Poem: London

More madness,

this time in London,

more deaths

of people on a night out,

more religious fanatics

who can’t bear happiness.

These times are crazy

but we will remain strong,

strong together.

May all those who died on London Bridge

rest in peace and may their loved ones gain

strength at this very sad time.

Poem: Senseless Violence

So many lives lost,

so senseless,

the world is getting stranger,

so violent,

young people and children

just out enjoying a concert,

many peoples’ lives cut short.

For nothing,

for absolutely nothing.

May those who died in the Manchester attacks last night

rest in peace and may their loved ones find strength

at this very sad time.

Poem: The Beautiful People

To be kind,

To value differences,

To fill the world with love

And not hate and ignorance.

Shower the world in flowers,

Not in daggers.

A world of kind words,

Of kind actions.

Make the world easier,

Not harder,

It’s hard enough as it is.

Pollute the world in





Those who do are the true beautiful people.


Poem: Bigots

Bigots playing the victim

While trying to make out everyone else is.

“I wanted to say it without anyone saying I was a bigot”,

Sadly dears the world is educated,

People know what a bigot is.

Bigots going on about freedom of speech

While saying no one should be disgusted by their words.

The last time I looked that was the other person’s freedom of speech to be.

Most laughable of all bigots saying calling them bigots

Or anything related to it is “name-calling”,

A statement of fact isn’t name-calling.

Bigots twisting things around,

“I feel like this because of my religion

So their been prejudice towards me now”,

No, their calling you out because of what you said,

Not because of what religion you are.

I’m a Catholic,

No one says anything to me about been Catholic,

That kind of says it all.

“I feel like this because of the generation I’m from

So their been prejudice towards me now”

No, their calling you out because of what you said,

Not what age you are.

Do people call out older people

Who don’t say prejudice things?

That kind of says it all.

Of course you have freedom of speech

But this isn’t the 1920s anymore,

People will challenge you,

That’s how the world works.

Freedom of speech

Doesn’t equal freedom of consequences.




Poem: The Equality of Freedom of Speech

Why on TV, in lecture halls, etc …

Do we still have people discussing:

Is been gay “unnatural”?,

Is been introverted a “lack of social skills”?,

Is been a transgender woman a “real woman”?

Is been black “less superior than been white”?

And why when someone’s stopped on this trail

Does freedom of speech come into it?

Surely freedom of speech’s roots have always been in equality.

Where’s the people on TV and in lecture halls, etc… discussing:

Is been straight “unnatural”?

Is been extroverted a “lack of social skills”?

Is been a cisgender woman a “real woman”?

Is been white “less superior than been black”?

Only than can it be called freedom of speech

When everyone’s up for discussion

And critique.

The middle ground doesn’t count as the opposite,

“Majority groups” are supported by both talking currently.

And I say that as someone who is in support of the middle group

Where everyone is treated equally.

In the interests of freedom of speech,

Surely everyone should be a discussion,

Is “fair game” to be critiqued.

Both “minority groups” and “majority groups”.

Doesn’t it need to be both or neither?

Otherwise it doesn’t feel like freedom of speech,

It feels like inequality.


Poem: Miss. Stray Cat

Streetlamps cast a glow

On this night-time show,

A cat roams the streets

Saying meow to every cat she meets

Going through the motions of defeats.

For tonight food is not to be found,

The food that would make her sleep sound.


She struggles on,

Pity that butcher’s is gone.

Scraps were usually present there

And she hadn’t in the world a care.

Tonight her paws feel rough

But she has to be tough.


Survival is her middle name,

Making it happen is her game.

She must keep looking for the prize

In the middle of her tired sighs.

A new skip looms from afar

Like a shining bright star.

Poem: Humanity In The Face Of None

Humanity In The Face Of None is a poem I have written about the horrific attacks in Brussels. May everyone who lost their lives rest in peace.


More madness,

Will it ever stop?

Yet more lives destroyed,

Yet more tears by loved ones,

Yet more thoughts from others

That it could have been us or someone we love.

Humanity in the face of none,

Compassion in the face of none,

Love in the face of hate.

Rest in peace to all those who died in Belgium.