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Bats eat mosquitoes and pollinate many crucial plants, including bananas and agave (a plant used for making tequila). They also occupy the belfries of imaginative minds.

Taking to the bat caves this week, writers emerged with batty stories and stories about bats. This collection promises to be crazy-good.

The following stories are based on April 12, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a bat. A bat denotes “extra points” for including a cave. 🦇

PART I (10-minute read)

Bats by Irene Waters 🦇

I came too; lying on the ground, my eyes shut tight. I don’t know if I could have opened them. I didn’t want to. The bright purple light made me feel at peace and the forest that was drawn on this backdrop was calming. Verdant green. Mystical. My breathing slowed. My pulse dropped lower and lower.

Bats. Hordes…

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Writing Links…4/16/18

Where Genres Collide

hyacinth hyacinth

Writing Links…4/16/18

Traci Kenworth



  1. “Since 2012, the month of April at Fantasy Cafe has been dedicated to highlighting the wonderful work women have been doing in speculative fiction. When closing last year’s series, I mentioned that it may be the last series of April guest posts—but I’m happy to say that 2017 will notbe the last one and the seventh annual Women in SF&F event begins tomorrow!” I LOVE this event! It introduces me to writers I wasn’t aware of and plus, women writers don’t always get the spotlight, here they do!
  2. “Born on Cusp – edge of the Zodiac Signs Cusps are extremely sensitive days as energy shifts into something else. This “in – between” thing is where witches believe that magic is most powerful.” I was born between Aquarius and Pisces.
  3. “But the “weirdest” celebration we have is Easter. We…

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Reading Links…4/17/18

Where Genres Collide

daisies daisies

Reading Links…4/17/18

Traci Kenworth



  2. This evening was disturbed by turmoil around Marston’s Station which roused this reporter from sleep. Reports are coming in this evening of a troll attack when travelers approached this very way-station. Events are unclear at the moment, but trolls becoming so bold as to attack as far as the station are ominous.
  3. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets the joy and glamour of Eurovision in bestselling author Catherynne M. Valente’s science fiction spectacle, where sentient races compete for glory in a galactic musical contest… and the stakes are as high as the fate of planet Earth.
  4. It’s my pleasure to welcome Peng Shepherdto the blog today! The Book of M, her upcoming debut novel, is partially inspired by Zero Shadow Day, during which peoples’ shadows temporarily vanish in certain parts of the world due to a…

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Writing Links…4/9/18

Where Genres Collide

cherry blossoms cherry blossoms

Writing Links…4/9/18

Traci Kenworth



  1. “I’m Ola and I’m from Poland. I live in Warsaw, which is a capital city of Poland. I moved here to study and stayed after I graduated for work. My hometown, where I was raised and where my parents still live is in the north-west part of my country, not far from a seaside. I work in a technology department in an international banking corporation. I love books and traveling. I prefer traveling to northern countries, like Finland and Iceland.”
  2. “I have no idea how this video came to my attention, but it was in my bookmarks list I call FOLLOW UP ON THIS. That’s a folder in which I dump web articles, blog posts, etc. that are of at least passing interest to me, to be read and maybe shared via Twitter at a later date. Anyway, this one…

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Writing Links…4/2/18

Where Genres Collide

dragon dragon

Writing Links…4/2/18
Traci Kenworth

1. “March was a bit of a rough month. I felt like something negative happened every week, but I still enjoyed the plethora of spring flowers, especially cherry blossoms. I love cherry blossoms.” March was a rough month, April’s proving to be the same but it will get better with God’s help.
2. “As many of you know, my beloved Pomeranians passed away last year. Spice went first, in July, and Sugar followed in late November. In January, these sweet creatures would have been fourteen years old. We were blessed by their unconditional love for many happy years. To say that my husband and I miss these dogs is an understatement, but time does truly heal the wound.” I’ve been hearing my dog bark lately too. He died this past July.

Romance/Women’s Fiction:
1. “There are three main types—first, third, and…

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Culture Vulture Express Wins Another Sunshine Blogger Award!


Culture Vulture Express was nominated for another Sunshine Blogger Award by James from the wonderful blog This Is My Truth Now. Be sure to check out his blog and his brilliant book Watching Glass Shatter which has previously been reviewed here on Culture Vulture Express and thank you once again James for this kind award. 🙂



Sunshine Blogger Award Rules:
-Thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Answer the 11 questions asked.
-Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
-List the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.


My Answers

Which Disney princess do you relate yourself with? 

Belle. She was gentle and she fell in love with the heart of the person. A part of me relates Belle’s experiences to pansexuality whether she is or isn’t.

What would the world be like if you are leader? (Be as detailed as you like)

It would be more kinder and compassionate and every single person would have the exact same rights in every way.

You have the power of re-animation to bring back anyone from the dead. Who would you bring back?

Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone.

When would you say you became a reader?

My family encouraged me to read as a child and I fell in love with it. After that, I kept with it and the love of it has never went away.

What is your favourite genre?

Mysteries and romance.

What is your dream vacation location?

San Francisco and Brighton.

What are 5 ways to win your heart?

  • Compassion
  • Open-mindedness
  • Gentleness
  • Sense of humour
  • Ambition (in moderation!)

What are 5 of your pet peeves?

  • People being hurt
  • Prejudice
  • Bullying
  • Cricket
  • The Rodent Family

Who is your favourite author?

Oscar Wilde, Agatha Christie, Brendan Behan.

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Yes, I’ve written and published 13 books, currently writing my 14th.

And lastly the most important question: cats, dogs, both, or neither?

Cats are sweethearts but my heart is with dogs.


My Questions

What reason did you have for starting your blog?

What always manages to cheer you up?

What is your favourite food?

What is your favourite part of history?

What song would you sing at karaoke?

What piece of advice that you’ve received would you like to pass on?

If you wrote a book, what genre would it be in?

What is your dream job?

If you won the lotto what is the first thing you would do?

How do other people describe your personality and does it differ from how you feel about yourself?

What is your hopes for the future of your blog?


My Nominations