The Top Ten Hottest Men In The 2014 World Cup!

Football fever is in full swing in Brazil and I’m enjoying the tournament massively – for two reasons! The talent and the talent darling! As well as brilliant football skill the tournament has been jam-packed with plenty of fit men for our viewing pleasure ladies and gents and I have (enjoyed) compiling a list of the ten hottest men playing in the tournament or who have played in the tournament. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy darlings! 🙂

1. Ivan Rakitic

The very beautiful Ivan Rakitic has completely stolen my heart with his gorgeousness, gorgeous smile and taking his shorts down outside the dressing-room. The 26-year-old midfielder who plays for Croatia and plays his club football currently for Sevilla FC is a stunning little blonde. Absolutely gorgeous. Sadly he left after Croatia were eliminated in Group A where Brazil and Mexico advanced to the next stage.


2. James Rodriguez

Colombia’s James Rodriguez is such a babe! Have you seen him in his white shirt and elegant black trousers getting off the team bus. Wow! The 22-year-old who plays his club matches for Monaco has been a revelation in Group C and we can look forward to seeing more of this stunning man as Colombia have advance into the last 16.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Potugal’s captain Cristiano Ronaldo is always a very hot attraction in any football tournament and this world cup is no exception for the 29-year-old who plays his club football at Real Madrid. Although he is not quite physically fit (get well soon Cristiano) he is certainly fit in every other way and helps hope Portugal advance so that we can see more of him in the tournament! 

4. Oscar

I have always liked Brazilian men very much! Oh yes! And Oscar is such a fit guy! The 22-year-old who plays his club football for Chelsea is looking fit in his attacking midfielder role and has progressed to the last 16 with the host nation.

5. Tim Cahill

I have had a long-term crush on the very handsome Tim Cahill from Australia. The 34-year-old former Everton star is now playing his football in America with the New York Red Bulls and this has been Tim Cahill’s last world cup. Australia went out in the group stages but who can forget his incredible goal against The Netherlands.

6. Iker Casillas

Another long-term crush in the handsome form of 33-year-old Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas! What an absolute babe! The star who plays his club football for Real Madrid also was participating in his final World Cup and went out in the group stages with former World Cup winners Spain.

7. Xavi Alonso

I am a Liverpool supporter and I have had a crush on 32-year-old Xavi since he was at Liverpool and age doesn’t seem to be hindering his beauty. Not one bit honey! Sadly Xavi, who plays his club football for Real Madrid, also went out in the group stages with current holders Spain. 

8. Lionel Messi

27-year-old Lionel Messi, who plays his club matches for Barcelona, has made it out of the group stages with Argentina. The gorgeous hunk has already scored two goals including an amazing goal against Iran to secure a win in the 96th minute. I was a bit sad for Iran though.

9. Admir Mehmedi 

Switzerland Striker Admir Mehmedi SC Freiburg has been quite good in a Swiss side that really is not performing well. The 23-year-old is as smoking red hot as his red Swiss jersey if not more so. Just such a beautiful man. Makes the Swiss team more than bearable to watch!

10. Thiago Silva

I said I liked Brazilian men and 29-year-old Thiago Silva (Who really does not look his age!) is a beaut! The star, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain in terms of his club football, is through to the next phase with the host nation and aren’t we very, very glad that he is?!


Well hope you all enjoyed that darlings! I know I certainly did! Comment below with your favourite hotties! These guys are just my personal taste and I know there is many more hotties gracing the Brazilian pitches so let me know your thoughts! 🙂





Sam Smith Pulls Out Of Capital Summertime Ball 2014!


22 year-old singer Sam Smith has been forced to pull out of this year’s Capital Summertime Ball after losing his voice. The singer, who has had hits with Stay With Me and Money On My Mind, made the announcement that he wouldn’t be taking to the stage at June 21st concert through his Facebook page only hours before he was to perform at the event.


“Dear Capital FM & everyone attending the Capital Summertime Ball. I am so so sad to say I won’t be performing today. I’ve just got off the plane and my voice has completely gone. This is the first show I’ve ever had to cancel and I am praying that it is the last. I really have to avoid any long term damage to my voice. Once again, I am so sorry. All my love x.”, the star wrote.

Get well soon Sam! 🙂


Isadora Lip Roller!


Isadora is one of my favourite make-up brands and I absolutely love their new Lip Roller collection which comes in a variety of stunning colours including my personal favourites Strawberry Daiquiri and Berry Cooler. I must admit that I do like the pale pink of Melon Breeze a lot too though.

This is pure joy for me because I love these kind of products. Outside of eye make-up because the smoky eye rock look is my absolute best friend lipgloss and understated lipgloss like these are my fave products. 

Other options available in the collection are Fruit Punch and Mango Colada.

Go to: for more info on the collection! 🙂


Hozier Interviewed By The Evening Standard!

24-year-old Wicklow singer Hozier has given an interview to The Evening Standard in which he has spoke about his incredibly inspirational and amazing song Take Me To Church, religion, the situation in Russia and his family.

The Bray singer said,

The damage done by the Church to the people of Ireland is completely irreparable, and the reparations are all too few. There’s still a lack of will to turn around and say, ‘This is not OK’. There are still things like regular news segments where they ask the local priest what he thinks. Why is it an organisation that is considered to have any moral standing at all? The track record is just appalling.”

The singer/songwriter has soared to fame with his track Take Me To Church. He says that the song is about people who undermine what it is to love someone. The video which shows a sweet couple in love and then a homophobic attack. The video, which was filmed in Cork, shows a gay man been dragged across a field where he is violently kicked by masked me. A clip of a Cyrillic script banner places the action in Russia. It was retweeted by Stephen Fry and also made the front page of Reddit and at one stage had 10,000 YouTube views increasing each hour. 

The song is about loving somebody. I’d been following what was going on in Russia, where far Right groups were doing these organised attacks, filming them and putting them on social media. The song is about loving somebody, and the video is about people who would undermine what it is to love somebody.”

He hasn’t visited Russia, and says that he thinks he won’t be rushing over soon either and stated,

It’s important to remember that it can happen anywhere. It’s very easy for a society to fall into hatefulness, to scapegoat people, especially when times get tough.”

He says that he isn’t gay “but that’s not the f***ing point”. 

He says,

If you can do a song like that right, you won’t sound like a preachy d***head,” he says. “I have huge respect for Paul Weller, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder — people who wrote about their own times and did it well.”

Speaking of his family he says that his Dad was a drummer who was part of the Dublin blues scene and then a bank worker. He was forced to retire when Hozier was six years old following an operation to correct a spinal problem which left him with nerve damage and in a wheelchair. 

It was a tough old time — no money. Mum kept us together in a big way.”

His Dad’s health has improved physically and he has retrained as a sound engineer. His Mum went back to college and studied art. She has painted the sleeves of all his releases while his brother is a film-maker. His brother and he were raised as Quakers after their parents rejected their Catholic upbringings.

My dad went to a Christian Brothers school. They just beat the s**t out of kids.”

Hozier went to a Catholic secondary school in Bray and says,

I went on Catholic retreats, stuff like that. There was a lot of pilgrimage-type stuff to holy places in Ireland. At the time I was very open to trying things, trying to get my head around it.”

He describes faith as an “absurb thing” and says,

I still wouldn’t define myself as an atheist – it’s too absolute. But I don’t have any faith. I think faith is an absurd thing but I’m OK with that. There are no answers because the universe never asked a question in the first place.”


Hozier’s debut album is due out in September and he plays St Stephen’s Church, W12, on June 14th.

I absolutely love this man. So talented, has great music, so handsome, has a sexy voice, is so articulate, cares about people and issues. I think I’m a bit in love to be honest! 🙂

Watch the video for Take Me To Church here:

The World Cup 2014!


The World Cup 2014 is upon us once again so lads and lasses I have combined my guide to who I think will progress from the group stages and my predictions for the winners of the tournament, the top goal scorer and the Golden Boot winner. Taken place in Brazil for two weeks from Thursday it is one of my highlights of the year so prepare to be enthralled, freaking out if you have a bet and it bloody goes to penalties and enjoying with a few tins! Not every night of it of course!


Group A











While I don’t buy into the whole ideology that Brazil are going to win the World Cup this year on home turf I do think they will walk their group. Croatia will put up a fight for the second spot but I think Mexico will claim the all-important second place in the group.



Group B











It will be a tough one between Spain and the Netherlands for the top spot but I think Spain will top the group. They are the perfect team really with so much flair and great defence. I think the Netherlands will claim the second spot in this year’s Group of Death.



Group C






Cote d’Ivoire





I think Greece will top this group with Japan coming second. This will be a group which I predict will have very little goals in it.


Group D




Costa Rica






I think Italy will top this group. I know a lot of people are thinking Uruguay but I think it will be Italy who top the group with Uruguay second.



Group E











I think France will walk this group. I’d decide on Ecuador for the second spot.



Group F




Bosnia & Herzegovina







Argentina have got a pretty easy group and I think they’ll walk it beating all the teams along the way. I’d go for Iran for the second spot in a very weak group.



Group G









I have a feeling Portugal may top this group with Germany in second though it is a dodgy group in that sense. It could just as easily go the other way with Germany winning and Portugal coming second but I can’t see it been any other qualifiers from those two.


Group H








Korean Republic



Belgium look like they will top this group with Russia coming in second. I think the Korean Republic will put it up to Russia for the second spot but I think that Russia will just eclipse them for the coveted spot.



My prediction for the overall winners:


I know that Brazil, Argentina and Germany are been touted as winners but I think it will be Spain. Germany seem to always fall short around the semis or so and I think a lot of the hype surrounding Brazil and Argentina is more due to their history as opposed to how they have been performing in World Cups of recent years. I think it will be a world cup win again for current holders Spain with Portugal as runners-up.


My prediction for top goal scorer:


I know that Messi and Neymar are been thought of for this accolade but I think it could be Ronaldo’s year.


My prediction for the Golden Boot winner:


I think top goal scorer Cristiano Ronaldo will become this year’s Golden Boot winner too.

The first match will begin at 9pm on Thursday between Brazil and Croatia.

In the meantime here is the fabulous mascot Fuleco who was previously unveiled by former Brazilian international Ronaldo and FIFA:








Collabro Win Britain’s Got Talent 2014!

Last night musical theatre boyband Collabro won Britain’s Got Talent after singing Stars from the musical Les Miserables. They won £250,000 and a spot performing for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance.

The band were the second favourites to win the show while the favourites Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act Bars and Melody were third. Singer Lucy Kay finished as the runner-up and said how she knew that Collabro would win from the start and she should have had a bet on them before apologising to the man who had £1,000 on her to win.

The group comprises of Thomas Redgrave, Michael Auger, Matt Pagan, Richard Hadfield and Jaime Lambert.

The full result was as follows:

1st: Collabro

2nd: Lucy Kay

3rd: Bars and Melody

4th: Jack Pack

5th: Darcy Oake

6th: James Smith

7th: John Clegg

8th: Lettice Rowbotham 

9th: Paddy and Nico

10th: The Addict Initiative

11th: Yanis Marshall, Arnaud and Mehdi


Well done Collabro! 🙂

Watch their winning performance here:

The BGT Final 2014 Is Here Again!

The Britain’s Got Talent Final takes place tomorrow and during last week we seen numerous amazing acts getting through while talented John Clegg was announced in the week as this year’s wildcard.

I am now going to compile my top three for the final in the order that I like them.

Yanis Marshall, Arnaud and Mehdi  


When I see these lads dance they put me to shame! Even as a woman I can’t walk brilliantly in heels let alone dance in them and these guys make it look so easy! They are slick, professional and so in sync. They are amazing and they are entertainers as well. Obviously Yanis is really hot too. Never going to happen obviously. Not deluding myself. Don’t worry. But let’s be honest he is really hot.


How they made the final:


Second in Wednesday night’s semi-final to opera singer Lucy Kay after the French trio made it through when my favourite judge David Walliams and Alesha Dixon opted to vote for them while Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell opted to save fellow dance act Cartel. The vote then went back to the public vote and they got through because they had secured more votes than Cartel.


Here is the lads’ audition:


Here is the lads’ semi-final performance:

Bookies Odds: 150/1

The Addict Initiative

I love the whole way that they put on a theatre show with their dance act. They have that dark, Gothic element to their act which I love. There’s a few good-looking Gothic-looking men in the troupe who could bring me to the dark side any time! 🙂 There is a story to their act and I love musical theatre. There is two musical theatresque acts in the final – The Addict Initiative and musical theatre boyband Collabro – and while both acts are talented I do prefer the Addict Initiative. I find them more entertaining.


How they made the final:


The 26-piece dance act from Leicester made the final after coming second in Tuesday night’s semi-final to 15-year-old singer and guitarist James Smith. They were voted in by a majority verdict from the judges with David, Alesha and Simon voting for them while Amanda voted for the very talented Jodi Bird.


Here is their audition:


Here is their semi-final performance:

Bookies Odds: 40/1

Darcy Oake

26-year-old Magician Darcy Oake garnered over 20 million views on YouTube of his audition. I’m astounded where those birds come from. It is like they appear out of thin air or something. His whole act does be amazing but those birds appearing is just fabulous. Darcy is also quite hot.


How he made the final:


Darcy came second in the first semi-final on Monday night to Collabro after Alesha and Simon opted to save him while David and Amanda opted to save comedian John Clegg. It then went to the public vote where Darcy was ahead and thus went through to the final.


Here is his audition:


Here is his semi-final performance:

Bookies Odds: 14/1

Who would you like to see win this year’s final? And who would you like to see get the wildcard? Comment below with your thoughts!




OutCry’s Charity Single For Cancer Research UK!

You may remember that I recently blogged about Leicester band OutCry’s single entitled “In Your Memory” and how all the proceeds when you download the song were going to the amazing charity that is Cancer Research UK. Well they made it to their goal of 450 pounds on and have since went beyond it reaching a whooping 784.32 pounds for the charity so far.

The band is made up of Scott Cadenhead, Alex Brooks,Rick James and James Byron. The band wrote the song in memory of Rick James’ mother, Patricia James. She sadly died in 2013 from cancer.

Aaron James who is Patricia’s son and Rick’s brother said,

 “I think it’s amazing!….very proud of him, he’s got a lot of talent!….. it’s a great song, and raising money for a great charity.”

Meanwhile James Byron said,

“We wanted to release a track to keep her (Patricia James) memory alive and hopefully make some money for Cancer Research UK, we all worked really hard on this track called ‘In Your Memory…’ and we have decided to release the track as a free download, all we ask is if you could possibly donate whatever you can afford to our fund raising page.”

It is a vary strong rock song and having lost my father, from a heart attack in 2008, I can relate a lot to a lot to the lyrics which are very moving and authentic of how you feel in that situation when you have to go on without someone who has been such a constant and vital person in your life.

Everything from the vocal to the music is perfect and for a very worthy cause. I work voluntary for the Irish Cancer Society and like everyone else I have lost people to cancer so I know it is an amazing help so well done to the lads for doing that.

Watch the amazing black and white studio video here:

And remember to download the song from from: and donate to this amazing charity at: .

If you want to know more about the brilliant work that Cancer Research UK do go to:

Patricia James, rest in peace.