Happy Birthday Roger Taylor!

Legendary Queen drummer Roger Taylor turns 65 today. Happy Birthday Roger! Absolute genius on the drums! 🙂

To celebrate let’s take a look at six Queen songs over the years. You know you want to! 🙂

Bohemian Rhapsody

Another One Bites the Dust


The Miracle

Don’t Stop Me Now

I Want To Break Free


Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill Review!

To me, Alanis Morissette has always being the queen of music. That incredibly stunning voice with all it’s edge and vitality just ranging through the earphones and saying you can be a rock or pop/rock chick my dear. Pop isn’t the only option which was sorely needed in the 1990s I can tell you for one growing up. Jagged Little Pill (1995) was her most successful album and in my eyes one of the major albums for any woman with attitude (and a feminist mindset) who wanted to kick some serious butt but she inspired women and men alike because she is just so damn amazing. Girl crush? Probably. 🙂

Let’s take a look at each of these tracks that took Morissette to fame and recognition individually. Shall we?

All I Really Want

Starting the album off was this sublime opening track. One of my favourites which is something I will repeat many times throughout the course of this review. It has a perfect rawness with so much power and edge that you are instantly drawn in. Loud, breathy and thundering straight into your brain, yes you have arrived on planet Morissette.

You Oughta Know

This track is brimming with attitude. The attitude in the lyrics and in Morissette’s vocal is stunning, mesmerising and empowering. Strong and rounded. Another favourite.


Understated with excellent contrast in Morissette’s vocal from soft in the verses to a heavier edge in the chorus. Stunning job.

Hand in My Pocket

Catchy and strong, this track has a very storytelling-esque quality to it. Excellent lyrics which are original and the understated vocal that matches perfectly to those lyrics. Again another favourite track of mine on the album.

Right Through You

Great attitude in Morissette’s vocal. Great storytelling once again. Strong and effortless.


My favourite track on the album. I love the darkness and edge in this song. The rawness and lyrics are so edgy and unique. Such a strong song. Piercing, strident and brassy, this song is heavy overload rock and I absolutely love it. The instrumentals are so glorious and contrast beautifully. Headbanging at the ready rockers? Let’s do it!

You Learn

Another favourite, the lyrics are stunningly crafted. As you may have gathered from my music reviews I love great storytellers who bring you right into the song. And Morissette is brilliant at doing just that. This song is another fine example of this. Understated brilliance with a thought-provoking slant.

Head over Feet

Really romantic but in a very real way. I can identify with a number of Morissette’s songs but in terms of love this is the one I can really identify with. I am a strong woman or I like to think I am anyway but when I’m in love like everyone I’m vulnerable. This song with it’s lines about not used to liking being treated like a princess are something I can really relate to as well as just the overall vibe and lyrics of wanting to take care of them and they of you. Beautiful. Another favourite.

Mary Jane

Considering my granny’s on my mother’s side’s name was Jane and my second name is Jane and I had two aunts, one on my mum’s side and one on my dad’s side, called Mary of course I’m going to like this track! Very understated and beautiful. A stunning, mellow and calming song combined with Morissette’s edgy vocal, it is another amazing track.


My second favourite track on the album, Ironic is probably Morissette’s signature tune. A stunning flow runs throughout the song from section to section. The lyrics are thought-provoking and original detailing all the ironic things in life from the serious to the not so serious. Morissette’s vocal is glorious throughout going from low to high notes in perfect pitch.

Not the Doctor

Clever lyrics and very well put together with a very catchy chorus. Another favourite.

Wake Up

Dark and piercing. Eerie, spooky and strong. Absolutely love it. Again another favourite of mine on the album.

You Oughta Know (Alternate Take)

Brilliant alternative take on a brilliant track. Edgy and fantastic. Once again another favourite. Just love this album so much!:-)

Your House

Creepy brilliance. A fabulous closing track this understated acapella shows Morissette’s vocal in full flow.

Chloe Wilburn Wins Big Brother 2015!

Chloe Wilburn was announced as the Big Brother 2015 winner on Thursday night by Big Brother host Emma Willis.

The 25-year-old office administrator from Doncaster bet aspiring politician Joel Williams (19) from Cardiff and was emotional following the news. Wilburn also won £116,100.

Earlier in the evening, Danny Wisker from Margate came third with Jack Dermott from Plymouth finishing in fourth as well as taking home £23,900 from a previous challenge in the house while Nick Henderson from Hertford finished in fifth place and Blackburn aspiring rapper Cristian MJC ended in sixth place.

It is no secret from my previous post that I wasn’t a huge Chloe fan but it is a big achievement so congratulations to her and to all the other finalists as well.

The Big Brother withdrawal symptoms have begun 🙂 …

My Verdict On The BB 2015 Finalists!

And so the end is near and we must face the final curtain …

Next Thursday Big Brother UK 2015 comes to an end and the winner will be crowned. We’ve had highs, lows, arguments, thrills, spills and Marc’s underpants. But the Hertford house/studio will be closing it’s doors once again leaving viewers with withdrawal symptoms and neighbours celebrating. But who do I think should be crowned the champ before that? Read on to find out …


I was never really Chloe’s biggest supporter in the series but last week she really did my head in. I had no problem with her taking the £5,000 but it was the hypocritical way in which she did it. All week she was like the head of the moral police and questioned the honesty of other housemates where money was brought into the situation and spoke up if they took anything from the prize fund but the first chance she was offered any money herself she took it. She ended up looking worse than any of the other housemates in the end because of the dishonest way she went about things. Outside of that she has never being a very interesting housemate in my opinion.


I don’t like Cristian since what he said about Jade. I thought that was disgusting. I do think a lot of Cristian’s problem in the show has come from his friendship with Danny who I think he looks up to. He seems to have influenced Cristian a lot and I don’t think Danny is the best influence to be following. Also like Chloe I don’t think Cristian has contributed a lot to the show.


Danny has being in my opinion playing the ‘father figure’ to the house which in itself is a bit ridiculous because he’s not in his forties or anything. He’s not that terribly much older than a lot of the housemates and wouldn’t have heaps of experience to share. I think he plays that ‘father figure, nice guy’ card and I don’t really buy it. Also he has a fierce temper which has being seen a few times. I do think Danny comes across as desperate to win the money. Obviously most if not all of them see the money as a huge incentive but I do think Danny wants it the most.


My opinion on Jack has being up and down like a yo-yo but I have grew to like him. I didn’t like how he treated Simon but at heart I do think Jack is a nice and warm person. The pastry thing with Marc was really funny and he has being completely honest about wanting to win which is admirable and refreshing. I know he can be grumpy but I find him quite funny when he is and none of us will ever forget his dressing gown which his mum and dad bought him for Christmas one year. It has become his trademark in the house.


Joel has stood by his convictions from day 1. I love his honesty and the way he puts things. He’s a really interesting housemate with a great sense of humour. His interviews, hypothetical questions and dancing have been hilarious. He sticks by people and convictions even when others try to influence or sway him so he is a very strong person with a mind of his own which is admirable. He comes across very genuine and warm.


I have loved Nick from the start. Sometimes I think Nick struggles to stick to his convictions and I wish he would. I think it is a confidence issue though and hopefully as he grows in confidence he will learn to trust himself and not feel he has to change his opinions for others. Nick is funny and he has gave us all a lot of great BB moments this year. Again he is very interesting, warm and genuine.

Who Should Win?

I have always supported Nick to win and that hasn’t changed. However I did get to like Marc and Joel a lot as the show went on too and was for the three of them. With Marc evicted two weeks ago my hopes for the win lie with Nick and Joel. Good luck lads! I’d also if Jack came third.

My two winners! Best of luck guys! 🙂

My Short Scene For My Filmmaking Course!

This is my short piece for my filmmaking course for FutureLearn. Hope you all like it. 🙂

Nick is sitting on the sofa. His laptop is open and propped up on his lap. Jeff comes in with two carrier bags in his hands.

JEFF: Trying to write a bestseller are you babe?

NICK: Trying is the object word.

Jeff comes over and looks over Nick’s shoulder.

JEFF: Two sentences? Well good luck with that.

NICK: Those two sentences were gleaned heavily from my soul.

JEFF: (Giggling) Gleaned from your soul? God, you writers are dramatic. Put that aside for a few moments.

NICK: Why?

JEFF: Because I need to talk to you. It’s important.

NICK: (Groans) Oh okay.

Jeff puts the bags at the side of the sofa and gets down on one knee. He takes Nick’s hand in his and takes a box from his pocket. He opens it revealing an engagement ring.

JEFF: I love you and since a few months into our relationship I have knew you were the one. I’m really bad at speeches and all this sentimental stuff so I’m just going to put it simply. Marry me?

NICK: (Through tears of happiness) I knew there was a reason you did the shopping today.

JEFF: I had a deposit down on it and finished the payments today.

NICK: (Playfully mocking) How romantic!

JEFF: As I said I’m not good at that sentimental stuff. So when you’ve finished scanning the ring to see how much it cost, could you answer me?

NICK: (Laughing) Yes. Of course, yes.

Nick pulls Jeff towards him and they kiss passionately.

Joni Mitchell Blue Review!

Blue by Joni Mitchell (1971) is an album with a very calm meditating sound but one which also stirs up your imagination with it’s fresh and uniquely honest lyrical content. Mitchell has a very storytelling quality to her vocal and you can see everything in front of you as she sings. It is quite understated and yet it is very beautiful because of it’s understated vibe. Let’s have a look at each track in detail:

All I Want

The opening track All I Want sets the tone for the rest of the album with Mitchell’s storytelling vocal delivery. It has quite jolly instrumentals that accompany Mitchell’s vocal perfectly. The lyrics are clever and punchy.

My Old Man

Mitchell’s vocal is very strong and varied on this track. The instrumentals are atmospheric and can sometimes almost bring a tear to your eye. They are powerful and creative. I love the lyrics which I think are about love in a cohabiting relationship. The chorus about not needing a piece of paper from the city hall to stay tight and true is very catchy and it is an excellent theme for a song.

Little Green

This song has quite understated beautiful instrumentals which have an ethereal quality. Mitchell’s vocal is clear and passionate over the instrumentals. The lyrics feel like a poem put to music and it works beautifully.


Quite jolly and very original in it’s instrumentals. The chorus is catchy and Mitchell’s vocal is rich and distinctive as it is on all the tracks on this album. She has a very distinctive vocal which a listener would know anywhere. The track is very natural and tuneful.


Like My Old Man, the title track Blue has atmospheric and powerful instrumentals which would almost bring a tear to your eye. It is a stunningly beautiful ballad which is my third favourite track on the album. Mitchell’s vocal is beautiful, heartfelt and passionate throughout. Very strong and compelling with melodious and original melodies.


Very storytelling. Mitchell’s vocal is clear, stylish and raw throughout and the instrumentals have a jolly feel. The lyrics are original and clever.

This Flight Tonight

The lyrics are clever and are like a fabulous metaphor. There is varied instrumentals which work brilliantly together. Mitchell’s vocal is also very varied but she manages to sing each section with a professional competent feel.


Again the metaphor is brilliant in this song. This time the river is the metaphor like the plane in the previous song. This method can be cheesy with other artists but not with Mitchell. The track is heartfelt and beautifully delivered vocally and instrumentally.

A Case of You

This is my favourite track on the album. I think the lyrics are very heartfelt, original and cleverly put together. You drift away from the world listening to this song. It has a hypnotic quality to it. There is well-shaped melodies throughout with a very expressive, rich and inspiring vocal. The instrumentals are just stunning and are the perfect complement to Mitchell’s glorious vocal.I love it. I could listen to this track all day.

The Last Time I Saw Richard

My second favourite song on the album, The Last Time I Saw Richard has such a storytelling quality to it that you see the entire scene unfolding in your mind like you are watching it on a screen or as a bystander. The instrumentals are perfectly balanced and engaging while the lyrics mirror the instrumentals in a perfect fashion with their storytelling vibe. These lyrics are very original and thought-provoking and Mitchell’s vocal singing them is enchanting. It draws the listener in from the start and continues to right to the end of the song. Her vocal is clear and expressive. The perfect closing song for the album.

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Review!

Unknown Pleasures (1979) by Joy Division has a very uniquely English sound. It also has a very dark, mysterious vibe to it. The instrumentals are so memorable and quirky by Bernard Sumner – guitar, synthesizer, Peter Hook – bass guitar and Stephen Morris – drums, percussion and the lyrics sung in a dark, edgy style by frontman Ian Curtis and also Peter Hook on track nine Interzone combine stunningly with these instrumentals. A blend of dark joy by Joy Division. Let’s take a look at each track on this classic album individually.


The perfect opening song for an album, Disorder has this gloomy effect which sounds amazing. It flows into these outstanding bursts of instrumentals. The entire album almost has a feel of being late out at night passing through dodgy streets where fights are breaking out. It has a very dark greatness to it and this track sets the listener up for what is to come on the rest of the album.

Day of the Lords

Hauntingly stunning. Intense and glorious.


Brilliant and flows effortlessly.


Terrific with tight instrumentals that gloriously burst into reverberating sounds to the ears.

New Dawn Fades

New Dawn Fades has a very story-telling quality. It feels very effortless and understated.

She’s Lost Control

This song is my favourite song on the album. It is very catchy and again has a very story-telling vibe to it. I love the power of the instrumentals and the perfect delivery of the vocals. A statement of brilliance that burns beautifully into your ears making you happily lose control.


Shadowplay is sharp and strong and transcends brilliantly from section to section.


Another ferocious and untamed slab of excellence. Strong and consistent.


Peter Hook’s vocal delivery on this track is perfect. The song is still dark but it probably has the most jolly sound in terms of the instrumentals. It is quite a catchy track too.

I Remember Nothing

From the slightly jolly vibes spinning out from the instrumentals on Interzone we return to the melancholy for the closing track I Remember Nothing. My second favourite track on the album this song builds and builds and sounds absolutely stunning as it flows to it’s finish.