Friday Fictioneers: Summer Romance




Summer Romance


I sat by the window. My mind intent on writing a book based on that brief relationship I had three summers ago with the woman who stole my heart. My sense of recall comes through my senses. Smelling the heavy scent of her perfume in my nostrils, the sight of her deep green eyes, the touch of her hand which was both soft and gentle and the soft sound of her voice to my earlobes after we made love in my bedsit flat.



She gave me a picture as a parting gift reminding me to fly and take life on.


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Three Line Tales – The Plane To America

three line tales, week 123: a strange reflection in a puddle

photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin via Unsplash


He watched as the plane overhead flew his ex-boyfriend back to America. He hadn’t really wanted to let him go but he felt it was the right thing to stay here in Dublin with his husband. They had been too long together he felt for him to just leave him but his heart ached and he hoped in the future the pain might disappear.


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Three Line Tales – Boat Trip

three line tales, week 122: a canal, boats and colourful houses

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She was waiting for her by the boats, a glass of champagne in each hand. She handed her one of the glasses as she stepped onto the boat. They shared a kiss as the sun shone down before setting off along the river.

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Three Line Tales – Yes For Freedom

three line tales, week 121: together for yes

photo by Julian Lozano via Unsplash


Marie sobbed when she heard Yes had been voted in the Republic of Ireland’s Abortion Referendum. She remembered the struggles of going to England to abort her baby who was going to die after birth in any case. Now no other pregnant person would ever go through what she did and it made her heart swell with happiness and pride.


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One Liner Wednesday – Continuing Search

Three weeks of One Liner Wednesday …



There’s someone out there for us all …


They may seem hard to find …


But sure we might as well keep looking …


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May 26/18 – Saturdays

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “grill.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!


Nora loved Saturdays. It was time to spend time with her children and her Mum. Being a single mother working two jobs in the week these moments were moments to savour. This Saturday Nora, her mother Bernadette and Nora’s two children Niamh (10) and Janet (6) were having a barbecue in their back garden. Nora and Bernadette were frying burgers, onions and rashers on the grill. For a brief few moments Nora looked sideways at her Mum, the strongest woman she knew, and thought how she would never survive without her help. Since her two daughters’ father, if he could be called that, Carl had ventured off leaving them while she was pregnant with Janet things had been difficult but this kindly woman in her fluffy pink slippers always helped things run smoothly. Nora hugged her Mum. No words were needed. Bernadette understood.


The family sat down in the garden chairs to eat and wash their food down with coke. The sun shone down and life was perfect. Photos were taken as was photos of all their memories on Saturdays so that one day Niamh and Bernadette could look back on the times they had with their Mum and Nan. Next week they organised was to be a trip to the seaside and Nora and Bernadette hoped this gorgeous weather they were having of late kept up.


2/18 – Love/Equality

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…


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I love the term equality. I feel so passionate about what it symbolises. A world free of oppression, prejudice, ignorance and all the rest of that rubbish. Where people stopped using politically correct as a term for what really means good and normal thinking. I love the term equality because it symbolises everything I want for this world. To ease my mind in the minority groups I’m in. No longer fear of prejudice when I meet someone. No longer fearing having to get into a conflict to defend myself when I shouldn’t need to. To ease my mind in the majority groups I’m in. No longer to feel guilt about getting privileged treatment. Fearing people think I’m like others in the majority group. Quite a sickening thought that.


I love the term love because it represents the most important thing in our world. It represents the most precious relationships we have with our other halves, family, pets and friends. Without it we struggle so much more. Love is what keeps us going in bad times and gives us great memories in good times. Love means so many things. It’s in our love for our careers and hobbies and keeps us going and sane. After all aren’t all those who hate a bit insane when you actually sit down and talk to them?


I love these two terms which I think are two sides of the one coin. Though people say you can have one without the other I don’t believe that to be true.