TheMisanthropists TM Album Review!

I was recently sent a link to check out an album by an amazing new Garage Rock band from London, Islington called TheMisanthropists. I love hearing new music and was curious so I listened to 30 minute 52 second album and was so impressed by the rawness and talent that was displayed on the album that I decided to write a review of the album so here is my track-by-track review of a band which I suspect we will hear big things from in the future:

What’s Out There

The instrumentals on this record are so haunting and beautiful. Otherworldly and a comtemporary version of the 1960s and 1970s rock sound. There is also an incredible solo guitar riff which is amazing and which I really like.

Tell Me

Tell Me is the first song in which we get to hear the raw, edgy and original vocals of their vocalist Louie Boffa combining with Marc Aster on Guitar / Vocals and Omar Lacchinni on Drums / Bass. The three are so in sync with each other and it is an amazing introduction into their combined talents in force.

Human Life

Human Life has an incredible rock/blues intro and it flows well to blend into the vocals of and the lyrics are very well put together and easy to relate to.

Twilight Zone

This song has a few key changes which are dealt with superbly. It has a very Psychedelic, fun feel to the instrumentals and once again is stunningly presented.

I Want You

Again the Psychedelic 1960s’ sound is very present on I Want You which is one of my favourite songs on the album. There is a lot of amazing and varying instrumentals on this song which sound great together.

Runaway With Me

This is a stunning song which has a lot of progressions which seamlessly go together and has a very memorable hook in “Buy Your House In The Country”. I was certainly humming that long after I’d listened to the album!


This intro to this song is amazing with the vocals and the instrumentals followed by a quite cool, short and effortless rock instrumental before the stunning vocals of Boffa kick in sounding even more original then ever. Another favourite song of mine from the album. With lyrics like, “You can pray to your God. Let me tell you baby I’m gonna drag you to hell”, what’s not to love. It reminded me a lot of The Doors.

You’ve Got Potential

Lyrically this song and g.O.D and Let’s Get Started, the next song are some of the better songs on the album but the instrumentals blend very well with the lyrics and vocals.

Let’s Get Stoned

This song obviously about Drug Use from the title is the most Psychedelic song on the album. It has a very hippy feel to it and been a hippy (minus the drugs!) it is obviously another favourite of mine from the album. The instrumentals are stunning and very relaxed until it hits a faster sound which works well with the calmer early sound of the song. And again it reminds me of the Doors.

To hear the album yourself and form your own opinion go to:


Laura Jane Grace Interviewed By Kerrang! Magazine!

I found it very interesting reading the interview with Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace in Kerrang! Magazine two weeks ago. She came across really likable, down-to-earth and honest. In recent times Laura’s life has began a new chapter. The singer/musician formerly known as Tom Gabel is continuing at the moment towards the gender realignment that she began more than two and a half years ago after publicly saying she was transgender in May 2012.

Speaking about how her life has changed since then she said,

“Put it this way, when we started out making this album (the band’s sixth album Transgender Dysphoria Blues), I had a house, a car, a wife and a daughter. I’m still a parent. I still have my daughter when I’m not on tour, and she comes on tour sometimes, but everything else is gone. This is all I really have. My only true friends and family apart from that is my band. I guess that’s why I’m so happy now. Going and sitting in my empty apartment in Chicago where my stuff lives these days makes me want to fucking kill myself. I have to just focus on the positive things.”

Speaking about been on tour she said,

“I love that if someone says something to me I dislike, or tries to fuck with me, that tomorrow morning I’ll be 300 miles away from where they are in a place where they can’t get to me. And the other side of that is that you get to meet lots of incredibly interesting new people when you’re out on the road, especially being in the position that I’m in.”

Over the last year Laura has sought advice from and gave advice to trans, genderqueer and nonbinary folk and said,

“I was, and still am, in a place where I’m trying to figure out what I’m about. So, to hear other people talk about their issues and be able to relate to those problems makes me feel like I’m not alone. It’s a mutual thing, though, and I want to make sure I’m accessible to people if they want to talk to me. A big part of what this band has always been about is being available to those who want to talk.”

AOL has commissioned her to be in a documentary series called True Trans and Laura said of the series,

“It’s been awesome to get to interview some truly inspiring people through it. I’ve forged fantastic relationships and lots of those people have helped me put a perspective onto things and helped me understand my own situation.”

Speaking about the changing attitudes towards transgender people she said,

“I do think, I hope, that perspectives are changing. When you’ve got people like Laverne Cox on the front of Time magazine and Kellie Maloney in the news, you can slowly see the way trans people are discussed in the mainstream beginning to change. Eventually there will come a point where people won’t even have to talk about it at all.”

Does she see herself as a role model for trans people?

“I know I have a platform. I mean, I literally stand on a stage every night! All I want to do is try my best and try and present myself in an honest way. But as far as being a role model goes, I’m not sure there aren’t better people than me. I mean, I’ve been drunk on tour for eight months. I’m trying to quit cigarettes and I can’t even do that!”

Quit cigarettes? You and me both Laura! 🙂

Speaking about the band’s new album entitled Transgender Dysphoria Blues she said,

“Transgender Dysphoria Blues was mostly written from the perspective of someone building up to the moment of coming out. But you move through that; you can’t help it. A lot of that feeling comes from having gone through your worst fears and now seeing, “What’s the worst that can happen?” I might die, but everyone’s going to die. Sure, there are going to be things that might be unflattering about my appearance or whatever, but that’s all part of changing. I have to shut down from caring a bit.”

She also spoke about not finding acceptance from her dad saying,

“My dad emailed me when I came out, but that was the last time I spoke to him. The message he sent me was super cryptic, and after I read it I was like, “Fuck you, I’m not going to attempt to figure out what you’re trying to say.” I know that I shouldn’t have to apologise for any of this.”

She spoke about not regretting taking the path she has took,

“I was going to fucking lose anyway; it was unsustainable. I clearly remember one morning sitting in my house with my wife and daughter and being like, “We’re not happy. No-one is happy. This just sucks.” I was there thinking, “If all this isn’t enough and I’m sad, then what is the real reason for that. Sometimes that’s just what you need to grow. Sometimes life just changes really quickly, and that’s for the better, even though it might not seem it at the time. I’d have inevitably fucked all that stuff in the end. It wasn’t who I really was.”

Interview: Rachael Donovan

Here is the second interview from the interviews I did with gay, transgender and androgynous people. Was really great interviewing everyone but it was great to get interview someone from Ireland for the interviews been Irish myself.

Here is Rachael Donovan’s interview:

Name: Rachael Donovan

Age: 20

From: Cobh, Cork

At what age did you first realise that you were gay?

I was sixteen when I came out as bisexual but around eighteen was when I figured out I’m gay.

Have your family and friends always been supportive?

My friends- yes. My family have no idea yet except for a few of my cousins who have been supportive.

Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

The most influential people have been Ellen Page and Ellen Degeneres because they have reminded me that I am not alone.

Have you ever experienced discrimination in life because of your sexuality?

Yes. Slightly. I don’t think my mother is very supportive.

Do you think that the world have become more accepting and welcoming to gay people in more modern times or do you feel that there is still a long way to go?

Yes I think it has.

What would you say to someone out there who is struggling with their own sexuality or coming out or who is been bullied or discriminated against because of who they are?

That they are not alone and there is always someone to talk to.

Are you religious? What do you think of the Church’s attitude towards gay people?

I am not very religious. I think it is shocking about the way the Church discriminates against us.

Have you ever been in love?

Yes. It didn’t end well.

Are you married? If so, what was your wedding day like? If not would you like to get married someday?

I am not married but I would like to be.

Are you a mother? If so, what does motherhood mean to you? If not would you like to be a mother someday?

I am not a mother and still not sure if I would like to be.

Interview: Kai Pünjer

Recently I did a lot of interviews with gay, transgender and androgynous people about what life is like in the 21st century been gay, transgender or androgynous for submissions for Et Alors? Magazine and Eile Magazine and it was very intriguing finding out peoples’ varying answers to the questions I put to them. It was interesting reading peoples’ experiences and then from the angle of wanting to get into journalism it was great to get a chance to interview people and to get confidence in my own ability in that vein. It was great. The Eile interviews are currently running each month in the magazine and should do so up until April and I’ll put up links to them when they’ve all been published. Currently two have been which is great. I still don’t know about the Et Alors? interviews currently as I’m still awaiting what’s happening there. It was great to get to do interviews about this issue because I feel very strongly about it and even though I’m straight, born female and only slightly androgynous when you see discrimination against people because of who they are it would make your blood boil. I felt very privileged that people were so open and honest with their answers and it was also great that I got such a fantastic response from people wishing to be interviewed. The only downside to that of course was that I couldn’t feature everyone who applied in the magazine interviews so here is the first interview for the blog of what I hope will be a few (Still waiting on some answers back from people currently).

Here is Kai Pünjer’s interview:

Name: Kai Pünjer

Age: 22

From: Berlin, Germany

At what age did you first realise that you were gay?

I was 17 years old and loved my best friend.

Have your family and friends always been supportive?

No, for my brother it was okay and my siter was proud of me, but my mum and dad were not so happy at the first time, but now everything is perfect.

Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

Hmmmm…. let me think about it. I believe that Person was my grandma, so she´s always understood me and my kind. And she knew that I was gay before myself….

Have you ever experienced discrimination in life because of your sexuality?

Yes, but it´s always a part of a gay life, anywhere you are, in Berlin, London, Paris, everywhere are people that discriminated you.

Do you think that the world have become more accepting and welcoming to gay people in more modern times or do you feel that there is still a long way to go?

Yes, definitely! I think the world has become more accepting for gay people and for the gay World 🙂 But it´s a different way in the different countries. In Germany where I live, it’s not far away, the politicians are talking about gay marriage in Germany now, but in Turkey of course not.

What would you say to someone out there who is struggling with their own sexuality or coming out or who is been bullied or discriminated against because of who they are?

Hmmm… what can I say to those people?! I don´t understand it, really?! Why are they doing this? It´s so nice to be different, and it´s so interesting to test everything, it’s my opinion.

Are you religious? What do you think of the Church’s attitude towards gay people?

Yes I am. I am Catholic. Yes that’s difficult, because the rules of Church are sooo old, they were made and written in another century of course, so it’s not so easy to change that. But I think that the Chruch is on the right way to do that but that would be a long way to go.

Are you married? If so, what was your wedding day like? If not would you like to get married someday?

No, I’m not married! Yes maybe we want it, but not now 🙂 In a few years I think so, we have so much time together because we’re so young:)

Have you ever been in love?

Haahaa yes! Not once, not twice, but three times 🙂 The first love couldn’t be a relationship, because I was falling in love to my Best friend and he, had a girlfriend, that hurts 😦 At the second time, I was so young (18) and inexperienced and I wanted to be free, so we broke up. But i have a boyfriend since 3 years now and its soooooo wonderful and everyday I am so happy with him 🙂

Are you a father? If so, what does fatherhood mean to you? If not would you like to be a father someday?

No! I don´t know! So I want to have a child in a few years too, but I´m not sure that the rest of the world is ready for this, and the most important thing is that your child can be happy, and I can’t say exactly if my son or daughter would be happy and if the other kids in school would discriminate against my child.

The Wonderful Music & Style Of PrissyLips!

I’ve been recently listening quite a lot to Brighton-based band PrissyLips on Soundcloud. I kind of like the way their songs are brimming with attitude and my personal favourites include 50 Bullets, Oestrogena, Toy Boy (Make a Man Outta Me), Dopesick and their cover of Divine’s Female Trouble from the John Waters’ movie of the same name. The band is made up of singer Crysi De Milo and instrumentalist Rueben Drake.

They were formerly called  ‘The Torch song Tragedies’. Speaking about their relationship, De Milo has said,

“When I was a friendless nobody kid I sat in my room and listened to Kate Bush and Cyndi Lauper and daydreamed. Cyndi was fun and Kate was ethereal and I love to merge the two. I guess they taught me to sing. Reuben has been the biggest inspiration to me – he opened me up to jazz, blues, classical music… The relationship between the guitar hero and the wordsmith is a very special bond indeed, and without nurturing that we may never have made any music at all. If you find your creative soulmate either nail them down or put a  ring on it. We met in Brighton about 4 years ago. We were both on our own individual one-way tickets to oblivion at that time. It took us a while to get to the music because we had to explore other avenues of our relationship. I started stalking him first, sending him crazy ass messages – I am always impressed when a reaction lies in fear and intrigue. We have pretty much been everything and everyone to each other. Sex, love, violence – that all had to come before the music. When you’ve experienced desperate living together, when you’ve both tip-toed down the blade’s edge or tried to skip into the abyss, that bond is unbreakable – and that’s how we started creating, with ultimate faith in one another. Team work, baby. We are a strumming, singing two-headed monster, burning our bridges between glory and disaster.”


Speaking about their song Liar Liar De Milo says,

“Liar Liar is about mental illness. It’s seeing a face that looks SO disappointed in you and then realising it is your own. Depression is an invisible illness, an almost unkillable imaginary friend that walks with you always. It pulls the last remaining stability out from under you and then whistles and looks the other way. The song focuses on that moment you think he’s gone, but he is never gone – just gone fishing. The same anvil will drop. A lot of our songs are about blindly rampaging through a dystopian night terror of critical voices and self-destruction. So, like the vast majority of our songs, it’s me trying to get one over on the nagging doubts – a vacation from the voices.”

It’s a very authentic description of mental illness. Somebody really close to me suffered very badly with depression so I know that it is very true to how people feel firsthand and any way that mental illness can be highlighted whether it is through music, books, sport, etc … is always a good thing because sadly it is still seen by many as a stigma nowadays and that can be a really bad thing for people. And I know I’m gone a bit off-topic there but I just had to say it while I was on the topic of depression.

De Milo values diversity and has said,

“I think it’s a tragedy that kids are taught to suppress their individuality rather than standing on the worlds roof and screaming ‘I AM DIFFERENT! HEAR ME ROAR!’. We are real and raw and we give it all.”

Speaking about their roles in the duo De Milo said,

“Primarily speaking I write the rants and Reuben makes them sound sexy, but he also writes sometimes. The songs are often created from old love letters, suicide notes, shit lists and death threats. Late nights with whiskey and crappy guitars.”

De Milo has said of the group,

“It’s a reaction to when living becomes desperate. It’s an antithesis to all the current banal McMusic that Cowell is pumping into the world. It’s the voice of the beaten generation. It’s the culmination of 10 years in a metaphorical straitjacket. It just had to happen. There was no other choice. It’s my catharsis and my therapy.”

On the topic of their name De Milo explained,

“It’s a joke. Prissy means prim and proper and respectable, which let’s face it we are not. Also it means to be easily disgusted – which I am quite often but mainly at the global state of emergency. It’s ironic. We’re a mess of punk ethos and no rules. It’s also important to have a reference to lips as people comment on mine all the time, without fail.”


While De Milo cites influences as “Alternative female rock, riot grrrl, old-school rock & roll, grunge, 1970s glam, 1980s trash, new wave/no-wave, art rock, punk, indie, 1990s, vintage, classical, gloom rock, blues, redneck campfire anthems, doo wop, the mashed potato, jitterbug, rockabilly, and all those legendary women (Marianne Faithfull, Courtney Love, Patti Smith). I surround myself sonically with beautiful, real, raw voices. Reuben translates this into our songs, adding a healthy mix of avant-garde jazz and youthful optimism.”

The first song the band released Hermaphrodité and was inspired by the amazing Marc Bolan,

“The first song we released was a 6-minute Bolan-esque guitar ballad  called “Hermaphrodité” which is about the choice I made in being true to myself and so forsaking love! The post-gender blues. I always thought of it as “the Breech Birth of Venus”… it’s a very depressing song but a lot of our songs have come from the dankest, most fucked-up or self-loathing corners of my mind.”

The “bright new darlings of the avant-garde” have compared their sound to T.Rex, Hole, Sonic Youth, The Smashing Pumpkins and 10cc and have have also recorded a cover version of Female Trouble from Director John Waters’ movie which the song is called after,

“John Waters is pretty much the Pope at our house. His films are staggering works of genius, and Divine a legend. We were honored to be asked to perform at the Brighton premiere of “I Am Divine”, which was an awesome night full of beauty and reverence and boundary destruction… I want to be friends with the Dreamlanders and visit Baltimore. I think John’s book “Shock Value” should be on the bedside table of the world!”


I think I have a new style icon! Crysi De Milo’s style is incredible. You can see certain influences clearly in De Milo’s style like Courtney Love and Cyndi Lauper. The latter of which I have always been a huge fan and her song Time After Time was the song I first sang in front of a crowd while I was in school. It was a Stars In Yer Eyes show (They do a show in schools over here in Ireland called that based on obviously the ITV hit from the 90s’ which sadly I’m old enough to remember! Just about though darlings, I was a kid at the time!) De Milo’s style has quite a 60s’ vibe to it too which is great. Of course the 60s’ was one of the best decades for fashion so any style with influences from that decade always shines through. It’s unique, it’s wacky, interesting, different and fun. I hate it when people take their style so seriously that they are scared to try something daring and out there. Most of the best style possesses those two qualities.

But Reuben Drake’s quite stylish too!

Listen to more music from PrissyLips at:

Also Crysi De Milo has a wordpress which has all writing and poetry on it. It’s really quite good.

You can view the wordpress here:

And Reuben Drake did a beautiful piano solo Snow on his own SoundCloud which you can hear here:

OutCry E.P. 2014 Review!

I’m a huge fan of OutCry and so I was really looking forward to hearing their E.P. and it didn’t disappoint. The four song rock wonder is packed with wonderful instrumentals and vocals which perfectly complement one another. I have always loved James Byron’s voice from the first note of Janis Joplin’s Cry Baby on The Voice UK and his voice is as always in fine form on the E.P. but what was also great was to hear the wonderful instrumentals and harmonies on show here from his bandmates guitarist Scott Cadenhead, bassist Rick James and drummer Alex Brookes on the collection of songs. A strong debut E.P. from a band I’m sure we’ll hear more of over time.

Here is my track-by-track review of this amazing E.P.:


Daybreak is the opening song and is one of my two favorite songs from the E.P. James’ voice sounds remarkable on this track. It has the perfect mixture of vulnerability and attitude. Lyrically it’s really good and the music has a great beat to it. Easily a song you could listen to on repeat (and I say that because I have!) The transfer from fast to slow is wonderfully done and the guitar solo is completely on point. I also love the start of the song which seems a mixture of classic rock/punk influenced. Stunning track.

Wide Awake

Wide Awake is one of those songs that doesn’t hit you instantly but the more you listen to it you begin to like it. It’s a bit of a grower really and in particular you realise the lyrics are really good the more you listen to it. There’s a kind of a storytelling quality to the song and in James’ voice in general which pulls you in. And the instrumentals are quite insane. That bit near the end is so quick. I don’t know how James manages to keep up with the instrumentals in that part. It’s pretty impressive! So give it a few listens and you’ll really like it.

In to the Night

I’m not sure if this song is about getting out of a small town but I think it’s what it’s about and I could relate a lot to that been originally from a small town and it was realistic and authentic of that situation when you are eighteen, nighteen, twenty and you’re thinking there has to be more to life than this. James sings it brilliantly and again the instrumentals are complex and strong.

Rock N’ Roll Tragedy

This is another one of my favourite songs from the E.P. and my favourite song from the songs I hadn’t heard prior to the E.P. because obviously I’d heard Daybreak before the E.P. Personally myself I start thinking of people like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and a whole host of legendary rockers when I listen to the song because their lives were so tragic in a lot of ways and how it all ended for each of them. James’ voice is full of edge and the instrumentals sound amazing.

You can listen to the E.P. here:

Ben Haenow’s Hot Shoot And Interview For Heat Magazine!

The very sexy Ben Haenow from Croydon has been making us all weak at the knees on The X Factor – especially in those tight trousers he wore while singing AC/DC’s classic rock hit Highway To Hell! Oh yes indeed! And his smouldering shoot for Heat Magazine this week would make you go all dizzy in his beauty – well that’s the effect it has on me anyway! 🙂

It is a really good read or maybe I was just took over and blinded by his hotness! In the interview Ben, 29 tells the magazine about his very lucky girlfriend Jessica Jones, how alcohol became a feature in his life to block out the pain of becoming estranged from his dad as a teenager, that kiss on the head with fellow contestant Lola Saunders, his body image issues, sexy tweets from fans, fellow competitor and entertainer Stevi Richie and his own chances of winning the hit ITV show.

Speaking about Jessica he said,

“Things are much more difficult, mainly for her, because I’m here and she’s just getting on with her life.”

On a TV proposal sensible Ben said,

“It would be amazing TV, but it wouldn’t be amazing for me and my girlfriend. No, getting married is something that isn’t going to be dictated by the show. Win or lose, I will get married to my girlfriend.”

About what Jessica felt about that kiss with on the head he gave Lola he said,

“She wasn’t bothered about it, because that same day I kissed a researcher called Ollie on the forehead as well. I am quite tactile. I gave her a call, saying, “I’ve heard this is going to be in the papers”, and she was just like, “I know it’s not anything.” It was stupid on my part. I wasn’t expecting cameras to be outside.”

Speaking about his past with alcohol he said,

“It was just starting to make me ill – people were beginning to notice I wasn’t on top of things. I still have a drink every now and then, but just not as crazy. I didn’t get into any physically dangerous situations, but I was just kind of wandering round in the evenings, at an age that you probably shouldn’t be wandering around. Alcoholic means you have a dependency, and for me it was more of a choice. Alcoholic would be the wrong word. I just used drink to get away from the reality of my life at the time. I’m really blessed at the moment, so I don’t feel like I need to run away from anything.”

On his body image issues (which frankly he doesn’t need to have!) he said,

“People like Jake Quickenden, with his abs, they’re built to take their tops off. I’m just a normal van-driving bloke – the people you see on building sites with their bum-cracks hanging out. Women don’t find that attractive.”

He continued speaking about how he doesn’t feel comfortable taking his top off saying,

“No, I don’t. I think that’s body image issues from been younger.”

But admits the response to his sexiness has boosted his confidence,

“Definitely. It’s an honour to have people saying that stuff, but, at the same time, there are lots of people who don’t like you. You’ll just never be everyone’s cup of tea.”

You are certainly my cup of tea darling!

And speaking of sexy tweets he gets from fans he said,

“There’s the occasional ones, not just from girls but boys as well. It’s as cool as hell, really. I’ve had a few marriage proposals, and some really cheeky stuff that’s too naughty to say.”

Culture Vulture Express seems mild all of a sudden! 🙂

Speaking about Stevi Richie he said,

“I don’t think he gets enough credit for what he does. He gives 120 per cent. He can sing – people need to cut him some slack.”

And speaking about whether he thinks he can win or not he said,

“At the moment, you just have to visualise yourself getting through the next week. You can think about it and have a little taste of it, but you have to take it week by week because the competition is so strong now. If you make the wrong song choice, or sing or say something wrong, you can go out. You’ve got to concentrate week on week, but I like to think I have the tenacity to win.”

Sadly couldn’t find the pics from the shoot on the web to share but do check them out in the mag. You know you want to! 🙂

In the meantime here’s that Highway To Hell performance which I shall rename the Highway To Heaven performance! 🙂 Enjoy! I know you all will! 🙂

Benji, The Gay, Irish Bull Saved From Death! Yay!

I hadn’t heard about this story until today and I am so happy that Benji the bull has been saved. Now he’s off to an animal sanctuary to enjoy life and hopefully meet a nice English bull. Saved from the slaughterhouse with the help of co-creator of The Simpsons Sam Simon as well as a further £4,000 by a crowd-funding initiative set up by ARAN and after an appeal by animal rights groups ARAN and PETA Benji is off to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich.

Benji is a Charolais bull from Mayo here in Ireland and came to attention internationally when it was heard that he was going to be slaughtered because he was gay. Because Benji wouldn’t mate with and breed with female cows the farmer thought he had no other option but to feed him lots and then kill him. But that wasn’t how everyone felt as donations flooded in including Sam Simon’s £5,000 to purchase Benji.

Simon said:

“PETA told me about Benji, and I felt compelled to help. All animals have a dire destiny in the meat trade, but to kill this bull because he’s gay would’ve been a double tragedy. It thrills me to help PETA and ARAN make Benji’s fate a sanctuary rather than a sandwich.”

Arrangements have been arranged by ARAN to transport Benji to the sanctuary and he is expected to arrive before Christmas. There was over 250 donors, supporters and members of the public on hand to fund his transfer to his new home.

One of my heroes ARAN’s John Carmody said:

“The response from around the worldwide has being so very encouraging, but to now hear that Sam Simon, co-creator of the world’s most popular animated sitcom is stepping in, is just icing on the already well baked cake. What could be better than to present Benji with a Christmas gift that will literally last a lifetime, by giving him a one way ticket to freedom.”

PETA’s hope is that people will consider becoming vegetarian and save many more animals like Benji.

All the best of luck to Benji in his new life and I hope he meets a lovely English bull who in my head is called Bart and was brought down from London after been left in a field and misses the city but then doesn’t care because Benji becomes his whole world. 🙂

Children In Need & Band Aid 30: Charity Fever Takes Over! Yay!

Children In Need has been a TV fixture of my life since I was a kid and I’ve always loved the adorable Pudsey! 🙂

And this year for 2014 the TV extravaganza was out again in full force raising much-needed funds to help children and young people all over Britain with Sir Terry Wogan, Nick Grimshaw, Rochelle Humes, Tess Daly and Fearne Cotton on presenting duties. Throughout the night we seen short clips about the stories of children and young people and causes which the money would help and it’s really heartbreaking to see. It makes you very thankful for your own health and that of your loved ones and really hits home just how important it is that as much money is raised as possible.

Here is five highlights from the many high points on the night! Enjoy! 🙂

The official BBC Children In Need single

The single this year was a cover of Avicii’s Wake Me Up by Gareth Malone’s All Star Choir composing of Mel Giedroyc, Linda Robson, Fabrice Muamba, Nitin Ginatra, Craig Revel Horwood, John Craven, Radzi Chinyanganya, Jo Brand, Margaret Alphonsi, Alice Levine, Larry Lamb and a childrens’ choir. The song has went in straight at number 1 in the UK.

S Club 7 Greatest Hits Medley

I was a huge fan of S Club 7 when I was younger especially album track “Boy Like Me”. Yeah that was on repeat when I was younger! 🙂 So it was lovely to see them back.

Susan Boyle

I just love Susan Boyle’s voice. Amazing as always! 🙂

Tom and Jerry

Here’s a real blast from the past from my childhood! 🙂 The animation is great on this and who doesn’t love Tom and Jerry?! 🙂

Eastenders’ Grease

Eastenders are always very entertaining on Children In Need and this year was no exception!

BBC Song

I love the original of this song God Only Knows by The Beach Boys and I think everyone does a great job on it for a worthy cause. There’s many stars involved including Brian May, Sam Smith, Dave Grohl, Florence Welch, Chris Martin, Jaime Cullum, Chrissie Hynde, Pharrell Williams, Elton John, Emeli Sandé, Kylie Minogue, Ellie Goulding, Stevie Wonder, Gareth Malone, Jools Holland and Paloma Faith as well as original Beach Boys’ member Brian Wilson and a youth choir and orchestra.

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Meanwhile on The X Factor at the weekend, Sir Bob Geldof made a thought-provoking speech about the new Band Aid 30 song in aid of helping raise funds for the Ebola crisis.

Geldof said,

‘Thanks Simon for allowing us to do this, this is hardcore, to allow X factor nation to do this, it is an enormous production, this thing [Ebola] could arrive here on a plane any time. This is the most anti-human disease but we can stop it, and we will stop it, and we will support those immensely brave NHS doctors and soldiers who have volunteered, and the government who are leading the world on this. At 8am tomorrow morning, for the first time this is about us, buy this thing, buy five by ten, it’s a great track, we wanted to show you the context of how this was done only yesterday’.

The track, Do They Know It’s Christmas?, has a whole host of stars on board including Roger Taylor, Bono, Sinead O’Connor, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Chris Martin, Guy Garvey, Bastille, One Direction and Olly Murs.

To help you can pre-order the track on iTunes.

Geldof said,

“It’s a song, it’s a track, but it’s an event and the next stage is to turn it into a phenomenon like it was in the eighties. And the only way to do that is to get people to buy the thing. Spare me this free economy. Spare me Spotify and YouTube. There’s a donate button on YouTube. Hit the donate button. It’s a badge of honour to have this on your phone or on your iPod, or whatever the hell you’re using. And don’t buy one, buy several. Give them to your mates.”

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But remember to support and please help the cause too if you can. 🙂

November Bray Arts Night!

I had been saying for a while that I would go to the Bray Arts Night which is on every month here in Bray and this month myself and my sister went along to enjoy the night and enjoy the night we most certainly did! It was a fabulous night of photography, music and the spoken word. It was all amazing and I felt rather at home like it was a haven for nerdy, expressive types. I almost wanted to join them on stage!

Everyone was so talented. There was a brilliant photographer called Aoife Hester who displayed wonderful photographs of Bray Seafront and pics of Cavan which reminded me and Shar of our days living in the country, The Circle Sessions who had blues, indie rock, comedy music, thought-provoking poetry and some Shakespeare, amazing belly dancing from The Zoryanna and the night was ended with the wonderful opera and jazz instrumentals combined with the stunning vocals of Aran McMahon of Bella Notte Euro Jazz.

It was an amazing night of entertainment in the Martello and the bar was behind us all night. That was quite fab too! 🙂

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Click to access November%202014.pdf