April 12: Flash Fiction Challenge: 99 Word Prompt – Sue & Chiroptera – Carrot Ranch Literary Community

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a bat. You can use an association to the winged, cave-dwelling critter, or you can explore the word for other meanings. Bonus points for including a bat cave. Go where the prompt leads.


Sue & Chiroptera

Image result for bat in a tree drawing

The day Sue met Chiroptera she was sitting in the park eating her sandwiches. 72 and in early retirement, she felt there was not much purpose to her life anymore. Then a gust of wind blew and a bat flew off the tree landing on the ground beside her. She rushed to him and was glad that he was safe apart from a broken arm. She nursed Chiroptera back to health and visited him each day when she had released him back into his habitat. Sue made a friend and regained a purpose in her life. Her little star.

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#SoCS April 14/18 – Mon

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “mon.” Use the letters “mon” in a word, or use it as a word by itself. Have fun!


Mon – my

It was the pronoun from old French lessons that was in Deirdre’s mind. My body, my choice. She touched her stomach and thought how this referendum in the Republic of Ireland was coming too late for her even if the yes vote won out. But it wouldn’t be too late for many other men, women and non-binary people who found themselves in this situation in the future. Pregnant and not ready to be. Forced to give birth by other people. By other people telling them what to do with their own bodies. Like people were currently telling her to do with hers.


Down the road Bethany was looking at leaflets. She sobbed for the unborn child and thought about the pronoun mon. My and I seemed so selfish to her. And soon she was up and ready to hand out more leaflets and thought,

I will get mon way.


Friday Fictioneers Writing Prompt: The Old House



PHOTO PROMPT © Yarnspinnerr


The Old House 


I waited, remembered when we were kids. We would meet here at the old battered down house in the forest. You were the only boy I liked. We would play Cowboys and Indians and make up stories that the house was haunted.

Years later, you arrive here again, take my hand. Our wedding rings rub off each other. No longer are we two young boys playing Cowboys and Indians but men with a house to fix up. Our first home since our wedding. And by god, it looks like one hell of a job so we best get to work.

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April 5: Flash Fiction Challenge: 99 Word Prompt – Dancing Feet – Carrot Ranch Literary Community

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a silly sun story. Up north, “sun silly” is the energetic and playful response to returning sunlight. It could also be an April Fool’s jest, a silly story, or a reaction to spring fever. Be silly and write playfully! Go where the prompt leads.


Dancing Feet

Image result for sheep dancing gif


Lambs skipped through the fields. They waited till nightfall till Felix Lamb brought out the alcohol and the sound system. The family who owned the farm were sound asleep. The lambs partied on down in their large field, now a huge disco area, glittering lights all around supplied by Susie Lamb. KC & The Sunshine Band’s Get Down Tonight came on and the lambs boogied while the older sheep watched on remembering their younger days. They smiled as Ron Sheep jumped out to dance. To Ron, age was but a number.

The next day the lambs just skipped again.

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What Pegman Saw – Beers With The Boys

Image result for Billinudgel, New South Wales


Beers With The Boys


It was early afternoon. Jaime sat out with the boys drinking beers. It was the last holiday before the wedding. The sun shone down in Billinudgel, New South Wales. The beer glistened.
How wonderful to be in sunny Australia. Next week it would be back to the daily grind in the supermarket to save the last few pennies for the wedding. All our families will be there, our friends and relatives. Another break from the daily grind for me and Kelly. My Kels. The person who has been there for me through thick and thin. But for now, it’s drinks with the boys.


Jamie knocked back a beer. Dalip smiled over to Jamie.
“My sister from another mother. Kelly is a lucky man. I’m jealous.”
Jamie grinned. He was really getting drunk when he started this.
Just pass it over. He’ll forget tomorrow everything he has said. He always did.


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