I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Highlights Week 2!

Kian and Joey decide who such be immune from the first vote-off

Kian and Joey decide who such be immune from the first vote-off

My next 2 fave campmates to Kian and Joey have a dance together

My next 2 fave campmates to Kian and Joey have a dance together

Kian has a swim

Kian has a swim

Joey looking hot doing the live trial!

Joey looking hot doing the live trial!

Vincent looking hot and showing off that fine bottom of his!

Vincent looking hot and showing off that fine bottom of his!

Hi all! Here is the highlights from week two of the jungle:


Joey does the trial in a cave with rats after my own heart. (Nibbling away! Those guys and gals know a good-looking man when they see one too!) and gets 8 stars.

Joey does the live trial Critters Got Talent. I was sad because I was supposed to go and try out for BGT on Sunday and I couldn’t get to the audition! I was like not tonight of all nights! But outside of that I completely enjoyed the trial. Alfonso was his assistant with some of the trials. Joey got 10 stars. And I got Gangnam Style when he did it and Shar got God Save The Queen and we all got Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Loved him attempting to sing I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. And Thriller was fab too.

Alfonso gets a bit down and David comforts him.

Vincent walks around in short pants. So hot!

The camps are put in 4 teams to win a luxury night in a villa while the 3 losing teams are put on a bus of horrors. In the first round Kian, Mo and team captain Steve beat Lucy, Alfonso and team captain Vincent.


Vincent says he wishes his penis was longer. Didn’t look that small yesterday babe. Don’t worry yourself! He says Alfonso doesn’t have that problem.

David says that he thinks style is not a fixed thing and that it is whatever you like yourself and I have always agreed with him and it’s great to see someone with his reputation in fashion saying that.

Vincent dances with David and Annabel in his short pants. Oh keep this up Vincent! Please do! Talk turns to who has the best ass amongst the males in the camp. Annabel says Vincent does while Steve lets them know that he won arse of the year back in his day. Alfonso says that they don’t know what he is like in his pants and Kian tells them he has a great ass.


Show not on due to football match.


David and his team Rebecca and Matthew win their semi-final for the villa final against Amy and her team Joey and Annabel.

Kian gets 9 stars in the cave challenge.

Vincent dances with Amy.

Kian, Mo and Steve win the night of luxury in the villa and the next day Kian’s wife, Steve’s girlfriend and Mo’s sister come to see them. They also give messages from the loved ones of their other campmates.

The other campmates have to survive the night of terror on the bus.


Kian and Joey become the camp saviours following the public vote.

Lucy got 8 stars in the limo challenge.


Rebecca gets 10 stars in the water challenge but is almost stopped by a persistent mud crab. David had wanted to do the challenge.

Alfonso and Matthew have a row over how many days it says on their contract that they have to stay in the jungle.

Joey and Kian do a memory challenge and Joey despite saying he has a bad memory proves himself wrong by getting 22 out of 25 right. Kian gets 18 right. They save Mo for immunity but she isn’t happy about it as she wanted to go.

Joey and Kian discuss Towie and Westlife. Kian and Jodi watch Towie.

Joey and Kian pick Amy to be a camp saviour with them.

David, Vincent and Alfonso agree to look out for Amy with some of the other girls’ jealousy of her beauty.

Vincent and Steve discuss their bums.

On one of the days but I can’t remember which now Union J’s Carry You was played over the show for a few seconds and I thought that was fab!Talk to you all next week with more highlights!


JJ Hamblett and Caterina Lopez Become Parents!

The happy couple while Caterina was pregnant

The happy couple while Caterina was pregnant

Union J singer JJ Hamblett and his model girlfriend Caterina Lopez have become parents for the first time today to a baby boy called Princeton J. Alexander. Hamblett shared their big news with fans on Twitter, posting happily within an hour of the baby’s birth. JJ announced: ‘Its official at 9 30am today I became a Daddy The healthy little boy has arrived at a weight of 6lb!!!!! soooo happy right now :)))) xx’.

Lopez went into labour on Wednesday and JJ posted an update for his fans while they waited for their son to come into the world:
‘AND NOW WE WAIT!!! :-))))))) x … NOT LONG NOW!!!!!! Sooooooo excited :))))) xxx ‘, he tweeted during the night.

Following his announcement of the birth, Both proud parents went back on Twitter to post the first photograph of little Princeton, with a pic of their son’s tiny feet captioned with his name. Lopez also put Mother up on her profile.

Hamblett’s brother Ashley tweeted about their sister Otea becoming an aunt while Hamblett and Lopez have received many congratulatory messages since the news was announced including messages from his Union J bandmates Josh Cuthbert, George Shelley and Jaymi Hensley as well as Hensley’s boyfriend Olly Marmon and contestants who were on The X Factor the same year as Union J such as Christopher Maloney, Rylan Clark and Ella Henderson.

Love the name and congrats to both of them on the birth of the baby. Happy parenthood guys! 🙂

Ashley Hamblett: Otea is going to be an aunt.. Aunt Otea sounds a bit weird to me, but cute. x x #haha 🙂

Josh Cuthbert: ‘SOOO HAPPY for JJ and Cat!! Its an amazing day and couldnt happen to 2 more amazing people. Chuffed to bits. The baby is gonna be beautiful.

George Shelley: ‘Congratulations JJ and Cat! New little one in the family now so proud of you both! I’m not the youngest member anymore!! Haha Love You!’

Jaymi Hensley: @JJUJWorld is a Dad whoooop uncle Jaymi xxx

Olly Marmon: Congratulations to my good friends @JJUJWorld @mscaterinalopez at the arrival of they’re little babyboy!! So happy for you! Xxxx

Rylan Clark: Congrats to my beautiful @JJUJWorld and Cat on the birth of our little XF baby! Can’t wait to meet you Princeton xx pic.twitter.com/xhIGW0hz2j

Christopher Maloney: Just had a phone call @JJUJWorld Congratulations JJ and Cat! New little one in the family so proud of you both! Haha #unclechris whoop! X

Ella Henderson: ‘Congratulations @JJUJWorld & @mscaterinalopez on your baby boy! Auntie Ella volunteers for babysitting ☝️ !! Xx’

X Factor Live Show 6!

The X Factor was 10 this week! I was 13 back then! So it was fitting that the show was opened by the runner-up from season 6 the fabulous Olly Murs singing his new single Hand on Heart who was brilliant as always. The theme was Winner’s singles and No. 1S from former X Factor contestants.

First up this week was Nicholas who was 17 today! Happy Birthday Nicholas! He sang The Climb by the amazing Joe McElderry. Nicholas revealed that he and his family used to vote every week for Joe when he was on the show. Joe came to the house to meet Nicholas and to give him some advice. I was so jealous! I’m a huge Joe McElderry fan!He looks as gorgeous as ever! He told Nicholas that he reminded him of him when he was on the show and advised Nicholas that he could do some ad libs after the key change and said how it had been great to get to give advice to Nicholas like people had done for him when he was on the show. He’s so nice! Love him! Nicholas sang also this week at a Scotland International football match which must have been a great honour for him been Scottish. If it was an Ireland match with me I’d be dead chuffed! He opened the show with The Climb while standing on a raised circle. He was fabulous as always. It’s effortless really. A cake was made for him of him singing on the stage and the judges were there. It was so sweet!

Next up was Hannah looking stunning in a gold dress singing Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke. Alexandra also met and mentored Hannah. Hannah said that she was a fan of Alexandra’s. Alexandra got emotional when she sang the song and told her that she was going to be fine. Hannah was amazing singing the song. Absolutely amazing!

Third was the second of Louis’s boys Luke. He met and was mentored by Shayne Ward. My best friend was such a Shayne Ward fan. He said how it was about time one of Louis’s boys won again. Luke also got a tweet from Adele which Nicholas showed him after the show last Sunday. It was so sweet seeing him cheering his friend up showing him the tweet. True friends are for each other like that. Luke sang One Direction’s That’s What Makes You Beautiful in his own edgy style and it was fantastic. Performance of the night in my opinion.

Next up was Rough Copy. The boys met and were mentored this week by Little Mix and went to the fairground with Gary as well as going to his gig. Joey was so scared of the rides and ended up on the merry-go-round. He cracked me up! Little Mix loved how they were bringing urban back into their performance. The boys were brilliant this week singing En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go (Love) which Little Mix made their own on the show. It wasn’t quite the theme but it was very good.

Fourth up was Tamera. She met and was mentored by Olly Murs who she admitted that her granny loved. Olly was lovely and gave great advice. She sang James Arthur’s Impossible. She forgot her words twice and it just wasn’t great.

Closing the show was Sam Bailey singing Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love. Leona came in to meet and mentor Sam this week. Leona’s new hair is amazing and really suits her. She told Sam that she would need to put her own stamp on the song. She was lovely. Sam closed the show dedicating the song to her daughter who is a huge Leona Lewis fan and that was really sweet. I didn’t think it was the best performance though.

This week many of the former X Factor contestants were back! Which for an X Factor nerd it was bliss! Stars which came back included Chico, Amelia Lily, Shayne Ward, Rylan Clark, Olly Murs, Ashwin Abinash, Robert Unwin and 2 Shoes and there was a look back of the judges over the years. Also loved hearing a bit of Carry You during the final!

The results show saw the fantantic JLS boys do a performance with the remaining six finalists as well as a performance by the fab One Direction. Aston looked so hot in the trousers and I love Louis’s new rough look. So hot! Also we had a stunning perdormance from Mary J Blige and Jessie J to get us all into the Christmas spirit early.
Sadly this week we lost Hannah from the competition. She was in the bottom 2 with Rough Copy and Gary and Nicole chose to save their own acts while Sharon and Louis chose to save Rough Copy. It was a brilliant sing-off.

I felt very sorry for Hannah because she really did not deserve to go. But I’m sure she will have a fantastic future in music and I wish her all the best. I also didn’t think Rough Copy should have been in the bottom 2.

Next week is the first time that the acts will sing 2 songs this season and the themes are a song by their hero and one picked from three songs they put up on The X Factor app by the public. At this stage of the competition I am completely for Luke Friend. His performances on the live shows have been outstanding and I would buy his album. But I do like Nicholas and Rough Copy too. And obviously as a person who loves music and singing and understands how hard it is to brave it out and perform to people I wish them all the best.

Union J’s JJ Hamblett Lends His Support to Alzheimer’s Research UK!

JJ and his little star Lola

JJ and his little star Lola

JJ with his equally kind-hearted father and the Alzheimer's Research UK cups

JJ with his equally kind-hearted father and the Alzheimer’s Research UK cups

Kind-hearted Union J member JJ Hamblett is helping Alzheimer’s Research UK and is hoping to raise awareness amongst his many fans. Hamblett said he got involved with the cause because he found it “heartbreaking when you hear of the pain the families affected by Alzheimer’s go through. Scientists are looking for a cure. I really feel for these families and just want to do all I can to help.”

He said how he wanted to raise awareness amongst his fans that Alzheimer’s can affect anyone young or old and said that a lot of their fans have family members who are affected by Alzheimer’s.

He said he hasn’t been affected by the illness on a personal level but said his equally kind-hearted mother works as a social worker and works with people who have Alzheimer’s. He has been working with the charity for five or six months and said, “My mum is so proud I’m involved. The research they are doing is incredible. They are trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s which tears people’s lives apart. I want my son to be aware of it, and all of our fans too to spread the word. It’s not just about being famous, but helping people. Hopefully they will find a cure.”

Asked if becoming a dad makes him want to do more Hamblett said, “It’s such a sad, sad thing not being able to remember your kids. I’m about to become a dad too, and the thought of me not one day recognising my family because of Alzheimer’s scares me. It breaks my heart. That’s what so many families are going through. Hearing their stories and their struggles has brought tears to my eyes. I want my kid to be aware of the situation too.”

Hamblett is also helped in the promotion by his very adorable dog who is a pug called Lola. Such a little star!

Best of luck JJ and Lola in your very important quest. I hope it goes amazing for you both!

For more information on the cause go to http://www.alzheimersresearchuk.org

I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Highlights

I have decided to do these I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! Blogs weekly putting in the highlights from each week.


Steve Davis, Lucy Pargeter, Alfonso and Joey Essex (Totally beautiful man!) arrived first and were put on a boat and took out to sea where they met Ant & Dec who told them that the rest of the contestants were stranded on an island and they had to save them and pick celebrities to join their teams after they were put on the red team: Joey and Steve otherwise Team Essex as their both from Essex and the yellow team: Lucy and Alfonso. The winning team would get to stay on a new island while the losing team would be left on the stranded island. But first all four had to jump out of a plane. I would love and hate to do that! It would be a great thrill I’d imagine but I always think the one time I’d decide to do it something would go wrong! Or possibly there would be no problems but I’d have a heart attack on the way down. It was 8,000 ft up! Oh my god! Joey screamed half the way down. I probably would have screamed the whole way down so I can’t judge!
The two teams then had to race each other to checkpoints to get a choice of two celebrities (Didn’t that remind anyone of sports teams been picked at school?! Bad memories!) Joey wanted to get to the checkpoints first “to pick fit birds”. And he got his wish. The red team were ahead the whole way. Their first choice was between our very own Kian Egan, former Westlife member and The Voice of Ireland judge and Olympic Champion Rebecca Adlington. The red team picked Rebecca because Steve felt as a sportsperson she would be fitter. Kian and Rebecca met before the red team picked and she told him she had been a huge Westlife fan growing up and had been to many of their concerts. Kian joked the red team, “Enjoy your last night of luxury.” Next the red team had to choose between Miss Universe GB Amy Willerton and presenter Matthew Wright. As before the two met. Joey said that he was thinking of what was best for the team by picking Amy. Don’t you mean best for you Mr. Essex?! Hehe! He described Amy as “a proper sort.” So proud of Kian because he began to ensure the yellow team was catching up. Designer David Emanuel who worked with Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna and Joan Collins as well as designing Princess Diana’s wedding dress and former Eastenders star Laila Morse were next. I would love to sit down and talk to David about his career. Such a great career he’s had. As before both met. The red team picked Laila. Sadly all Kian’s running was not enough as the red team reached the bell and the boat first so they were going to get the dinner on the boat while the yellow team were sent straight into the jungle. Kian rang the bell even though they lost.
Kian got a tic in his arm and Doctor Bob made his first appearance. I love Doctor Bob! Kian was so brave with the tic.
Joey said his biggest fear in the jungle was not having enough product for his hair and it going “wavy”.
Kian said he wasn’t scared to eat anything. He said, “Put it in my mouth. Chew and Shallow.”
The celebrities were brought on helicopters to the jungle where they faced a bucktucker trial to decide who got the best camp Croc Creek and who got the bad camp Snake Rock. They were all put on a wheel and whoever stopped at the boxes was against each other for the challenge. They then were put into the transparent boxes where a creature chosen by a spinning wheel was dropped in on top oif them. The person who made a star out of the broken pieces was the winner. David and Laila were first with cockroaches. David won. 1-0 to the yellow team. Next up was Matthew and Amy with Snakes. The yellow team went 2-0 up with Matthew winning. Third was Kian vs. Rebecca with rats been included. Kian said to the rat, “Hey buddy”. There was also a rat chewing his beard. Kian won with Rebecca thanking him by saying, “Kian, thank you so much for been so quick.” Now the yellow team went 3-0 up. Next up was Alfonso vs. Steve with Scorpions. Alfonso won. 4-0. Kian suggested they let the reds get the last one as they were still playing for meals despite the fact that from when they went 3-0 up the yellow team had the best camp. Joey and Charley had lizards in with them. So it ended 4-1. A lizard was biting Joey’s trousers.
The Snake Rock camp struggled to light the fire. Joey prayed. In the end Rebecca came up with the idea of using her tampon to light the fire with and it worked.
There was a storm in which the very clever Lucy and the equally clever David sheltered in the phonebox there. I’d run in there too!
The first two picked for the bushtucker trail Monday Takeaway were Matthew and Joey.


Laila reveals that sex has been slimming for her.
Joey and Matthew take on each other in the first bushtucker trial. After eating a feast (Sarcasm ain’t dead!) which consisted of camel toe and turkey testicles and the two brave souls ate all five dishes we went to a tiebreaker which Joey won.
Rebecca revealed that she peed in the pool as a swimmer. Laila says, what if someone needed a dump. She is fast becoming the comideienne of the camp! Steve pretends that he has peed in the forest pool. Rebecca falls for it.
Amy teaches Joey the time on a round clock as he only knows how to tell digital time.


Joey and Matthew go head to head once more in the challenge up to your neck in it. Again they both finish the challenge but in the tiebreaker Joey wins again by 1 second in a tiebreaker estimating 60 seconds. Oh poor Matthew!
The camps take each other on in challenges. First up is Laila and Steve versus David and Lucy in the mental challenge. As Steve had played the game before when he was a kid Croc Creek won and got jam and bread.
Next up was Matthew versus Amy in the memory challege. Matthew wanted to quit the challenge as it was an overnight challenge but Lucy wanted her pillow because it had photos of her loved ones on it. He won the pillow and each of them won and lost different peoples’ luxury items.
In the physical challenge Kian and Alfonso took on Joey and Rebecca. Rebecca and Alfonso lost and it was between Kian and Joey with Joey struggling and Kian as cool as a cucumber saying “You seen to be struggling a bit there bruv?” and “I’ve got a good 10 minutes left in me.” It was so funny and in the end Kian won.
Joey says he never learned how to blow his nose.


The camps merge and Joey faces the bucktucker trial Submerged. See what I did there! He gets 7 stars and faces a baby crocodile!
Kian and Joey sing together.
Sparks start to fly between Amy and Rebecca. Kian and Alfonso notice this. Lucy, Rebecca and Amy later get into a debate about beauty in the fashion industry.
David and Steve do the first treasure chest and are very funny. They win marshmallows.


Amy does the trial and gets 7 stars.
Amy and Rebecca make up.
Kian and Matthew do the second treasure chest and win crisps.
Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles enter the jungle and do their first trial.


Vincent and Annabel do their second trial. They have to hold creepy crawlies in their mouths. The camp rightly predict that Vincent will win the challenge and he comes in with food. Annabel is sent to a prison in the forest.
Vincent asks Lucy if she has Italian in her. She says she doesn’t. He asks her if she’d like a bit of Italian in her. She says she already has a big portion of Italian at home.
Joey and Alfonso go and do a quiz and get Annabel out of the jail. She now joins the camp.
Kian and Laila have a bit of a tiff over the cooking.
Alfonso and Vincent’s bromance begins and they talk about how they both recently became fathers.

So there you go. More I’m A Celeb action next week!

Union J Go Around London for Daybreak’s “Toy Box” Appeal!

Union J have met the Prime Minister David Cameron and Mayor of London Boris Johnson as they go around London to collect gifts for Daybreak’s “Toy Box”, which will be given to thousands of children cared for by Help the Hospices who are seriously ill.
Union J had fun with deputy prime minister Nick Clegg too joking about Clegg’s pink maracas and also got gifts from Labour leader Ed Miliband, before going to meet Johnson at City Hall.

After figuring out who Union J were, Johnson joked: “We talk of very little else”. Then the lads joked back: “We’ll get out of your hair”.

Union J were also received toys from Strictly Come Dancing and former Corrie star Natalie Gumede, our very own Sir Terry Wogan, Family Fortunes presenter Vernon Kay, This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the women from ITV’s Loose Women and former Pussycat Doll and I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Runner-up Ashley Roberts.

Glamour Hair And Beauty In Bray!

Last Wednesady I had my first appointment with Glamour Hair And Beauty in Bray since I started this blog. They are a fabulous hair and beauty salon with really family staff. The salon itself is always kept looking really stylish.

I had a cut, wash and blow dry to my hair which was in need of a fixing up. It gets long quite fast. I think it’s because it’s used to growing because I love long hair but I could be wrong!

The lad who did my hair was really nice and did a great job. He layered it as well. It turned out to be the best hairstyle I have had. It was so unique, fun and young. I am only 23 after all!

The perfect thing now would be to add a pic of my hairstyle but as I am a working-class girl who doesn’t own a digital camera (They are expensive enough!) I can’t! But if I can get a lend of one or find a net café with one soon I will add a pic. But trust me it was done well and I recommend the salon highly!

Isabel Marant for H&M!

The long anticipated collection by Isabel Marant for H&M recently was released. It was so exciting as Isabel Marant is such an incredible designer. But also an expensive one! So to get a piece of Marant’s style on the High Street is a great opportunity for all fashion crazed people out there!

The collection is not a disappointment either. It is certainly not a collection which gets by purely on the designer label. Influences come from former designs and her signature prints and tailoring. My favourite pieces from the collection are a jacket decorated with beaded embroidery and a pair of biker jeans. I would love to pair them together because I’m eccentric like that!

I love the collection and I hope to get a look at it in reality soon! Knowing my luck it will probably be sold out by then!

The New Jolly Dog! (Warning: This Post Contains An Adorable Dog, Prepare To Melt!)


Dogs make me go “Aw”, “Aw”, “Aw, Aw.” So there was a lot of that from both me and my sister but mainly me as we looked at the new addition to the Jolly household Belle. And for anyone who isn’t a Union J fan that’s Jaymi’s and his boyfriend Olly’s names together.


The little white fluff ball is also the latest Union J dog/pet. Jaymi tweeted on Saturday about the little angel, “This is Belle out new edition to the jolly family @Olly9191” along with a sweet pic of Belle with him.


Olly has posted a lot of tweets about her and pics and it brings me back to me with my own dog who I had for 12 years Cookie (I was young when I got him and I like biscuits! Don’t judge!) and I would photograph that poor dog with disposable cameras like he was a model. I’m sure in his head he thought where’s my cheque?! One of his tweets reads, “My new puppy!! Thankyou Jaymi!!! Love you xxx”

She is a dote and I am guessing that her favourite song from the boys will probably be Beethoven. Something I’ll share in common with her! So now I am going to post a pic of Belle, the little toy Maltese with Jaymi so that you can all go “Aw” too!


Roy Keane’s First Press Conference as The Republic of Ireland Assistant Manager!

I recently wrote about the first press conference from the new manager of The Republic of Ireland Martin O’Neill. So I think it is only fair to write about the new assistant manager Roy Keane’s first press conference too! The press conference took place in Grand Hotel in Malahide. I remember seeing the outside of that hotel when in Malahide when I was younger with my mum and sister.

Asked if he ever envisaged having this role, Keane said, “I was always open-minded to it. The fact that Martin asked me to get involved meant it was too good to turn down.”

When Keane was asked about fans who might have an issue with him, he said, “I spent years trying to please everybody but it’s a waster of time and energy.”

Speaking of his history with the FAI, Keane said, “The past is the past. I’m not here to try and change anyone’s opinion of myself, or decisions I’ve made in the past. I spent years trying to please everybody and, trust me, it’s a waste of time and energy, you have just got to do what you think is right and get on with it.” Understandable really since it was all over a decade ago. I was in my last year of Primary school, I’m now in my second year of my Further Education course, that says it all about how long ago it is!

But reminiscing aside, back to Roy! Speaking about his reaction to the team’s performance in the Euros, Keane said, “I felt during the Euros that Ireland should have done better, and surely there is nothing wrong with saying that when they lose their three games.”

Speaking about his perceived tough guy reputation he said, “You don’t know Martin as well as you think, do you. He makes me look like Mother Theresa. It’s going to be interesting.”