Poem: The Calm Before The Storm

Photo by Ray Harrington on Unsplash

I think all my life

I feared storms,

when my circle spoke of storms

they were dangerous

and their creators even more dangerous,

they unsettled life as it should be,

caused undeserved hurt to precious people

and I let storms become something I feared

and only through life I have realised storms,

well they are to be embraced,

others use fake tales of them to control

and take away their beauty but no,

when I decided to embrace the storm,

no one had any control over me anymore,

yes I’m dangerous,

dangerous to the world they want,

I unsettle what they cherish

and I choose to hurt them instead of hurting myself anymore,

I am in the calm before the storm,


and I can’t wait to be the storm they always advised me not to be,

pressured me not to be

because that storm has more gentleness and kindness

than they do

even with its heavy gusts.