My Top Five Tips For Who Killed Lucy Beale!

I am addicted to this storyline at the moment and to be honest I was indifferent to the character but I love a murder mystery! The thing about Eastenders statistically is that the murderer is generally so obvious and it’s always an anti-climax but I’m hoping that because this story has went on far too long that the reveal will shock us all! I have compiled below my top five suspects and their current betting odds for who killed good ‘ole Luce on Good Friday 2014 in the square. πŸ™‚

Cora Cross

I know, I know, it’s a bit out there but it’s what I’m thinking. The case seems to centre so much on the Brannings as suspects but excludes Cora for the most part. My thinking behind this is that Max is covering for her because she killed Lucy after Lucy found out Rainie was a prostitute after she was going with the father on the night of the murder and said she’d tell the square. I know she’s supposed to have found out that time in the courtroom when Mick was covering for Ian but did she? She has a temper too and Emma did leave the house when she heard her voice and she was running out of Walford with the grandson the day Emma wanted to bring the killer to the police. Was it really over Stan? I have a fiver on her at 33/1 so fingers crossed. I was delighted to hear her odds were cut. πŸ™‚ I don’t know obviously what the writers are going to do or what approach they are going to take but if I was writing it I would have wrote it as Cora! My sister has been laughing her sight sick over the past while because everything she does I keep trying to pin it on her! Terror when you have a bet on! πŸ™‚

Current Odds: 4/1

Whitney Dean

Well she was been downright cruel to Whitney and there was the whole love triangle with Lee. I don’t think Lee killed her but I think Whitney might have in a moment of rage and Lee, who probably still loves her, covered it up with her. Hence the doing something stupid on the night of the murder which I don’t believe was just seeing Billy and Lucy arguing. He also drew Emma’s attention to that incriminating tape of Lauren, possibly to take the attention away from Whitney.

Current Odds: 22/1

Dean Wicks

After Linda, we all know that Dean is violent with women so he has be considered. She could easily have been having a fling with Dean (I mean who wasn’t she having a fling with?!) which may have been why she didn’t want to see sugar daddy Max anymore but then Dean could have turned violent. This is a long shot but possible, I think.

Current Odds: 50/1

Cindy Beale

We seen Peter hearing Ian say that Lucy was his favourite child but maybe Cindy heard too. In the voicemail she asked Lucy to text her. Maybe she did and they argued and she killed her. She was killed elsewhere to where her body was found and that poses a bit of a problem. I’m not sure who helped her carry the body to where it was found because I can’t see Cindy having the physical strength to do that herself on her own. Possibly Ian or Peter?

Current Odds: 12/1

Lola Pearce

She felt Peter always took sister Lucy’s part over hers. She might have killed her to have all his attention. Another long shot but there you go.

Current Odds: 100/1

I mean if turns out to be Abi, Jane, Max or Lauren it will have been a bit of a waste of time because they are far too obvious and it’s really obvious it’s not Max!


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