The Voice UK – Take Two!

Read about my experiences at the Belfast Voice UK auditions over at my music site if you’d like to :-):



So yesterday The Voice UK rolled into Belfast for the Irish leg of their auditions. And yours truly went along to audition. It was my second time auditioning for the show. I auditioned two years ago too.

My sister and I got the train into Dublin and then another train to Belfast for the audition. We arrived and couldn’t remember where the hotel was from the last time so we waddled around asking for directions which some lovely people helped us with. Thanks. 🙂 We got there in the end and I nearly tripped over the carpet when I was going into the hotel before registering and then nearly missing the holding room which the girl I registered with had pointed me towards. Socially awkward, much? 🙂

So then we were all waiting in the holding area for the group to become ten people before we could be brought up…

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Poem: Follow Your Dreams

Take a deep breath,

Don’t overthink,

Absorb the moment,

It isn’t going to happen again.

Don’t be insecure,

As my Dad always said:

Everyone can do anything

That they set their mind to.

Release the fear,

Keep it inside,

Don’t let it show,

Try to forget it’s there,

Get lost in the moment,

This ain’t life and death

But it could change your life.

Follow your dreams,

Don’t take rejection personally,

Roll with the hand you are given,

And most of all never lose heart.

Marc Jacobs Resort 2017 Review!


Marc Jacobs Resort 2017 is a stunning collection brimming with colour. There is lots of pieces with a rock, androgynous or hippie vibe which always warms my heart. Just such a beautiful retro collection. In particular some of the jackets are amazing creations. I love them. And a stunning brown leather skirt which I can imagine teamed with a large belt would look super hippie-like. Right I’m on to raid the charity shops for cheap versions of the looks! 🙂

The Amazing OutCry!


Leicester rock band OutCry are James Byron on vocals, Rick James on bass Alex Brookes on drums and Scott Cadenhead on guitar. The band originally formed in 2006 at Leicester college in 2006. Following a 2 year hiatus the band reformed in 2014. They raised almost £1500 for cancer research with their track In Your Memory which you can listen to here:

Donate to Cancer Research UK and download In Your Memory at:

Their EP is excellent (I listen to it a lot! :-)) which you can hear here:

Some More Music


They gig a lot including recent gigs in Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield and London. Below is a link to a review for a recent gig in Nottingham:

NLC “Rockin’ For The Children” Festival – The Maze, Nottingham. Day 2 Sun 1st May 2016

Some Videos From Gigs


For more on OutCry go to:




Short Story: Father’s Day Remembrance

It is Father’s Day today so I have decided to write a short story entitled Father’s Day Remembrance. Hope you like it.

Happy Father’s Day to my own Dad up in heaven. Love you Dad. And happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there. 🙂


Kerry sat on the sofa. She looked upwards and began to talk to her father.

“Dad, so Father’s Day has rolled around again. Did you see the flowers and card we brought up to your grave?”

She was talking about the flowers and card she, her mother and her sister had brought up to his grave when they had been down to visit his grave. They now lived in a different town but regularly went down to see him.

“How’s heaven today? Any characters? We’re good. We’re watching the football and Big Brother later. I’m sure if there’s a telly up there you’re watching the former and won’t be watching the latter. Although one of your fellow Dubs Hughie is in it so I’m sure you’d like him in it.”

She remembered the times they had together, how he loved when their dog brought the lead over in his mouth for him to bring him for a walk, how his mother never got her father’s jokes, how he had always been so encouraging of she and her sister’s futures, how he always loved Italy in the football tournaments and supported Wolves. She remembered him watching the Elvis Presley comeback concert and how she knew it annoyed him that her favourite Elvis track was his cover of Peggy Lee’s Fever as opposed to an original Elvis track. And how he also loved the Rolling Stones. How he loved to sing David Essex’s A Winter’s Tale and had a really good voice.

“Love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day. Talk to you soon.”, she said and blew a kiss up to him.