Friday Fictioneers: A Place To Get Lost In





A Place To Get Lost In


He watched through the crack. The morning was just turning to afternoon on the beach. A perfect view of a gorgeous tourist spot. All blue sky and sea. A place one could get lost in their thoughts, unwind, not notice anyone or anything …

Like that random bloke last night sitting on the beach, cigarette in hand, earphones in. His first practice for his serial killer future. He never met the bloke before. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time noticing no one …

Happy that bloke’s body didn’t rise to the surface, the future serial killer walked away.


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Poem: Grace & Hope

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Today is Lesbian Visibility Day so this is my poem Grace & Hope in honour of the day. Hope you all like it. 🙂


When they were 3

they used to play with Barbies

and occasionally a Cindy,

sitting for hours talking

and making up weddings

for their dolls.


By high school Grace

had turned all emo

while Hope joined

the debating team

and became the school nerd.


At 21 Grace wondered

why she was attracted to her

best friend.

After all Grace liked girls,

always had

but to the world Hope was

a guy called Ryan

but she never felt like a guy

to Grace

so it was all very odd.


In any case love was love

and all that jazz

and by 22 they were officially

an item

but Hope was moody

a lot of time

and Grace wished she would

let her in.


At 24, Hope admitted to Grace

that she was trans,

no big deal to anyone

except Daisy Johnson

who insisted they weren’t

‘a real lesbian couple’

like herself and Joan

but no one listened to her anyway.


At 30, they got engaged,

a mutual agreement over breakfast

in their new flat,

might be many years before

they would marry,

recreate their dolls’ weddings,

many years before they saved

for the rings

but the deal was made

and life was good.


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Poem: My Worth

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I want to fall in love someday,

just a little dream of mine,

some dreams come true,

some don’t I guess.


When in search of love

sometimes it’s easy to forget

to forget that you are

in fact pretty fabulous,

you bend into their mould

and that’s no fun.


Oh hell let me say it

I’m looking for a normal

in other words not a bigot,

I’m not a bigot,

why would I expect any less?

Why would I accept any less?

Forgot my worth, didn’t I?


Optional: funny, ambitious without being psychopathic,

but you know just a normal, kind person,

not some weirdo in other words,

just a personal preference,

might as well use the often misused buzzword:



I’m not picky,

just know what I like,

I want a normal,

not an abnormal

who is shocked and confused by everything,

I’m sure there’s multitudes of women, non-binary people and men out there

who fit that type,

I’ve come across a few,

let’s see what the future brings.


My Tips For The Irish Grand National 2019!

Today is my birthday so hopefully the Irish National will be lucky for me! Here is my tips for the big race:

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Acapella Bourgeois 25/1

Isleofhopendreams 25/1

A Toi Phil 22/1

Roaring Bull 33/1

Out Sam 25/1

Bellow Mome 25/1


Best of luck to you all. 🙂

Friday Fictioneers: Plans







Writing was like her footsteps in the snow. You make your mark, they disappear, someone else makes their marks behind you. Erasing yours, showing life as it is now.


That was why on that cold night as she walked from the pub, she wondered why she had been so scared to say what she felt. To create stories of real life. Not safe. To leave the bubble of her own existence and be a writer. True writers wrote about everyone and everything, didn’t they?


That was plan until she walked out in front of that car. And died at the scene.


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Friday Fictioneers: The Church




The Church


12-year-old Perry Kelly thought he might play hard man and take a few selfies inside ‘the Church that no one went to’ due to it’s reputation of ghostly Priests thinking it would be cool to show his school friends.


Inside it looked like any other Church. He laughed at the townsfolk.

He heard a noise and ran out the door vowing never to return.


Inside the Church a homeless man lit some candles for heat and wondered why a chill had came from outside. As far as he knew he was the only soul who entered here.


(Hope you all like my story this week. At the moment I have been so busy with my ECDL studies and with writing my book and I haven’t been keeping up with commenting on everyone’s else’s work which I apologise for and thank you all for your continued support, feedback and patience. I will catch up on all your stories as soon as I can. :-))


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Tiger Roll Wins The Grand National. R.I.P. Up For Review

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Tiger Roll became the first horse to win two consecutive English Grand Nationals since Red Rum’s same success in 1973 and 1974. The talented 9-year-old Meath horse was ridden to victory once again by Davy Russell, is trained by Gordon Elliott and owned by Michael O’Leery of Gigginstown stud. He went off as the 4/1 favourite for the race and didn’t disappoint many, many punters.

Tiger Roll faced stiff competition on the day from Magic Of Light who came second at 66/1 and Rathvinden in third at 8/1. Rounding off the top 6 was Walk In The Mill, Anibale Fly and One For Arthur.

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Well done Tiger Roll and all concerned. 🙂


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R.I.P. Up For Review

But the day was also filled with sadness when 10-year-old Up For Review suffered a fatal fall at the first fence and was put down. When I heard the news it broke my heart.

There was numerous debate in the run-up to the National about the unsafeness horses face in the National and in horse racing in general. And since the news of Up For Review’s passing, there has been further debate. At any other time I would say debate away to both sides but at this moment in time my thinking is different as there is a horse after losing his life and I think now is a time to mourn his loss instead of one side appearing to use his death to show how unsafe racing is and the other side speaking about Up For Review with that he’s ‘only a horse’ ugly attitude when that horse went out there to race for your entertainment.

I love you Up For Review, rest in peace sweetheart.








Friday Fictioneers: Craving


She rushed from the cottage. Blood all over her clothes. His blood. It wasn’t that he was bad to her. He was what most normal people looked for. But from three,maybe four she had something in her. The urge to kill. A craving. A need. A want.

Light shone through the trees.

A police flashlight? To ruin the fun? Just the moon.

The moon shined down on her figure. Very everyday but ugly in the light. She laughed like a demon.

I’ve achieved something tonight. Forget normal. Forget compassion. The finger up to good. I have control and power.    

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My Tips For The Aintree National 2019!

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My sister is a huge Eurovision fan and the running commentary in our house is that all the Nationals are my Eurovision each year. So in the run-up to tomorrow’s big day here is my National tips:


Joe Farrell 16/1

Folsom Blue 50/1

Pleasant Company 16/1

Tea For Two 40/1

Bless The Wings 66/1

One For Arthur 25/1

Up For Review 25/1

Monbeg Notorious 40/1

Vieux Lion Rouge 33/1

Ultragold 50/1


Hope tomorrow is a most profitable day for all readers of Culture Vulture Express. Whatever horse/s you pick good luck! 🙂