Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition In The Barbican Art Gallery!

Jean Paul Gaultier's work is been celebrated!

Jean Paul Gaultier’s work is been celebrated!

Madonna and the designer with his famous creation!

Madonna and the designer with his famous creation!

The designer's famous sailor look on display!

The designer’s famous sailor look on display!

Art and fashion! Two worlds where inspiration and visual beauty abound!

And The Barbican Art Gallery has joined the two together in a wonderful exhibition to pay tribute to fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

Entitled, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From The Sidewalk To The Catwalk it is the first major exhibition dedicated to his  vision to his talents and vision. Gaultier has been a major player in the fashion industry for nearly 40 years and in that time the genius has been both amusing and risk-taking in his choices. He has admitted that he is fascinated by world cultures and counter cultures and through this his output has managed to get rid of boundaries between nations and genders. It’s an exhibition which is theatrical and displays over 140 cutting edge clothes which included iconic pieces for film and performing such as the conical bra and corsets worn by the very eccentricly fabulous Madonna, stage outfits worn by Kylie Minogue and Dita Von Teese and pieces made for Luc Besson’s movie The Fifth Element as well as his signature sailor suits (Who doesn’t like a man in uniform?!).

If you get the chance, go see it! Jean Paul Gaultier is one of my fave designers and I am definitely going to try to get there myself.

Prices for the event:

Adults: €27.64, £14.50

Children: €10.95, £9.00

Concession: €15.21, £12.50

Under 12s go free

On from: 9 Apr-17 Aug


Josh Cuthbert Holidays In France!

Josh Cuthbert holidayed in France recently!

Josh Cuthbert holidayed in France recently!

I recently blogged about Josh Cuthbert’s fellow bandmates’ holidays after the band took a break after the tour. (All must have been dying for Dublin’s concert to be over! Only joking! :-)) and today it is the turn of Mr. Cuthbert who I think was in France. Ironic considering my class on my Further Education course were in Paris at the same time. I wasn’t there. Too poor. 🙂 Maybe it’s a good thing really considering if we had been near where he was a little stalkerish piece of my heart might have been unleashed and someone without skis would have been nosing around the ski ramps. Trade Show? (we were going to a trade show) What? Sorry I must have missed it. I was looking at certain other features of life in France! It’s Josh Cuthbert, don’t judge. I’ve seen these four lads in the flesh twice remember. Even better-looking in the flesh than on the TV! 

Anyhow, Cuthbert has been tweeting on his Twitter page:

AT THE AIRPORT 😆 Ski trip with my Dad here we come!!!!!! ✈️

My dad and I got taken out by the ski lift today lift today lol 😀

@MyQueenSellyG I will do I just need to have the confidence to bring my phone up on the slopes lol

@Joshy Cuthbert yeah but I can’t speak french so I’m useless lol




I apologise if this photo of me in my ski gear scares you!!! Lol 👹🚑

Dear my trousers…..please don’t fall down when I ski down a slope….it’s minus 5 degrees out here 😧❄️

Morning Pre-Ski SELFIE!!!!!! In my long-jons and thermals 😜

Can’t believe it’s the last day skiing today😭!!!!! What an amazing trip it’s been 👌

@skipnpayne well I was just in France skiing !!!! But fingers crossed we will be over there soon 👏

Sadly I couldn’t get anymore pics of the trip than the ones on Josh’s Twitter but their cool so enjoy! 🙂

Glad he enjoyed his holiday! 🙂

My New Crush Marlon Teixeira Stars With Luma Grothe For DSQUARED2!

Marlon Teixeira is roasting hot in the new DSQUARED campaign!

Sexily looking to one side is no obstacle!

Relaxing he even looks fit!

A close-up shot. Sure why not?!


Working a pair of shades!

Though the heels are stunning, they would probably ensure a visit for me to the A & E but the best of the outfit, love it!

I can’t even, I am unable to even … Yes I suppose I am having a Tyler Oakley moment! But cut me some slack I have just discovered Marlon Texeira!

If I’m honest and I shouldn’t really say this as a fashion student what first drew me to the new Spring Summer 2014 collection by the amazing DQUARED2 was the incredibly attractive male model Texeira. But the clothes are pretty fab too!

It is a rainforest-themed photo shoot which is shot by Mert and Marcus who are two of my favourite photographers. They produce quirky and risque shoots and never play it safe and I like that.

Texeira starred with female model Luma Grothe in the shoot. Can’t I go back in time and just be her for that day?! Please. Pretty please. 

It’s a very sexy campaign in which Texeira is photographed in numerous sexy poses including one where he is displaying his very fine, sexually teasing bottom! 🙂 But it’s art darlings, it’s art! 🙂

The clothes are beautiful too though as always from this label and I can see that when that absolute babe Marlon Texeira is not been all distracting! 🙂

Of course I looked him up after seeing the shoot (I know that sounds all wrong but you know what I mean! :-)) on Google. Here is a brief synopsis of who he is but make sure to look him up (On Google I mean. What did you all think I meant? :-)), you won’t regret it. 

Brief Synopsis of Marlon Texeira:

He was born on the 16th of September 1991 (Oh I know it’s only a year but why am I older than everyone lately? I used to be younger than everyone! Sniff! :-() and he is Brazilian (Always loved Brazilian men! Oh yes! :-)) but is of Portuguese, Japanese and Amerindian descent (Even better!) and is from Santa Catarina. As well as DSQUARED he has walked for many top fashion labels including Dolce & Gabban, Dior Homme and  Emporio Armani. He also walked for Chanel when he appeared on Karl Lagerfeld’s runway at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 as the only man with 89 women. He is a skater and also likes surfing, learning new things, traveling, going to the beach, watching movies and drinking kiwi juice in his spare time. 

You can see more news about him on his Facebook and Twitter pages below: 

Enjoy! 🙂

Trailer For The Zero Theorem Has Been Released!

Ben Whishaw is set to star in The Zero Theorem!

Ben Whishaw is set to star in The Zero Theorem!

Ben Whishaw is set to be on our screens again! Yay!

The trailer for Terry Gilliam’s new film entitled, The Zero Theorem has been released. It is set in a futuristic dystopia and stars Whishaw alongside David Thewlis, Tilda Swinton, Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz and Mélanie Thierry.

Waltz, who previously starred in the film version of Hairspray, takes on the role of a computer expert who has a crush on Mélanie Thierry. 

There’s a great cast and Terry Gilliam is fabulous and the trailer looks good so I’d say it’d be good and I’m looking forward to seeing it.


Adam Lambert Turns 32!

Happy 32nd Birthday Mr. Adam Lambert!

Happy 32nd birthday to Adam Lambert whose birthday just ended!

I am a major fan of his and I find him incredibly inspirational and he has been a huge inspiration to me to be more myself. He has also been a huge inspiration to me in a music sense too.

Love you Adam! Hope you had a great day! (Not that I think you’ll ever read this but yeah! :-))

Jaymi Hensley Reveals That Union J Will Work With Jason DeRulo Again!

Jaymi Hensley has revealed that he and his Union J bandmates will work with Jason DeRulo again!

Jaymi Hensley has revealed that he and his Union J bandmates will work with Jason DeRulo again!

Jason DeRulo co-wrote Loving You Is Easy for Union J!

Jason DeRulo co-wrote Loving You Is Easy for Union J!

p>Union J’s Jaymi Hensley has revealed that the band will record with Jason Derulo again who co-wrote “Loving You Is Easy.”

In a Sony Music press statement, Hensley said, “This song is about how it sometimes feels like you’re never going to meet the right person, but when you do it’s the greatest feeling in the world. Jason Derulo is such an inspiration to us and we’re so pleased to record this single and are looking forward to writing new material with him once we come off tour.”

Yes Jaymi, I feel that way a lot! Sniff! 😦

The band’s second album is being planned for release in latter part of 2014. 

JJ, Caterina and Princeton Head Off To Arizona!

The happy couple and their son Princeton headed off to Arizona on their holidays!


JJ and Caterina!



Yesterday I tweeted about Jaymi, Olly and George’s holiday and today it is the turn of JJ, Caterina and Princeton!

JJ, Caterina and Princeton headed off to Arizona in America. I don’t know if this is true or not but it was reported that they hadn’t organised a travel VISA for their Princeton. 

Onlookers are rumoured to have said the family were an hour at the desk trying to get the issue sorted and thankfully it was all sorted out before their flight. I’m not saying anything because I am the most disorganised person you could meet. My mum says that I would forget my head if it wasn’t on me and she’s probably right!

The flight lasted 11 hours but JJ tweeted that Princeton was not the worst baby on the flight,

Let’s just say Princeton is definitely not the loudest baby on this flight today,’ JJ tweeted on Monday.

Happy holidays JJ, Caterina and Princeton! 🙂

Now there’s just Josh and his holidays! He’s skiing somewhere. Seen it on Twitter! As yet, can’t find out where but will! It’s got to be France or Switzerland or somewhere! Anyway am on the case! 🙂



Emilia Wickstead’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Ready-to-Wear

Absolutely Fabulous!

Emilia Wickstead’s Spring/Spring collection is amazing! Her signature rectangular box bags on long straps are a feature thankfully because I love that signature. She is incredible at creating silhouettes that completely make any woman feel strong and feminine at the one time.

It is also a very girly collection with a beautiful colour palette. I love the flowing dresses which are a real standout. They are just to die for!

Well done Emilia as always! Stunning collection!

Rory O’ Neill: Inspirational!

Rory O' Neill aka Panti

Rory O’ Neill aka Panti

Recently, Rory O’Neill aka Panti appeared on The Brendan O’ Connor Show over here in Ireland on RTE and basically just said what all normal people think. O’ Neill said on the programme,

‘The only place that you see it’s okay to be really horrible and mean about gays is you know on the internet in the comments and you know people who make a living writing opinion pieces for newspapers. You know there’s a couple of them that really cheese…’

Presenter O’Connor asked O’Neill to name the people he meant and O’Neill answered:

‘Oh well the obvious ones. You know Breda O’Brien today, oh my God you know banging on about gay priests and all. The usual suspects, the John Waters and all of those people, the Iona Institute crowd. I mean I just…you know just… Fe-k off! Get the hell out of my life. Get out of my life…’

None of us are fooled by the way numerous people shroud their negativity with “It’s a political viewpoint” or “Oh it’s for the best of society” and my admiration for O’ Neill soared after that programme.

A terrible thing about things is that there was an apology from RTE after that via presenter Brendan O’ Connor for O’ Neill’s comments in which O’ Connor said,

“Now, on the Saturday night show two weeks ago comments were made by a guest suggesting the journalist and broadcaster John Waters, Breda O’Brien and some members of the Iona institute are homophobic. These are not the views of RTÉ and we would like to apologise for any upset or distress caused to the individuals named or identified. It is an important part of democratic debate that people must be able to hold dissenting views on controversial issues.”

Following this an undisclosed sum was paid to the Iona Institute in compensation by RTE.

The word ‘homophobia’ means an irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against gay people. It means anyone who treats gay people in any way to how they would treat their straight counterparts so what else it but homophobia? O’ Neill is dead right in what he said.

So what was it? All these peoples’ feelings were hurt and offended by O’ Neill’s comments. Oh please spare me! Do these people worry on a regular basis whose feelings they might be hurting and who their offending? I somehow doubt it. An apology for people who regularly spread negativity? What exactly is the world coming to?

These are not simply political opinions. They are political opinions but they are opinions which are trying to stop happiness for gay people and that is very wrong on a human level. They are straight people saying these things and as a straight person I am ashamed of my life of them. I wouldn’t like it done on me the other way around and I somehow think that the people spreading this negativity wouldn’t like it done on them either if things were the opposite way around.

You look around at people, gay, straight and bisexual, in the world and you see so many amazing people who bring joy, positivity and all manner of wonderfulness to the world in everyone’s individual way and you think why are people been so negative about people because of their sexuality. It is ridiculous. We should be valuing diversity and valuing people.

I am completely in support of Rory O’ Neill. What he said was liberating to hear and I wish him all the best in the future.

This Sunday, February 2nd at 2pm on King’s Street, Dublin 2 which is near the Gaiety there will be a protest in support of Rory O’Neill.

Jolly and George Shelley Enjoy Barbados!

Loved-up couple Jaymi and Olly and Jaymi’s bandmate George soak up the sun in Barbados!

The happy couple are all smiles on holiday this week!

Is there anything better than hot men at the beach?! 

Union J’s George Shelley and Jaymi Hensley and Jaymi’s partner, honorary fifth member Olly Marmon enjoyed a day out in Barbados at the beach recently. Sure isn’t well for some. Why not? 🙂

Jolly looked cute as always whilst wearing similar urban-style outfits on their holiday while having a lovers’ seaside stroll. George was beach bound also wearing a black and white star t-shirt paired with a pair of shorts and red baseball cap.

Jaymi and Olly are living together and are planning on getting married this December. Jaymi previously said to The Mirror of their wedding planning,

“I’m getting married in December. It’s going to be a big day… Management have been trying to say the next tour is in December so maybe we’ll get married during the interval.”

I hope they get the time to have a honeymoon just as nice as this holiday during the interval too. 🙂

The loved-up couple have been tweeting about the holiday on their Twitter pages with Jaymi tweeting,

“Happy holidays 🙂 perfect start @Olly9191

as well as,

#BoybandOnVacation #George&JaymiKardashian

Olly has also tweeted about the break with the following tweets,

On the way to the airport gonna go catch some rays in Barbados with my boy! :))

Virgin Atlantic first class lounge! #thisishowweroll #nevertoearlyforchampagne

Soaking up the sun in Barbs the paps found us already! Lol


While George also tweeted about the holiday,

People of Britain. Don’t worry, the sun hasn’t burn out it still exists X


Hope they enjoy their holiday! 🙂