Poem: 26


Society says,

“Girl, you gotta settle down,

You gotta find your life-long partner,

Become a parent,

Put on the slippers,

Give up on your dreams.”



I say,

“I’ve plenty of time to settle down,

Meet many short-term partners

Before the long-term partner and parenthood,

Put on my ballet flats,

Continue with my dreams.”

Poem: Chestnuts & Berries

The squirrel gathered one hundred chestnuts

And brought them up the tree.

But the other squirrel gathered twenty berries instead,

In a time of cuts,

Chestnuts were not the key

Or so the chief squirrel said.


“You may toil Young Rusty dear,

But the rules are clear.

Berries are more valued here.”

My Second Novel The Night Train Is Now Available On Amazon!

My second novel The Night Train is now available to purchase on Amazon. It is about an aspiring rocker Brian who meets a handsome footballer Adam on the way home on the train and sees blood on Adam’s arm so he follows him off the train. From there he becomes embroiled in the case of Adam’s ex-girlfriend Chloe’s murder. Can he use his sleuthing skills to find out who the killer is? And can love conquer all?

You can purchase the book at the following link if you wish:



Michael Lawson Wins The Voice of Ireland!



Tonight Monaghan’s Michael Lawson was crowned The Voice of Ireland champion for 2016.

Michael, who is mentor Bressie’s third winner, becomes the fifth male winner of the show. He beat off stiff competition from Sligo’s Kelesa Mulcahy from team Kian who was second, Meath’s Nigel Connell from team Una who was third and Dublin’s Laura O’ Connor from team Rachel who was fourth.

Mentor Bressie said earlier in the evening about Michael,

“People like you deserve to win because you are a natural talent and they don’t come along very often.”

Congratulations Michael and well done to all the finalists!:-)

Michael’s version of 7 Years is now available for download on iTunes.

My Verdict On The Voice of Ireland Finalists!


Tomorrow the next Voice of Ireland champ will be crowned with two women and two men left in the reckoning. Below is my verdict on the final four and who I think should be crowned champ 2016:


Nigel Connell


I have been for Nigel alongside Georgina who was on Bressie’s team from the start so Nigel is my winner. (And no, it isn’t because he’s Meath like me! But it’s a nice bonus! :-)) His vocals are effortless and he is so professional. His performance of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight was brilliant in the semi-final. Me, Mum and Shar are rooting for him to win tomorrow. Go Nigel!:-)


Kelesa Mulcahy


My second favourite in the final is Kelesa who is also very professional. She is very talented and would also be a worthy winner.


Michael Lawson


Michael doesn’t really sing the kind of music I listen to a lot so because of that I prefer Nigel and Kelesa’s performances but he does do what he does well.


Laura O’Connor


Like Michael, I don’t really listen a lot to the music Laura sings so I look forward more to Nigel’s and Kelesa’s performances. But she did come back having been at the live shows before and that attitude is admirable and it paid off.


Good luck everyone, especially Nigel!:-)


Vicente’s Scottish National Win!

Ayr Races - Coral Scottish Grand National - Scottish Grand National Day


I didn’t get around to writing up this blog post on dear old Vicente’s splendid Scottish National win because of college assignments. So here it is now everyone.:-)


Paul Nicholls’ Vicente stormed to victory at  14-1 with Sam Twiston-Davies at Ayr. Alvarado made a surging finish to get second while Seeyouatmidnight finished in third position with Royale Knight in fourth and Vyta Du Roc in fifth.

Nicholls said,


“It was a brilliant result. You try all season to win these big races and a few of them have eluded us but that was a special moment. That was one of Sam’s best ever rides, I’d say. He’s learning all the time and he’s a fantastic guy. This has been the target for Vicente all season. I thought Cheltenham would do him good and you don’t win these races without a prep run.”


I won a bit of money on my dear old friend Alvarado so that was good.:-)

Well done Vicente and all concerned!:-) And of course Alvarado and all concerned!:-)



Poem: Miss. Stray Cat

Streetlamps cast a glow

On this night-time show,

A cat roams the streets

Saying meow to every cat she meets

Going through the motions of defeats.

For tonight food is not to be found,

The food that would make her sleep sound.


She struggles on,

Pity that butcher’s is gone.

Scraps were usually present there

And she hadn’t in the world a care.

Tonight her paws feel rough

But she has to be tough.


Survival is her middle name,

Making it happen is her game.

She must keep looking for the prize

In the middle of her tired sighs.

A new skip looms from afar

Like a shining bright star.