5 YouTube Videos To Watch This Week!

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Here in a new feature on this blog. I hope it will give you some interesting and varied viewing. I am by nature a very curious person, always have been since I was a child and I love to learn so my viewing can be diverse as hell, you have been warned! I hope at least some of the topics will be of interest and I plan to do this weekly so without further ado and rambling from me, here is five YouTube video recommendations to watch this week. πŸ™‚




This powerful song has been put along alongside some powerful images here. We see activists who are ordinary people as well as well-known activists for the rights of people of color like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Highlighted too are the rights of women and LGBTQAI+ people. A very emotional watch.


Social Issues


I am very socially-conscious but I hadn’t heard about Juneteenth until very recently. This video explains very well something I must look more into. Please do watch this video which talks about the day and it’s connections to slavery and the emancipation of so many people of color. It isn’t easy obviously to watch because the fact people were treated in that way is utterly disgusting but we need to acknowledge that terrible history and do better by our brothers, sisters and non-binary people of color.




I am a huge fan of Aquaria and this is the opening episode of her On/Off series where she was out in the Philippines last year. A very interesting series detailing many of her work engagements from last year.




We all need a moment to relax, destress and get ourselves ok again. I have recently got into ASMR as a way to relax and I love videos by Mads Asmr. In this video, Maddie is scratching, raking and pinching and plucking away your stress.




I am a huge Sister Act fan and this scene with Sister Mary Clarence/Deloris Van Cartier and Sister Alma never fails to make me laugh.



Beauty On A Budget: Pre-Summer Look Tutorial

Hello again everyone and welcome to the latest Beauty On A Budget make-up tutorial. For this tutorial I am going to be creating a combination of a shiny and well not so shiny make-up tutorial. A kind of a make-up opposites attract look. The transition between the casual look of spring to the glitz and shine of summer.Β  Hope you all like it.πŸ™‚


So without further ado let’s get to this …


First off here is me before the tutorial:

Lisa 2


Step 1

Lisa 3Lisa 4Lisa 5Lisa 6


Using Miss Beauty London Perfect Face Primer and Make Up Gallery Make Up Sponges 24 Pack, cover your face and neck and rub the primer in. The smaller triangle sponges are great for any blending of the primer under your eyes. Using Manhattan Fresher Skin Foundation – Classic Ivory and Make Up Gallery Make Up Sponges 24 Pack, cover your face and neck and rub the foundation in. The smaller triangle sponges are great for any blending of the foundation under your eyes. Using the make-up pad provided, blend in Miss Beauty London powder around the face. Using Make-Up Gallery Hide & Seek Concealer Natural Coverage dot under the eyes, just in the middle of the forehead leading off from the nose area, lightly around the face and on any blemishes. Rub in well with Make Up Gallery Make Up Sponges 24 Pack. Again the little triangle is great for under eyes. To make the nose longer and thinner, draw lines down side of nose on both sides and in the middle of the nose without joining the lines and place a dot on top of the nose. Again blend in well with the little triangle.

Lisa 7


Step 2

Lisa 8Lisa 9

Using the brush above from Make Up Gallery Cosmetic Brushes, highlight your cheeks with the first colour indicated in the top of the Max & More Conceal, Highlight and Contour Cream Palette on the picture shown above by the direction of the brush and use the second colour indicated as blusher in the bottom picture.

Lisa 10


Step 3

Lisa 11Lisa 12

Lisa 14

Using the Make Up Gallery Brown 4, cover each eyelid and do a mini wing by drawing upwards from the outside corner of your eye. Cover above eyelids with Miss Beauty London Eye Crayon Soft Creamy Eye Colour 2 Cappuccino. Also use the crayon to brighten up inner corners of eyes and dab under eyes too. Use Essence Kajal Pencil – White under eyes as well. Blend brown and white together. Use the black in Miss Beauty London Eye Brown Kit and with the brush provided use it as an eyeliner and on your eye brows. Using Max & More Mascara With Argan Oil – Black place on the top and bottom of your top lids and the tops of your bottom lids. When coating the under part of your top lids wriggle the brush through for extra volume and length.

Lisa 13


Step 4

Using Miss Beauty London Eye Crayon Soft Creamy Eye Colour 2 Cappuccino, coat your lips adding extra shine to the middle of the bottom lip.

Lisa 16


Step 5

Lisa 17

Using Make Up Gallery Time to Shine Nail colour – Deep Amethyst 28, paint nails.

Lisa 18


Hope that helps!Β πŸ™‚

All products in this tutorial were purchased from three shops: Dealz, Euro Saver and Euro Giant with the exception of the Essence eye pencil:

  1. Miss Beauty London Perfect Face Primer: €1.50
  2. Make Up Gallery Make Up Sponges 24 Pack: €1.50
  3. Manhattan Fresher Skin Foundation – Classic Ivory: €1.50
  4. Make Up Gallery Cosmetic Brushes: €1.50
  5. Make-Up Gallery Hide & Seek Concealer Natural Coverage: €1.50
  6. Miss Beauty London powder: €1.50
  7. Max & More Conceal, Highlight and Contour Cream Palette: €3.00
  8. Make Up Gallery Brown 4: €1.50Β 
  9. Miss Beauty London Eye Brow Kit: €1.50
  10. Miss Beauty London Eye Crayon Soft Creamy Eye Colour 2 Cappuccino: €1.50
  11. Essence Kajal Pencil – White: €2.00 (My sister got this in a charity shop but Essence make-up generally isn’t too expensive. A little bit more than the other products in the tutorial though).
  12. Max & More Mascara With Argan Oil – Black: €1.50
  13. Make Up Gallery Time to Shine Nail colour – Deep Amethyst 28: €1.50


See you all next time!Β πŸ™‚

Getting The Hair & Eyes Done By My Sister & At Glamour Bray!

Image result for beauty clipart


Yesterday I went to Glamour Hair & Beauty Salon in Bray and had a hair wash, blow dry and hair cut as well as an eyebrow wax. I was very pleased with the outcome. Everyone there was very friendly as usual and did everything as always with great attention to detail. I usually either get the eyes done or the hair cut (either as a dry cut or occasionally with the wash and blow dry) but yesterday it was the first time I did the three in the one day and I thought I would share the result of the three together. Recently I had my hair dyed with Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Black 2 by my wonderful sister Sharon who did a great job so everything I think beauty-wise has come together well for the moment.

Image result for clairol black hair dye

I’m heading down the country back to my hometown in Meath this weekend which is an annual trip to the blessing of the graves where my father and other relations are buried in the graveyard. My little dog is buried close by too so I’m going to visit his resting place as well.

My Finished Look

Lisa 1

Garnier Skin Naturals Softening Toner!

Anyone who really knows me knows that I think a skincare routine without a toner is pretty incomplete! And finding Garnier Skin Naturals Softening Toner was a wonderful moment!

It works really well and softens your skin making it really clear and is fantastic for dry skin. Used as part of your daily skincare routine, it will improve your complexion to no end! The product is also paraben free and dermatologically tested and the best part – it isn’t that expensive either! Everyone needs – and deserves – a great toner in their lives and by investing in this wonderful product you aren’t going to go too far wrong! Enriched with Cherry tree and Moringa extracts it also smells really sweet and it isn’t messy or sticky either. You’ve just met your new best friend in this product everyone! πŸ™‚

James Byron’s Top 10 Home Hair Dye And Bleaching Mistakes!

James Byron’s Top 10 Home Hair Dye And Bleaching Mistakes video is now up on YouTube!

Introducing the video on the channel, he wrote:

This is a video I wanted to do as I have been dying and bleaching my hair myself for a long time! I have made so many mistakes and not done the right research before going ahead with some dangerous experiments and I wanted to share this with you guys so you might think twice before dying or bleaching your hair yourself. if there is anything you want to quiry about what I have mentioned in this video leave a comment below and I will make sure I get back to you ASAP.

Packed with tips on clarifying shampoo, sulfate-free shampoo, henna hair dye and tips for going from one hair extreme to the other, it is really very interesting and informative. Tips about the whole colour wheel are amazing too.

You can watch the full video here:

Osiris Avise CC Cream Colour Corrector Cream Natural!

I recently started using Osiris Avise CC Cream Colour Corrector Cream Natural after getting it for the bargain price of €1.50 down in the Euro shop.

It is a little miracle which makes your skin look very clear but also very natural, almost like you aren’t wearing make-up but still adding a healthy glow and shine to your complexion. It’s almost like a second skin, it makes your skin look like it is incredibly clear. It also has SPF 15 UV Protection too. It’s brilliant. I love it and I’m sure you will too! πŸ™‚

James Byron’s Everyday Androgynous Make-up Routine!

Former Voice contestant and all-round make-up icon James Byron has put up his first make-up tutorial on YouTube. It’s a guide to everyday androgynous make-up and there’s some great tips in it. Check it out below:

Also if you have time (and you want a laugh! :-)) while we’re on the topic of make-up tutorials, check out my attempt at rock make-up which I uploaded a bit back at:

I know that was kind of shameless self-promotion! πŸ™‚ Forgive me, I’m small! πŸ™‚

My First Ever Make-Up Tutorial On YouTube! (Oh Dear!)

Hi everyone!

I have put up my first ever make-up tutorial on YouTube! It is a tutorial about one of my favourite make-up looks the rock look and I hope you all enjoy it. I’m not nearly as confident doing make-up tutorials as I am doing music or writing but I hope that you all enjoy it and that you get some good tips from it. πŸ™‚

You can view it here ladies and gents!:

Morny Nature’s Aloe Vera Moisturising Hand Cream!

A little beauty find that ticks the all-important cheapness and quality boxes!

A little beauty find that ticks the all-important cheapness and quality boxes!

Morny Nature’s Aloe Vera Moisturising Hand Cream is incredibly cheap and really makes your hands feel soft and completely cleansed.

I got an amazing 75ml tube of it in More 4 Less in Bray, Wicklow and the bargain shops like this are a real hidden treasure haven for the most effective and inexpensive beauty must-haves from face creams to hand creams to cheap make-up and even make-up brushes, manicure sets, eyelash curlers and tweezers.

It is also quite long-lasting so it is great value that way too. The great thing about these magic tubes is that they are as good as more expensive alternatives and yet you could buy quite a few of them for the price of one tube of their counterparts.