Union J Fanfic, Mainly Jaymi Hensley and Josh Cuthbert Part 6!

Here the final part of my Josh and Jaymi supernatural fanfic! I know it took a while, sorry, but I hope you all enjoy it!:-)

Josh Cuthbert!

Josh Cuthbert!

Jaymi Hensley!

Jaymi Hensley!

Here is the final part of my fanfic I Wish I Was You. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Title: I Wish I Was You

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Jaymi stayed the night with Olly sleeping on the sofa. Mid-way through the night Olly came out of the bedroom and approached him at the sofa.
“Josh, wake up.”
Jaymi hadn’t really been asleep. Just had his eyes closed over.
“What is it ba- Olly?”
“Just all these strange feelings I’m feeling lately.”
“Like what?”
“Like me and Jaymi. Me and you. I honestly don’t know where I’m at.”
“In what way?”, Jaymi asked sitting up and making room for Olly to sit next to him on the sofa.
“Just lately I feel closer to you. It isn’t that I want to undo everything that Jaymi and I have built up over the years. It’s just that I feel a connection with you. Like I did with him before. I never thought I could have a connection like that with anyone else the way I had it with him. I can’t deny how I’m feeling anymore though. It’s there.”
Jaymi silently wished in his mind that he and Josh had never made those stupid wishes that night. It was the usual story with life. You always wanted what you couldn’t have and took for granted the people in your life who actually completed your world. He just wanted his life back and he silently wished he could have it back. Have Olly back. It was clear to him that Olly loved him for what was inside him. For who he was. That’s clearly why the poor guy was so confused. He knew he shouldn’t kiss him and yet those lips. Those lips were drawing him in. Soft, tender, sensual. And so he kissed him feeling Olly’s resistance as he pulled away. But then he seen Olly’s eyes flash with surprise and he fainted.

Josh was sitting with JJ and George. He was keeping silent. It didn’t seem to be wise to speak about how he was feeling about his new body transformation. It was clear that the outcome of that would only be a lot of raised eyebrows. He wished things were back to normal. Both he and Jaymi were under immense strain trying to live each other’s lives. Suddenly George and JJ looked at him in shock.
“Josh …”, JJ began.
He was so shocked that he had been called his own name for the first time in ages.
“You’ve just turned into Josh!”, George says.
“I’ve always been. Me and Jaymi turned into each other!”
“I don’t know George. I don’t know myself. We wished it in an argument and it just happened.”

“Olly, wake up!”, Jaymi said slapping him slightly on the side of the face to wake him.
In doing so he noticed that his hands were back to his own. No wonder Olly fainted, he thought and continued to try to wake him.
Gradually Olly came back to reality.
“J, what the hell? How is this happening?! How did you just turn into yourself like by magic or something? No, I’m sorry. It’s me. I’ve just had a vision that wasn’t there … It’s all this stress lately …”
Jaymi laughs.
“You didn’t have a vision babe. Josh and me turned into each other and now I’ve turned back …”
“No wonder Josh hit me …”
“No, he shouldn’t have done that! I am so angry with him …”
“J be fair. He freaked out. If I changed into one of his girlfriends and Josh was trying it on with me I think I’d knock him out too! You are friends. Forget it. I’m just glad it wasn’t you. And now I need a glass of …”
“Water? I could get you it.”
“I was thinking something stronger. A lot stronger!”
“I get you some alcohol.”, Jaymi replied and kissed him passionately before going to get Olly some much needed alcohol.

Josh was sitting playing Candy Crush the next day when Jaymi came in.
“Hey …”, Jaymi began.
“I shouldn’t have hit Olly. It was out of order man …”
“It was but it’s been a mad time. We need to put this behind us. Heck I’m getting married at the end of the year. You have a wedding to attend …”
“You still want me there?”
“We both do.”
They hug in a macho fashion.
“Come on Jay, we better catch this bus.”
They walk out to the tour bus where George and JJ are already on board waiting. As they step on to join them in the distance stands the old man they met on the night of their argument. He is smiling. His work here is done and now he is off to help more people value what and more importantly who they have in their life.

The End.

Union J’s Top JCat Oreo Dies. May He Rest In Peace.

I was really sad to hear about the death of Union J star Josh Cuthbert’s and his mate Jordan’s cat Oreo.

I love animals and I know the bond that exists between a pet and their owner from personal experience. I had a dog called Cookie for 12 years and he died in 2010. My family and I were heartbroken.

We still in a world sadly where people say it’s only a cat or it’s only a dog but pet owners know the pain that other pet owners go through on losing their pet when they have been through it themselves. You don’t just lose a pet, you lose your best friend, a pet who is like part of your family because they have been with you so long and a part of yourself really.

I was very sad to hear of Oreo’s death. Oreo was this sweet, little cat and I adored him as I do all the Union J pets. It is heartbreaking and then you see his little face again and it’s even more sadder.

Josh posted the following tweets on Twitter about Oreo:

#RIPOreo also trended on Twitter.

Here is Josh’s individual twitcam with little Oreo:

My thoughts, prayers and condolences are with Josh, Jordan and everyone concerned at this sad time. May Oreo rest in peace.

Union J Dispel American Move Rumours And Talk New Album!

Union have denied rumors that they will be moving to Los Angeles while they are recording their new album.

Josh said on Twitter,

“Seeing all these rumours about us moving to LA/America! ……this isn’t true BUT I’m not saying we won’t be there very very soon.”

While his bandmate George added,

“We saw rumours that we were splitting up and we were just like, no not at all! Basically the idea is that we’re going over to LA in a month or so to record the video and record the new single. I think just everyone’s got a bit mixed up with us going to LA and like splitting up.”

But JJ did speak about their pending new album and revealed that the band may have the first single off the record already:

“So guys I think we might have heard are next single this week!!!!!! I’m soooo excited, think your going to like this one ???????? #unionjsingle.”

I’m sure it’ll be fab! Can’t wait! 🙂


Josh Cuthbert Admits That He Would Have Tried Out For The Voice UK!

Josh admits he would have tried out for The Voice UK if things had not worked out with The X Factor!

Josh admits he would have tried out for The Voice UK if things had not worked out with The X Factor!

Union J’s Josh Cuthbert has revealed that he would have tried out for The Voice in the UK if he had been unsuccessful in his The X Factor bid.

Cuthbert said:

“I would have just kept trying and would’ve done it through any avenue possible. So yeah, I probably would have gone on ‘The Voice’ or something like that, but I’m glad we managed to make it through ‘X Factor’.”

Josh was speaking at Union J’s live set at M&M’s World in London’s Leicester Square where the band sang many of their album tracks including Carry You, Beautiful Life and Loving You Is Easy for an exclusive crowd in celebration of the launch of the shop’s brand new personalised printer service

Josh also spoke about their fans and revealed that he thinks that each of them gets the same amount of attention as each other from their male and female fans.

“I think because we’re all quite different … there’s not one of us that gets more attention than the others, because we all appeal to different people.”, the Union J hunk said.

Happy Belated Birthday Jaymi Hensley!

The birthday boy earlier in the year on holidays with his boyfriend Olly.

The birthday boy earlier in the year on holidays with his boyfriend Olly.

Last week, 24th of February was my idol Jaymi Hensley’s birthday. He was 24. I didn’t get to do a blog on it because I had a lot on but I’ve caught up on the birthday wishes from Olly, his parents, Aaron and his bandmates. Aw! Here is the tweets from them for the adorable Luton boy:




His dad:

His mum:





While the man himself tweeted:

Happy belated Birthday Jaymi, my fellow 1990s’ person! Think your fab! Love you! 🙂

Union J Fanfic, Mainly Jaymi Hensley and Josh Cuthbert Part 5!





Title: I Wish I Was You

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Josh had already overheard and rushed from the building. He had to get his few things that he had snuck in of his own to Jaymi’s. He had to get out of here. There was no way he was going to … um allow himself to be put in anywhere.

Olly started to make his way home from work. He thought to himself about how off he had been with Jaymi last night. He had been in a bad humour himself due to Josh and he wanted to make it up to Jaymi.

Josh arrived at the house and rushed in. He ran straight into the bedroom and landed his suitcase on the bed before proceeding to pack. He had a few clothes in the suitcase when he heard a voice from the doorway.

“Jaymi, what are you doing?”
He turned to see Olly standing in the doorway looking confused.

“Um … um … last minute change of plans. The record company wants us to head over to … um … Asia.”

“And you weren’t going to tell me?”
“No! No, I was! Of course I was. I just … um … was getting packed first. Don’t want to be leaving thing until the last minute.”, Josh replied and forced a smile.

“Ok.”, Olly replied with a smile and started to open his shirt.

“What are you doing?”

“I was thinking we could maybe have a bit of fun before you go.”

As Olly drew nearer Josh took a step backwards.

“Olly …”, Josh began but Olly wasn’t listening.

“You don’t have to rush. They can wait a little while.”

“It’ll be only three days!”

“Since when could you go three days without sex?”, Olly asked walking towards him seductively and shoving his suitcase off the bed before shoving Josh onto the bed in its place.

“It’s going to be Ok baby. I’m going to make all your dreams come true.”, Olly said getting on top of him.

“More like all my nightmares!”, Josh replied shoving him off.

He landed on the floor.

“Jaymi, I don’t understand! What have I done wrong?! I know I’ve been eating a bit more of the Ben & Jerry’s recently but …”

“No Olly, you’re a really handsome dude. It’s not that …”

“Then what is it?! Tell me!”

“Nothing!”, Josh shouted.

Olly stood up and put his hand on the side of Josh’s face gently.

“Then sleep with me. Are you sexually attracted to me anymore?”

“Just stop! I can’t take this anymore!”

“Take what anymore?!”

“I don’t know! I just have to get out of here!”

“I can help you to want me again. We’ll get through it. It’s just a phase.”, Olly said kissing Josh hard on the lips. Josh stemmed through Josh and he punched Olly sending him flying to the floor. Tears were coming into Olly’s eyes. He looked shocked and hurt. He is holding his lip.

“Olly …”, Josh began.

“I want you to get out!”, Olly shouts.

Josh gets down on the floor beside him and puts his hand on his shoulder. Olly pulls his shoulder away.

“Please listen …”

“I don’t want to listen. You’ve changed. I don’t want you near me.”

“I freaked out …”

“I was just trying to have a bit of fun. Freaked out?! It’s like you’ve forgotten I’m your boyfriend or something.”

“I’m not your boyfriend.”

“Yeah. At least you do have something right now.”

“Oh no Olly listen. There’s no need to do that …”

“There’s every need! You just punched me in the face! I’m not putting up with that! I’m not some sort of idiot Jaymi …”

“Olly listen I’m sorry …”

“Oh it’s too late for that. It was too late for that from the second your fist made contact with my lip.”

“No but you don’t understand …”

“Oh I understand alright. Perfectly in fact so you can get your stuff and permanently get the hell out.”

“I’m not Jaymi.”

“Oh what is it? You didn’t feel like yourself for the minute?”, Olly mocked.

“Please don’t hate him. He would never hit you.”, Josh is saying but Olly has began to talk and isn’t taking in what he is saying.

“I am not in the mood to listen to you go on and on. I want you out now!”

“Olly …”

“Now or I’ll scream. I swear I’ll scream!”

“But your not in danger!”

“Really?! You busted my lip but apparently I’m not in danger! You have five seconds Jaymi …”

“But my stuff …”

“Send someone over to collect it! Just don’t set foot in this house again!”

Josh got up hesitantly. He didn’t want to leave it like this. He wanted him to know that he wasn’t Jaymi. He didn’t want to break them up. But Olly was adamant so he left feeling sick to his stomach. Jaymi would never forgive him for this.

Jaymi got out of the car outside his house. Josh came out looking dazed.

“Thought you might have got here! What’s wrong? You look like you’ve just seen Casper or something.”
“Jaymi I am a terrible friend.”

“No you aren’t Josh. Granted you have made things awkward for me with JJ and George making me look weird and I was going to kill you but if it’s affecting you this much then we’ll forget it …”

“Jaymi I have to go.”, Josh said frantically getting into his car.

“Why? What’s wrong?”
“I didn’t mean to hurt him. I feel terrible.”

“Hurt who?! Not Olly?! If you have hurt him any way I will bloody kill you you …”

“I’m sorry.”, Josh said pulling out.”

“Get back here!”, Jaymi shouted after him but Josh had sped off into the distance.

Jaymi rushed to his house and knocked on the door. No answer.

“Olly, open the door.”, he called in.

No answer. Jaymi opened the door. He walked into the kitchen. No one. Then he went to the bedroom. There he seen Olly cowering fearfully in the corner. He rushed to him instinctively and threw his arms around him. Olly struggled free frantically.

“Get away! How the hell did you get in?!”
“Jaymi gave me the keys …”

“When I said to send someone to get his stuff I didn’t mean straight away.”

Jaymi could see that Olly’s face was flooded with tears. Then he seen his lip. There was blood coming from it. He felt ill. The idea of anybody hurting Olly making him sick to his core.

“Olly, did he do this?”

“Yes Josh but you probably won’t believe that your precious friend would …”

“No I believe you! I’m here for you if you’ll let me be.”

“Josh I’m not into you that way.”

“I meant as a friend.”

“Ok. I’d like that. Thank you Josh.”

“Don’t mention it. I wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

 More soon! 🙂

The Union J Trip Continues!

Holiday fun!

Holiday fun!

More holiday fun!

More holiday fun!

Josh Cuthbert joined the holiday later.

Josh Cuthbert joined the holiday later.

After his trip to France, Union J’s Josh Cuthbert has joined bandmates George Shelley and Jaymi Hensley and Jaymi’s partner Olly Marmon in Bardbados!

Josh tweeted a picture on Sunday of himself, Shelley and Hensley posing on the beach with the caption: ‘BEACH TIME with @JaymiUJWorld and @GeorgeUJWorld @JoshUJWorld ….. Never want this holiday to end !!!!’ 

He has been enjoying the Bajan waves on a jet ski, but tweeted on Sunday: ‘brilliant….I fell off my jet ski and lost my sunglasses’

Meanwhile Shelley has tweeted, ‘Back to Britain tomorrow. Missed you’

The band was spotted chatting together they tried out jet skis. Brave. I may be a coward talking but brave! Brave Olly also got a jet ski and there’s a cute pic of him and Jaymi next to each on their jet skis.

Josh Cuthbert Becomes An Uncle To Lily The Dog!

Josh tweeted a picture of little Lily!

Josh tweeted a picture of little Lily!

There is a new addition to the Cuthbert family! Her name is Lily and she is just the sweetest dog! I was awwwing like an eejit yesterday just looking at her! Josh tweeted the picture of the dote on his Twitter page on January 21st and I seen it yesterday. Though at the time I thought Lily was his new dog until I looked back today and seen she was his two sisters’ dog. But she has Josh as an uncle and I’m sure the whole family will spoil her rotten! Dogs make that face that gets you! I know from experience, Cookie may you rest in peace, but yes he was a divil! 🙂

Josh tweeted along with the picture of Lily,

THIS IS LILY my 2 sisters new puppy!! I want to take her skiing lol 😬 pic.twitter.com/TGV2Jd4DAT

Now Lily on skis, there’s an image that’s made me smile! 🙂

Josh Cuthbert Holidays In France!

Josh Cuthbert holidayed in France recently!

Josh Cuthbert holidayed in France recently!

I recently blogged about Josh Cuthbert’s fellow bandmates’ holidays after the band took a break after the tour. (All must have been dying for Dublin’s concert to be over! Only joking! :-)) and today it is the turn of Mr. Cuthbert who I think was in France. Ironic considering my class on my Further Education course were in Paris at the same time. I wasn’t there. Too poor. 🙂 Maybe it’s a good thing really considering if we had been near where he was a little stalkerish piece of my heart might have been unleashed and someone without skis would have been nosing around the ski ramps. Trade Show? (we were going to a trade show) What? Sorry I must have missed it. I was looking at certain other features of life in France! It’s Josh Cuthbert, don’t judge. I’ve seen these four lads in the flesh twice remember. Even better-looking in the flesh than on the TV! 

Anyhow, Cuthbert has been tweeting on his Twitter page:

AT THE AIRPORT 😆 Ski trip with my Dad here we come!!!!!! ✈️

My dad and I got taken out by the ski lift today lift today lol 😀

@MyQueenSellyG I will do I just need to have the confidence to bring my phone up on the slopes lol

@Joshy Cuthbert yeah but I can’t speak french so I’m useless lol




I apologise if this photo of me in my ski gear scares you!!! Lol 👹🚑 pic.twitter.com/XM6P3opFD6

Dear my trousers…..please don’t fall down when I ski down a slope….it’s minus 5 degrees out here 😧❄️

Morning Pre-Ski SELFIE!!!!!! In my long-jons and thermals 😜 pic.twitter.com/dI3NbZ1RIQ

Can’t believe it’s the last day skiing today😭!!!!! What an amazing trip it’s been 👌

@skipnpayne well I was just in France skiing !!!! But fingers crossed we will be over there soon 👏

Sadly I couldn’t get anymore pics of the trip than the ones on Josh’s Twitter but their cool so enjoy! 🙂

Glad he enjoyed his holiday! 🙂

Union J Fanfic, Mainly Jaymi Hensley and Josh Cuthbert Part 4!

This is the next part of my fanfic “I Wish I Was You”. Enjoy! 🙂 :

Josh Cuthbert!

Josh Cuthbert!

Jaymi Hensley!

Jaymi Hensley!

Title: I Wish I Was You

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

“Josh I need to talk to you!”, Jaymi said rushing towards him the next day crying.
“What? Is this about …?!”, Josh began nervously before stopping.
He had been about to say Gwyn but he didn’t want to shoot himself in the foot if it wasn’t.
“About what?”, Jaymi asked.
“Oh nothing. It’s not important. Continue.”
“It’s Olly.”
“I had nothing to do with it.”, Josh said quickly,
“He is feeling down but I had nothing to do with it.”
“No, I know that. It was me.”
“What? How?”
“You are going to kill me! He thinks you were sniffing his shirt.”
“What?! Jaymi …”
“I know! I know! I should have been more careful but I had the keys and I just let myself in and he just appeared.”
“While you were sniffing his goddamn shirt as me?!”
“Yeah. I am so sorry Josh but I …”
“I really don’t want to hear it Jaymi! You were lonely, you missed him, you needed the comfort of his smell, you needed something of him to keep you company! I don’t care! I look like a proper little creep! Going around sniffing peoples’ shirts who I’m not the partner of!”
“I was careless …”
“Careless?! You were downright stupid!”
“Ok, I’ll take that. I was downright stupid but it’s driving me crazy Josh.”
“You don’t think I’m not drove crazy by it all! I know you’re missing your partner and I don’t have a partner to miss but I’m still going insane been you. I’m lying in bed with Olly hoping he’s not going to go for a feel so things are difficult for us all. Don’t you go playing the I’m going insane card Mr. Jaymi Hensley! Because it ain’t going to work!”, Josh says and storms off.
Jaymi sighs deeply.

Josh is sitting at the wall crying when George comes along.
“Hey Jaymi, are you alright?”
“Oh George, have you ever felt not like yourself?”
“You’re over-thinking things.”
“No, I need to tell you something and I need you not to freak out.”
“You and Olly is no more?!”
“No! Jaymi and Olly are still together …”
“Jaymi stop. You are freaking me out now. Stop talking about yourself in the third person. It’s one of the first signs of madness!”
“George it’s me. Josh.”
George laughs.
“No George mate I’m serious!”
“Look Jaymi mate I know you always wanted the deals that Josh has been getting recently for the modelling. I know that you and Olly want the extension but …”
“George please I need you to believe me.”
“You’re bloody serious?!”
“Yeah. Yeah I am.”
“You really have gone insane Jaymi.”
“No George. Listen I am not Jaymi. I’m Josh. You used to have an imaginary friend called Buster when you were younger …”
“He told you that?! I told Josh that in confidence! I’ll kill him!”
“No! You told me in confidence!”
“I’m not crazy Jaymi! You know you two act like my friends but it’s still there, isn’t it? I didn’t think it was!”
“What is? What are you talking about?!”
“Last one in. Let’s gang together and make a fool of the last one in?!”
“George, I don’t think that at all. Neither does Jaymi. You’re getting this all wrong!”
“Oh am I really?! Does Olly know what a bully you are?!”
“Oh for crying out loud George Jaymi was bullied at school. He isn’t going to go around bullying everybody else.”
“Yeah I was bullied at school too but people react in different ways! You clearly are deciding to bully everyone else. And stop referring yourself in the third person! The joke’s up!”
George gets to his feet. Josh grabs his arm.
“So I’m crying for nothing then, am I? Jeez George will you listen? You’re my friend. I need you to trust me. I need your help here. I know it’s crazy and so hard to believe but it’s the truth. Me and Jaymi are going crazy. Hasn’t our reactions been a bit different lately? Please say you’ve noticed something like that. I’m scared here George. Please.”
George sits back down and puts his hand on Josh’s shoulder.
“Jaymi, have you discussed this with Olly?”
“Josh! I’m Josh.”
“Sorry. Josh, have you discussed this with Olly?”
“He wouldn’t listen. I don’t want to freak him out.”
“I understand.”
“And Jaymi is a nightmare. He was sniffing Olly’s shirt and Olly caught him doing and now I look like someone who pops into peoples’ homes and sniffs their clothes!”
“Josh was sniffing Olly’s shirt?!”, George asks shocked.
“Well Jaymi as me. Not me. And it isn’t that I don’t understand. Of course I do. I’m not some horrible orge. He misses him. He wants to inhale his scent and imagine he’s close to him. I get it. But it incriminates me!”
“Is Olly Ok?”
“He’s down. I think he’s in a bit of shock.”
“I don’t blame him.”
“But he’ll be alright. Look George I need your help.”
“And Josh mate you’re going to get my help.”, George smiled.
“You promise?”
“I promise.”

George rushed in to find JJ.
“JJ I need your help!”, he said frantically upon finding JJ at the coffee machine.
“What is it George? Are you alright?”
“No. I am not alright. We have a problem.”
“Which is?”
“Jaymi is gone crazy and Josh has turned into a perv!”
“What? Slow down. What?”
“Jaymi is gone crazy …”
“No. I got the whole thing but come on. I know these lads longer than you …”
“Oh I knew that one was going to come out sooner or later …”
“George get that chip off your shoulder! I don’t mean it like that! I just mean that I know them well to know that Jaymi is not crazy and Josh is not a perv.”
“Yeah well try explaining to me why Jaymi is convinced that he’s Josh and why Josh was sniffing Olly’s shirt! Oh and Olly caught him doing it! And Jaymi knows about it but he thinks he did it because he thinks he’s Josh! But he doesn’t think he did it as himself!”
“George do you think you might need to sit down?”, JJ asks gently.
“JJ I’m not crazy! Stop talking to me like I am.”
“No I never said you were …”
“You’re treating me like a crazy person! We have a situation here! Help me! Please help me! I can deal with this on my own!”
Jaymi comes over to them.
“You guys Ok? Wow, that coffee looks appealing.”
“Like Olly’s shirt?!”
“Excuse me George!”
“You heard me!”
“I have no idea what your talking about!”
“Oh pull the other one! Jaymi said Olly caught you doing it!”
“He told you?!”
Jaymi decided against a coffee and went in search of Josh. He was fuming.

More soon! 🙂