Easy Weekly Quiz!

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Last Week’s Answers

  1. 1066
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po
  4. Angel Falls
  5. China
  6. Stevie Wonder
  7. La maison
  8. 5
  9. Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach
  10. The bishop

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This Week’s Questions

  1. Danny Boy is a traditional song from which country?
  2. Call me Ishmael is the first line of which classic novel?
  3. What is the capital of India?
  4. How many weeks are in a year?
  5. What were Jack and Jill going up the hill to fetch?
  6. Which country does K-Pop come from?
  7. How many players are in a football team?
  8. Which actor is the partner of singer Katy Perry?
  9. What object is in the Instagram logo?
  10. Wood comes from where?

5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everyone! 🙂

Here is my five suggestions for this week.


First up here is this little dote of a cat doing cute meows. Adorable.


Secondly here is a relaxing video from asmr zeitgeist where your mind is relaxed with a wonderful head massage and lots of relaxing triggers. Very soothing.


Next here is an excellent cover of Adele’s Easy On Me by Lloyiso. Such an amazing vocal. Great job.

Next up we have Smokin Out The Window by Bruno Mars, Anderson Anderson .Paak and Silk Sonic. I love the vibe of the music video. It has an old-time feel to it done in a contemporary way. Amazing song with stunning vocals.


Finally for today here is the tenth RuPaul’s Drag Race compilation by Mikeekee. Very entertaining as always.

Beauty On A Budget: Gold & Silver Look

Hi everyone! 🙂

Here is my latest Beauty On A Budget look. Hope you all like it. 🙂

First Steps

Use Miss Beauty London’s powder – Autumn Beige on your face and neck. Brush your eyebrows and put the black colour from Max & More’s Nude Look Palette on your eyebrows and under your eyes. Put the silver colour on your eyelids from the same palette. Use Miss Beauty London’s Waterproof Mascara – black on your eyelashes. Mix the silver colour with the gold colour from the Max & More’s Nude Look Palette together and use as a highlight on your cheeks.

Final Steps

Use the gold from the Max & More Nude Look Palette on your lips and cover with Miss Beauty London’s Lipstick Sealer.

Mitch/Adam Book Parts 2/3

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Part two of my Mitch and Adam scenes. Hope you all like it. 🙂

Section 1

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

It was the first time I had seen Adam since the incident in the smoking area. He had come over to see Nate but Nate was still at the gym. I obviously wasn’t. Me and gyms, no baby! Though I will admit the desire to be on a treadmill right now was strong when I was alone with Adam. I was cooking dinner while he sat at the kitchen table with a cup of tea he was shocked I offered him. We were in silence. The scene might be rather comical if it wasn’t so goddamn awkward.

‘Mitch, about the last time we saw each other I probably shouldn’t have said it the way I did. I certainly stand by what I said but I was a bit drunk and there was probably a better way of coming around it. I also shouldn’t have become aggressive. I really am not violent and I wouldn’t actually physically hurt you or anyone.’, he says breaking the silence.

‘Ok.’, I say, guessing that will probably be the closest thing to an apology.

I am not his biggest fan but I can appreciate that was probably even hard for him to say.

‘It’s just difficult sometimes with the way the world is. I am expected to say things are fine which I don’t think are fine or I face being ostracized. It can be hard sometimes.’

‘I would say so.’

‘It isn’t God’s way and I just want to do what’s right. My freedom of speech is being taken away.’

‘I wouldn’t know what His way is. I haven’t meant the dude.’

‘He’s God, not a dude. Don’t say that again.’

I resist the urge to roll my eyes because that would be rude.

‘Freedom of speech and all that.’, I smile instead.

‘I meant nothing bad by it.’, I add because I didn’t but I am wondering why I am explaining myself.

‘It can be difficult seeing the world ignoring his message.’

‘Well not everyone is a believer Adam.’

‘It’s not a subjective thing.’

‘Oh it is.’

‘People can live their lives however they please. I don’t give a fuck how they live their lives.’

Yeah, you sound like you don’t.

‘Just as long as they don’t annoy me Mitch.’

‘That’s good. The only thing is what your definition of annoying you would be because I am really confused about that.’

‘Don’t be calling me things. In places I can’t say what I want or I will lose things I worked for like my college place.’

‘Do you mean bigot and terms like that?’

‘I’m not a bigot.’

‘I didn’t say you were.’

I think you are but I have never said it.

‘There is no need for name calling and I don’t deserve to be called that.’

‘I’ve been called worse. You’ll be alright.’

‘You don’t understand what I go through. You and your fellow sheep. Doing everything you are brainwashed to do.’

‘What you seem to be missing is that if I said anything discriminating against cis people or straight people I would lose my job too. I have nothing against cis or straight people but if I did I would have to shut up too. It isn’t actually one way. It’s just that straight and cis people don’t often face discrimination that it isn’t spoken much about.’

‘You talk like we are on the same level.’

‘We are.’

That’s exactly what you don’t like.

‘God will let you know when the time comes.’

‘Well let Him do that. You weren’t God last time I looked.’

‘If you read some of His words it would be of benefit to you.’

‘Treat others as you would like them to treat you is one of his thoughts, isn’t it?’

‘Maybe you should try it.’

‘Maybe you should unless you want me to tell you you are a woman? Is that why you say it to me? Because you want me to treat you like you treat me?’

‘You will never be a man!’, he shouts.

‘Chill. God you are very precious about this whole man thing.’

‘And you are an irrigating abomination.’

I simply laugh.

‘You and your kind think you will all bring us down but we will battle on. I tell you now Bella, and yes I said Bella because that’s your fucking name and I will say it …’

‘Oh, aren’t you a big man?’

‘But we will frighten you into submission. Make you feel so unsure of yourselves that you waste away on your anger and hate.’

I faced bullying for my entire school years. I faced emotional abuse at home. I survived. Does this idiot really think his words have any power over me? He is very funny. Should have been a comic.

‘Right Adam.’

‘We will battle till people like you are on their knees …’

‘Oh, I do like to be on my knees.’

‘Until you are so scared to be in this world that you don’t want to be anymore. Till your air passages are obstructed with your poisonous feelings towards us.’

‘I don’t hate you Adam but you sure hate me …’

I stop as his words draw a realisation in me.

‘You read my blog post, didn’t you Adam?’

‘I wouldn’t read that shit you write.’

‘You know how I nearly done it?’

‘Pity you didn’t. Does that offend your pretty little ears? We’d have one less freak in the world.’

‘Do you think God would have wanted me to do it?’

‘It’s a sin, of course not.’

‘But you don’t care about that. You wish I did.’

‘You’ve committed enough sins already. Why not add one more to the list? You want me dead too. All your like do because I speak truth.’

‘No, Adam I don’t. I can’t speak for all Liberals, I’m sure there is people who do. I’m not one of them. Do you know what I am Adam? I’m a debater, a very passionate debater. But there’s lines I don’t cross over. You fly over them all. You are filled with hate because you are power crazed. You can’t even bear a person debating with you. You feel they have no right to. Well let me tell you something. I will always debate against any of your prejudice and I ain’t going anywhere.’

‘You think you get to me. You don’t. I know I get to you.’

‘You are going on something which happened a few years ago. I know I don’t get to you, nor do I have any desire to but you don’t get to me either. I wised up after that to exactly what your type is like. I do believe in your freedom of speech but you aren’t fighting for freedom of speech. You are fighting for power.’

‘You don’t know what’s in my mind.’

‘I know it enough to know that. And let me tell me something honest since you’ve been so unbelievably honest yourself, people like me don’t fight for your freedom of speech even if we believe in it because give you lot an inch and I would end up in a hospital for the mentally ill.’

‘You don’t know that.’

‘I’m not willing to take the risk though. Would you?’

‘It’s where you should be.’

‘I didn’t ask you that but thanks for your qualified diagnosis.’

‘I am a proud Catholic. You won’t take that away from me.’

‘Not trying to. My Mum was a proud Catholic too.’

‘And even with your mother having been, this is how you treat us.’

‘Adam I have nothing against Catholics. I’m not over fond of bigoted people Catholic or otherwise. Do you honestly believe that I do?’

‘Bigoted? There you go with your buzzwords again. You and your sheep grazing …’

‘You make me laugh with your descriptions. When you say you find it hard in society, are you talking about how policies are in place which you don’t like?’

‘I am persecuted. I can’t have my opinions in places. Surely you don’t think that is ok. But of course your type do. You all want to shut us up.’

‘I worked in a religious shop for a year soon after I went to the Bronx. The people over it had very similar views to you Adam. I heard the rumours before I started working there and those rumours were true. But I took the job because I needed the money. Outside of work I had my ideas about things but I went along with the policies which were there because I was only a worker. I didn’t run the place and I had no desire to tell people how to run their own shop. There is places which have policies which would work for you so I don’t really understand what your problem is. I got on with it and I eventually found my way to the job I’m in now which is totally Liberal. I mean I’m confused what your issue is. When going anywhere you sign contracts. You know the deal. You agree to it. Therefore you get over yourself. I got over myself. Left my opinions at the door.’

‘Your kind try to tell people how to run their business. A person can’t even use their freedom of conscience if they run a bakery.’

‘I’ve worked in customer service for years Adam. The first rule is the customer is always right even when you secretly think they are wrong. You treat every customer the same and you do what they ask you. My culinary skills definitely wouldn’t be good enough to run a bakery but if they were and a customer wanted a cake for say a protest against same-sex marriage I would make the cake. I wouldn’t be a baby about it. I’d be professional. Opinions at the door and all that again. Making a cake doesn’t mean your opinions suddenly change. It’s business. The only opinions that matter in a scenario like that is the customer’s if someone is professional.’

‘If I ran a bakery that gay couple would get a cake alright.’, he replies with a sinister laugh.

‘Then you would go to prison.’, I say calmly with a sigh.

‘I do agree on one thing with you Adam. It is probably for the best conservatives and liberals don’t make each other cakes or the like because you never know how far someone will go with tensions heightened. Most on either side wouldn’t kill each other. I certainly wouldn’t go to them lengths but is there people on both sides who might? Sure, without a doubt so I wouldn’t take the risk. I would research it very well.’

Nate came back at that point so we had no more time to debate with each other. For now.

Section 2

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

I entered the Zebra bar with Karen. We went up to the bar to order in our drinks before we found our seats. I heard Adam’s familiar laugh in the seats behind us. There was a glass section thing between us so I couldn’t see him and he couldn’t see me. I soon realised he was sitting with George as George spoke next.

‘You know why Nate was given that distinction, don’t you?’

‘Of course. They have to pander to his kind. Gives them a good look. I like the dude but it’s obvious.’

‘These gays know they can run the place.’

‘And the irony is that he isn’t even gay. He’s living with a woman. Even the college knows that but they have to pretend Bella is a man to be all pc. And I’ll say it again that Bella has a mouth on her. Knows she can say what she likes. I wish we could go back to the days when her type were not listened to. I certainly don’t listen to her. I have my own mind.’

Karen rubs my hand.

‘Are you ok Mitch?’, she asks.

‘Nate worked hard for that distinction. He was up all night most nights working on it.’

‘It’s meaningless. All that matters is that he got the distinction and he deserved it.’

I sigh. Of course she is right.

‘I know. It’s just they are his friends and I just wish they were happy for him. He would be for them. I suppose the main thing is they pretended they were.’

The sound of Adam’s laughter rings out again.

‘George seriously though he did the whole thing on weirdos like Bella and never once said about how it was a mental disorder. How can you write a report and be that biased? Of course it’s a mental disorder!’

‘I’m sorry Karen.’, I say.

‘Not your fault Mitch. In any case I’ve heard it all before. Kinda boring actually at this stage.’, she smiles.

Our attention is drawn back to Adam’s and George’s conversation.

‘The thing is George that I do have some sympathy for Bella because she is ill. She should really have got help years ago and now it’s too far gone. She’s fucking nuts. Must be difficult for Nate in fairness. He has to pretend to believe her or she’ll lose her shit.’

‘I know but if he found a normal girl he wouldn’t have that problem. Of course he knows Bella is a woman who thinks she is a man. He is not that stupid. I’m not dissing him but how could you fall for her if you weren’t a bit strange yourself? He is a good-looking lad. Women look at him all the time. He could have his pick really.’

I feel Karen rub my hand again.

‘That isn’t true. Nate knows you are a man. They are projecting their own opinions onto Nate.’

Adam is on a roll.

‘I am tired of it all to be honest. I won’t be bullied. I will not be told how to be and they do it all the time. Bella does my fucking nut in. She believes she can bully me. Well she has another thing coming. I won’t give in. She won’t change me.’

I roll my eyes.

‘I have principles and I have God on my side. I won’t be tortured by these so-called woke people. Sheep. Losers. I will fight.’

It is soon after that Adam and George leave and I take a drag on my pint of Heineken.

‘He is obsessed with thinking everyone is out to get him. I should have went over and debated with him but that’s why I didn’t Karen. Having a debate with Adam turns into everyone is bullying him, tormenting him, trying to change him. Getting to know him more I have realised that it comes from hurt. He is a spoilt brat and when he is challenged he gets hurt. I’m not out to hurt anyone but how can you handle a situation with someone like that?’

‘You can’t.’, she laughs.

‘Reassuring.’, I smile.

‘I wouldn’t even bother trying Mitch if I was you. Just do you and if it’s too much for the poor pet, so what?’

‘The thing is he goes to a college five days a week where the policy is liberal and he isn’t able to say his views. So when he is out of there he doesn’t know the difference between a debate or a challenge and being told he can’t say it. He leaves the college bitter because he doesn’t like their policy and takes it out on everyone who dares to disagree with him.’

‘He has a superiority complex Mitch. He doesn’t think they have a right to do it. He doesn’t feel like you have a right to challenge him.’

‘He says sometimes that he is ok with me having my opinions but it’s always in a bratty like have your opinions I don’t care type thing. I never think he means it.’

‘He doesn’t mean it. He would rather you shut up Mitch. That’s the time never to. Let him think what he likes.’

‘It’s just …’

‘Go on.’

‘I’m not out to hurt people Karen and he says he feels like he is being bullied and tormented … I don’t know.’

‘You aren’t bullying or tormenting him Mitch if that’s what you are worried about. He gives his opinions. You give yours. That’s everyday life. You are both extremely opinionated people and you keep being. Let him do him but you keep doing you. If he wants to believe he is being bullied and tormented let him enjoy his fantasy.’

Easy Weekly Quiz!

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Last Week’s Answers

  1. 10
  2. Clare
  3. The Spanish Armada
  4. 10 Downing Street
  5. Five
  6. Batman
  7. Sir Christopher Cockerell and William R. Bertelsen
  8. Seven
  9. Antarctic blue whale
  10. Hummingbird

How many did you get right? Brag below. 🙂

Answers next week. Give it a go without Google’s help!  Answers will appear in next week’s quiz. Feel free to leave your answers in the comments. Good luck! 🙂

This Week’s Questions

  1. What year did the Battle of Hastings take place?
  2. A Little White Wedding Chapel is located in which US state?
  3. What are the names of the four Teletubbies?
  4. Which is the highest waterfall in the world?
  5. Which country invented tea? 
  6. I Just Called To Say I Love You and Lately were hits for which singer?
  7. What is the French for house?
  8. What is the number of the famous Chanel fragrance?
  9. Which couple won the most recent Dancing With The Stars in the US?
  10. Which chess piece can only move diagonally? 

Mitch/Adam Book Parts 1/3

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

As you all know I am writing a book at the moment in which my main character is my amazing Mitch. I have been writing quite a few scenes of late with Mitch and Adam and I am going to share six of them over time. Two I will share in this first post. They have met in between these scenes. One meeting doesn’t follow the other. I hope you all like the read and in the meantime I shall get back to writing the book. 🙂

Section 1

Photo by Q.U.I on Unsplash

‘I’m on my way to the bar now Vic.’, I said into the cell.

‘What are you dressed in Mitch?’

I roll my eyes. Here we go again!

‘My jumper …’

‘Not the big black one?’

‘It’s winter Vic.’

‘And let me guess the baggy dark navy joggers?’

‘It’s a casual drinks thing …’

‘Mitch, you are a young man for fuck’s sake! A bit of colour wouldn’t go amiss you know sweetie. It would bring out those big blue eyes of yours.’

‘I suppose but it’s a bit late now. I’m fine really and I’m warm.’

‘The grey beanie is involved in this, isn’t it?’

‘It’s cosy …’

‘Oh dear god!’

‘Look Vic, I’ve gotta go. Nate is waving to me outside the bar …’

‘What’s he wearing?’

‘A suit. Jesus, should I have wore a suit? It looks a bit, the place like … well you know.’


‘A little bit. See you on the other side.’

‘Good luck.’

I end the call and go over to Nate who is standing outside the bar. The name of the bar is on a sign above the door: Archibald’s Lounge. He kisses me on the cheek.

‘Am I underdressed?’, I laugh as two men come out of the bar in very possibly designer suits.

‘You look gorgeous.’, he lies beautifully.

He takes my hand and leads me inside.

‘Everyone’s at a table down the back.’, he informs me as I slide by a table hoping my hoodie won’t knock one of those big bottles in ice.

I can’t afford to pay for it if I knock it. Smile pasted on, nerves fucked.

We arrive at the table where Adam’s college friends are gathered. Adam from English Lit, Dana from Medicine, Laura from Politics and George from Law. They smile to us and I relax slightly. I have Social Anxiety Disorder so meeting people is not my favourite thing to do but I refuse to be a complete recluse. I shake hands with them all as Nate makes introductions and sit down.

‘What are you having to drink Mitch?’, Laura asks with a warm smile.

‘I … um …’, I begin with a nervous giggle as I discreetly stare at the rows of wine and spirit glasses on the table and worry what the fuck the prices are here.

‘A Heineken, is it Mitch?’, Nate asks with a knowing grin.

‘Yeah, that would be great.’

‘They do serve it here you know.’, he laughs as he looks around for one of the workers.

‘Hey Jack, a pint of Heinekan please when you’re ready?’, he says to a waiter who is carrying some empty glasses back to the bar.

‘Have you changed your drink?’, Jack asks confused.

‘No, it’s for my boyfriend.’, he replies gesturing with his head in my direction.

I smile to Jack who smiles back.

‘Ok, coming right up.’, he says going up to the bar.

‘We have been hearing so much about you Mitch. Nate is all Mitch this, Mitch that.’, Dana says.

‘Is that right?’

‘Absolutely. We can’t get him to shut up about you. So we were delighted to get the chance to meet you.’, Adam smiles.

‘Are you from New York originally? That certainly doesn’t sound like a New York accent?’, he adds.

‘No, I’m from a small village called Bridge View. Just outside Maine.’

‘I can’t say I’ve heard of it.’

‘That’s ok, no one has.’, I laugh as my Heineken arrives.

‘And you work in an office here? Is work the reason you came to New York?’, George asks.

‘Yeah, I work at a law office. Um …’

No, I came to get away from my emotionally abusive father and brother doesn’t seem like the answer I should give.

‘Um yeah, I came to … to further my career prospects and it’s been good. Worked out well. I’ve been there two years now and the people are lovely so yeah, great.’

‘And your family, are they still in Bridge View?’, Adam asks.

‘Yes.’, I reply and gulp down a good drag of my pint hoping the topic will change.

‘Do you go and visit them much?’

I take another drag on my pint.

‘We don’t … well we aren’t really close. I visit my Mum’s grave a lot though so I do be back in Bridge View quite a bit.’

‘If I’m not prying too much, why do you and your family not get on?’

I should tell him he is prying too much.

‘No, no, of course not. We have a lot of different opinions about things.’

‘Political opinions? If you don’t mind me asking.’

‘Political. Social. Moral. Whatever suits. Basically that.’

‘Is this because you are transgender?’, George asks.

‘Trans, pan, omni, Liberal. Probably because I’m an Atheist and Humanist if that was known about but I didn’t quite tell that one.’, I grin.

I grinned to try to lighten the mood but it doesn’t seem to have worked as everyone around the table looks sad.

‘I’m fine though. Absolutely fine. I have an excellent group of friends here in New York and I made great friends in the Bronx when I lived there before …’

‘Still it’s not the same, is it? Studying Politics has thought me that politics divides people and such things should never divide people especially families.’, Dana says.

‘It would be nice if it didn’t.’

‘Did your family throw you out?’, Laura asks, her voice filled with sympathy.

‘No, I left.’

‘That seems an overreaction if you don’t mind me saying. Your family clearly love you and you just left like that?’, Adam says.

‘It was the best thing for me and my mental health. I don’t regret it.’

‘You were very hurt and it’s natural to feel hurt when you don’t get the unconditional love you seek from your family but Mitch, I am sure your father and brother miss you and didn’t mean to hurt you. Their opinions are not meant personally.’, Dana says.

Nate is shuffling in his seat. I look around the table to see everyone else looking at me like I am some harsh, cruel monster and I feel very backed into a corner. I forgot how this felt. The last time I felt this was back in Bridge View. Since then I have been mostly surrounded by open-minded people. We may not agree on everything because it would be weird if we did. But we agree on the important stuff and even when our thoughts differ on certain things there is always still a feeling of understanding and empathy. I don’t know how to react so I don’t reply.

‘The world is so pc nowadays. Your father and brother probably didn’t even mean anything malicious by their comments. You are probably a sensitive soul, are you Mitch?’, Adam smiles.


‘They were possibly worried about you. Did you ever consider that?’, Laura says.

They were but they also wanted to win. It isn’t as black and white as just worrying about me. Shutting you up in the house doesn’t really work for worrying about you.

‘They were, yes.’

‘And you just shut them out? Mitch, I hope you don’t think we are judging you.’, George says.

‘No, of course not.’

‘I guess we can all be impulsive at times and I’m sure your father and brother would forgive you for your selfishness.’

‘Um … yeah, maybe.’

‘This is what I have been saying to him. All is not lost.’, Nate said and what I seen in his eyes was pride.

It is quite a scary realisation to realise that what makes someone you adore proud of you is everything you don’t want to be and against everything you believe. It is even scarier to know that your mind is possibly not strong enough to withstand the pressure to conform to unequal treatment because you are afraid of judgment and afraid of letting the person you love down in some way that you do not really understand. That played on my mind for most of the night after my first meeting with Nate’s friends. I don’t think that night I believed I would have the strength to be my own person because I had got swept up in acting the part before.

Section 2

Photo by Heshan Perera on Unsplash

Adam was with Nate and me at Fever bar. Midway through the evening I was craving me ‘ole cigarette so I headed out to the bar’s smoking area. Adam soon joined me.

‘You are getting tipsy on those gins.’, I smiled.

He was slightly off balance as he stepped out into the smoking area.

‘I only drink on occasion but yes, I think I am finding that it is going to my head.’

‘Ah sure you might as well.’, I grinned.

Being socially awkward means one smiles and grins a lot.

‘Suppose so. I just wanted to talk to you about something which you and Nate were talking about in the bar.’


‘You two said you were considering starting a family …’

‘Well a good bit in the future like. Not yet.’

‘Do you really think that’s a good idea?’

That was the moment I realised what kind of chat I was in.

‘Why not?’

‘I like hanging out with you both and all that but I would be uncomfortable with the idea of you two starting a family.’

‘Why would that be?’

‘Come on Mitch, I know about your kind. From when I was young I heard what my parents said about people like you and Nate. I wouldn’t be a responsible adult if I stood by and said nothing. Heaven knows what would happen those children?’

‘You sick bastard.’

‘And I will tell you one thing right now if I ever become a father I will protect my children from all harm. You and Nate will get nowhere near them.’

There is an anger which comes into you when you are being accused of being capable of the things you are most opposed and disgusted by. Being logical and civil goes out the window. I threw the cigarette to the ground and stamped it out.

‘You really are fucking scum, aren’t you Adam? You ugly bastard with your evil thoughts …’

‘There is no need to get personal Mitch. I don’t need to listen to name calling.’

‘Oh you’ll listen to name calling you vicious, dangerous piece of shit. Only a piece of shit like you would turn something beautiful into something so disgusting. I know exactly what type you are. Going around putting your sick fantasies onto everyone else. If you were a father I would be extremely worried and I would be extremely worried about you around mine and Nate’s kids because you have a very sick and twisted mind.’

I began to storm back into the bar but I felt Adam yank me back by my hoodie. He shoved me up against the wall.

‘You are very lucky you are a girl because I would beat the fucking crap out of you otherwise.’, he shouted.

‘You’d try.’, I shouted back braver than I felt.

‘Who the hell do you think you are speaking to me like that? I am a normal man. I do things right. You are the fucking sick one …’

‘Oh fuck up. You think you can come out here and speak like a complete dickhead with your twisted thoughts and I’ll say nothing. Who the fuck do you think you are talking to? You spoilt brat.’

I see his fist clenching.

‘You hit me dude and I ain’t going to tell Nate I fell.’

‘You are … you are …’, he says, his cheeks going red with anger.

‘I am your worst nightmare when you talk to me like that Adam. Now get your hands off me and get out of my fucking way.’

‘Your lot are trying to take over, to have special treatment. Soon the world will be awash with mentally unstable sickos and child molesters and I won’t stand by and let that happen. Normal people will win out.’

‘You aren’t normal Adam. No one normal talks like you. I’m frightened of what your mind thinks about because it’s the definition of so much that is wrong with this world. I’ll continue to have to see you because you are Nate’s friend but you make my skin crawl.’

‘Your type always lie. You will go back in there and twist everything I said to Nate …’

‘I’m not even going to tell Nate. Why would I hurt him by telling him that his friend who he adores thinks such disgusting things about him? That his friend has the brain of a monster? Why would I do that?’

Footsteps came towards the smoking area. Adam let me go and stood to one side as a woman and a man came out into the smoking area. I couldn’t get away fast enough. When I seen Nate I hugged him tight. It felt like coming back to safety from a strange and scary place that I wasn’t used to. That’s what I thought of Adam’s mind and being in the presence of him when he went into the depths of it.

‘Are you ok?’, Nate asked me with a confused yet concerned smile.

‘Sure. Can I not hug you now without something being wrong?’, I replied with a grin and a casual shrug.

‘Hug me anytime. I love your hugs.’, he laughed.

Adam came back in. He smiled to Nate.

‘Hey man, I’ll get the drinks in. Same again?’

We agreed same again. I spent the rest of the night acting that I liked Adam for Nate’s sake and secretly feeling so angry inside that this disgusting human being had been so evil towards me and the person I loved most in the world.

5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here is my five video suggestions this week.

Social Issues

Firstly we have episode 26 in the Black American History series from Crash Course with Clint Smith. In this episode Clint speaks about the Harlem Renaissance. We hear about many great creatives from the visual, literary and musical arts like Richmond Barthe, James Van Der Zee, Aaron Douglas, Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, Langston Hughes, James Weldon Johnson, Arthur Schomburg, Walter White, Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, Alain Locke, Gwendolyn Bennett, Zora Neale Hurston, Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Eubie Blake and Billie Holiday. Incredibly interesting. I’m looking forward to learning about more of the very talented people from the Harlem Renaissance in future episodes of the series.


Secondly we have all the dances from Musicals Week on Strictly Come Dancing in the UK. Again some wonderful dances including Dan and Nadia’s amazing Charleston to Good Morning from Singin’ in the Rain, Rhys and Nancy’s excellent Jive to Footloose from Footloose and AJ and Kai’s beautiful Waltz to Edelweiss from The Sound of Music.


Next we have this funny and adorable video where a dog is shocked to return to his bed to see a kitten there resting. This is so cute and it made me laugh. A lot of fun.


Next up we have Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by Blue featuring Elton John. The music video is great and the blend of their five voices is gorgeous. A really excellent song with beautiful lyrics. A very true and wonderful message in the song.

Finally here is a classic from Boyz II Men with End Of The Road. So stunning. Love how this song just flows so beautifully with all their vocals. Such an amazing song. Great music video too. Brilliant.

5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here is my five video suggestions this week.


First up we have all the dances from week 8 of Strictly Come Dancing in the UK. As always very enjoyable with some great dances including Rhys and Nancy’s outstanding Charleston to The Charleston by Bob Wilson And His Varsity Rhythm Boys, Rose and Giovanni’s moving Couple’s Choice routine to Symphony by Clean Bandit which they dedicated to the deaf community, John and Johannes’ fun Samba to Acuyuye by DLG and Dan and Nadia’s great American Smooth to King Of The Road by The Proclaimers.

Social Issues

Next here is a gorgeous and powerful letter from Stevie Wonder to Martin Luther King Jr. for Martin Luther King Day. Stunning.


Thirdly we have some relaxation ASMR therapy from Tyler at Silver Hare to help you through the stressful times. Amazing.

Next we have a short ASMR from Sarai from Peace and Saraity ASMR where Sarai uses a range of triggers to help you get rid of an itch and relax. Very relaxing.


Finally for today we have an excellent song and music video from Dermot Kennedy. Here is Giants. Incredible. The lyrics are just so great and the storytelling in Dermot’s vocal is perfect.

Poem: Gone

Here is another poem from the point of view of my character Mitch called Gone. It is inspired by Stevie Wonder’s Lately. Hope you all like it. 🙂

It isn’t like it hasn’t happened before

but I thought we got through all that,

Nate had his moment

but things were going to be different

but lately he is all done up

and going to see someone,

who am I kidding?

He is going to see Rachel,

she is more his type,

he has a family with me

but his heart is with her

and it’s only a matter of time

before he goes to her,

dreams and wishful thinking

is all I hold onto,

he is tired of me,

of everything I am,

he has been for a while,

each time he goes he comes back

but when will he not?

I know she is probably asking him

when he is leaving me,

I know he is probably telling her soon

whether he means it or not

before coming home and assuring me nothing has changed,

I don’t want to lose him but I know I am,

crying in the bathroom so the kids can’t hear me,

Daddy’s an emotional wreck but he’ll be ok,

she has the respectability he wants,

the no drama he wants,

he probably loves her,

he says her name in his sleep,

he is giddy on the phone to her,

I should say go to her but the words won’t come,

I want him here with us,

what if it’s killing him inside?

Not with the kids obviously

but having to play this whole happy husband role,

what if it’s destroying him?

I sometimes think in my crying sessions

that I should have changed a long time ago,

changed into who he wanted me to be,

that man who made him happy,

I tried a few times but I was too stubborn,

I still am,

I want my husband back

but he is gone,

he has been long gone.

Poem: My Trans Curtains

This poem My Trans Curtains is another poem from the point of view of my character Mitch and is inspired by Out of Touch by Hall & Oates. Hope you all like it. 🙂

Nate and I have a funny relationship,

it’s the only way to describe it,

I’m living a fantasy thinking he gets me

or that I get him,

Adam is coming over

which means Nate has suddenly taken interest in my trans curtains,

the ones Vic painted in the trans colours when he ‘had five minutes to spare sweetie’,

‘I think we should take them down just until Adam is gone Mitch’,

‘It’s our house Nate’,

‘I know but Adam doesn’t really like this sort of thing,

we don’t want to throw it in his face do we?’,

‘Is he going to have his tea by the window sill then?’,

‘Mitch darling be serious please’,

‘Nate take a look around,

the world is slowly getting better,

Adam has to get used to that,

I’m trans for god’s sake,

why not have my curtains up?’,

the polite way of saying Nate darling,

you are out of touch and I’m losing patience with this shit

but I love you all the same,

Nate and I live between the extremes

and therefore we butt heads a lot,

it’s not only the extremes who butt heads,

‘Adam has his ways Mitch,

I don’t agree with his views but you know how he feels’,

‘Too well’, I laugh,

he’s a bigot I think,

more out of touch than Nate,

‘I ain’t taking down my curtains,

this is my home too,

he’ll have to put up with it’,

‘It’s my home too Mitch’,

‘They are my curtains’,

‘It was my home before it was yours’,

‘True but how long are you going to use that line for?’

He sighed,

he sighs a lot with me,

‘I’m not being unreasonable Mitch,

I just think it would make Adam uncomfortable’,

‘Your boyfriend, me, is trans Nate,

is he uncomfortable or are you?’,

‘Don’t say that to me Mitchy,

you know I’m not …’,

‘Just when other people are around then …’,

‘When someone who finds it uncomfortable is coming

yes, I am thinking of Adam’s feelings, that’s all’,

‘What about mine?’,

‘Mitch, it’s a pair of curtains,

you aren’t that sensitive’,

‘It’s not about the curtains Nate,

it’s about how you put everyone in front of me,

I’ll take the curtains down but I’m tired of this’,

‘We are all tired of things Mitch,

we get over it’,

‘Get over what cis boy? In this regard you have nothing to get over’,

I say as I take down the curtains,

‘It’s always a drama Mitch,

can you not do anything without bloody drama?’,

I put the curtains in the press under the sink,

‘Drama? I call it standing up for myself

but if you want a doormat do go on Amazon dear.’