Full Moon By Cyndi Cloutier Review!


Full Moon (2019) by Cyndi Cloutier is a wonderful childrens’ book which is both funny and adventurous and has a good message in it too.

In the book, we meet Sam who is a nine-year-old werewolf. He finds himself in a dilemma when his sister decides to play some tricks on him when he is looking for a way to get rid of his fleas. Suddenly he has lots of hair missing and needs to recify this in time for the Wolves’ Crossing, a big event where everyone will see him and he needs to be looking his best.

Enter his best friend Chris who is my favourite character. He is always there to try to help Sam out of his predictament but some of his help is not always the best or most thought out which causes some pretty funny moments.

The twists and turns in this book never stop from start to finish and each step of the way you are rooting for Sam to have his happy ending and get revenge on that sister of his.

I love the message in this book that kindness wins out in the end and how it shows how cruel bullying can be.

A joy to read and so well put together.


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The Presence of a Problem (Stories of Divinclus, #2) By Wathanya Souvanna Review!


The Presence of a Problem (2019) by Wathanya Souvanna is the second in the author’s Stories of Divinclus series.

The story has a lot of characters in it whose lives interwine and yet each story is compelling enough to ensure that the reader does not find certain stories more interesting than others. It is very cohesively put together too.

There is numerous important issues discussed in this book and a lot of questions being asked of the reader. It has a very psychological feel to it and I love that. It’s very original and one of the areas it is very original in that there isn’t really a character in it who is someone you want to root for and yet you still get engrossed. The book is more driven by plot than character and it works very well. Edited wonderfully once again by Anne Dachowski.

This is a great series and I’m intrigued to see what happens next in book 3.

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The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story (Forgotten Woods #1) by P.A. Wikoff Review!



The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story (2018) by P.A. Wikoff is the first in the Fantasy series the Forgotten Woods by the author.

In the book, Wikoff perfectly sets up the scene of the world in which Barne lives and gives a great background and overview to the events in the novella. Barne is half feather folk/half human and these two groups of people are at war with each other. This book has a lovely balance of dealing with important issues and having moments of humour in parts too. The book deals with power issues and felt like it referenced many issues going on in our world today.

The fact that Barne is caught in the middle can be easily understood by anyone who finds themselves caught in the middle in terms of things such as race, gender and sexual or romantic orientation. It also deals with the idea of people coming in and taking over how people should act or feel and the fear involved with prejudice. This book is written with a lot of heart and I loved how the author placed the emphasis on Barne and his search to find a place to belong when he is made feel often like he doesn’t fully belong anywhere.

A very strong write which is did directly and bravely. I love books which challenge issues upologetically and make you be in peoples’ shoes for a bit. A really gorgeous job.

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Memory & Desire: A Postcard from Neo Tokyo (The Jennifer Yanchez Diaries Book 1) By C. Vandyke Review!

Memory & Desire: A Postcard from Neo Tokyo (2019) by C. Vandyke is the first book in the Jennifer Yanchez Diaries.

This book follows Jennifer Yanchez who is a private eye. The story begins when a rich and beautiful socialite Carlotta enlists Jennifer’s help in locating her husband Steven. Encouraged to take the dangerous job on by a combination of desire for money, attraction to Carlotta and as a way to get away briefly from the pain of her girlfriend Hiro’s murder, Jennifer decides to take on the case. But soon she finds herself in deeper than she ever thought possible when she is almost killed in an explosion at Carlotta’s apartment in the richer part of the city. However she is saved by Hyacinth Girl who she finds herself also attracted to. In a world filled with attractive women and lies and deceit, Jennifer must find out what on earth is going on before it is too late.

The short novel is intriguing from start to finish. The ending wasn’t totally surprising but some of the details were. Jennifer as a character is very easy to relate to. She is struggling to pay the rent and her head is wrecked with her landlord Manny who ain’t the most understanding though he shows a little compassion in letting her keep Hiro’s vase at one stage. I love how the author weaved class issues into the plot through the differences in Jennifer’s and Carlotta’s situations. I loved the plot, I love a good mystery and I loved the character of Jennifer who I related to in so many ways from her roots of going from paycheck to paycheck and her situation of being pulled into situations by gorgeous women. Only thing we didn’t have in common was her bravery. I would probably have ran a mile at the start to be fair!

A great write full of mystery with a dash of romance. Very gripping all the way through.

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Heading to Apoc (Apoc Series Book 1) By Morgan Destera Review!


Heading to Apoc (2016) by Morgan Destera is the first book in the Apoc Series by the author.


The book follows the story of Siki and is set in a world where nuclear poisoning has left many people unable to reproduce. Those who can’t or show signs that they can’t are put into the mines and this is where we meet Siki. But she is not alone as she has supervisor Vin on her side and the two fall in love and plan to escape. But that is not going to run quite as smoothly as they would hope.

This is a very fast-paced, short read with lots of action and the plot is driven forward at all turns. Just when you think things are beginning to settle down, another twist comes along and sweeps you onto another stage of the journey. The book also deals with many important issues like rape, sexual harrassment and people using power over others and making them feel less or trying to at the least. The book speaks about the coldness and distantness often in our world and how humans can often use other humans for what they need and discard them when they can’t give them what they need.

I did like the connection between Siki and Vin. You could tell that they cared a lot for each other and their feelings for each other drive the story along very well. It has a very us against the world feel which is always super romantic.

The book also contained sexual moments which included Vin and Maharg, the tyrant Regulator in the mines. I don’t want to give away too much but Maharg ends up being Vin’s son and Vin knew he was his son all the time. I think it was brave to write about incest in the story. The twist was a massive shock which left me thinking ‘What the hell just happened there?’

I also love the cover by Bradley K. McDevitt. The detail in it is amazing.

All round, a great read and a brave write. Very original and well put together. A great start to the series.


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Go Wild!: Over 200 Ways to Connect With Nature Review!


Go Wild!: Over 200 Ways to Connect With Nature (2017) by Emily Goss is a wonderful informative read about several aspects connected to nature.

The book looks at benefits like saving money due to being creative with nature, the health benefits of simply looking at nature and sustainability. This book shows the beauty nature brings to us in so many ways and makes the reader appreciate nature so much more. I read this book in one sitting and found I learned a lot from it. It was super interesting.

Written in a very down-to-earth and conversational way, this collection is easy to learn lots from. The chapters are all organized in an extremely easy to follow way with chunks of wisdom on how to make products from nature and how simply looking at nature can bring down your stress levels and make you more productive in your employment. There is many studies thrown in such as how people working in an environment surrounded by nature are less stressed and produce better and more quantities of work.

A wonderful compact read which the author has packed a lot into. It is very clear that the author is very passionate and knowledgable about the subject matter which comes through in the book. That is amazing.

Fantastic read.


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My New Book Xmas With The Fam Is Now Available On Amazon!



My new book Xmas With The Fam is now available to purchase on Amazon. As the title suggests it is a Christmas novella. For anyone who has read or heard about my previous book After The Fishing Trip, they may recognize the main character Mitch who was one of four main characters in that book too. Many other characters from After The Fishing Trip are in this book too.

This book follows Mitch’s story as he prepares to finish work for Christmas and have a wonderful Christmas with his husband Nate and their four children Jaime, Sasha, Finley and Piper. From making homemade ornaments and decortions with Nate to getting involved in a few social issues debates (because he wouldn’t be Mitch if he didn’t! :-)) and trying to find the perfect presents for his kids, the season is going to be eventful. Add in dogs, elves, snow globes, his bestie Vic lip syncing to Santa Baby at the drag benefit show, hot times with Nate and finding the father figure he always wished for.

I loved writing it. There was definitely moments which I did not believe I would get it out in time for Christmas but thankfully it has all worked out. It is also my twentieth book so I’m excited and chuffed about reaching that milestone in my writing career.

If you choose to purchase the book, thank you so much in advance and I hope you like it. 🙂

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