Poem: Understand

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The sun set over her head,

she looked to the sky

and wondered if there was

any other people on

planets beyond,

she looked at the people

around her and wondered

if she could understand

the people beyond

more than the people

who inhabited the planet with her.



The sound of her wife’s feet approaching

brought her out of her thoughts,

she’d know the sound of those steps anywhere,

the clicking of flip flops she wore always

even away from the beach like today,

in this world of chaos she knew at

least they understood each other

like the backs of their hands

and that was enough for her.


A Change Isn’t Gonna Come – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

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Once she had that bond with him

but it was long since gone,

that she did know

but each day felt like a new circle

going round and round

with no shift in scenery,

how she wished for change

but she knew she wasn’t brave enough.




For the secret keeper writing prompt #144:


(5) Words: | CHANGE | BOND | SHIFT | CIRCLE | KNOW |

Walk Together – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

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She was on the brink of depression

when she met him,

he took her hand one time

shortly after they met and told her,

“I will love you, be here and walk

with you each step of the way

along the road.”

His loving gaze,

warm heart,

encouraging smile

made her feel it would be OK

and that maybe one day

the sky would be the limit.


For the secret keeper writing prompt #143:


(5) Words: | BRINK | WALK | GAZE | SKY | ROAD


David Wanted To … – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

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David wanted to …

be like Jesus and walk on water,

play on the grass at Wembley,

be a big City lawyer

but for now he was sitting

in the sandpit at playschool

throwing a rant about his

teddy bear.





For the secret keeper writing prompt #142:


(5) Words: | CITY | GRASS | PLAY | RANT | WATER |

Witness – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

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Eden seized the gun,

Oh my god,

what now?

They had never felt

such fear before,

Why did I have to go

and witness a murder

of the countless people who could have?

Before they had only seen such things

written by a person on a page in a book

or in stage productions like The Mousetrap.

I’m too young to die and I refuse to.



For the secret keeper writing prompt #141:


(5) Words: | PAGE | GUN | YOUNG | PERSON | STAGE |