Three Line Tales Writing Prompt – Arctic Reception

three line tales week 98: a polar bear

photo by Caterina Sanders via Unsplash


Arctic, the polar bear, always wanted to make new friends so he made his way to the side of the ocean. Soon he was greeted by three seals Bella, Ava and Abraham who told him they wouldn’t be friends as they were different to him and told him to stay out of their territory. Deflated and insulted Arctic made his way home, feeling lonely, until he realised he didn’t need nor care to have friends like that.


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Friday Fictioneers Writing Prompt – Black Coat


PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


Black Coat


Olly rushed down the dark alleyways, tears staining his eyes.

Don’t stop.

The night’s events flew through his head without his permission. Images of that man coming for the rent been shot as he arrived home from work and images of his husband holding the trigger.

He slumped down in the train, shivering.

Why did he do it? Was he having an affair? Oh god …

Olly realised he was the same height, build and age as the rent man. He was wearing a similar black coat.

He was trying to kill me for my money. That’s why he married me.


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For Friday Fictioneers Writing Prompt – Waiting

Image result for Versailles



It was January 13th, 1908. Helen stood by the fountain in the grounds of Versailles palace. The talk around the palace was about how for the first time ever a long-distance radio message had been sent from the Eiffel Tower the day before. She was living in the country which had the most romantic city and she was waiting here to say goodbye to the man she loved. All the beauty of the palace gardens, which usually brought a beaming smile to her face, were failing to do so today. She was from ‘good stock’ and she was expected to marry fellow ‘good stock’. But she had fell for the chauffeur William. She hadn’t meant for it to happen but as he was driving her from function to function they had talked and laughed much and the stupid barriers of class fell away quickly beyond either his or her control.

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Final Survivors – black CATastrophy Writing Prompt




Civilization was slipping further and further away.



Upon the mountains, I felt the snow beneath my feet. It felt like days that me and this other bloke had been moving along. Made longer by the fact that he muttered at everything I said. I was lucky when I got a word out of him. And even then, that’s what it was: one word. It felt like civilization was slipping further and further away. Even more so than before. If that was possible. I took the bull by the horns. It was going to happen eventually.

‘Hey mate, I don’t like this any more than you.’

He grunted. I continued anyway.

‘But it appears like we are the only living survivors left on this god-forsaken planet so you know maybe we could try to at least get on. Maybe a little bit even. It’s going to be very lonely otherwise.’

A flicker of what looked like anger passed through his eyes. Momentarily I was frightened. I was in the middle of nowhere with him after all.

‘My whole family was wiped out. Do you know what that feels like?’

Admittedly I didn’t. I had grew up an orphan and I wasn’t very good at making friends either.

‘It sucks.’, he continued.

‘Mum, Dad, brothers, sister, grandad Charlie. Gone like that …’

‘I’m sorry …’

‘And now I’m stuck out here with you and you’re a right mouthpiece to top it all off.’

‘Well actually I’m an introvert but compared to you, it isn’t so hard to be a mouthpiece.’

I thought he might knock me out but instead I seen a flicker of a smile pass over the side of his mouth. Wonders never cease. The man can smile. Sort of.

‘You know, you were just the kind of guy that I used to go for. Back when I was living.’

‘You are still living …’

‘This isn’t living mate. This is slowly dying.’


‘Really what?’

‘Really, I was the kind of guy you used to like?’

‘Yeah, gutsy, no filter.’


‘Cruel to be kind … but you’ve got to admit this situation is pretty screwed up …’

‘No, really?’

‘Sarcastic.’, he smiled.

‘But we’re like out here, cold, with very little food, no humans, no animals, heck no insects and no chance to make any humans to share the world with …’

‘Didn’t you learn anything at school? Oh forget that, schools are pretty rubbish.’

‘How do you mean? My school wasn’t bad. I learned enough Maths to get me through. I was an accountant you know.’

‘Didn’t do much on the biology side, did they?’

‘Well we did learn that a woman and a man create a baby. Sorry but two men can’t.’

‘Ah, of course. The cis-based school system. Can’t be too hard on them I suppose. Society was a cis-based system too.’

‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’

‘Well you see you’re cis I take from the way you’re talking …’

‘I don’t know because I don’t know what it means.’

‘Your gender matches what you were assigned at birth. Me, on the other hand, I’m trans.’

‘You were born a woman?’

‘No, I was assigned female at birth and my gender is male … just saying, it ain’t impossible for two guys to create a baby. It wasn’t an invitation to do so.’

He grinned.

‘It sounds like an invitation.’

I was getting agitated because I was almost blushing.

‘Well it wasn’t so …’

‘And what’s your name?’

‘I told you back when we met all of six miles ago … Robert. Oh right, you mean my birth name, don’t you? So you can say that’s my actual name, well it isn’t …’

‘Whoa, calm it. Jeez, cis people must have been awful to you.’

I sighed.

‘Well a lot of them weren’t very nice. I was in college studying engineering and I suffered a lot of abuse once many people realised. I dropped out, became a recluse, end of story.’

‘Pretty rough, that.’

‘It was my own fault. I wasn’t strong enough.’

‘No, mate, it wasn’t your own fault. And no, I wasn’t going to ask what your birth name was. By the way, I’m Edward. I don’t think I told you that six miles ago.’

I smiled.

‘No, you didn’t tell me much six miles ago.’

‘Oh look, a deserted supermarket – result.’

I looked ahead to where Edward was staring. There stood an empty supermarket packed with food and drink. Definitely this was a result. And my stomach very much agreed.

We made our way into the supermarket and began to eat and drink, bringing our bodies and minds back to life. I found two blankets in one section for us to keep warm with. We sat under them continuing to fill our stomachs up.

‘There’s an empty flat over the supermarket. Might be a good place to start raising a family.’, Edward said, with a grin.

‘Someday maybe.’, he added quickly.

‘Yeah maybe.’, I smiled.

Best to play slightly hard to get. But inside, I knew it was probably going to happen. There was a mutual attraction there so why not? Only time would tell. And it was nice still to have time, still to be alive. And each second it was becoming even better to be alive.


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#SoCS Dec. 9/17 – Liqu – Liquorice

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “liqu.” Find a word that starts with “liqu” or has “liqu” in it, and base your post on that word. Have fun!


I could smell the appealing smell of the liquorice as I entered the small corner shop. The soft, protective hand of my father guided my six-year-old self into the store. The atmosphere was cheerful and carefree and it poured into my heart making it warm and relaxed. This felt like such a big adventure to me. The Saturday adventure between Dad and daughter. When my Dad handed me the liquorice it felt like some huge prize, like gold. And we walked from the shop eating the liquorice together as I felt the gentle breeze on my face and my father’s loving hand back in mine. I felt safe and happy and I knew what it was like to love and be loved.

Three Line Tales Writing Prompt – The Farmhouse

three line tales week 97: a blue wooden door with a face

photo by Bogdan Dada via Unsplash

The Farmhouse

The farmhouse, what Oisin could see of it through the fog-filled windscreen, looked daunting and unappealing, turning back into what it had looked like before the builders started work on it many years before.

It was now derelict leaving a feeling of walking into a horror movie which was why Oisin and his husband and partner on the police force as well as in life looked to one another anxiously.

Stepping from the car, the fog and cold entered their lungs but it was nothing compared to what they’d find behind that locked top window: several dead bodies laid out.

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