Poem: It Ain’t Cool To Admit You’re Lonely

Supposed to be in control,
Not scared of the future,
Sometimes I am,
And deep down we all are.
Should have a mortgage apparently.
Should be married apparently.
I say he’s out there
But I don’t want to marry him yet.

Supposed to be brave,
Well sometimes I’m not.
The media and society have their perceptions,
Human politics at play.
Unsure where life is taking me,
But apparently I’m supposed to know.
Well I don’t know,
Sometimes I don’t know.

It ain’t cool to admit you’re lonely,
And you know what sometimes I am,
I’m happy don’t get me wrong
But sometimes I ain’t.
Like us all,
I have fears,
I shed tears
And I’m scared to admit
That yes sometimes I’m lonely.


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