Beauty On A Budget: You Are Worthy

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This tutorial is about mental health and struggles a lot of people have including myself at one point. My message in it is that you are worthy and you deserve to have a great life, no one has the right to make you feel any differently. The heart tears are to symbolise suffering because people might make you feel like you are doing bad and wrong things when you are actually very kind and loving. The line tears are pain and the lines on the neck are symbolising the chaos in the mind when you start believing negative things about yourself.

First Steps

Using a make-up sponge, put on Miss Beauty London’s Perfect Base Face Primer on your face and neck then the middle colour on your face and neck from the Cosmetic Connections Blusher/Powder. Using the same palette put on the first colour on the top line on the top of your cheeks. On the lower part of your cheeks put Mua Luxe Glow Beam Liquid Highlight Cushion. Use Make-Up Gallery’s Hide & Chic concealer under eyes. From Max & More Nude Look Palette put second colour on the left on your eyelids. Brush eyebrows and put first colour on the right of the same palette on your brows with a brush. Using Cosmetic Connections mascara in the shade of black do your top and bottom eyelids. Use Miss Beauty’s London Fine Eyeliner in black for under your eyes.

Second Steps

Using Cosmetic Connections lipstick in the shade of red paint your lips. Put more in the middle part of the bottom lip. Repeat the same process with Miss Beauty London’s High Shine Gloss in a red shade.

Final Steps

Paint on heart tears with Mua Luxe London’s Criminal lipgloss, Miss Beauty London’s Fine Eyeliner, the eyeshadow you used on your eyebrows, Cosmetic Connections lipstick in a pink shade and red-pink shade. Put light black eyeshadow around your eyes and swipe pink Cosmetic Connections lipstick and the second colour from the left on the bottom line of Cosmetic Connections Eyeshadow palette down the sides of your nose. Using same red lipstick you used on your lips, write worthy on your forehead and chin and the lines connected to the bottom worthy down your neck.


Everything used here is 1 Euro and 50c although I am not sure how much the Mua Luxe products are but any cheap version of them if they are more expensive would do the job too. 🙂


Poem: Too Perfect

This poem is inspired by my character Karen and her relationship with her boyfriend Karl and is told from Karen’s POV. Hope you all like it.🙂

I don’t know if he gets me,

he says he does

but that’s not a feeling I’m used to,

I have trusted so many times before

and found that those promises and pretty words were hollow.

It is going perfect,

too perfect,

it’s like he respects me,

it is like he sees me as a human being,

he has to have an angle.

Oh for god’s sake Karen he has no plan,

what is he? A spy?

All he wants to do is love me, right?

And yet he could have any woman he wants,

why would he want me?

His life would be easier if he wasn’t with me,

his father would approve,

why doesn’t he just leave me already?

And why can’t I let him go?

I am supposed to love him.

I don’t want to think negatively of him,

I hate that I do

but I don’t want to build my hopes up again

and get hurt.

5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here is another five video suggestions to watch this week on YouTube. 🙂

Social Issues

In this video from Vox, eleven-year-old Jolia Bossette speaks about her thoughts and feelings about being a black child in America. Very interesting and brilliantly put together. It is really heartbreaking to hear anyone but especially a child facing prejudice, ignorance and fears for their safety. Often we live in a very disgusting world when children are being put into these awful and terrifying situations because of the ugly nature of a lot of adults who should know better.


This video is about Europe’s oldest person Sister Andre who tested positive for Covid-19 but thankfully made a full recovery. At the time of the report she was 116 but was set to celebrate her 117th birthday. Such a lovely story and I hope she had a really amazing birthday. 🙂


Recently I was engrossed in The Masked Singer UK and my favourite was the amazing Dragon who was revealed to be Sue Perkins. Sue did such an incredible job. Really entertaining and fun and she has a really great voice. The Dragon was mine, my Mum’s and my sister’s favourite and it was great to find this compilation of the Dragon’s entire journey on the show.


I was delighted to see this compilation go up of one of my favourite drag artists Bob The Drag Queen. Seems compilations are being made for me lately and I’m not complaining! 🙂 Bob is so witty and talented and this compilation of her time on RuPaul’s Drag Race on her way to winning season 8 is amazing.


Finally we have some music from Fleur East. Her song Sax is such a great bop and I come back a lot to listen to this track when I want to dance. Excellent.

Poem: It’s You That I’ve Been Waiting To Find

This poem is inspired by the amazing Shine by Years &Years. Hope you all like it. 🙂

My past has left me with fears,

maybe often irrational but possible,

I trust but I’m guarded,

I worked so hard to get to a feeling of confidence,

too long to let someone come in and dismantle that.

I need to keep my strength and confidence,

I need to keep it literally like breathing.

The one I’m waiting to find isn’t someone who thinks troublemakers are those who speak their mind,

years of suppression have thought me not to on a daily basis

and this person would be encouraging and supportive of me bringing out the inner me without pressure.

Whether they think the same or not is irrelevant,

I need someone who is on my side for who I am,

not putting pressure on me to be a certain way in order to get them on my side.

I want a loving partner,

not a sanctimonious mentor.

Sometimes I have my fantasy thoughts of finding someone who likes me for me,

isn’t apologetic about me when I’m not about myself,

who isn’t embarrassed by my passion or scared of it.

Sometimes it is hard to let my walls down to find that person because I’m so scared of finding the controlling type and for my mental health I can’t take any more of that.

I hope to find someone who doesn’t think who I am reflects on them in any way and who understands that we are both individuals on a team with our own minds and respects that.

I need someone who will make my personality shine,

not try to suppress it,

someone who can make me trust more,

I don’t want to act in my own home.

I want to be myself and for that to be enough.

More than enough in fact.

Hollowed Heart By Vera West Review!

Hollowed Heart (2021) by Vera West is an incredibly powerful collection of poems and short pieces.

Clearly written from the heart, the book talks about traumatic experiences and the need to keep fighting through and the strive to find some sense of closure and peace in your mind and heart in the aftermath. The book is written with so much honesty and rawness and will definitely help many people out there because of that to not feel as alone about what they have went through which is what excellent writing should do.

Brilliant. A must-read.

To purchase Hollowed Heart by Vera West go to:

For more about Vera West and her work go to:

5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here catching up on my missed week. Here is my five video suggestions for this week to watch on YouTube. 🙂


First up we have an amazing track by Jennifer Hudson called Spotlight. Jennifer’s vocal is incredible on the song and the video is amazing. The song and video shows the awfulness of control in a relationship and it is always really really brilliant when someone addresses this topic because it makes people feel less alone in their situations. So much kudos to Jennifer.

Next up we have Luther Vandross performing A House Is Not a Home at Wembley. This is a really amazing performance and the part at the beginning is really cool.


Here is the fourth part of Nikkie Tutorials’ amazing series Layers of Me. In this episode Nikkie talks about keeping that she was trans private from her best friend and the public, preparing for her coming out video and how a blackmailer pressured her into doing so before she was ready. Another excellent episode.


Here is the next episode in Gottmik’s make-up tutorial series. In this video she recreates her look from the bead it runway. Another great look. She also talks about her crush on Drag Race UK’s Bimini Bon Boulash. 🙂


Finally here is Rose’s second episode of Wine Crush Wednesday. Very fun. 🙂

5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here is my five video suggestions to watch this week on YouTube. 🙂


First up we have the latest in Gottmik’s make-up tutorials series where she recreates her look from the little black dress runway. Absolutely stunning as always. It is a very interesting episode where Gottmik talks about family and the show while creating the amazing look so I found that really great too.

Next we LaLa Ri, also from season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and in this make-up tutorial she is recreating her look from the train runway. So gorgeous.


This is the third episode in Nikkie Tutorials’ series Layers Of Me. This is a really emotional episode in which Nikkie talks about her little brother who passed away.


Next up we have a track from 2001. I felt old when I realized that as I was 11 at the time. That aside this is a modern day classic. Alicia’s vocal is amazing and the music video has a great story to it. Here is Fallin’ by Alicia Keys.

Finally we have Seal’s I’ve Been Loving You Too Long. Such a wonderful vocal and great video.

5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here is my five video suggestions for this week. 🙂

Human Life Stories

This is an amazing interview with Kingston Faraday by interviewer Laura Ling. In the interview Kingston talks about being a trans man and his daily rituals of exercise, meditation and learning. He seems a really interesting man.


Here is the next episode in Gottmik’s make-up series. This week she is doing the three looks she did for the bag ball challenge. Three amazing looks and so cool to see how she went from each look to the other in a way that fit the timeframe of the challenge.


I started watching this series Wine Crush Wednesday recently by Rose from season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and I find it very funny. This is the first episode.


Here is the second episode of the series Layers Of Me by Nikkie Tutorials. We see Nikkie going through insecurities about her body in this episode which is very heart-breaking and very relatable to many of us in varying degrees. For Nikkie to be so open about letting that be in the documentary I think will help a lot of people know they aren’t alone with these insecurities.


Here is a classic track with an equally wonderful video. I dare you not to be dancing! 🙂 Here is CeCe Peniston with Finally.

My New Book Positive Affirmations: Dealing With Mental Health & Suicidal Thoughts Is Now Available!

Hi everybody! 🙂

My new book Positive Affirmations: Dealing With Mental Health & Suicidal Thoughts is now available on Amazon and Payhip. It’s something I’ve struggled with myself but am very at ease in my mind at the moment thankfully. I have known people who have had struggles like these too.

I hope the book will help anyone who purchases it and even though it might not feel like it now there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m living proof of that and you can get through this too even if you don’t believe that you can. Sending you all much positive vibes, happiness and support. 🙂

To anyone who purchases my book, thank you in advance and take care of yourself. You are worth far more than you may think you are.

To purchase Positive Affirmations: Dealing With Mental Health & Suicidal Thoughts go to: