JJ, Caterina and Princeton Head Off To Arizona!

The happy couple and their son Princeton headed off to Arizona on their holidays!


JJ and Caterina!



Yesterday I tweeted about Jaymi, Olly and George’s holiday and today it is the turn of JJ, Caterina and Princeton!

JJ, Caterina and Princeton headed off to Arizona in America. I don’t know if this is true or not but it was reported that they hadn’t organised a travel VISA for their Princeton. 

Onlookers are rumoured to have said the family were an hour at the desk trying to get the issue sorted and thankfully it was all sorted out before their flight. I’m not saying anything because I am the most disorganised person you could meet. My mum says that I would forget my head if it wasn’t on me and she’s probably right!

The flight lasted 11 hours but JJ tweeted that Princeton was not the worst baby on the flight,

Let’s just say Princeton is definitely not the loudest baby on this flight today,’ JJ tweeted on Monday.

Happy holidays JJ, Caterina and Princeton! 🙂

Now there’s just Josh and his holidays! He’s skiing somewhere. Seen it on Twitter! As yet, can’t find out where but will! It’s got to be France or Switzerland or somewhere! Anyway am on the case! 🙂




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