Culture Vulture Is 4!


Today Culture Vulture Express turns 4! I feel like a proud Mama, my baby’s turned 4.

I’ll keep this brief but thank you everyone for all the support over these past four years for Culture Vulture. I can’t actually believe it’s been 4 years. Pretty cool. I’m looking forward to writing more posts which I hope you will all enjoy.

Thanks again everyone! 🙂


Poem: Beautiful Planet

Currently I am also doing another course with the University of Leeds on Futurelearn called Learning Online: Managing Your Identity. We have to create online content for a project so I wrote this poem Beautiful Planet. Hope you all like it! 🙂



However I came here,

Thank you to whom it may concern.

Although times are difficult sometimes,

Although the world is far from perfect,

I thank you for allowing me to be here

Even just for a little while.

I thank you mostly for my family

And also for writing, for music,

For good people,

For nature,

For allowing me to learn each day.

In Our Hearts You Fill, Poetry by Lisa Reynolds

My poem In Our Hearts You Fill, originally posted on the Poetry Festival website:

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Genre: Rhyme, Family, Relationship

In Our Hearts You Fill by Lisa Reynolds

Rich tears in my eyes,
The reality has not set in,
All those family ties,
The death of my closest kin.
I want to imagine the coffin isn’t real,
Then this pain I won’t have to feel.
In time this pain apparently will heal.
But Father you’ll never see so much,
Me marry or cohabitate,
Me become a parent,
Me try to achieve my dreams.
But I cherish what we had,
18 years of joy.
And I know somewhere
You can see all you can’t be there for.
I learned to be a better person from you,
I learned that to be good to people was to be true,
I still remember our family trip to Dublin Zoo
And I know together or apart our family is like glue.
My Mother, my sister and I mourn you still

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Quiet Confidence

This is my poem Quiet Confidence which was published on the Eyes + Words website:

Eyes + Words

Written by Lisa Reynolds

Speak up, they say. When you do no one’s

listening. We live in the era of the extrovert

where “charisma and charm” are valued over a

person’s mind. An era where people have no

problem with trying to change your personality

to the “right way.” The irony is every personality

is the right way if one is true to who they are.

Keep going my little fellow introverts, the world

is there to be took on. We can achieve anything

we want without changing. Think Rosa Parks,

think Bob Dylan, think Elvis Presley, think Yves

Saint Laurent and numerous others who paved

the way. Introverts who owned the world, who

owned the apparent extroverted world.

Photographer Unknown

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Culture Vulture Express Turns 2!

Today Culture Vulture Express turns 2! It is amazing to be two years at the helm of my humble little blog and thank you so much to everyone, old and new followers and visitors, for all the support. I hope the articles are to your standards! 🙂

So what’s next for the site? I have noticed that I have certain categories up that have very few articles in them and one aim over the next while is to fill them up a bit so that people who end up on the site with a particular interest in a particular area have plenty to read. I don’t want to neglect my other categories either though so I hope to continue updating those sections as well. Other than that I just want to keep trying to post what I hope are interesting pieces that you will all like reading.

Much thanks once again everyone and I shall continue trying my best. 🙂