#JusJoJan Daily Prompts – From January 1st, 2018 – January 6th, 2018

I’m way behind on typing up the #JusJoJan prompts. But here’s my first few: 





He was the epitome of sexy. Standing there in his half-open black shirt reading out Henry Crawford’s lines from Mansfield Park. Actually for once made Jane Austen interesting for me. Heck, he made everything interesting for me. Simone, our drama teacher, stops him.

“You need to put more emotion into this Danny. Don’t just say the words.”

I felt it Danny.

Danny begins again. And I fall in love over and over again with him.


For Ritu’s prompt:





Penny had always been the boisterous dog in the kennels. But in the last few years she was getting older and more tired in her legs. Now she watched the younger dogs leaping about and she smiled because it brought back some wonderful memories to her.


For Dan Antion’s Prompt:




Hotel Room



Stephen and Karl passionately kissed in the lift on the way up. Playfully, Karl lead Stephen out of the lift by his tie. To all passers-by, these two were on their way to have sex. But in reality they were both asexual and when they entered the hotel room, the long-time couple lay in bed with pizza holding hands and kissing and cuddling each other more passionately than any allosexual couple probably ever did.


For Rosemary Carlson’s prompt:




He had no memories anymore. Not since they put my husband on that machine following his car accident. So I had to now have memories for us both.

For Cage Dunn’s prompt:




Eco Friendly


Suzanne was a woman on a mission. She had just reformed the Tidy Towns Committee in her town and she and four other old women were now working together to get things done. They had roped their husbands, grown-up children and even their little grandchildren into tidying up the place and making it sparkling. So as the sun shone down, the medium-sized crowd headed by Suzanne made their way to the centre of their estate and began their eco friendly mission. Within seconds they were all laughing and joking and the kids were having lemonade and pretending the junk they found was treasure.


For Linda’s Prompt:








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