Poem: Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes

A novel of worth,

A writer of genius,

You taught me that to understand

Someone you need to put yourself

In their shoes.

Your friendship with Truman Capote was so interesting,

And your close bond with your sister reminded me of me and my sister.

Harper Lee rest in peace

And thank you for inspiring authors worldwide.


Andreja Pejic Lands First Fashion Magazine Cover With Marie Claire Spain Following Her Gender Reassignment Surgery

Andreja Pejic has landed her first magazine cover with Marie Claire Spain following her gender reassignment surgery. The 24-year-old model appears on the magazine’s cover for their March 2016 edition looking very beautiful in a sheer crocheted dress with the headline next to her reading “Romper El Tabú” (“Breaking the Taboo”). Pejic appears in an eight-page spread and four-page cover story entitled, “Fuera De La Crisálida” (“Out of the Chrysalis.”)

Andreja was also named Marie Claire Spain’s Model of the Year. Past winners of the prestigious accolade include Saskia de Brauw, Irina Shayk, Gemma Ward, Arizona Muse, Doutzen Kroes, Linda Evangelista and Anja Rubik.

Speaking of her win, Andreja said,

“Receiving the ‘Model Of The Year’ award from Marie Claire Spain with previous title-holders – which include some of my favorite models like Saskia, Anja, Arizona, Gemma and Linda – I mean, need I really explain!? It feels beyond to have my name follow and gives me hope in showing that girls like us are girls that are just as good!”

She also recently spoke at the Time To THRIVE Conference, which took place on Valentine’s Day in Texas, about growing up, her journey to realising she was a transgender woman and her inspiring campaign with Kenneth Cole. The part where she said she was a loner in school and read a lot reminded me of my own experiences. She gave a really interesting and articulate speech at the conference which you can view below:

Short Story: Best Friends

“€400 a month?”, Janet asked, trying hard to disguise the surprise in her voice.
“Yeah. €50 a week.”, Linda replied, trying hard to disguise that she had noticed the surprise in Janet’s voice.
“For a flat in Dublin City?”
“I googled a lot of places before I managed to find it. But I share it with my boyfriend Roy so it only works out at €200 really so it’s grand. The €400 might have been a bit much alone especially with all the commuting to and from college.”
“But you seem so happy and cheerful.”
“Well money isn’t everything. Don’t get me wrong, I do the Lotto each week as much as the next person. But I have a great boyfriend, great family, my health, I’m lucky.”

Later as Janet sat in her apartment she felt tears come into her eyes. The conversation she had had with Linda earlier in the college canteen had hit her hard. Her monthly rent came to €3,000 and she had never thought anything of it. The shoes on her feet cost €1,000 alone, €200 more than Linda’s and Roy’s rent cost. She felt stupid for crying about Linda’s situation because Linda was happy and content but nonetheless she felt bad and very guilty. She wanted to take her out shopping and for a coffee in the posh cafe she went to on a regular basis. Suddenly she felt like her wealth was like a noose around her neck, an anchor bringing her down. All her life she had enjoyed the good life without a second thought. She knew there was people in the world with less money than she did but from a distance it had been easy. Easy to make uneducated assumptions about why people struggled financially. Easy to think it was their own fault: that they were stupid or lazy or unambitious. But confronted by reality in the form of a hard-working, ambitious and highly ambitious fellow journalism student she found all her old prejudices become null and void. And more than that Linda had been nice to her. By nature Janet had always been an introvert and starting college had been a nerve-wrecking experience for her. But Linda had been patient and let her guard fall over time instead of reminding her how weak a conversationist she was like so many before her had. She was the first real friend she ever had.

The next day as the two women left the college grounds Janet suggested they take a trip to one of her favourite stores.
“Jan, that’s very nice of you but …”
“I have money.”
Linda’s face fell but she soon composed herself.
“Um, you know I didn’t befriend you because you had money.”
“I know that but come on, we’ll have such great fun and after we can go for coffee …”
“Janet, maybe some other time.”
“But don’t you want to know what it feels like to put a Gucci jacket around your shoulders?”
“I have …”
“You have?”
“Yeah. Admittedly I got it in the thrift shop but it was still Gucci.”
“Ah yeah but that was seasons old. I’m talking brand new honey.”
“I know that. Look it’s very sweet of you but I think I’d be a bit out of place in those kind of stores.”
“So what are you saying? That we’ll never go shopping together?”
“Well can’t we go some place cheaper?”
“But they might think I’m a snob in cheaper shops.”
“You’d feel out of place? I never thought of that.”
“I know what people think of me. Some rich bitch who doesn’t lift a finger.”
“I don’t think that.”
“Well I know that but people do.”
“Ok, let’s compromise here. If I go shopping with you to this expensive shop, will you come to the less expensive cafe for a coffee afterwards?”
Janet’s face lit up.

As Linda walked around the shop she had a sense of fear. The price tags ensured that. She was scared that she might damage something and yet she made sure to touch as many of the items as possible because at least she could say she touched pieces by all these designers. After all, it wasn’t going to happen every day. The designer tags loomed before her eyes: Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Matthew Williamson, Henry Holland … the list went on. And Linda’s eyes became bigger and bigger with awe. She allowed Janet to purchase her one Yves Saint Laurent handbag and although she felt bad accepting it, she knew it would break Janet’s heart if she declined. Afterwards they went to the cafe where Linda ordered the meal deal of two cakes and two coffees for €5. When she offered a second round she noticed that same look in Janet’s eyes that she had before in the shop, one of conflict of whether to accept or decline. In the end she accepted too. As Janet took her first sip of coffee from her second cup she said,
“Lin are you sure you can afford this?”
Linda raised an eyebrow.
“I know you are concerned but don’t say that again.”
“Oh, I meant no offence but I don’t want to be taking if it might leave you in some bother later in the week or something. You don’t need to impress me. I’m already impressed that you can survive without designer gear.”
“Well I have to.”
“I don’t think I’d be able to though.”
“You’d be stronger than you think. You are just used to it, that’s all.”
“Greg thinks I buy too much of it.”
“That’s alright because you don’t listen to Greg anyway.”
“True. A boyfriend should know his place should not be between his girlfriend and her Jimmy Choos.”
“I’m sure he does.”, Linda laughed.
“Lin, on a serious note …”
“It’s all only material. It doesn’t mean I’m this bad person …”
“Of course it doesn’t.”
“The best part of it all is shopping with family and friends. The objects pale in comparison. Today’s been great is what I’m trying to say.”
“Yeah, it has been. It’s been amazing.”

Style Highlights From The Baftas!

The Baftas 2016 took place the other night in London and style was brimming on the agenda. Below is my highlights from the big night in film, television and of course fashion:


Female Style

Alicia Vikander


Continuing her success in the style Alicia Vikander donned a gothic style Louis Vuitton gown for the night with matching gothic lipstick and hanging earrings which matched the design on her dress.

Jenny Beavan


Winner on the night for Best Costume Design for Mad Max:Fury Road, Jenny Beavan looked amazing for her win in a hippie rock style.


Sandy Powell


Sandy Powell paid homage wonderfully to the late David Bowie on the night.

Angela Bassett


Angela Bassett looked sensational in a beautiful flowing pink gown on the night.

Male Style

Idris Elbabafta-idris-elba

Idris Elba looked dapper on the night.

John Boyega


Winner of the Rising Star award on the night John Boyega looked stunning on the night for his win.


Stephen Fry


Host Stephen Fry looked dapper on presenting duties in a wonderful velvet green jacket.

Douglas Booth


Douglas Booth looked beautiful on the night in an understated black suit.






















Scotty T Wins Celebrity Big Brother!

Last night my mum, my sister and I had our Big Brother party while watching the CBB final. My mum and I had bets on Stephanie Davis so it was a nail-biting finish in which our fairytale end to the party sadly didn’t happen.

In the end glory went to Geordie Shore’s Scotty T who completed a hat-trick of wins for Geordie Shore cast members following Charlotte Crosby’s previous CBB win and Vicky Pattison’s I’m A Celeb triumph. Second place went to former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis while Darren Day and Tiffany Pollard rounded off the top four finishing in third and fourth place respectively. Danniella Westbrook finished in 5th spot while John Partridge finished in 6th place.

Following his win Scotty said,

“I cannot believe it. All I’m thinking is I need a drink! I’ve been what I’m normally like. On Geordie Shore you only see the edited side of me. In therethat’s what I’m normally like. I made good friends.”

Congratulations Scotty! 🙂 And all the other finalists too! 🙂

My Opinion Of The CBB 2016 Finalists!

It has been yet another eventful CBB over the past couple of weeks and we have yet again almost reached the finale. With six finalists left here is my opinion on the final six in the running to become the next CBB champ!:

Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany has been lovely and hilarious in this year’s CBB. Her friendship with Gemma has been wonderful to watch. She is so entertaining and the night when she kissed Jeremy and Scotty in the truth or dare game was a memorable night in this year’s CBB.

John Partridge

There was the Darren nomination which wasn’t a good moment for John in it but I do like him in it and if Tiffany or Gemma don’t win I hope John does. He has been entertaining and nice.

Darren Day

Darren seems a nice man but I don’t think he has been that entertaining in it.

Scotty T

Like Darren, I think Scotty seems a nice man but he hasn’t been that entertaining in it.

The Best Style From The SAG Awards!

The stars were out in force in the style stakes at the 2016 SAG Awards. On the glittering night in film and fashion let’s take a look at the best fashion from the event:

Female Style

Alicia Vikander


Winner of the award for Outstanding Performance By a Female Actor in a Supporting Role for The Danish Girl, Alicia Vikander wowed in a beautiful sequin gown by Louis Vuitton on the night which had a wonderful hippie flair.


Queen Latifah

Winner of Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie for Bessie, Queen Latifah looked stunning in a gothic-style black sequin gown.

Kristen Wiig

Dressed in Roland Mouret, Kristen Wiig looked amazing on the night.