Beauty On A Budget: Drag King Look

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here is my latest Beauty On A Budget look. Hope you all like it. 🙂

First Steps

Put MakeUp Gallery’s Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder – Honey Beige on your face and neck. Blend well. Next use Miss Beauty London’s Eye Crayon – Cocoa to do your lines to make your face more masculine. Draw an open square coming down from the middle of your forehead. Start a square on both sides of your forehead and extend both down to the end of your chin. Draw a small line coming up from the middle of your chin. From this line, draw the lines connecting this line to the ends of your sideburns. Put some of the Crayon in lines down the side of your nose and put a bit under your eyes. Blend the under eye part in well. Use MakeUp Gallery’s Hide & Chic Supersize Liquid Concealer in vanilla to draw around your lines but blend in well.

Second Steps

Next use the Revolution eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution London. Use the dark pink in the top inner part of each eyelid and the red shade underneath on each side. Use the dark orange shade in the top half of each outer part of the eyelid. Place the bright yellow shade underneath on each side. Use the black shade to make your eyebrows thicker. Use Miss Beauty London’s Fine Eyeliner in black under your eyes and using Cosmetic Connections mascara in black do your top and bottom eyelashes.

Final Steps

Use Miss Beauty London’s Fine Eyeliner in black to draw on your moustache. Remember to start with a thinner line coming down from each nostril. Finally use Glow Up Lip gloss in red to finish and you are good to go. 🙂

Everything in this look is 1 Euro 50c apart from the eyeshdow palette which is 6.99 and the concealer which forgive me if I’m wrong but I think was 4.00. The Glow Up Lip gloss I’m not sure about but any red lip gloss would do the job. 🙂


Shadow Walker By Jina S. Bazzar Review!

Shadow Walker (2022) by Jina S. Bazzar is a really wonderful read.

The story follows the protagonist Melaina who decides she will stay away from all supernatural-related situations. As a consequence of this, she finds herself outside of society and is robbing to provide for her aunt and brother. However things don’t stay like this for very long as Melaina is offered a job with a corporation which isn’t owned by one of the nine magic-related Houses. She takes the post but the job does not turn out quite as she had planned and soon she is confronted by numerous undesirable people. She is now caught in a dilemma to save her brother and the secrets of her family.

I found the book really, really interesting. There are so many twists and turns that will definitely keep readers intrigued and wanting to know what happens next. Melaina is a character you find yourself rooting for too which really helps to keep readers engaged. Melaina has secret magical ability which is forbidden. She is a shadow walker but she wants to live an easier, hassle-free life by avoiding the nine magic houses. I found in my own way as a person who has faced gaslighting and as a trans man, especially an opinionated one, I could relate to her story. The kind of staying away from situations out of fear and not being true to yourself for fear of judgement but then finding that you are able to deal with anything when it comes your way are definitely things I could relate to in my own way. Melaina as a character and the plot she finds herself in teaches people to be less afraid, to trust themselves and that everything will in the end work out and I think that is a really powerful message which this book puts across. I adore Melaina as a character. I think she is really relatable and amazing. The writing is stunning. I have read work by this author before so I didn’t expect it to be anything else and this book was no exception. It is perfectly crafted, so much storytelling, so much emotion and so much detail. You really get to know the characters and where they are coming from with their situations and it’s really, really interesting seeing all that and seeing all the pieces coming together.

This book is part of a series so don’t expect all your answers to what will happen next in one go. It is the first book in the author’s Shadow Walker series and is an excellent start to the series. I think you will be hooked once you read book one. A must-read.

For more about Jina S. Bazzar and her work go to:

To purchase Shadow Walker by Jina S. Bazzar go to:

Poem: Pure Bliss

Every day I feel myself getting stronger,

I feel less of a need to choose,

be trans or be opinionated,

it was like you couldn’t be likeable

being both of those things

and while that may be true

in numerous situations,

I choose not to care

and to utilise my assertive buttons,

let go and be,

I feel I’m much happier that way,

I put myself first

and there is nothing selfish about that,

nothing wrong with that,

just a few more bridges now Mitchy

and I think it’ll be pure bliss.

Poem: From The Sidelines

Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

Sometimes I feel like I place myself

on the sidelines,

it seems safe there,

it seems it is comfortable there

and distressingly seems it is where

I am destined to be

but if I fight,

sometimes the fight seems so hard,

energy gone

and like I live in my mind,

scared to live outside it,

judgement day and the like,

I can’t stay here

but sometimes I feel stuck,

like it’s routine,

what I am used to in a funny kind of way,

scared to rock the boat I carry on

but sometimes I think

would rocking the boat be the worse thing in the world

or maybe the best?

Poem: Moving On

Photo by Ahmed Hasan on Unsplash

The fish swims around the tank

watching the comings and goings,

what a mundane day?

Was that someone talking to themself?

Someone gossiping behind someone’s back?

Moving on,

oh there there,

don’t cry,

it will all be alright,

swimmingly it may go even.

Moving on,

was that an affair?

Was that a murder?

All the things the fish seen from their fish tank

would make them the perfect witness,

is that the cops?

Over here,

I want to give my statement

the little fish thinks

and sighs as their bowl is lifted to be brought away

moving on even

to the house of a friend of their now deceased owner,

the life of a fish,

always stuck in this fish bowl,

when do I get a chance at the action?,

the little fish thinks

before sighing once more

and moving on.

Poem: The Morning Shave

Photo by Laura Mitulla on Unsplash

The morning shave,

oh it is so glorious,

setting me up for the day,

followed up by the face wash

and the moisturiser,

suddenly I’m feeling refreshed,

maybe even hot,

though so much of it may be in my head

I feel good,

the morning shave,

setting me up to go,

all revived,

all energised,

feeling fabulous darling

even though I had no hair to shave,

such a minor detail like.

Poem: Pledge

Photo by Miriam G on Unsplash

I pledge to be there for you,

to back you,

to believe in you,

to protect you

but also let you free,

to look out for you,

to worry

but to not suffocate you,

to not second-guess you

and to put confidence into you each day,

I pledge all of this through good and bad times,

through the ups and the downs,

in sickness and in health

till death won’t do us part.