3LineTales: 127 – 136

three line tales week 136: camping

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Life had been bleak for years. She stepped forward. And she wondered what to do next.


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three line tales, week 135: students in the New York Public Library

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Books, books, glorious books. He rushed into the library to find just the one which could save his life. The one with the mysterious code.


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three line tales, week 134: a mysterious water gateway


The Cave


The cave was filled with fire. Some thought it was hell but when they arrived it turned out to be heaven. Plot twist!


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three line tales, week 133: two lion cubs staring at you like you're lunch

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“Come along Daisy and we’ll be safe of the poachers.”, Anna said softly to her younger sister.

“Anna, I’m scared.”, Daisy said, trembling, but doing as her older sister directed.

It was just another regular morning for the two young cubs.


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She thinks that one day she will take a trip to the beach again. Since she has got older her memories of those long ago days at the beach have become hazy. Alas, she does her gardening and remembers and hopes.


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three line tales week 131: take my hand

photo by Prince Akachi via Unsplash


She Works Hard For The Money


She had to make this work after leaving Ireland and subsequently college in the States. Not blessed with money, she was now relying on her modelling. She could always be found looking up new opportunities on the internet and doing as many gigs as she could throughout the week in the hope that one day all this might pay off big time.


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three line tales week 130: acrylic paints

photo by Ricardo Viana via Unsplash


Art From The Heart


Looking at his art supplies, he wondered what he was painting. He had took his brother’s advice: surrender to the feelings inside and had painted his scrambled mind symbolising his long-term depression. The piece sold the following week for his highest pay cheque yet.


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three line tales, week 129: a friendly robot – or is he up to something sinister?

photo by Alex Knight via Unsplash


The Intellectual


“He’s useless! He doesn’t work!”, shouted the robot’s creator. So he left him in the storeroom hoping tomorrow was a new day in innovation. Each night the robot surfed the internet and gained knowledge after knowledge but he refused to show it in the day for fear of exploitation.


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three line tales, week 128: a golden person

photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Skillshare


Big Reveal


Every day he worked to turn himself into a golden work of art. Tiredlessly working towards the day the world would see the big reveal. When ready, he took to YouTube.


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three line tales week 127: a desert

photo by Michal Prucha via Unsplash



When Stuck In The Desert


Out in the desert Victoria took the weight off her feet and her wife Aine slumped down beside her on the log.

“Aine, if we ever get out of here, let’s choose a city location for our next holiday.”, Victoria said.

Aine agreed but then said, “What’s that sound?” and they both looked in the direction of the large lion coming their way.


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