Josh Cuthbert Holidays In France!

Josh Cuthbert holidayed in France recently!

Josh Cuthbert holidayed in France recently!

I recently blogged about Josh Cuthbert’s fellow bandmates’ holidays after the band took a break after the tour. (All must have been dying for Dublin’s concert to be over! Only joking! :-)) and today it is the turn of Mr. Cuthbert who I think was in France. Ironic considering my class on my Further Education course were in Paris at the same time. I wasn’t there. Too poor. 🙂 Maybe it’s a good thing really considering if we had been near where he was a little stalkerish piece of my heart might have been unleashed and someone without skis would have been nosing around the ski ramps. Trade Show? (we were going to a trade show) What? Sorry I must have missed it. I was looking at certain other features of life in France! It’s Josh Cuthbert, don’t judge. I’ve seen these four lads in the flesh twice remember. Even better-looking in the flesh than on the TV! 

Anyhow, Cuthbert has been tweeting on his Twitter page:

AT THE AIRPORT 😆 Ski trip with my Dad here we come!!!!!! ✈️

My dad and I got taken out by the ski lift today lift today lol 😀

@MyQueenSellyG I will do I just need to have the confidence to bring my phone up on the slopes lol

@Joshy Cuthbert yeah but I can’t speak french so I’m useless lol




I apologise if this photo of me in my ski gear scares you!!! Lol 👹🚑

Dear my trousers…..please don’t fall down when I ski down a slope….it’s minus 5 degrees out here 😧❄️

Morning Pre-Ski SELFIE!!!!!! In my long-jons and thermals 😜

Can’t believe it’s the last day skiing today😭!!!!! What an amazing trip it’s been 👌

@skipnpayne well I was just in France skiing !!!! But fingers crossed we will be over there soon 👏

Sadly I couldn’t get anymore pics of the trip than the ones on Josh’s Twitter but their cool so enjoy! 🙂

Glad he enjoyed his holiday! 🙂


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