James Byron Long Road Out Of Nowhere Review!



James Byron’s album entitled Long Road Out Of Nowhere is awash with emotional, heartfelt lyrics from beginning to end and several hooks that stay in your head. It is a beautiful, accomplished and introspective debut which can be listened to in full on his YouTube and SoundCloud pages.

Let’s take a look at each track individually:

2 Days

A very catchy opening track 2 Days is both catchy in it’s chorus and in it’s instrumentals. A brilliant sprawling song which has a combination of a rock/country/folk sound.

Rage Through Me

Rage Through Me was the first song of Byron’s I heard and it has always been my favourite. The guitar sound running through it is perfect, the chorus is very memorable and like 2 Days and many other tracks on the album there is a great storytelling quality to it. Byron’s vocal is very narrative-like and it really works very well.

Couldn’t Love You Less

I think we’ve all been there in some way or another, “I couldn’t love you less right now but it doesn’t mean I don’t want you around.” The song flows beautifully and the chords are stunning throughout.

Won’t Make A Difference

This song is one of those songs that makes me kind of sad but sad in a good kind of way if that makes sense. I can relate a bit to it and the chords and Byron’s vocal combined with the lyrics is so heartfelt. It is a beautifully crafted song.

Keep Me Keen

A flawlessly understated song this song is what I call my “The Voice UK Song”. Obviously Byron was on the show himself but why I call it that is because it was the song I had on a lot the night before I auditioned for the show so based on that the instrumentals are clearly calming. Very catchy too.

Good Enough

Emotionally-rich and transcendent, it is heartfelt and assured. Beautifully emotive and lyrically golden.

Watch This Space

Watch This Space is a very edgy song and I love the attitude in Byron’s vocal delivery on it. The guitar sounds fantastic and it is a very well put together composition.


A very cleverly-written track, the metaphor of parts of your life and the many people you meet are part of the jigsaw that makes up your life really works. Byron’s vocal combined with the softness of the instrumentals has a very calming effect which works perfectly.

You Took My Everything (Thin Ice)

Like Watch This Space, the attitude in Byron’s vocal really works on this track and is also very storytelling-esque. The progression of the instrumentals throughout is stunningly delivered.

Let In Love

Let In Love has a very country/rockabilly feel. It has a bit of an Amy Winehouse sound to it and is very catchy and danceable.

Long Road Out Of Nowhere

I think most people from a small town will be able to relate to the title track on the album. It has a huge country influence to it and is strident and soaring.

Never Be The One

The closing track closes out the album beautifully. The lyrics are sung in a conversational style which works stunningly. A beautifully, understated track with a beautiful chord sequence and as always Byron’s vocal sounds clear, crisp, heartfelt and beautiful.


Poem: Choosing Love Over Hate

You spill your hate out like mineral,
Hide behind politics and religion and whatever else
But everyone knows what you are.
You are a bigot,
A prejudice person,
You don’t rule our lives
And you never will darlings,
You are irrevelant,
How’s the 1800s?
We got friends in the present day.
You act so perfect
But everyone knows you are twats,
Lives built on hate
But ours are built on love.
We ain’t got time for you
And neither has anyone else.
Love or hate?
Well which would you choose?

David Bowie The Next Day Deluxe Edition Review!

Some artists have a great successful career the first time around but when they come back to make an album years on it doesn’t sound quite as well and listeners are left yearning for the glory days of the past. Not so with David Bowie whose 2013 offering The Next Day when played alongside his older studio albums all at least ten years old sounds just as authentic and wonderful. What makes this album so amazing is that Bowie stuck to what he knew how to do brilliantly and didn’t try to conform to contemporary musical trends. Then again when did David Bowie ever conform? and we all love him all the more for that fact.

Let’s look at each track individually:

The Next Day

From the title opening track you know that this is going to be a great piece of work. It is assured, thundering perfection. The instrumentals are invigorating and it is an epic start.

Dirty Boys

The flow into the chorus on this track is brilliantly constructed and the intro is very unique. Bowie’s vocal is very storytelling-esque. The instrumentals have a very funky rock feel to it.

The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

One of my two favourite tracks on the album. I also love the video because the amazing Andreja Pejic is in it. It’s a brilliant video starring Bowie and Pejic as well as Tilda Swinton and Saskia de Brauw. What a cast, eh? The song itself is very catchy and layered in meaning. It’s uplifting and meaningful with great lyrics. Endlessly-playable.

Love Is Lost

Emotionally-rich ballad with beautiful instrumentals that flow wonderfully.

Where Are We Now?

This ballad shows the excellent narrative of Bowie’s vocal. It is a poetic, heartfelt and raw vocal delivery. Effective and hypnotizing.

Valentine’s Day

I love the intro to this song and how cohesive the instrumentals are. It is assured and layered and Bowie’s vocal as always is amazing.

If You Can See Me

Dynamic and effortless this song is a strident listen from start to finish. Bowie is singing notes very quickly and I personally don’t know how he keeps up with it because I certainly can’t keep up with the notes when I’m trying to sing along. Trying been the object word in my case so good on him for that.

I’d Rather Be High

A very laid-back number. It feels like a jamming session which is wonderful. Delightful vocal and instrumentals throughout with skillful sensitivity and a wonderful hook to remember.

Boss of Me (Bowie, Gerry Leonard)

This is my other favourite song on the album. Another endlessly-playable track with a great chorus. Great hook. The narrative in Bowie’s vocal is brilliant. I love how all the parts of the song just seamlessly flow into each other. This David Bowie and Gerry Leonard composition is incredible.

Dancing Out in Space

Catchy with a great hook. Stunning flow from section to section. Strong and compact and the chorus is very memorable.

How Does the Grass Grow? (Bowie, Jerry Lordan)

Laid-back instrumentals flow into thunderous instrumentals. The vocal combinations have a very old school rock feel to them in this David Bowie/Jerry Lordan track. Focused and refined.

(You Will) Set the World On Fire

The intro to this track is a great slab of thunderous rock. This is my second favourite track on the album to The Stars (Are Out Tonight) and Boss of Me. The lyrics are great and the chorus is very memorable. Bowie’s vocal is stunning, edgy and narrative-like.

You Feel So Lonely You Could Die

Beautiful and poignant, this number is amazing, textured and emotional.


Dramatic intro that has a very experimental and ethereal quality. Bowie’s haunting vocal over these instrumentals sounds glorious. Hauntingly beautiful with a mesmerizing, mythical and musical quality. Bowie’s vocal has a narrative vibe and draws you completely into the song.

So She

A lighter track than many of the other numbers it has a very sunny, fun feel to it and a bit of a folk feel. Stunning track.


Stunning instrumentals. Glorious sound storming into your ears.

I’ll Take You There (Bowie, Leonard)

The second of the David Bowie/Gerry Leonard compositions is a delightful closing track to the album. It is masterful and refined rock ‘n’ roll and is thrilling and polished.

In Celebration Of Brian Molko’s 43rd Birthday!


I never got to do this blog post because I was studying for college exams so here it is now. In celebration of the gorgeous Placebo frontman Brian Molko’s 43rd birthday (which was on the 10th of this month) let’s take a look back at some interviews with the man himself. Belated happy birthday Brian!

Interview with Simon Amstell

Interview with Graham Norton

SVT Interview

JIM Interview

Hurricane festival 

The New Music

Goth Chat


The Amazing Style Of Andreja Pejic


Stunning Bosnian model Andreja Pejic’s style is simply breathtaking. She has incorporated many different styles such as rock, gothic, hippie and classic/elegant into her look over the years.












But Miss Pejic doesn’t just excel in the fashion stakes when it comes to her look. She has also created her own set of eyeshadows with Make Up For Ever when she became the first transgender model to be the face of a major cosmetics brand after been the first transgender model to be profiled by Vogue also.








And she has also had many amazing hairstyles that we’ve all tried to copy (successfully or unsuccessfully tried is another matter! :-))








Bray Arts December Show Takes Place With Launch Of New Journal. (And my story features in it!:-))


On Monday the 7th of December the Bray Arts show took place in The Martello. My sister and I were at the event and it was a very special night because the Bray Arts journal’s launch for its first issue following its hiatus took place and my story At Last was one of the pieces included in the issue.

The journal was launched by writer Catherine Brophy, Artist James Devlin and the new editor of the journal Michael O’Reilly. Following the launch, entertainment was provided by painter and sculptor Paul Flynn, quartet The 4 Piece Suite and fiddle player Ger Doyle. A raffle took place in aid of the charity The Five Loaves and there was also Christmas stands with items such as jewelry and home skincare available to buy. Also everyone got a complimentary mulled wine for the Christmas period.

It was a great night and an honour to have my story published in a journal which has a long, prestigious history in Bray.

Foreign Policy Magazine’s 2015 100 Global Thinkers Event Takes Place In Washington

tumblr_nyqvppkxeq1rar94xo1_1280The Foreign Policy Magazine’s 2015 100 Global Thinkers event took place on Tuesday, December 1 in Washington. Coming before the Foreign Policy’s annual 100 Global Thinkers issue, the event surrounded a panel discussion entitled, “The Fourth Unsolvable Problem: The Future of Activism”.

Global Thinkers on the panel included supermodel Andreja Pejic, WITNESS’ Associate Director of Communications and Engagement Matisse Bustos-Hawkes, activist Jim Obergefell, rapper Sonita Alizadeh, photographer Robin Hammond, artist Adejoke Tugbiyele and co-founder and executive chairman of GiveDirectly Michael Faye.






Vicky Pattison Is The New Queen Of The Jungle!

Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison has been crowned the 2015 Queen of the jungle on I’m A Celebrity tonight. The 28-year-old reality TV star bet Union J singer George Shelley into second place with The Only Way Is Essex’s Ferne McCann finishing in third place.

After Ant & Dec announced the result of her win, an excited Vicky was presented with her crown and staff by last year’s king of the jungle Carl “Foggy” Fogarty.

She said of her win,

“I can’t thank everyone who voted for us enough. I don’t even think I deserve it! Thank you so much. I love you all. And I’m probably going to have to pay for my mam and all my mates’ phone bills when this is over!”

The Newcastle lass became the second late arrival after Christopher Biggins’ win in 2007 and had an emotional reunion with her mum Caroll on the bridge.

Congratulations to Vicky and well done to George and Ferne too. 🙂

My Opinion On The I’m A Celeb Final Five!

i-m-a-celebrity-logo-945762134Well it has been another interesting series of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here and we have once again reached the latter stages of the competition. I’m sad Lady C isn’t there but obviously there was medical reasons so I’m glad she did what was best for her health but I loved her in it. Both Lady C and Kieron have been my favourites in the series.

Here is my opinion on our final five my dears:

Kieron Dyer


Kieron seems really nice and is my winner. I find him quite introverted and I can relate to that. I admire him for doing it because I’d imagine it isn’t easy going in among all the big personalities and he is from a sporting background so the whole showbiz thing would be quite new. I also loved the friendship he had with Lady C and Chris Eubank who I also would have liked to have seen in the last five. He’s also been up for the challenges too and I love his sense of humour.


Ferne McCann


My second favourite of the last five is Ferne. She seems really natural and nice and that challenge with the snakes in the pit was pretty something. If that snake was around my neck I would probably so much that the snake would kill me. Although the sight of the pit may be enough to do that to be fair. So yeah, a huge challenge that could possibly be a huge turning point in Ferne possibly winning it. Well I have a bet on her at 33/1 so I’m hoping it is anyway. Her friendships with Vicky and George have also been lovely.



George Shelley

I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!

I have a soft spot for George because I’m a Union J fan and he hasn’t disappointed me in the jungle. He seems really nice and his penchant for hugs always makes me smile. Shows a warmness and a gentleness which are great qualities. I love his friendship with Ferne and he’s always up for every challenge he’s set. I don’t know if George has been in the show as much as some of the others however. There has been times he has faded into the background but he is coming across very well.


Vicky Pattison


I like Vicky and she is always up for the challenges. She seems really nice and I love her friendship with Ferne too. I love some of the comments she made too because she comes across as a feminist which is always a good thing.


Jorgie Porter


Jorgie seems really nice. She is always up for the challenges even if the last one was a bit of a disaster. Still the eating challenge with Lady C was brilliant and both Jorgie and Susannah did bravely jump out of the plane at the beginning.