4 Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts!

I am catching up on these four great prompts and I’m continuing my story about Nick, Al and their little wee ones Morgan and Eden. The two previous parts of the series were from Nick’s POV but this one is from Al’s. Hope you all enjoy! πŸ™‚



Work Trip


As I went away for business in Hong Kong, I listened through earphones to the recording my husband and my wee ones made singing “Happy Birthday” to me on the plane. My birthday was to take place while I was to be on the trip and so they had got together to make me this recording so that in a way they could be there with me on the day. But it was becoming more than that to me. I hated when I had to go away but work called.


It was the perfect earworm and throughout my two week work trip, I listened to it over and over. It made me feel safe and serene between Skype chats with them. It was a recording I knew I’d never delete. Even if it embarrassed poor Morgan and Eden when they got older!


In response to Linda’s prompt:





Earth Theories


“Is the world flat?”, my colleague Matt asked as we sat waiting for the latest marketing meeting to begin.

I looked up from my sheets expecting him to be smiling. Like it was a joke. When I realised he was being deadly serious I quickly wiped the smirk off my face.

“Well …”, I began tentatively.

“Some people have theories that it is … but um, I think it’s round.”

“But that’s just modern thinking, isn’t it? I was watching this video on the internet the other night where this guy was saying that everything we’ve been taught to believe about the earth is untrue. That dinosaurs and all is a deception.”

I just about stopped my mouth from falling open. Was he being serious? Before I had a chance to response he spoke again.

“Have you ever looked into it?”

Me and the hubby once had a good laugh watching a few YouTube videos about it one night didn’t sound like the right answer.

“Um, no …”

“Well you see that’s the problem, most people haven’t been opened up to the truth. If they were, wow, it’s mindblowing. I used to think it was never possible too.”

“Interesting …”

“I know, right? I mean how else are we held up on the earth?”

“Gravity I think.”

“Yet another deception.”


When I got home, I told Nick about the conversation and we sat down to laugh at a few more videos on YouTube about the flat earth theory.

“While I respect Matt’s right to think what he wants to think, I think it’s all bullshit!”, Nick laughed.

“You and me both!”, I grinned.

“I just don’t think I’ll tell him that!”, I added.


In response to Linda’s prompt:





The Little Duck


I was out with the family at the park. We went over to feed the ducks some bread. As I watched my two four-year-old twins feeding the ducks, I couldn’t believe how fast time had passed. It made me think that you need to really take notice of the small moments like today.

“Eden, look, that little duck is all alone at the side of the pond.”, Morgan said.

“Maybe they are shy. Let’s throw bread and make a trail to the other ducks.”, Eden suggested.

Nick and I watched as our two slowly but surely made a trail that the duck followed over to the other ducks. Proud is an understatement.


In response to Linda’s prompt:




Lyrical Feeling


I sat at the kitchen table looking up accounts on my laptop. The kids were in watching Peppa Pig in the living-room. Nick came in with the shopping and passed me a folded note before going to unpack the groceries.

“We can talk, why are you passing me letters?”

“Oh, just open the bloody thing!”, he laughed.

So I did. And it was a poem,


Remember that time we had a great night

in the Travelodge hotel in the dim light

making love so sweetly,

showing love so deeply,

well honey another baby or babies is on the way,Β  Β Β 

just thought I might say!


To me, the words were lyrical to my heart. I looked up and smiled at him, he smiled back and then I took him in my arms.


In response to Linda’s prompt:




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6 comments on “4 Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts!

  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    Beautiful stories from such simple events.

  2. prior.. says:

    really fun thoughts…
    and loved this:

    Remember that time

    ahhhh so s weet

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