For What Pegman Saw Writing Prompt – Childhood




Usama picked up his football and began to walk to his friend Lely’s. They went to the nearby open space and met their friends Maya and Sayid. Throughout the day the young friends of ten and eleven played football followed by hours of playing make-believe. Maya liked to pretend she was a doctor, Lely turned her hand into the shape of a microphone and pretended to be a singer, Usama would head the ball pretending he was a superstar footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo and Sayid would dance around pretending to be a tap dancer. Together, they would reenact the stories from their books. Tired out, they would sit down and play marbles attempting to knock each other’s marbles out of the way to win points. All around these four children was war and tanks. In these moments, the children were able to enjoy their childhood like the tanks didn’t exist.


In response to the What Pegman Saw writing prompt:


4 comments on “For What Pegman Saw Writing Prompt – Childhood

  1. k rawson says:

    You beautifully capture these children and their hopes and dreams.

  2. Oh, every child deserves a childhood like that. You captured each one’s personality and added a bit of peace for them.

  3. prior.. says:

    really nice take on the prompt – pushing on to live – and your words really gave us a feel of watching them play

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