Best Fashion From Marie Claire Prix de la Moda 2015!

On November 19th, the Marie Claire Prix de la Moda 2015 awards took place at the Callao cinema in Madrid in Spain and here I have compiled my favourite six looks from the event. Enjoy! :-)

Andreja Pejic

Winner of the 2015 Model of The Year at the event, model Andreja Pejic looked stunning at the event in a gorgeous white gown by Ermanno Scervino.

Judit Masco

This dress Judit Masco wore is beautiful especially the gothic style skirt.

Paz Vega

The androgynous feminist in me loves it when women wear trousers to these events and Paz Vega’s outfit looked amazing on her on the night.

Antonia Dell’Atte

Yet another Antonia Dell’Atte woman going against the grain on the night in this wonderfully quirky outfit.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo may not have had a good day with Real Madrid in their match yesterday against Barcelona but he looked great at the awards so there’s some consolation.

Christopher Elson

Looking dapper on the night was Christopher Elson in a black suit with slicked back hair.

The Agony Of Paris (A Tribute To Those Who Lost Their Lives In Paris. May They Rest In Peace.)

The following is a poem about the tragedy in Paris which is really heartbreaking. May all those who died rest in peace and those left behind all over the world we will pray for them at this sad time.

Carnage and pain,

Tears of loved ones,

Lives needlessly lost,

Senseless acts

For which there is no justification.

Grief in the hearts of those left behind,

Horror felt in Paris and all over the world,

It could have been anyone

Just out for the night,

It could have been you or me.

May they rest in peace,

May their loved ones find strength.

The One I Love

Your physical beauty is undeniable,

But your soul is your crowning glory,

Your personality glows with radiance,

That strength of character,

That beautiful gentleness,

Alluring mystique mixed with alluring openness,

You are one of the most real people I know,

You are kindness and love

And the one I love.

Poem: The Deepest Cut (A poem about the Carrickmines fire tragedy. May those who died rest in peace.)

TheĀ Carrickmines fire tragedy was a devastating tragedy that happened in Ireland. This is a poem paying tribute to those lost in the fire. May they rest in peace.

A tragedy of pain,

At times like these life seems insane.

People losing those they love,

A feeling of emptiness

Which we can all relate to.

Sadness and hurt,

The deepest cut.

May those lost rest in peace,

Be took care of by God

And look down upon those they love.

May they give them strength

Now when they most need it

And every day after.

My Current Favourites In X Factor 2015!

This year’s X Factor competition is well underway and this year it’s been all about the boys category for me. In addition their mentor Nick Grimshaw is my favourite judge on the show.

So basically six of my current favourites are the six boys in the boys’ category but let’s take a look at my nine current favourites from this year’s show:

Seann Miley Moore

Anyone who can sing a Queen song brilliantly has me from the off and watching Seann’s audition of Queen’s The Show Must Go On was one of those incredible moments where you think yeah you totally deserve to be doing this. I think Seann is the best singer in the show this year and is therefore my winner. He is also a great performer and has such excellent style. He also is a really nice guy. Good luck Seann! :-)

Ben Clark

Ben has this very authentic, passionate vocal brimming with edge. He also is a nice guy, quite shy and introverted which is always nice because us introverts are usually nice people. He’s a pure rocker and is my second favourite in the competition this year.

Mason Noise

I’m delighted Mason’s back. I honestly don’t get why some people don’t like him. He had his opinion and the last time I looked having your own mind and opinion was a good thing. It was a professional, artistic debate he was having with Simon Cowell and I personally think there was nothing wrong with saying how he felt. And to be honest I agreed with him. If a competition is to be done fairly everyone should have the same amount of time on the TV, like on The Voice programmes. I think for himself he should put it in the past now and hopefully Simon will do the same. Mason has this edgy coolness about him and he is talented. He is a nice guy and is my third favourite this year.

Che Chesterman

Che is a very good soul singer. I also like his personality. I actually like all the lads in Nick’s category’s personalities. In another year maybe I’d be backing him for live shows but I just prefer the other three lads but he is a very good singer.

Simon Lynch

I like the musical theatre side to Simon’s voice and he’s a nice guy. It is a very strong category, like Che maybe in another year I’d be backing him for the live shows but he is talented.

Josh Daniel

Geez Nick does have a difficult old decision on his hands, doesn’t he?! The final act in Nick’s category is Josh who has a very good soul/pop voice. Again he’s a nice guy and in another year maybe I’d be backing him for live shows but he is a good singer.

Chloe Paige

Chloe is great. I love her whole hippie style and (speaking as a hippie!) we need a hippie on the show at live shows! She also has a great voice showcased very much by her very brave decision to sing Amazing Grace acapella at the Six Chairs round. She’s a nice girl and is my favourite of the girls.

Max Stone

I like his personality and his vocals. He’s brilliant and I was glad he got through tonight although I would have put Jennifer through too.

Anton Stephens

Anton’s vocal is so powerful and he’s a nice man. I also adore his dog Honey. :-)

The Best Style From The Angel Ball 2015!

On October 19, the annual Angel Ball 2015 hosted by Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation took place at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City and the style stakes were high for the charity event in aid for cancer research. Below is my favourite style highlights from the night:

Best Dressed Ladies

Andreja Pejic

Model Andreja Pejic always looks stunning and this printed gown she wore to the recent event is no exception. I also love the silver shoes. My favourite outfit from the night. I have similar shoes, now I’ve just got to find the dress. Well a budget version of the dress. :-) Stunning, perfect.

Toni Garrn

Model Toni Garrn’s dress for the night was understated and beautiful. It was perfectly paired with the flowing earrings she wore.

Sara Sampaio

I loved the elegant quality of Sara Sampaio’s dress.

Sharina Gutierrez

Sharina Guierrez’s outfit was stunningly put together. I especially loved the little black shrug. Also the whole monochrome theme throughout the outfit really worked.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, who was honoured on the night, looked fabulous in this dress to accept her award.

Best Dressed Gents


Looking uber cool the stunning Usher looked dapper at the event.

Nick Cannon

I love the whole quirky mixed with aristocratic style of this outfit that Nick Cannon wore.

Ryan Tedder

This look that Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic wore was quite rocky and he looked brilliant.

Billy Porter

I love the colour and uniqueness of singer Billy Porter’s suit.

Rubin Singer

Rubin Singer’s understated suit looked very dapper on him.

The Angel Ball 2015 raised $3.6 Million for Cancer Research. Great cause. Well done everyone! :-)

Who wore your favourite outfit on the night?