Poem: You’re Just Too …



There was a time in my life

I felt I was too …






Wanting to be right,




Lacking in compassion

Bad …


There was a time in my life I believed these things

where I let words affect me,

even hurt me

but I eventually stopped

because I know myself

better than you know me,

I always have,

I just forgot along the way.


So keep telling me I’m too all these things,

keep telling me I’m too much

because the truth is I’m too human

because the things you see as too imperfect

are filled with love

but continue to be too in the dark

on that if you wish

because I refuse to be too scared anymore,

too scared of feeling,

too scared of thinking,

too scared of who I am.


Because now I know I’m too me

and I find me not too bad.


Full Moon By Cyndi Cloutier Review!


Full Moon (2019) by Cyndi Cloutier is a wonderful childrens’ book which is both funny and adventurous and has a good message in it too.

In the book, we meet Sam who is a nine-year-old werewolf. He finds himself in a dilemma when his sister decides to play some tricks on him when he is looking for a way to get rid of his fleas. Suddenly he has lots of hair missing and needs to recify this in time for the Wolves’ Crossing, a big event where everyone will see him and he needs to be looking his best.

Enter his best friend Chris who is my favourite character. He is always there to try to help Sam out of his predictament but some of his help is not always the best or most thought out which causes some pretty funny moments.

The twists and turns in this book never stop from start to finish and each step of the way you are rooting for Sam to have his happy ending and get revenge on that sister of his.

I love the message in this book that kindness wins out in the end and how it shows how cruel bullying can be.

A joy to read and so well put together.


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Poem: Dinner For 2

With it being Valentine’s Day, I thought I would write a Valentine’s poem. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂


Image result for valentines day phone


She watched the post,

no flowers, no card,

she hoped her love

would call soon

because this was almost like


Being single!


Three hours later,

the phone rang,

‘Meet me for dinner’,

so she popped on some music

and got all done up,

to the nines.


Two hours later,

she met her outside

the date of the venue

and went inside to be asked,

‘Would you like Fries with that?’



The Presence of a Problem (Stories of Divinclus, #2) By Wathanya Souvanna Review!


The Presence of a Problem (2019) by Wathanya Souvanna is the second in the author’s Stories of Divinclus series.

The story has a lot of characters in it whose lives interwine and yet each story is compelling enough to ensure that the reader does not find certain stories more interesting than others. It is very cohesively put together too.

There is numerous important issues discussed in this book and a lot of questions being asked of the reader. It has a very psychological feel to it and I love that. It’s very original and one of the areas it is very original in that there isn’t really a character in it who is someone you want to root for and yet you still get engrossed. The book is more driven by plot than character and it works very well. Edited wonderfully once again by Anne Dachowski.

This is a great series and I’m intrigued to see what happens next in book 3.

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The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story (Forgotten Woods #1) by P.A. Wikoff Review!



The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story (2018) by P.A. Wikoff is the first in the Fantasy series the Forgotten Woods by the author.

In the book, Wikoff perfectly sets up the scene of the world in which Barne lives and gives a great background and overview to the events in the novella. Barne is half feather folk/half human and these two groups of people are at war with each other. This book has a lovely balance of dealing with important issues and having moments of humour in parts too. The book deals with power issues and felt like it referenced many issues going on in our world today.

The fact that Barne is caught in the middle can be easily understood by anyone who finds themselves caught in the middle in terms of things such as race, gender and sexual or romantic orientation. It also deals with the idea of people coming in and taking over how people should act or feel and the fear involved with prejudice. This book is written with a lot of heart and I loved how the author placed the emphasis on Barne and his search to find a place to belong when he is made feel often like he doesn’t fully belong anywhere.

A very strong write which is did directly and bravely. I love books which challenge issues upologetically and make you be in peoples’ shoes for a bit. A really gorgeous job.

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