Friday Fictioneers: Golden








Every week he would practice his basketball skills while his Mum sat watching him as she ate her sandwiches. Each miss, she would encourage him. Each success she would cheer …

Years later, he stood at her grave. He worked at a local deli and she was just as proud before her death as she would have been if he was a basketball star …

The memories they shared were golden.

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You’re Driving Me Crazy By Richard Labbett Review!


You’re Driving Me Crazy (2019) By Richard Labbett is a super engrossing psychological thriller from start to finish.


The story follows cohabiting couple Julie and Max whose relationship starts to fall apart. But Max, who is possessive, doesn’t take too kindly to the break-up and displays his desire for control over Julie and his desire for violence. While Julie tries to move on with her life, Max spirals into extremely dark sections of his mind and embarks on a murderous rampage. Moving between poetry and mystery, this is very original and has a very real-to-life quality to it. The descriptions feel very realistic and also add a lot to the atmosphere of the plot.

The reader sees that these two characters are not making each other happy. But their reactions to their situation are very different. Julie wants to get out, let the two of them get on with their lives while Max wants to keep them together at any cost.

Fast-paced and gripping, this book is one of those books where the pages seem to turn themselves. It is interesting and the reader just needs to know what is going to happen next, how this is going to end and the twists and turns work fantastically. Great suspense. The writer has a great skill of drawing you into this claustrophobic web and not letting you out of it until the time is right. Emotionally-draining but that shows great writing!


Great book. A must-read for readers of both poetry and mystery! 

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Bohemian Love: A Blended Bliss of Verses By Parkash Pencia Review!



Bohemian Love: A Blended Bliss of Verses (2019) By Parkash Pencia is a beautiful collection of 30 poems mostly romantic poems but also with social issues playing a part in the collection too.

Stunningly crafted, each poem is layered in emotion and vulnerability. The language in this collection is gorgeous and the way the words are put together is perfect. It is very clear that much thought was put into each poem present in the collection.

Ranging from shorter to longer poems and everything else inbetween, the collection is beautiful and breathtaking to read. The descriptions in each poem really paint a picture of what is happening and the feelings ingrained within the poem.

This collection is both heartfelt and a great demonstration of what can be created when you use the vast expanse of words and language to the full so it is a joy to read in both senses.

A very beautiful and gorgeous poetry collection.


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Friday Fictioneers: The Long Queue Attracts Notice

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda


The Long Queue Attracts Notice


The wait in the queue was always long. Today, the crowd seemed to have gotten even longer.

‘Sure there’s no work for the young.’, an old lady said kindly.

‘I worked all my life. Pack of scroungers!’, calls out an old man moaning.

In that queue, a twenty-something year old woman stood, let his comment slide off her back like the rain. She believed someday her life would change but if it didn’t she would still be doing better than that bitter man looking for a medal for being lucky enough to find a job.





I’m Not Too Bad, Thanks. By Chris Hughes Review!

I'm not too bad, thanks.


I’m not too bad, thanks. (2019) by Chris Hughes is the poet’s debut collection of 25 poems.

The poems are gorgeous in this collection. They have a lot of emotion and feeling and are very realistic of life. Very beautiful, very free verse and very authentic. Poetry is often thought of as a very high-brow genre but the poetry in this collection is very down-to-earth and accessible which makes the poems leap off the page and take a place in your heart.

The name of collection is the classic line most of us say in response to how we are feeling even if we aren’t feeling at our best and the poetry in this collection delves beyond that surface response to the inner emotions at play. Delving into themes such as bullying, mental health and survival, this collection is a really wonderful read.

It is quite short and can be read in one sitting. It is a wonderful introduction to this poet’s work.

Very well-crafted and a great read.


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The Presence of a Yes (Revised Edition): The Magical Word that Truly Gives Consent (Stories of Divinclus Book 1) By Wathanya Souvanna Review!


The Presence of a Yes (Revised Edition): The Magical Word that Truly Gives Consent (Stories of Divinclus Book 1) (2019) by Wathanya Souvanna is a gorgeously crafted book.

The story follows protagonist Robyn, Robyn-with-a-Y. Kyle goes missing and Robyn is brought on the case by their ex Taylor who is one of Kyle’s partners. At the start of the story, Robyn meets Ash who is an actress but handily enough also an investigator. Romance is blossoming between the pair but in the meantime together the three of them begin to hunt down whoever kidnapped Kyle.

This book is very gripping and flows with ease. You find yourself reading it in 1-3 sittings as you get engrossed in the story and in wanting everything to end up ok for characters you grow to get to know and grow to love throughout the book. The book is also very modern and has characters in it who are non-binary as well as binary, who are trans and cis, who are many different sexualities, who are poly and mono and have different romantic and sexual feelings and desires. In short, it feels very true to life. Mental health is also a theme in this book and is written in a very sensitive and very honest way. Prejudice is also a part of the book and is written very realistically but I also love the way the central characters and some of the minor ones too have mutual respect for each other and who each other is which is what I wish every person was like and sadly sometimes isn’t. I love how this is written where nobody is shamed for being who they are or is made to feel like they should be apologetic for who they are. I wish there was more books written like this.

The cast of central characters are wonderful. The story is great but the characters make it because they make you care and mysteries need characters who make you do that. My favourite was Taylor but I loved them all.

Kudos also must go to Anne Dachowski for editing as that is never an easy job!

This is a cozy mystery with great suspense, great characters, romance, modernity, honesty and great writing which is totally my favourite kind of book.

In short, I loved it.


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Two Knots of Love – II: Short Love Stories by SA Krishnan Review!


Two Knots of Love – II: Short Love Stories (2019) by SA Krishnan is a wonderful read featuring two romantic short stories.

The first story is Wedding Blues. In this story we meet Vikram Saral who is at a wedding when he suddenly sees a fellow guest – his ex girlfriend Ankita Rajwat. They haven’t spoken in quite a while and the story while being a romance has a suspense element to it as bit by bit the pieces unravel about their past together. It is very gripping and well-written. You get very engrossed in the story and whether or not they will get back together or not.

The second story is Lost Lives where we meet Atreya who is in love with Anjali. Atreya is a TTI operative so he lives a very dangerous lifestyle which leaves room for much edge-of-your-seat moments. But there is the tender side of Atreya’s life too when it comes to his love for Anjali who he met in college. I love Atreya’s Dad. He was my favourite character in the collection.

I found some of the female characters violent. Some of the male ones were too but they were villains. The female ones who were it came across that they were supposed to be likeable so that didn’t fit. They never showed remorse or seemed in a situation where they needed to defend themselves by hitting people. I love strong characters but verbally strong characters unless violence is needed.

This collection is full of romance and great dialogue. It’s really well-written and brings you on a real journey into these characters’ lives. There is also a first part to this series of short stories which I would love to read at some stage.

A superb read.


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