stellar magazine in their “naked issue”. Sean and I plan to record and release our own album next year. In regards to acting, I never know what is coming up and where I’ll be. That is the scary and exciting thing!

If you would like to find out more about Klara McDonnell go to:



Poem: Meet You Someday

Often I feel lonesome
To find that guy who has been made for me.
I like to think it is true that there is someone,
Someone out there for us all
Who will understand us.
Completely get us.
Who will be
The one for me.

I often wonder where he is,
What he works at,
Whether he’s unemployed like me.
More importantly what he’s like,
Is he gentle? Kind?
Is he a rocker or urban?
Who will be
The one for me.

Life is difficult sometime boy,
I know that.
Just keep your head high,
And get yourself to me.
Some day I’ll meet you
And I promise to do everything to look after you but till then I wonder
Who will be
The one for me.

Recent OutCry Birthdays!

You may have noticed that I am a major fan of OutCry?! Kind of obvious, eh? 🙂

Well two of their birthdays have been recent, guitarist Scott’s on the 20th of August and singer James’ on the 9th of September. It’s kind of sweet reading the band’s birthday wishes to each of them on their Facebook page:

For Scott’s birthday:

Happy birthday to our favourite guitarist! Mr. Scott Cadenhead! Happy birthday buddy hope you have a great day! 🙂

For James’ birthday:

Happy birthday to our awesome singer and all round lovely guy James! Have a great day James! We love ya! X

From an Irish fan, belated happy Birthday guys! 🙂

Poem: Spectator

The world seems to have figured it all out around you,
Or at least that’s what they make out anyway.
The partner, the friends,
The job, the flat, the car.
I can give or take the last two.
They seem to be progressing at a quicker pace
Or is that all in your mind?

The pace of the world is getting even quicker,
The two edged sword of technology
Making the world faster
But at the same time helping us to progress.
To get our work out there.
But they seem to be progressing at a quicker pace
Or is that all in your mind?

Do you ever feel like a spectator?
Watching others do all the things you want to do?
Do you ever wonder how they do it?
Do you ever feel inadequate?
Because they seem to be progressing at a quicker pace
Or is that all in my mind?

Kerry Win The All-Ireland Football Final!

Kerry have won the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final today beating Donegal by 2-09 to 0-12!

Kerry's James O'Donoghue with the cup in July prior to their win.

Kerry’s James O’Donoghue with the cup in July prior to their win.

It has been five years since Kerry have last won the championship but today they claimed the Sam Maguire Cup in a very tight game with Donegal who almost leveled the game at the end. Eamonn Fitzmaurice’s team saw off Jim McGuinness’ team with goals by Kieran Donaghy and Paul Geaney.

Kerry also bet Donegal in the minor championship by a score of 0-17 to 1-10.

Well done Kerry! Hard luck Donegal!

Anne Enright At Bray Library For Culture Night!

The Gathering and Man Booker Prize winner for 2007, Irish author Anne Enright was at Bray Library on Friday to celebrate Culture Night and me and my sis Shar went along to see her.

Anne Enright on Bray seafront.

Anne Enright on Bray seafront.

The woman who works in the library introduced her and she was reading some of her next-to-be-released book entitled, “The Green Road” and I can say that it is really good, not that it would be anything else with her writing talents. She also read a short story she wrote called, “Until The Girl Died”. That was really good. Then there was a question and answer session from the crowd which turned up. It was a good amount in the crowd. She seemed a really nice woman and spoke about how she reads her stories aloud to her husband, Martin Murphy, the director of the Pavilion Theatre in Dún Laoghaire. They have lived in Bray for a while but Enright said how they will be moving not too far away soon. She said how the buyers were in the house at the moment so that’s why she had to borrow a copy of the book. She also spoke about not knowing where her ideas come from and the research she had done for her new book.

It was a lovely night out and all the best to Anne with her new book! 🙂

Short Story: Unable To Resist, Don’t Want To Resist

His pensive eyes bore into me. Charcoal eyeliner circled them giving them an edgy and sexy effect. I can’t stare people much in the eyes at the best of times but this is just ridiculous. I let out a shy giggle and look at the floor. Not much down there but my shoes. Just my black boots which I had scanned the charity shops to find. But right now I’d rather look anywhere than at him. Feeling his approval or disapproval, feeling like a dog at the Crufts who should perform but has frozen under the spotlight. I brave it out and look up at him to find that he is now looking down at his black shoes and giggling slightly himself. What are we like? And the ironic part is that neither of us are really interested in talking right now but you can’t exactly say to a bloke you know to work with two months I’d love you to get your clothes off right now. Not that this is what I do generally. I don’t believe in sleeping around and I’m pretty sure neither does he but this man with his tight skinny jean rocker style trousers wrapping around his sexual allurements is just too much to bare. Not to mention his slender fingers which seem to move awkwardly and unintentionally sexual. His shy little giggle is even arousing. He’s like this stunning near saint of a man with a warm smile which completely pulls you in. His kindness pulling you in like you’re attached to sun rays. His long blond locks been like the sun rays. His deep blue eyes like the sky. And then his arousing, infectious voice in all it’s gentle rhythm breaks from his mouth and I just want to ponce on him even more but I refrain from doing so.
“So Violet, do you want a cigarette?”
My naughty mind thinks that I want something in my mouth alright but it isn’t a cigarette.
“Oh yeah, thanks.”, I of course say instead and he takes his package from his trouser pocket.
Even this motion is sexy when he does it. Oh god give me strength!
He hands me a cigarette and lights it up for me. There is something rather seductive about this. The way our eyes meet as he lights my cigarette up. A moment of pure tranquility mixed with dancing nerves. A really amazing moment.
He then lights one up himself. I’ve known Ethan two months now. We worked in a vintage/charity shop together which is now defunct. At that time he had just came over from England to Ireland and was finding his feet in a new country. We never spoke much for the first month and a half. Just constantly threw sideways discreet looks at each other until one night when it was just past closing hour and he had kissed me. Those incredibly thin lips working their magic. I was high with delirium. But as soon as it had happened it had ended. He vigiously apologised while I tried to tell him over and over that it didn’t matter. He was putting up such a strong case that he hadn’t meant for it to and that we were friends and he didn’t want to ruin that that I didn’t say what I was really thinking: Let’s ruin it. Let’s become lovers instead. He seemed so much to regret it happening that I would have felt like a fool saying that I didn’t regret it happening though I was hurt inside that he did. So things went back to how they were until now. Until now when we were standing in the new vintage/charity shop we worked in past closing hour once again. Smoking against the law of smoking in a public place and as my eyes fall lower on his body I know he’s smoking in more ways than one. Oh wow.
“So what do think about this whole Scotland thing?”, he asks.
Oh for heaven’s sake who cares right now?!
“Oh, um I think they should have got away from them.”
I back up a few seconds. I am talking to an Englishman about the union!
“Well you know maybe they like been with England …”
He laughs.
“I think they should be a country on their own too. Don’t worry.”
I smile.
“Oh good. I didn’t want to offend.”
“You’re a girl from the Republic of Ireland. I didn’t expect you to answer any other way to be honest!”
“Then why did you ask?”, I say but I know the answer is probably that he was just making conversation.
“Because I like hearing the sound of your voice.”
He puts his cigarette out and moves towards me. He takes my cigarette from me and puts that out too then cups the side of my face in his hand.
“Vi, we have really got to put the wheels in motion here, haven’t we darling?”
“I can do that.”, I say cupping his face in my hand and kissing him hard, passionately and lingeringly.
I never want this kiss to end. The softness of his lips. The feel of his hand on my face gently tipping off my hair. My hand holding him, feeling the softness of his skin, the tipping of his light strands of hair. My mouth ravishing his and his doing likewise to mine. I want to protect him. I want to ravish him. I never want this to end. Suddenly his hand falls down to the small of my back where it at first rests before he begins to caress it and make circular movements. He makes me gravitate closer to him and put my hand on his soft, peachy and succulent behind. He then does likewise and again at first rests his hand on my behind before moving his hand in upward and downward movements. Now I push even closer to him and am completely at his mercy. We begin to move, thrashing into a railing of dresses where we fall onto the floor and begin ripping each other’s clothes off. It will be a long time indeed before anyone leaves the shop tonight.

The End.

My Story Appears In The Latest Issue Of Woman’s Way!

My sis and me went into Tesco yesterday and seen that my short story entitled, “Creative Connection” was published in Woman’s Way. It was a really proud moment and I was chuffed. 🙂 It’s a love story about Alanis and Warren and Alanis is basically based on me while Warren is complete fiction but is my fantasy man. It was really fun to write and I thought the layout was beautiful that the magazine put with it. It really captured the essence of what I was trying to put across with the story. I thought it was really well presented and was really pleased with that.

It’s in the current issue and be sure to check it out if you can guys and let me know what you all think! 🙂

Poem: Alive

My baby had an adventurous way,
It infected me each day.
He made me fully alive like never before
Hitting my heart to the core.
A sweet melody to his words,
I linger on them endlessly,
I would hang on each thing he would say
No matter how mundane they would be.

He reminded me of my father in manner,
In his gentle, kindness and his way of been fair.
In his non-judgmental streak
Making me feel weak
To his genuine charms,
Oh I wish he would take me in his arms.
Keep me from all the world’s arm
In the safety of his loving, strong arms.

I can’t believe that such a wonderful specimen exists,
Strength and gentleness in your wrists,
Strength to help,
Gentleness to care,
He was once my world; my universe.
Drifting me through the wonders of love,
Learning me what love is
And making me feel joyous and full of fizz.

Cork Win The All-Ireland Senior Camogie Final!

Cork have won the All-Ireland senior camogie final!

The team bet Kilkenny by 2-12 to 1-9 after a nail-biting finish and a late goal. Cork captain Anna Geary, who recently represented Cork brilliantly at The Rose of Tralee, lifted the O’Duffy Cup following their win which included goals by Jennifer O’Leary and Angela Walsh.

O’Leary said,

“I don’t know if the occasion got to us or our heads were in our boots but we just said at half time that we’d worked too hard and we weren’t going to let it behind us. It was just a puck of the ball between us and thankfully we came out on the right side of it. We have waited a long time for this.”

Well done Cork! 🙂 Hard luck Kilkenny.