Union J Fanfic, Mainly Jaymi Hensley and Josh Cuthbert Part 4!

This is the next part of my fanfic “I Wish I Was You”. Enjoy! 🙂 :

Josh Cuthbert!

Josh Cuthbert!

Jaymi Hensley!

Jaymi Hensley!

Title: I Wish I Was You

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

“Josh I need to talk to you!”, Jaymi said rushing towards him the next day crying.
“What? Is this about …?!”, Josh began nervously before stopping.
He had been about to say Gwyn but he didn’t want to shoot himself in the foot if it wasn’t.
“About what?”, Jaymi asked.
“Oh nothing. It’s not important. Continue.”
“It’s Olly.”
“I had nothing to do with it.”, Josh said quickly,
“He is feeling down but I had nothing to do with it.”
“No, I know that. It was me.”
“What? How?”
“You are going to kill me! He thinks you were sniffing his shirt.”
“What?! Jaymi …”
“I know! I know! I should have been more careful but I had the keys and I just let myself in and he just appeared.”
“While you were sniffing his goddamn shirt as me?!”
“Yeah. I am so sorry Josh but I …”
“I really don’t want to hear it Jaymi! You were lonely, you missed him, you needed the comfort of his smell, you needed something of him to keep you company! I don’t care! I look like a proper little creep! Going around sniffing peoples’ shirts who I’m not the partner of!”
“I was careless …”
“Careless?! You were downright stupid!”
“Ok, I’ll take that. I was downright stupid but it’s driving me crazy Josh.”
“You don’t think I’m not drove crazy by it all! I know you’re missing your partner and I don’t have a partner to miss but I’m still going insane been you. I’m lying in bed with Olly hoping he’s not going to go for a feel so things are difficult for us all. Don’t you go playing the I’m going insane card Mr. Jaymi Hensley! Because it ain’t going to work!”, Josh says and storms off.
Jaymi sighs deeply.

Josh is sitting at the wall crying when George comes along.
“Hey Jaymi, are you alright?”
“Oh George, have you ever felt not like yourself?”
“You’re over-thinking things.”
“No, I need to tell you something and I need you not to freak out.”
“You and Olly is no more?!”
“No! Jaymi and Olly are still together …”
“Jaymi stop. You are freaking me out now. Stop talking about yourself in the third person. It’s one of the first signs of madness!”
“George it’s me. Josh.”
George laughs.
“No George mate I’m serious!”
“Look Jaymi mate I know you always wanted the deals that Josh has been getting recently for the modelling. I know that you and Olly want the extension but …”
“George please I need you to believe me.”
“You’re bloody serious?!”
“Yeah. Yeah I am.”
“You really have gone insane Jaymi.”
“No George. Listen I am not Jaymi. I’m Josh. You used to have an imaginary friend called Buster when you were younger …”
“He told you that?! I told Josh that in confidence! I’ll kill him!”
“No! You told me in confidence!”
“I’m not crazy Jaymi! You know you two act like my friends but it’s still there, isn’t it? I didn’t think it was!”
“What is? What are you talking about?!”
“Last one in. Let’s gang together and make a fool of the last one in?!”
“George, I don’t think that at all. Neither does Jaymi. You’re getting this all wrong!”
“Oh am I really?! Does Olly know what a bully you are?!”
“Oh for crying out loud George Jaymi was bullied at school. He isn’t going to go around bullying everybody else.”
“Yeah I was bullied at school too but people react in different ways! You clearly are deciding to bully everyone else. And stop referring yourself in the third person! The joke’s up!”
George gets to his feet. Josh grabs his arm.
“So I’m crying for nothing then, am I? Jeez George will you listen? You’re my friend. I need you to trust me. I need your help here. I know it’s crazy and so hard to believe but it’s the truth. Me and Jaymi are going crazy. Hasn’t our reactions been a bit different lately? Please say you’ve noticed something like that. I’m scared here George. Please.”
George sits back down and puts his hand on Josh’s shoulder.
“Jaymi, have you discussed this with Olly?”
“Josh! I’m Josh.”
“Sorry. Josh, have you discussed this with Olly?”
“He wouldn’t listen. I don’t want to freak him out.”
“I understand.”
“And Jaymi is a nightmare. He was sniffing Olly’s shirt and Olly caught him doing and now I look like someone who pops into peoples’ homes and sniffs their clothes!”
“Josh was sniffing Olly’s shirt?!”, George asks shocked.
“Well Jaymi as me. Not me. And it isn’t that I don’t understand. Of course I do. I’m not some horrible orge. He misses him. He wants to inhale his scent and imagine he’s close to him. I get it. But it incriminates me!”
“Is Olly Ok?”
“He’s down. I think he’s in a bit of shock.”
“I don’t blame him.”
“But he’ll be alright. Look George I need your help.”
“And Josh mate you’re going to get my help.”, George smiled.
“You promise?”
“I promise.”

George rushed in to find JJ.
“JJ I need your help!”, he said frantically upon finding JJ at the coffee machine.
“What is it George? Are you alright?”
“No. I am not alright. We have a problem.”
“Which is?”
“Jaymi is gone crazy and Josh has turned into a perv!”
“What? Slow down. What?”
“Jaymi is gone crazy …”
“No. I got the whole thing but come on. I know these lads longer than you …”
“Oh I knew that one was going to come out sooner or later …”
“George get that chip off your shoulder! I don’t mean it like that! I just mean that I know them well to know that Jaymi is not crazy and Josh is not a perv.”
“Yeah well try explaining to me why Jaymi is convinced that he’s Josh and why Josh was sniffing Olly’s shirt! Oh and Olly caught him doing it! And Jaymi knows about it but he thinks he did it because he thinks he’s Josh! But he doesn’t think he did it as himself!”
“George do you think you might need to sit down?”, JJ asks gently.
“JJ I’m not crazy! Stop talking to me like I am.”
“No I never said you were …”
“You’re treating me like a crazy person! We have a situation here! Help me! Please help me! I can deal with this on my own!”
Jaymi comes over to them.
“You guys Ok? Wow, that coffee looks appealing.”
“Like Olly’s shirt?!”
“Excuse me George!”
“You heard me!”
“I have no idea what your talking about!”
“Oh pull the other one! Jaymi said Olly caught you doing it!”
“He told you?!”
Jaymi decided against a coffee and went in search of Josh. He was fuming.

More soon! 🙂


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