Indie Amazon Authors! Please Comment!



As an indie Amazon author, I have noticed that it is very difficult to get noticed. When I try to find indie books on Amazon it is quite difficult. This is a plead not as a writer but as reader. Obviously if you would like to purchase and read any of my books (I would be silly to say anything else! :-)) I would be very grateful but there is certainly no pressure on that. I was a reader long before I was a writer and I believe there is many brilliant books which don’t get the attention they deserve and which I am missing out on. As a reader that annoys me. I’m not blaming the company, I think it’s a fabulous service for indie authors, but indie books are hard to find. I’m not rich but if your book is between 99c and 1.29 I would like to read it and review it on here. If you are up for that, comment below. It may take time with finances and obviously giving your book due attention and reading time but I will read and review every suggestion. Let’s start an indie author’s book (or mini book at the least) revolution. We are not just writers for the sake of it. We are writers because we have to be. Let’s get rid of the stigma that anyone can be a writer. Let’s review each other’s work. If not mine, someone else’s on your blog. Just let’s get the work of unknown voices out there of the industry we love. Plug other writers work. I will start doing it to the best of my ability. Will you?

If you believe the same join me. Or comment with a link to a book by an indie author you think deserves attention. I will read their work even it takes time. Don’t lose faith in me. I will ignore no links to any work.

Amazon indie authors I want to read your work.

As indie authors we need to work together. Our work deserves a chance. Please join me.🙂

My Opinion of The I’m A Celeb Finalists!

Well we have reached the final three in this year’s I’m A Celeb and it’s been a very lovely camp this year for the most part which was nice. So what is my take on the finalists. Read on to find out …


Adam Thomas

Adam has done great. He’s the record holder for the trials after the celebrity cyclone challenge yesterday so well done to Adam on that. He’s definitely done his bit in the show which is admirable. Seems a nice guy.

Joel Dommett

I love Joel. I love his nerdy sense of humour and I say that as a fellow nerd. He seems to be just an all-round nice down-to-earth guy and him and Martin have made this series for me. I was for them both now I’m defo team Joel. It’s going to be difficult for him to win been the third favourite but he’s my winner. Joel for King of the jungle!🙂

Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett seems a nice girl and watching her friendships with the other girls in camp was nice to see. Women get a lot of stick for not getting on with each other and as a woman it was nice to see the myth that all women don’t get on with each other and are always bitchy with each other been shown up. Really lovely.


Poem: Moments 3

The moment when you are sitting
watching I’m A Celeb, Strictly, X Factor,
The Voice with your family.
The moment you stay up reading
James Patterson into the night
driving your mum mad.
The moment you are rushing down the street
with a trolley with your mum and sis.
The moment you are bringing your dog
in a trolley in his dog box to your new house.
The moment your dad carried the family dog
from the shed when the garden flooded.
The moments when things are simple
and ordinary are extraordinary.
These are the moments to cherish
and to try not to take for granted.
These are the moments which make up
our lives with the ones we love
and who love us back.

My First Reviews On Google Play!


I have my first reviews up on Google Play. They are my reviews of Jordan Gray’s Platinum and the two remixes of the track which I purchased on there recently. Hoping Jordan will make the UK Top 40 tonight. She deserves to.

To read my reviews and the wonderful other reviews of the tracks go to:

My New Novel Love Is A Battlefield Is Now Available On Amazon!


My new novel Love Is A Battlefield is now available to purchase on Amazon. The story synopsis goes as follows:

Dan Fielding is the newest rising star in the horse racing world. Everyone is excited about his bright future – all except for the animal rights activists who regularly hold demonstrations at the racetracks. Things become complicated when he falls in love with animal rights activist Luke Murphy.

I loved writing it. Their love and their conflict.🙂

To purchase the book go to:

Or to purchase my other novels go to:


The Night Train

Or to purchase my childrens’ book go to:

Princess Roberta

Or finally to purchase my poetry collection go to:

Hearts: Pansexual Poetry Collection

Thanks in advance if you purchase any of my work. And I hope if you do, you enjoy it.🙂

Poem: Dear Old Louisa

I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.
She said.
Louisa May Alcott,
you independent soul,
pushing through book after book,
inspiring years after your death,
compelling us all with characters,
making a character in Jo
who is half me,
half my sister,
writing independent women since the 1800s.
My dear fellow writer,
my dear fellow feminist,
my dear fellow woman,
today you would have been 184
but you live on through your books.
If I could have one quarter of your success
my ship would be sailing into orbit.

Poem: Moments 2

The moment you realise
you have to be weary of people.
The moment you realise
that you need to be even
a little more weary.
The moment you realise
you can be kind,
give people a chance
but keep on guard slightly
till you know they are alright.
The moment you realise
that life is unfair.
The moment you realise
it’s even more unfair
than you first thought.
The moment you realise
you have to be brave,
hiding away isn’t an option,
to do so is letting them win
and making yourself unhappy.
The moment you realise
you aren’t the problem,
they are.
The moment you realise
that they are serving a life sentence
while you are living.
The moment you realise
that you don’t always have to be strong,
you will get emotional
but the point is
you will carry on.
The moment you realise
you are a fighter
and therefore
you will always survive.