My Seven Tips For Eurovision Glory 2016!

The Eurovision’s semi-finals are complete and tonight we will have a new champion. Here is my seven tips for Eurovision 2016 glory!:


























Poem: Bella & Max

Dog Tale City was lit up by the moon,

Bella the Yorkshire Terrier was full of gloom,

Stuck in her unemployment gloom.

Eyes full of fear for her future

That flows to her core

But to Bichon Frise Max her struggles are a bore.

High in his mansion in the hills,

His glass he fills and fills,

Ensures everyone knows he worked all his life

And criticises those whose future the recession cut like a knife.

Max was given opportunities in better times,

They could have been on different sides of the lines

With a simple twist of their times but that’s how fate aligns.




My Book Hearts: Pansexual Poetry Is Now Available On Amazon!

In October of last year I realised I was pansexual. I’ve been meaning to do a blog post on my experiences of finding out who I was and what the first few months have been like since discovering that section of who I am but as of yet I haven’t got around it with college assignments and tests and that. But I have been writing some short poems about my feelings as a pansexual woman and this book is 15 poems about my feelings.

To purchase the book, go to:

At the moment and for a while I have been writing the fourth book, a fictional romantic novel, but it is going to be my longest book as of yet so it’s taking a bit of time. Will let you all know when that’s up. 🙂


Thank you! 🙂

Poem: 26


Society says,

“Girl, you gotta settle down,

You gotta find your life-long partner,

Become a parent,

Put on the slippers,

Give up on your dreams.”



I say,

“I’ve plenty of time to settle down,

Meet many short-term partners

Before the long-term partner and parenthood,

Put on my ballet flats,

Continue with my dreams.”

Poem: Chestnuts & Berries

The squirrel gathered one hundred chestnuts

And brought them up the tree.

But the other squirrel gathered twenty berries instead,

In a time of cuts,

Chestnuts were not the key

Or so the chief squirrel said.


“You may toil Young Rusty dear,

But the rules are clear.

Berries are more valued here.”