James Byron Long Road Out Of Nowhere Review!



James Byron’s album entitled Long Road Out Of Nowhere is awash with emotional, heartfelt lyrics from beginning to end and several hooks that stay in your head. It is a beautiful, accomplished and introspective debut which can be listened to in full on his YouTube and SoundCloud pages.

Let’s take a look at each track individually:

2 Days

A very catchy opening track 2 Days is both catchy in it’s chorus and in it’s instrumentals. A brilliant sprawling song which has a combination of a rock/country/folk sound.

Rage Through Me

Rage Through Me was the first song of Byron’s I heard and it has always been my favourite. The guitar sound running through it is perfect, the chorus is very memorable and like 2 Days and many other tracks on the album there is a great storytelling quality to it. Byron’s vocal is very narrative-like and it really works very well.

Couldn’t Love You Less

I think we’ve all been there in some way or another, “I couldn’t love you less right now but it doesn’t mean I don’t want you around.” The song flows beautifully and the chords are stunning throughout.

Won’t Make A Difference

This song is one of those songs that makes me kind of sad but sad in a good kind of way if that makes sense. I can relate a bit to it and the chords and Byron’s vocal combined with the lyrics is so heartfelt. It is a beautifully crafted song.

Keep Me Keen

A flawlessly understated song this song is what I call my “The Voice UK Song”. Obviously Byron was on the show himself but why I call it that is because it was the song I had on a lot the night before I auditioned for the show so based on that the instrumentals are clearly calming. Very catchy too.

Good Enough

Emotionally-rich and transcendent, it is heartfelt and assured. Beautifully emotive and lyrically golden.

Watch This Space

Watch This Space is a very edgy song and I love the attitude in Byron’s vocal delivery on it. The guitar sounds fantastic and it is a very well put together composition.


A very cleverly-written track, the metaphor of parts of your life and the many people you meet are part of the jigsaw that makes up your life really works. Byron’s vocal combined with the softness of the instrumentals has a very calming effect which works perfectly.

You Took My Everything (Thin Ice)

Like Watch This Space, the attitude in Byron’s vocal really works on this track and is also very storytelling-esque. The progression of the instrumentals throughout is stunningly delivered.

Let In Love

Let In Love has a very country/rockabilly feel. It has a bit of an Amy Winehouse sound to it and is very catchy and danceable.

Long Road Out Of Nowhere

I think most people from a small town will be able to relate to the title track on the album. It has a huge country influence to it and is strident and soaring.

Never Be The One

The closing track closes out the album beautifully. The lyrics are sung in a conversational style which works stunningly. A beautifully, understated track with a beautiful chord sequence and as always Byron’s vocal sounds clear, crisp, heartfelt and beautiful.

James Byron Turns 26!

Singer and frontman of OutCry James Byron turned 26 yesterday so to celebrate let’s take a look at some of his most recent music:

Our Love, The Movie

Keeping Me Waiting

Falling Backwards

Don’t Knock My Man

Belated Happy Birthday James! 🙂

James Byron’s Top 10 Home Hair Dye And Bleaching Mistakes!

James Byron’s Top 10 Home Hair Dye And Bleaching Mistakes video is now up on YouTube!

Introducing the video on the channel, he wrote:

This is a video I wanted to do as I have been dying and bleaching my hair myself for a long time! I have made so many mistakes and not done the right research before going ahead with some dangerous experiments and I wanted to share this with you guys so you might think twice before dying or bleaching your hair yourself. if there is anything you want to quiry about what I have mentioned in this video leave a comment below and I will make sure I get back to you ASAP.

Packed with tips on clarifying shampoo, sulfate-free shampoo, henna hair dye and tips for going from one hair extreme to the other, it is really very interesting and informative. Tips about the whole colour wheel are amazing too.

You can watch the full video here:

James Byron’s Everyday Androgynous Make-up Routine!

Former Voice contestant and all-round make-up icon James Byron has put up his first make-up tutorial on YouTube. It’s a guide to everyday androgynous make-up and there’s some great tips in it. Check it out below:

Also if you have time (and you want a laugh! :-)) while we’re on the topic of make-up tutorials, check out my attempt at rock make-up which I uploaded a bit back at:

I know that was kind of shameless self-promotion! 🙂 Forgive me, I’m small! 🙂

OutCry E.P. 2014 Review!

I’m a huge fan of OutCry and so I was really looking forward to hearing their E.P. and it didn’t disappoint. The four song rock wonder is packed with wonderful instrumentals and vocals which perfectly complement one another. I have always loved James Byron’s voice from the first note of Janis Joplin’s Cry Baby on The Voice UK and his voice is as always in fine form on the E.P. but what was also great was to hear the wonderful instrumentals and harmonies on show here from his bandmates guitarist Scott Cadenhead, bassist Rick James and drummer Alex Brookes on the collection of songs. A strong debut E.P. from a band I’m sure we’ll hear more of over time.

Here is my track-by-track review of this amazing E.P.:


Daybreak is the opening song and is one of my two favorite songs from the E.P. James’ voice sounds remarkable on this track. It has the perfect mixture of vulnerability and attitude. Lyrically it’s really good and the music has a great beat to it. Easily a song you could listen to on repeat (and I say that because I have!) The transfer from fast to slow is wonderfully done and the guitar solo is completely on point. I also love the start of the song which seems a mixture of classic rock/punk influenced. Stunning track.

Wide Awake

Wide Awake is one of those songs that doesn’t hit you instantly but the more you listen to it you begin to like it. It’s a bit of a grower really and in particular you realise the lyrics are really good the more you listen to it. There’s a kind of a storytelling quality to the song and in James’ voice in general which pulls you in. And the instrumentals are quite insane. That bit near the end is so quick. I don’t know how James manages to keep up with the instrumentals in that part. It’s pretty impressive! So give it a few listens and you’ll really like it.

In to the Night

I’m not sure if this song is about getting out of a small town but I think it’s what it’s about and I could relate a lot to that been originally from a small town and it was realistic and authentic of that situation when you are eighteen, nighteen, twenty and you’re thinking there has to be more to life than this. James sings it brilliantly and again the instrumentals are complex and strong.

Rock N’ Roll Tragedy

This is another one of my favourite songs from the E.P. and my favourite song from the songs I hadn’t heard prior to the E.P. because obviously I’d heard Daybreak before the E.P. Personally myself I start thinking of people like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and a whole host of legendary rockers when I listen to the song because their lives were so tragic in a lot of ways and how it all ended for each of them. James’ voice is full of edge and the instrumentals sound amazing.

You can listen to the E.P. here:

James Byron Plays Mamma Lizz’s Voodoo Lounge In Stamford!

James Byron played Mamma Lizz’s Voodoo Lounge in Stamford on the 31st of July and a friend of his filmed a half an hour of the gig!

Looking as usual stylish in a grey half-moon top and matching jeans he sang many of his own songs like Rage Through Me, Good Enough, Watch This Space, Wine, It Won’t Make A Difference and 2 Days as well as covers like Cry Baby and Love Hurts while accompanying himself on his guitar. The set was of course amazing.

I’d love to someday see him play live but it was really great to see the gig online.

You can see his performance below:

James Byron Goes To The Courtney Love Concert In Nottingham Rock City!

James Byron has shared pics on his Twitter and Facebook pages from the Courtney Love gig in Nottingham Rock City with Micko and Shawn from Courtney’s band. Micko’s actually quite easy on the eye. I think I might be in love! Hehe! 🙂

It is Love’s first UK tour since her former band Hole’s 2010 tour and the tour comprises of eight tour dates in Nottingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and two shows in London.

He sported a fab Courtney/Hole t-shirt, black trousers with white stripes and with his trademark blonde hair back for the concert.

Check out the pics here:




The Incredible Style of James Byron!

From his fashion sense to his make-up to his hair colour choices I am in awe of the style of Leicester singer/songwriter James Byron who appeared on this year’s Voice UK contest on BBC.

His style is androgynous and rock ‘n’ roll and James has said of his style,

“Androgyny is part of my style. I really respect women a lot and I don’t see any shame in looking like a woman. I don’t dress up too crazily, but I do wear feminine make-up so I do get people judging me when I walk down the street.”


Fashion Sense


With a colour palette composed mainly of dark colours and amazing accessories such as bandanas, chains and bracelets as well as denim jeans, his style shifts easily from casual to sophisticated and looks effortless and relaxed either way. He is excellent at putting looks together which is not an easy thing to do and make them look that perfect. The pieces he puts together look like they have come straight from the rock ‘n’ roll days of the past. He also does the theme of the same colour running through his look really well such as the grey in his Battle round in the Voice or in matching his top to his lipstick. In terms of brighter colours purple and red are colours that James seems to include in his looks a lot and they go really well with the darker shades he wears.



His make-up is amazing. There is a whole David Bowie/Adam Ant look to his make-up. And his penchant for red lipstick, which he admits was inspired by one of his idols Courtney Love, is just fabulous. But the part which I think is the most amazing is how perfectly he gets that whole rock/smoky eye look. (Never attempt to get that look when you are a bit drunk! Yes I am talking from experience!) It is really fab. I love his eye make-up. It always just looks so edgy and amazing. Like so many people with a rock ‘n’ roll style, James puts fabulous nail varnish too on his nails. It’s the little things that count!



James has experimented with his hair a bit. At the moment it is red, like his favourite Disney character Ariel and prior to that he had one of this season’s most popular hair shades pastel purple. Obviously we all seen his blonde hair on The Voice and in the past he has had black hair too. The maddening thing is that he looks amazing with every one of these colours! 🙂 On a side note I also loved his mum’s hair on The Voice. It was fabulous! 🙂


To see James’ pastel purple hair and red hair go to:

Pastel Purple: http://instagram.com/p/mmh9sHu9FM/
Red: http://instagram.com/p/nLY-xAO9IJ/

Or to see some of his amazing music check out my other post here:


James Byron Interviewed In The Monograph Magazine!

James Byron was recently interviewed in The Monograph!

James Byron was recently interviewed in The Monograph!

James Byron was recently interviewed in East Midlands Music Magazine The Monograph which I hadn’t heard of before but am now a bit obsessed with. I’ve been reading a lot of their articles on the web. It’s a good read. If you love music like I do, you should definitely check it out. 🙂

In the interview he discusses various different things from his experience on The Voice, his love of Janis Joplin, his band OutCry and how he auditioned for The Voice before in 2011.

It is a very interesting article written by Jessamyn Witthaus and James comes across really interesting in it. The photograph of James which accompanied the article was by Scott Choucino and it was shot really well.

Check out the complete interview here: