My New Book One Step Closer 3 is now Available On Amazon!

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The third book in my fictional reality series One Step Closer is now available to purchase on Amazon. Once again, I enjoyed been back in the company of old favourites from previous books and meeting many new characters on this new writing journey.


In particular, without giving too much away, there was a friendship in this book which is rather complex and was definitely very intriguing to write and it became quite a major part of this particular book. Also Mark is beginning parenthood with Gavin of their daughter Reena, Lucy is still making eyes at every man that comes her way and Cody is struggling with his feelings for Lucy despite his upcoming wedding to Maria. Meanwhile Benjamin and Emily are vying for the attentions of a contestant.


I always love writing One Step Closer. I grew up watching reality singing shows and many reality shows in general. I was around for early shows in the reality TV music world (I was quite young though! :-)) when it was all only really starting to take off so from a viewer point of view, I have a lot of experience in writing this series. And I find it fun as well as heartbreaking. It has a mixture of moments.


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My New Book Rory Murphy Mysteries: Final Act Is Now Available On Amazon!

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Hello everyone! 🙂


I have just released my 16th book Rory Murphy Mysteries: Final Act on Amazon. It is the third book in my Rory Murphy Mysteries series. In this book, Rory, his boyfriend Joseph and their friends and fellow couple Steven and Simon embark on the mysterious murder of theatre actress Mary-Anne Shepherd and soon find that her murder is connected to two other murders. But who is the killer/s?


In a world filled with disguise the four men must uncover the layers and find out what exactly lies at the heart of all this death in theatre land …


I love writing this series and with each book comes new characters who can play supporting roles to our main man Rory and his crew of four amateur detectives. I found the whole element of using disguises very interesting to work with in this book and I thought it fitted well with the theatre and acting. And it was nice to dip into Simon’s world!


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Valentine’s Love By Helena Stone Review!

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Valentine’s Love (2018) by Helena Stone is a beautifully crafted, heartwarming love story.


The story follows protagonist Ty O’ Malley who owns a gift shop called Spoilt for Choice and enjoys nothing better than helping his customers find the gifts they need to show their appreciation of those they love. Often these situations are with their significant others and while Ty is helping them, he is putting to one side his own emotional affairs in matters of the heart with the same sex and the pain and hurt he feels about the breakdown of his relationship with a man who he loved who left him three years prior. I couldn’t help thinking of Jane Austen when I was reading parts in this book because like Ty, a lot of her work was about romance and yet she struggled to find it in her own life. But alas, Ty is thankfully not going the same path as dear Jane as hope is on the horizon in the form of a customer who comes into his shop called Ben Cronin. With the help of Ty’s cupid-like assistant, there is now a chance for finding his own love of his life to buy gifts and shower in love and affection. But there is of course a snag like in all good ‘will-they-won’t-they?’ romance as Ben has come into the shop looking for gift ideas for another mystery man who has his heart all aflutter …


I think the chemistry between Ty and Ben is very natural and drives the plot forward with ease. You definitely find yourself rooting for them to get together and for Ty to finally move on from his arsehole ex-boyfriend. The emotions and fears that both men feel about making this big leap and adjustment to their lives is written very well especially Ty’s feelings on the issue as he has far more baggage coming into this possible new relationship. He is learning to trust again and finding it difficult to allow his heart to be put in another man’s hands again.


I also love in this book how the author fitted in a bit of social commentary and how it is often assumed that someone is romantically linked to someone of the opposite sex and is buying gifts for them. Though there is a bit more to that part of the story which I don’t want to give away, it was a point well made and something which needs to be brought up in fiction, and in general, more.


Another thing I loved about this book is that as an Irish person, it felt very authentic of Ireland to me. The characters in this book are like Irish people I meet all the time and that isn’t always the case with the representations of Irish characters in fiction. I mean the amount of times I have lost my shit over representations of Irish people involving leprechauns, a belief in mythical creatures and an all-round naive outlook of the world has been a hell of a lot. So I very much appreciated that the author did not use the stereotypical approach to the story. These characters are strong, everyday Irish people with human emotions and modern outlooks and that is the real Ireland that I live in every day. Also loved that Monkstown was the setting because my late and very much loved father was from Monkstown.


Ty and Ben are such a lovely couple to read about and this story is one of those lovely romances that you can sit reading with a cup of coffee and marshmallows and feel all warm and happy inside.


A fantastic read. Very beautiful. And a read for all year round, not just for Valentine’s!


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Loving A Straight Boy By Joseph Lance Tonlet Review!

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Loving A Straight Boy (2018) by Joseph Lance Tonlet is a short story about unrequited love.


This is a great book which deals with the subject of unrequited love and the psychological dynamics that are often at play in such situations. The protagonist and the straight man he’s in love with are both very flawed characters in the situation and both their personalities make an incredibly difficult situation even harder for them both. Countless times I have been in the position of the main character feeling love for a person it isn’t going to happen with and I understood the pain, the emptiness and the longing that the author has written very well in the piece. But the way he is handling it is all wrong. His approach is very forceful and he is not accepting that this man has a right to feel how he feels too. But the other man’s approach is just as bad. He loves the power he has over the main character and the way he relishes in the power he has over him is sickening. He is leading him on in short even though he says nothing will happen. His actions are very different from his words with a lad he knows worships the ground he walks on. He may not ever want to be with him but he wants to always have complete control over him.


Ultimately it is quite a sad tale filled with needs for love, possession and lack of understanding and communication. This piece is very thought-provoking and is sadly often what does happen when you put your own needs always before the needs of others. Both characters are quite selfish for the vision of their own future that they see. It is a story of a very intense and toxic friendship for both of the characters’ wellbeings and you find yourself wishing they would get away from each other, have some space and maybe the situation would become more healthy. Maybe they could even still be friends but be able to find happiness in their respective love lives and not be so wrapped up in each other. Because they both are for very different reasons.


A really great read with great insight into the emotional dynamics of not been able to pull away or to even try to.


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Watch Me (Extracurricular Activities #1) By Neve Wilder Review!

Watch Me (Extracurricular Activities, #1)



Watch Me (Extracurricular Activities #1) (2018) is the first in a series by a new writer Neve Wilder.


The series follows protagonist Nate Sanders, a college student, who thinks he is straight but his beliefs on his sexuality come into question when he feels strongly attracted to his housemate Eric. While Nate is masturbating, Eric accidentally walks in on him which causes Nate to wonder whether he liked Eric watching him in such a sexual state. After this he sees Eric with a male friend and a female friend and finds himself getting jealous. But Nate has other matters to attend to as well with his pending Calculus exam which is not a subject he is very good at (as it’s in the maths realm I could definitely relate to that!) but all is not lost as Eric is very good at Calculus. So Calculus hero Eric comes to the rescue to help Nate with the study preparation for the exam. But study preparation doesn’t quite stay that way when Eric agrees to help his bi-curious friend to find out if he really is into lads.


It is quite a steamy read which I don’t personally mind but if you like a ‘left to the imagination’ kind of story this series might not be to your tastes. It’s a very well-written book that explores sexuality and the search to find out who you are and I think it does so in a very authentic way. As someone who is pansexual I very appreciated that the author explored the area of sexuality from the perspective of the middle of the sexuality spectrum. A lot of characters in fiction tend to be either gay and straight and there is definitely a lack of representation in comparison of other sexualities. So it was nice to see that Eric was bisexual for a change. And while it was never completely made clear in this first outing whether Nate is bisexual, heteroflexible or is straight and simply attracted to Eric there is still a step away from a completely binary way of feeling in terms of his sexuality.


As a couple I think Nate and Eric have very good chemistry. Nothing seems forced or contrived. It all feels very natural. Their dialogue with each other flows very easily and there is the perfect mixture of tenderness, compassion and humour in their interactions with each other which helps the reader to want to root for them to get together and really make a go of things. This is quite a short read that you could finish in 1-3 sittings depending on how much time you have to spare for reading but there is so much packed into the book and you really get to know the characters and their personalities. Very rounded characters who really work well together and who drive the plot in a very seamless fashion.


A really great read and I look forward to at some stage soon embarking on the next adventure in the Nate & Eric/Naric series.


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Sir Chocolate Series By Robbie & Michael Cheadle Review!

Very late with this review but hope you all enjoy 🙂 …


This review is did as part of the Children’s Books Readathon organised by James J. Cudney from This Is My Truth Now … 


Image result for robbie cheadle (sir chocolate series)Image result for robbie cheadle (sir chocolate series)


I very much enjoyed this book. The writing is very effortlessly and naturally put together. Written by a mother Robbie from characters thought out by her son Michael, this collection of stories is beautiful. It’s a fun read with wonderful recipes full of adventure combined with illustrations which really add to the plots taking place.


A very imaginative series that follows Sir Chocolate in Chocolate Land that teaches many important lessons in a fun way that all the family can enjoy together. Really creatively put together, I love the whole flow of how the village and the characters are put together. It all just fits so wonderfully.


If you love food and you love fiction, this is the perfect book for you. The story behind the series being a combination of mother and son too is so incredibly heartwarming and beautiful.


A fantastic collection of reads.



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Truth or Die By James Patterson & Howard Roughan Review!

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Truth or Die (2015) is a standalone novel by James Patterson & Howard Roughan.


The book follows the story of Trevor Mann who is a lawyer from New York. He is very much in love with his girlfriend Claire Parker who is a New York Times journalist and in the early pages we get a glimpse of what their life is like together. But soon their little world is shattered when Claire is killed in what is at first thought to be a mugging. But convinced otherwise the grief-stricken Trevor begins to investigate the case and goes on a mission for justice, truth and closure.


As Trevor investigates his girlfriend’s mysterious death, he finds out that Claire had found out things in the course of her work that someone or some people want to keep secret. Along the way he meets many characters and a list of suspects also rises which makes for many interesting twists and turns. My favourite character was Owen, a 19-year-old whizz kid who is really nerdy, bright and scientific and who has some of the best one-liners in the book. He is so intelligent and sharp-witted and a really interesting character. It was nice to see a teenager in a book with brains, ambition and purpose because many teenagers do have those qualities and dreams and the tired old stereotype in books that all teenagers are zombie-like and know nothing about nothing is often very off the mark. Undoubtedly teenagers like that exist (newsflash: there’s people older than teenagers like that too!) but there’s also teenagers like Owen so it was a nice change. (Oh and just to be fair, there’s those older than teenagers who are like Owen too!) I also really liked Beverley. She is a great example of a strong, smart woman in fiction. She has no fear of taking on misogyny when it comes her way and there is a particularly good scene during a round of clay pigeon shooting which made me smile.


I very much enjoyed this book. There was plenty of action and there was a really good plot that kept my attention throughout. There was also a lot of deep issues dealt with like grief and the need to find truth and justice in order to start healing towards closure. It asks the question whether anything will give someone closure after such a heartbreaking part of their life. The characters are a great mix and interact very well and very naturally with each other. There is a lot of layers to this book and so many different worlds combine which makes it a very interesting read.


There is often criticism of James’ books with co-authors and I don’t really get that myself. Undoubtedly James’ books on his own are amazing but his books with co-authors are amazing too. His books with co-authors help give a fresh and new feel to the stories as different writers working on a plot always do. And on a personal note, as a writer too, I think it’s nice to see authors get a break writing a book with such a legend of the thriller genre. (I’d love to get the chance to but that’s a whole other story!) And I think the co-authors do a very good job. It’s a great idea because it helps James’ readers to find these wonderful authors and in turn check out their work on their own. So I love the idea.


A great read. A real page-turner.


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