Heavy Footsteps – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

In response to secretkeeper.net’s weekly writing prompt #119. The challenge is to use the 5 words given below (or their synonyms ) in a poem or flash fiction.





She heard the loud noise

and it made her shiver

and almost jump out of skin,

he was home drunk again,

she wondered why she’d married this man,

this scum who didn’t know right from wrong,

her parents said she had ‘made her bed

and now must lie in it’

but they hadn’t a clue what was going on,

she was too ashamed to say

but she wished so badly to escape,

she cowered under the bedclothes

as his heavy footsteps approached the door

ready to take out his war on the world

using her as his punchbag.


Poem: By The River



He sat by the river

perched on a rock,

his tears fell down

and mingled with the water

due to the loneliness

residing in his heart.


All around him

his friends were

falling in love

and settling down

and he felt love

would never happen him.


And then a man

came along,

perched down on the rock

beside him,

he was out riding,

this felt like proper romance …


The kind of romance

he had read about in books

and they talked and met each day

by the river eventually kissing,

he longed for his friends

to meet the man he loved.


They would sit and read

to each other,

smoke and laugh,

have picnics,

race sticks in the water,

hold each other close.


One day his best mate came by,

curious he was to see

what made his friend

come here each day,

he looked on in shock

at what he saw.


There was his friend,

perched on a rock

by the river

with a book in hand

chatting and laughing away

by himself.

Poem: Trans Day Of Remembrance

On the 20th of November was Trans Day Of Remembrance. This poem is for all the people who have died and face dangers because of being trans.

I can’t imagine

how it personally feels

to be personally persecuted

for my gender

and I’m ashamed that

so many cis people

think they have a right

to take someone’s life

or to injure anyone

for being trans.

Who gave you fuckers the right

to harass someone only

going about their business?

To cut the life short of someone

only trying to get on in the world?

Rest in peace to all the people

who have lost their lives

through this senseless evil,

my condolences and thoughts

go out to their loved ones,

may they find strength in this time

of grief.

May those who have suffered

in any way or face fear

find the strength to fight on and survive.

To the persecutors,

remember one thing,

you see a trans person

but that’s only part of who they are,

they are somebody’s offspring,

somebody’s parents,

somebody’s sibling,

somebody’s friend,

be kind to trans men, trans women

and non-binary people,

we all deserve the same equal respect,

nearly all of us face prejudice in some way,

we all are in minority groups of some kind,

remember that and reign in the evil,

we all have been given life

and we all deserve to be able to live our lives.

Poem: Leave Your Shoes



If you don’t see me as equal,

I still see you as equal,

if you see my sexuality as wrong,

I still see yours as right.


But don’t expect me to respect your opinion

about things damaging to me,

about things inaccurate about me,

I accept you have the right to the opinion

and I respect you as a fellow human

but I will never respect

your prejudice

dressed up in so many guises

that I’ve lost count,

if you believe your words shouldn’t hurt

then you are very misguided,

put yourself in my shoes,

if I was personal about your sexuality,

would you think it was alright?

Please stop telling me to

try to understand you

when the root of this problem is

that you could never understand me.

Poem: Falling Asleep

I have fell asleep to Christ

and I’m happy sleeping,

if one wants to be awake

go for it,

I just wish Priests would

stop telling me to wake up,

darlings I’m grand sleeping,

I’m awake to being nice to people

and that’s all that matters

and yes you can be nice to people

and not believe in God,

it’s very possible,

very easy to be.

Poem: Partnership


They have so much in common,

both filled with passionate fire

and passionate compassion,

following each dream together,

making each other stronger.

Striving for common goals,

best friends, partners, relationship goals,

she is the chilled out person with

sarcastic wit

and deep pensive eyes,

he is the slightly reserved English person with

a protective streak

whose deep pensive eyes marry with hers.

They bring out each other’s gentleness

and strength.

Apart they are both a force to be reckoned with,

together they are so powerful.

Love, companionship, shared dreams,

it doesn’t get much better than that.

Poem: London

More madness,

this time in London,

more deaths

of people on a night out,

more religious fanatics

who can’t bear happiness.

These times are crazy

but we will remain strong,

strong together.

May all those who died on London Bridge

rest in peace and may their loved ones gain

strength at this very sad time.